Very High Times

Texas State Fairgrounds

The Texas State Fairgrounds is an educational and recreational complex, as well as a National Historic Landmark. Within the grounds are nine museums, six performance facilities, a beautiful blue lagoon, and the largest Ferris Wheel in North America. The most notable buildings in the area are the planetarium, the Hall of State, the D.A.R. building, and of course the Cotton Bowl.
The grounds are beautifully kept, and there are many pathways leading around and through the lagoon for those nature lovers that just want a bit of time away from the busier areas of the city.

Not too far from the bar Absinthe, Cooper is perched. Leaning against the brick building she is propped up on, she pulls a cigarette from the small handbag she carries around with her. And, in the relative darkness of the night, she lights the fag and proceeds to take a long, deliberate drag from it. The weather is mild, barely chilly, but cool enough for Cooper to throw on a black hooded sweatshirt. Every once in a while, in an inconspicuous fashion, people travel the streets to seek her out and engage in brief, but pleasant chit-chat. She must have many friends.

Oliver for his part is just stepping out of Absinthe, followed by a large middle-aged man he's laughing at something he's said. As soon as he steps out of the door however he scans the street, he turns to the man behind him mutters something and makes his way towards Cooper his friend wandering off. He looks at Cooper for a moment, he watches as people pass her by and he makes his own way over, his expression neutral, yet confident. "You're Cooper?"

Cooper is the picture of ease and relaxation, of a young woman on the poor side of the tracks taking a smoke break. Really, there's nothing wrong with this picture at all. However, when she's met with a new face, a potential customer that she has yet to have seen, he is eyed. He is eyed quite curiously. Gray eyes narrow as she searches his mind for anything out of the ordinary. "Maybe. Who wants ta know, sugar?" She inquires, her southern drawl thick and coupled with an easy, automatic smile.

Shrugging slightly Oliver seems to give Cooper a quick once over before he speaks again, still in those neutral tones. "I'm Oliver, from up Austin, you ask around people'll know who I am." He smiles very faintly still showing no warmth. "I heard you can get people things they might want." He pauses a moment considering Cooper as he speaks. "That puts us in the same business, after a fashion."

Mischa's hard lessons about crime and life have come from movies like Pulp Fiction. So when he pulls up a little ways outside of town to the fairgrounds and gets out of his car, ejecting a rather large box of cleaning supplies out of his trunk, it may look a little suspicious. Having taken the day off, he's dressed a bit more relaxedly than he normally is — making it seem all the more hokey. Black t-shirt, denim jeans, and a pair of very old Sneakers. If not for the glasses, the five o'clock shadow he sports could have him looking slightly more badass than he does now. Mischa moves over to the backseat of the car and comes out with bloody clothing. Men's clothing, definitely. "Bloody Hell. It looks like I've murdered a prostitute." The comment makes him laugh a little bit before he starts off towards a dumpster with the bloodied shirt, boxers, and pair of pants.

With an evening off, Raven has apparently decided to take a little walk down to Absinthe. There's a tightness around her eyes that signals the presence of one of her usual migraines. Her car is nowhere in sight, but, presumably, she's parked somewhere within walking distance. She stops short and frowns a little when she sees Mischa across from her destination and changes course to approach him, "Mischa? What the hell do you have there?" Bloody clothes and a box? There's trouble here; and combined with the vision she'd had, she's all the more concerned.

There's a slow nod as Cooper questions him. "Actually I'm in the business of providing you with what you need to do yours." He shrugs a little. "I plan to be getting some fairly big deals in the future, so I'm looking to find people interested in some steady work." He pauses glancing around, his expression taking in Mischa's arrival with a very faint frown. "Maybe we should leave the details for somewhere more private, after all you can never tell who's watching." Oliver once again seems to consider Mischa, he's seen this sort of thing before of course, although usually done more subtly.

Mischa is reasonably startled when Raven approaches. He grins somewhat sheepishly at his 'drinking buddy', cheeks turning beet red. "Oh, hello. A friend of mine…" He pauses, considering for a moment. "She had an accident and I needed to drive her home." Judging from the rather bloody clothing, it must have been a helluva of an accident. "She's fine now. Resting. Someone attacked her." He frowns at that as he tosses the soiled clothing into a dumpster and sighs, coming a little closer to Raven. "I thought it would be too suspicious driving my semi-bloodied car into a car wash, no matter the explanation. Cameras everywhere." Mischa himself looks a tad feverish and sweaty at the moment, his skin pasty where it's not red from sickness. "What brings you out this way?" He asks, before glancing at the bar.

The conversation between the two criminals is ignored, mostly because it's too far away for Raven to be able to eavesdrop on. She gives Mischa a dubious expression at his explanation, "Uh huh…" She shakes her head in wonder, "So what happened?" She laughs faintly, an almost nervous sound, "Yeah, I don't imagine that it'd be a good idea to take it though the carwash, at that." She frowns again at his condition and shrugs, "Just coming out to do a little drinking."

Cooper isn't a criminal! Just an enabler. Yeah, that's how she likes to put it. Oliver is eyed silently, before she allows her grin to spread on her features. "Well, that there depends on the offer you'll be willin' to make, wont it? But, yeah. I think maybe somewhere a bit more private might be a good idea, mack. Oliver, did you say?" She pushes herself off of the wall then, taking one final drag of the cigarette before flicking it to the floor carelessly. "When'll you be free? And hurry it up, there's someone I gotta go greet across the street. Since you're in the biz, you'll understand, y'know?"

Taking out a card he hands it to Cooper. "Call me and we can arrange the details." The card's got nothing on it but the number of a landline. "I don't answer cell numbers." He smiles slightly. "I'm sure we'll work out something suitable for both of us as well." He turns a little as a car pulls up, his associate from the club nodding to him from the drivers seat.

"Rogue vampires." Mischa explains. Not exactly a lie. "They kind of feasted on her… she was pretty shaken up. But I think she'll be alright now." He grabs a rag from his box of cleaning supplies and starts to crawl in the backseat, wiping down what of the blood he can from the interior. It's mostly dried, and thus that makes him have to take another trip to the box for a squirt bottle full of cleaner. "And this is actually my parents' car, since I wrecked mine into oblivion. I can't imagine they'll be happy if I return it in this state." Maybe he IS telling the truth. After all, not many thirty year olds still borrow mum & dad's cars. At least not hard boiled criminals. Mischa slinks back out of the car again and wrinkles his nose. "After the other night's excursion, you're ready to drink again? My head still isn't finished pounding." He groans quietly, looking green around the gills at the very notion of getting hammered again.

"Ugh!" Raven shudders, "That's about the only think I'm glad for about working at a bar thta doesn't allow vampires." That there won't be any rogues walking in and harrassing her or her customers. She grimaces at the condition of the car, "Aw, man…" She shakes her head as she watches him for a moment, "Would you like some help? It'll go faster with two pairs of hands, after all." She seems convenced that he's just the victim of being a good friend and that he really /didn't/ do anything wrong. "Well, I wasn't nearly as hammered as you were." She smirks faintly, "I know what my limits are, after all."

Cooper glances back to Oliver, her thin eyebrows arching with slow deliberation as she reveals her teeth in a smile. "My my, aint you a fancy one? Well, okay." Pocketing the card, she offers the man a charming smile. "I'll be callin' you soon, sir. Hopefully, business will be good for us." When the ride drives by, she watches it. "I think that's your call, huh? Anyway, I'll be seein' you." And with that, she glances around curiously before moving to jog forward and cross the street. Her excuse? Well, one of her favorite, best tippers ever happens to be around. "Hey! You!" She calls out jovially to Mischa.

Mischa shakes his head at Raven, smiling. "No, no reason for you to get all…contaminated or something by yucky blood particles. Normally I'd be worried too if I hadn't had it all over me once." He grabs another bottle of cleaner and starts to work on the underside of the seats. When Raven mentions him being much worse off than she was, he turns another bright shade of red. "Well…first time I'd drank like that in YEARS. Really…years." The very thought of it makes that same sick noise from the other night come to the surface again. He takes a glance over the car and decides it's clean enough. Little does he know there's a bloody footprint on the hood. "Sorry, not only do I think I'm still a little hungover, I'm suffering the flu or something." He tosses the rag aside along with this cleaning supplies, putting them in the back seat before he shuts the door. When Cooper comes bustling over, Mischa raises a brow. It takes him a few seconds before he mutters quietly, "A-ha. Girl who laughed at me and whom I tipped too much." But then he waves and smiles. "Hello."

"It's not like I don't get covered in worse on a bad night at the bar." Raven chuckles softly and shakes her head, "Well, if you build up to it, it's not so bad." And she drinks almost every night, so she has a higher tolerance, or something. She makes a face at the sound he makes and has to swallow a couple of times so that she won't join him. She glances at the footprint and smirks faintly again, "Missed a spot." It's offered with a vague gesture in the direction of the hood. She steps back a little when they are joined, giving Cooper a curious look and wondering if she's a waitress or something.

Cooper is practically beaming as she bounces over brightly, as if she's one of his close friends rather then the stranger she actually is. In the corners of her lips are the slightest, barest hints of a smirk - inevitable when she can hear the murmuring that she wasn't supposed to in her head. "You look like you had a fun night yesterday. And not with me, either. That hurts." It's given in jest, obviously. I've been missin' ya, cutey. And you're amazing tips, too." Here is where her grin turns sheepish. "You ran off before I got a chance ta thank you. So…thanks. Is all I wanted to say. I'm Cooper, by the way." The car behind him is eyed knowingly. "Is everythin' alright here?"

"Everything is fine. A friend got hurt, I'm just trying to clean up the aftermath." Mischa adjusts his glasses for a moment before nodding to Cooper and offering her a hand. "Mischa. Nice to meet you. Yeah, sorry… after that weird scene at Bloody Mary's, I'm not sure if I'll be back for some time. I hope you guys have amped up security." He turns his head and lets out a small sneeze, looking sheepish at each of the women before he quirks a brow at Raven and her 'missed a spot' comment. He looks up at the hood and stares for a minute. "Bloody…" Clearly he wants to curse. But there are ladies present! So he just mutters in Russian to himself for a long moment. "I suppose the car wash will be needed anyhow. At least I made it's job easier though. And the inside is clean."

Raven stays out of the conversation, though she can't help rolling her eyes a little at the jest about having fun. She's used to being invisible in the background, so it doesn't bother her that she's being ignored for the moment by the new arrival. She offers a silent, apologetic shrug for having been the bearer of bad news, looking faintly amused at the Russian mutters, "So what happened at Bloody Mary's?" She had to work so she wasn't able to go to the Valentine's party.

Cooper had actually meant to greet the pair of them, and so she turns to smile expectantly to Raven, just waiting for a name to be given so she can proceed with her 'plan'. When it's not immediately given, Cooper is not upset - she can be a patient person if she has to be. She does, however, transfer her attention back to Mischa. "The pleasure is all mine, sweetie. And…yeah, I understand." She frowns slightly at the mention of that night, cocking her weight from one leg to the other restlessly. "That ain't what usually happens. It's usually nice and easy in there. I can't…" Beat. "Are you swearin' in Russian? You are, aren't you?" She accuses with a broad laugh. But then, over to Raven, and she turns somber. "Oh…some freak started goin' on about killin' a vampire or somethin'. She was a nutjob." Which is true. Cooper will just conveniently leave out the fact that she knows, without a doubt, that the threat was very real, however.

The tall librarian frowns a bit at Raven. "It's a bit hard to explain. There was screaming and a crazy woman… it was just a bit unnerving, is all." He nods in agreeance with Cooper's rehashing of the situation, frown widening. "But that's over now. Hopefully the woman has gone back to wherever she came from." Mischa nods a little bit to Cooper, reddening as she accuses him of cursing in Russian. "Well, not very polite in American. At least this way it sounds almost poetic and I don't have to be /too/ ungentlemanly." He gives an apologetic glance over towards Raven, smiling at her. "I would normally offer to go have a drink with you, but with the way I'm feeling right now…" Thank God he's wearing black, otherwise they'd be able to see the sweat that's pooling in the pit of his t-shirt.

When the younger woman looks over at her, Raven offers a small smile, "Raven." It's an introduction of sorts. She makes a face at the news of what happened, "Wow. Freak huh?" She shakes her head at the thought of someone being crazy enough to actually threaten a vampire inside of a vampire bar. She smiles almost slyly, "Well you know it sometimes helps to drink a little more when you're suffering from a hangover." She chuckles, "My treat if you want, though I'm not going to get you more than one."

Aha. Here's the opening she was looking for! For a moment, Cooper allows herself a moment of congratulatory silence for a plot well executed, and she quirks her head to the side, adopting an innocent expression on her face as she looks over Mischa, then Raven. "Oh, are you guys going to party or something?" She sounds excited, before the excitement dies down when he mentions that he's not feeling up to it. "Oh…hangover, huh? You like…do know what's the best cure for a hangover, right?" Beat. Her purse is pat with deliberation. "I've got some with me, if you guys want? To take some of the edge off things, you know? Normally, I'd only sell 'em, but you've been such a sweetie to me, Mischa, that I think I should give you a good time."

"Not a party, really." Not on Raven's part, anyway, "Just going to unwind a little." Ravens expression goes blank for a moment at the mention of the best hangover cure, her breath catching a little at being offered something she was just thinking about. A glimmer of excitement enters her black eyes and she makes the attempt to appear casual, her voice low, "So whatcha got?" Beat, "And how much?" She glances at Mischa for a moment, her eyes wary as though wondering if he'll go running to the cops.

Cooper laughs easily at Mischa's answer, although it's not an unkind reaction. "Kind of, but not quite. It's almost like tea leaves, though. Not a drink, though." She looks from one person to the next, looking pleased that they seem to be up for the experience. "Then we should probably get out of here and somewhere more closed off of somethin'. Any of you guys got places we could go, or…we could use your car, Mischa. Oh! Don't worry about it! This round'll be on me - and if you figure you like the stuff I'm packin', you can come back to me later."

"Well, where would you like to go?" Mischa eyes the car for a moment, clearing his throat. "It's not really mine, but as long as we're not going to do anything terribly reckless, it should be fine." He holds open the door to the back seat for whoever gets there first, then moves to open the passenger door before he slides into the driver's seat. "I, err, packing?" The librarian asks, quirking a brow over at Cooper and looking her up and down. Packing what? She can barely weigh one hundred ten, one hundred fifteen pounds. Dispelling that idea from his mind, he waits for the women to get in. "Getting a little chilly out, isn't it?" That hasn't slowed down the fact that Mischa is sweating all over.

"Hm…" Raven is definitely looking interested now, "Sure. I'm in." She frowns a little at the thought of going to her little messy studio apartment. She smiles faintly and inclines her head in a small bow, "Well, that's right nice of you. If I like your stuff, I'll definitely be coming back."

Cooper can only beam to Mischa before scrambling into the backseat of a car. Now, for anyone other than Cooper, this might be seen as a strange thing to do. But toking up in the back of a strangers car with two people she doesn't even know the last names of? This is just her life. "Bomb. Don't worry, the smell'll go right away after being aired out! Anyway, we need ta go somewhere more secluded-like. Maybe to the parks or something, I don't know? As for what I'm packin' - you know."

"To the park it is then." Mischa isn't quite sure what the Hell they're going to the park for, still. He licks his lips and starts up the car, beginning to pull away from the clubs. He eyes each of the women in his rear view mirror, glancing to Raven. "My meetings with you just keep on getting interesting." To Cooper, he asides: "My meetings with you get less interesting. Which I'm grateful for."

Oh yes… Raven is well aware of what Cooper is packing. She shrugs a little, "That's my life, really interesting." Or not. She licks her lips lightly and looks at the other woman over the back of the seat, "I assume it's quality stuff?" She's had a bad experience with poor quality before after all.

Cooper is a bit of a busy body, as Mischa will learn. Despite being in the back seat, she'll lean forward and fuss with the radio and volume until it is set to her liking. She will open the windows to let the wind run through her hair, and most of all, she will beam and laugh and chatter the entire way through. "Oh, it's totally quality shit! No worries, I can't do the cheap stuff." As the near the woods, however, she begins to rifle through her bag to produce a small plastic baggie filled with dozens of precisely rolled joints. One particularly fat one is plucked out. "This should do!"

Mischa stops the car as soon as they pull up to the park. When the joints are pulled out, he raises his brows and starts to cough a little bit, spluttering. But he's a cool guy. So he calms down after a minute and starts to roll down his window too. "I, ah…" Perhaps not a good time to mention he's never smoked a joint in his whole entire life. Instead he just stares out his window. "I… you'll let me pay for that, right? How much does a single joint cost?" He turns to Raven and looks at her, shrugging his shoulders a bit. He had nooooo idea. He reaches up to run his fingers through his hair, fanning himself for a moment. "Is anyone else suddenly hot?"

"Good." And that's all Ray has to say about the quality. She doesn't seem bothered by the other woman's figiting and only smiles a little at the appearance of the bag and join, "Looks good to me…" Her window is rolled down a bit as well and she looks over at Mischa in concern, "You okay?" She keeps her hands to herself, not wanting to risk another vision and worsening of her headache like the last time.

Cooper snickers slightly to herself at whatever thought has crossed Mischa's mind, and she pauses to toss an appreciate smirk at her own chest. "You're so not paying for it. You payed for it in tips already, this is totally my treat, doll!" More ruffling, until she pulls out her lighter, flicking the flame into existence. When he starts complaining about the heat, she can't help but grin mischievously. "So take it off, darlin'. Here, I'll start us off." And the first toke is taken, deep and long.

"I'm fine. It's nothing that some rest and relaxation shouldn't care." Mischa smiles at Raven and watches her for a moment before looking back towards Cooper, having thankfully missed the way she's eyeballing her bosom. "So this is your other job then?" Pause. "I guess it's good to have a contingency plan." Mischa runs his fingers through his hair again and reaches up, taking his glasses off in order to put them on the dash. He nervously looks both ways as though expecting a cop to waltz up at any given second. Then he pauses, realizing what Cooper said. "Did you tell me to take my shirt off?" The words come out a bit jumbled, and he eventually just blushes wildly, looking at Raven. "She was talking to you. Surely." Surely.

"Well, this is surely something to help you relax." Raven laughs lightly at that, taking an appreciative breath of the smoke she's always thought of as smelling green. For her part, she's got no problem accepting sharing a joint with a stranger and a guy she barely knows. Especially when the stranger appears to be a dealer that's going to want it to be good so that they'll come back for more. She laughs again at Mischa thinking that she was the one just told to take it off, "I ain't the one that's hot, hon." A wink is offered, "Give me a little while, though, and I just might, though. Especially if that stuff's as good as it smells."

Cooper lets out an appreciative sigh, before offering the roll over to Raven with an easy smile. And then, her attention turns over to Mischa, eyes sparking with mischief. "Relax, hun. Just relax. It's not a big deal, I swear it isn't." It seems as though she might know that this is Mischa's first, and that she revels at popping his cannabis cherry. A sympathetic hand moves to give his shoulder a squeeze. "You don't have ta take anything off unless you wanna. And there aint no cops around, I swear."

Cooper lets out an appreciative sigh, before offering the roll over to Raven with an easy smile. And then, her attention turns over to Mischa, eyes sparking with mischief. "Relax, hun. Just relax. It's not a big deal, I swear it isn't." It seems as though she might know that this is Mischa's first, and that she revels at popping his cannabis cherry. A sympathetic hand moves to give his shoulder a squeeze. "You don't have ta take anything off unless you wanna. And there aint no cops around, I swear."

Pasty, sweaty men with no muscle mass to speak of generally are not as pleasing to look at topless as the female of the species are. Mischa elects to keep his shirt on for the time being, taking in a deep breath as the aroma/odor of the particularly strong weed starts to waft through the car. "Wow. That's, ah, strong, isn't it?" He asks, biting on his lower lip. Upon hearing Raven's comment, he reddens considerably and reaches to rub at the back of his neck. "It's just this fever, I'm sure." For a minute he sticks his head out the car window, taking in a deep breath of fresh air. "It's been a wild couple of days. Not sure relaxing is high on my list of priorities…" He trails off there, merely waiting now for the joint to be passed to him.

Raven casually takes the offered joint and closes her eyes as she takes her turn, holding her breath for several long seconds before she slowly lets the smoke curl back out, exhailing slowly toward the cealing and offering it to Mischa now in turn, "It's good…" She opens her eyes to look at him for a moment, faint amusement filling her eyes when he leans out the window, "Nothing like a little weed to kill a fever." Who cares if it's something she made up on the spot. It might be true, "And if relaxing ain't a high priority, then it ought to be."

Cooper snickers once again, her eyes upon the male in the car. Why? Because his trepidation is delicious. "Interestin' choice of words there, high and priorities and stuff. And wild is good, man! It lets you know you're alive, like nothin' else does…" She almost sounds nostalgic. "What've you been up to that's so wild, huh? You seem kinda straight-laced. But I guess you're smokin' it up with us, so you can't be such a fuddy-duddy."

Mischa hesitates for a long moment as he takes the joint — not too long though, because he doesn't want to burn the thing up in his hand. "Here goes nothing," he says, taking in a deep inhale. He keeps it held in for a moment before letting out the remnants and passing the funny cigarette back to Cooper. "Heh. Relaxing and high priority… I didn't mean it that way, but what the Hell." He glances to Cooper and eyes her for a moment. "I might as well be an old fuddy duddy. I've got what, ten years on you or something? Kids these days." He says, halfway ironically before he hangs his head out the window again.

"Hell, if you're a fuddy duddy because of your age, then what does that make me?" Raven shakes her head a little, leaning her head back with a small smile. She still thinks that he's about the same age she is, "You okay Mischa? Not going to be sick or anything, are you?" She's seen it happen from time to time. One hand comes up to run a pale lock of her hair through her fingers as she lets the fragrant smoke seep into her skin and her lungs.

Cooper just looks at Mischa, dissecting him with her discerning eyes. But then she breaks out into a sleepy grin. "I'm not impressed. I've done older." There is no hesitation or shame in that remark, and as she grabs the cigarette once again, another merry toke is taken. "Eww. Yeah, don't be sick. That'd be horrible."

"What? I'm fine. The smell is just a little overwhelming, that's all." Mischa shakes his head at the two girls, laughing very quietly. "Both of you are so paranoid, and here you are, telling ME not to worry about cops." Sheesh. He rolls his eyes. Women. That's a prevalent thought. When Cooper mentions that she's done older, he turns a dark shade of red again and coughs a few times, eyeing her. "That's… well… I just… I don't even know what to say about that." He glances over to Raven, grinning at her briefly. "Alright, so maybe I'm not a fuddy duddy. Sort of feel like it from time to time though."

The younger woman is giving an appraising look at her comment and Raven just shakes her head, "Not something I'd be bragging about if I were you, darling." The bartender isn't worried about cops. Not at the moment, anyway. She just couldn't stand seeing someone toss their cookies when she's trying to get nice and mellow. She rolls her head over to look at Mischa and gives him a somewhat sleepy smile, "I think everyone over twenty-five feels like that sometimes."

Cooper shrugs her shoulders, sinking into the material of the car as she passes off the joint. Her eyes become almost unfocused, uneasy, and not as a result of the weed. "Why shouldn't I? People think it anyway. It's whatever, I don't care what people think. 'Cause like, whatever you do, you know. They'll judge you. You could be Saint fucking Mary and they'd still judge you. That's just how people are." As if looking to prove just how much younger than them she is, she hugs her knees to herself in an idle fashion. "People can really, really suck sometimes."

Mischa snags the joint before Raven can, winking at her as he takes a long puff and then passes it to her. "People suck, but you have to try to see the good in them. I try not to see the bad in anyone, because people are probably trying to see the bad in me… does that make sense?" He asks, before he starts to laugh, clapping his hand over his mouth as though startled at the sound. Yep, he's baked. He turns to look at Cooper. "You should settle down and have some kids or something… a nice young woman like you…" There's another spurt of laughter as Mischa imagines Cooper in a '50s housewife's dress, vaccuuming. He rolls his window down a little more and puts his head back against his carseat. "I don't think you're a…woman of ill repute, Cooper." Then he takes to silently repeating Raven's name a bit. It just sounds nice.

"Hell, just because they think it doesn't mean you have to confirm it, though, right?" Raven looks back at the girl in the backseat, "And yeah, they suck sometimes, but what're you gonna do? Go hide in a box for the rest of your life?" She shakes her head, "That sure wouldn't be a way to live." She laughs lightly when the man grabs the cig first and waits for it to come back to her. She takes a long drag and hands it back to Cooper again, "Makes sense to me." She shakes her head a little at the laugh and comment about the younger woman's reputation.

Cooper just closes her eyes, passing up the cigarette when it comes to her. "No. God no," she snorts at Mischa's offer. "No one can handle my brand of crazy. And I'm proud of it. And it's okay if you do think I'm a woman of ill repute. I really don't care." She sniffs inconsequentially. It's only then that she turns to look at Raven. "No, not hide. That's why I say fuck everyone and their moms and do whatever the hell I want. That's what makes sense to me. Doing stuff I want to and being happy when I can be." Because she can't be always happy. As evidenced by this conversation.

Judging from Mischa's thoughts, he doesn't seem to think that Cooper is actually a ho. Then again, he's not thinking a lot right now. Two tokes and he's utterly gone. "You fuck their moms too?" He asks, before realizing he said 'fuck' in front of women and clapping his hand over his mouth. In part, he's trying to hide his laughter. After a moment he regains some amount of composure and nods to Raven. "What she said. All of that. You don't have to be… like that…" He trails off there and puts his head out the window again, taking in a big 'gulp' of fresh air.

"Nah… Everyone's entitled to their own pleasure, right?" And that includes the three of them sitting here getting tosted. One last long pull on the joint and Raven's handing it back to Cooper to deal with, "I think I'm done for now." She smirks a little at the man's reaction to swearing in front of the two of them. She puts one arm behind her head and slides down in the seat a little, the tension leeching out of her face as she relaxes, the canabis doing its job and easing her headache. She rolls her head over to look at Mischa, one eyebrow going up as she watches him, "Hey, you okay?" She giggles softly, "Wouldn't happen to be your first time, would it?"

Cooper blinks, frowning over to Mischa. "No, I don't actually fuck them or their moms. It's an expression. You are old." That's a wry jest, obviously. When the joint returns to her, she eyes it thoughtfully. But then, with a sigh, she gets to smoking. No need to let a good blunt go to waste. "I know I don't gotta. But I wanna. That's like, the point. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying. People suck."

"Yep. I'm old. Old and all alone." Mischa says. He nods to Raven a little bit. "First timer, yep. I'll be fine. I just need a few minutes." For what exactly though? It's hard to say, considering how very fuzzy he seems. He slinks down into his own car seat and slowly starts to take the shirt off. Yep, it's coming off. And he's as pasty and unsexy beneath that shirt as was aforementioned. He's slim though, and his biceps are a little more toned than he might let on normally. Beyond that? Nerd city. "People suck but you don't have to be a sucky person. Unless you want to. Which I guess you do. Seems like a waste to me. Not that you asked. Don't call me dad…"

"Yeah, people suck." Raven's voice is a little dreamy right now. She might drink like a fish, but she doesn't have a regular supplier, so hasn't had as much exposure to weed as she has alcohol. One dark eyebrow is quirked at the man in the car when he starts taking his shirt off and she manages not to giggle, but it's a near thing. He may not be a hugely muscular guy, but it's been a while since Ray had the chance to see any guy without a shirt on, and so she's appropriately appriciative.

Cooper takes in a deep breath, before running her hand through her hair, curling up into a tighter little ball as she continues to smoke. She doesn't even really notice or care that the shifter's shirt is off. "Yeah I do. You know, people don't realize it, but it takes all kinds of people to like…make a whole. A community. I need to be shitty so other people don't have to be. If I wasn't, you might be shitty. Think about it." Yes. She's a drug-dealing whore due to her altruistic nature. Keep up people!

The very thought of Cooper having to be shitty so he doesn't need to be makes Mischa burst out into giggles. He keeps it together for a moment afterward, long enough to suck in a deep breath and shake his head at Cooper. "That's awful. You need some ice cream." Pause. "Mmm. Ice cream." Mischa reaches up to run his fingers through his hair, raising his brow at Raven for a moment. He looks back towards Cooper and just shakes his head. "Well, if you find out that you don't like THIS gig, you should be like… normal at some point. Really, I've always secretly thought the number of assholes outweigh the number of actually nice people. Hence why I'm so nice." There's another pause here. "Wow, man. We're like opposite sides of the spectrum!"

"Nah. You ain't shitty, girl." Raven shakes her head. Anyone that'd share like Cooper's done couldn't be all bad, right? And another toke would be really nice about now… And he just had to go and mention food, didn't he? "I could really go for a nice big burger right about now… Or a bag of chips." She's not much of one for sweets other than alcohol, and even then it's iffy. She doesn't get into the philosophical debate much, though she will ask Mischa a question, "So, you think I'm nice or one of the numerous assholes running around?" Not that he's likely to know her well enough to know one way or the other, but still… Numerous… She repeats the word over in her head a few times, putting different emphasis on it and breaking it down into its different syllables.

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