Chloe Confused

Unit #332 - Cornett Apartment

The single bedroom apartment is quite cozy, but by no means small. The walls have been sponged in a light sandy color, the faux hardwood floors a bleached maple to match. The decor is rather simplistic, though a tad modern - a black leather sofa is set against one wall, an ottoman that doubles as a coffee table set between it and the matching recliner. White curtains with tiny red flowers frame the windows, while red, beige and white throw pillows dot the couch. There is no television in this room, the remaining walls taken up with shelves filled with books and a small stereo system with a decent selection of music.
A sliding glass door leads to a balcony that overlooks the pool courtyard. To the right of the main room is the small kitchen and eating nook, and to the left the hallway that leads toward the bedroom.

Rain seems to be apropos considering what has been going on in Chloe's life as of late. The patter of raindrops hits the window, and she curls herself more firmly into the blankets on the couch. Her wrist and arm are still bandaged, she has a butterfly bandage upon her brow. Her body is bruised, hurting, and yet she still cannot bring herself to cry.

Her apartment is dark, not a single light on. There is no noise except for her breathing. She knows that she's safe and secure here for the time being, thanks to the fact that she's only ever invited one person over, and they were a friend not a foe. She stares straight ahead at the darkness, clearing her mind of everything as she tries to figure out what to do with her mother.

Any other visitor would turn and leave. The shape that comes through the apartment building is dark, but silvered, and moving at very high speed. This is not any other visitor. When the shape comes to a stop outside Chloe's door, it appears to be a youthful-looking man, hair no longer as dark as it was, styled differently and looking somewhat more modern. He is wearing black; black jeans, a slender-cut leather jacket and black cowboy boots.

There also happens to be a four-foot long greatsword strapped to his back. He's just been to collect the repaired and reloaded weapon. His face is impassive, eyes unreadable, and mind thoroughly and powerfully locked down. One hand lifts, forming a fist, and knocks smartly at the door.

Before she moves, Chloe scans outside the door with her mind. It's not human, that much she knows, and it's not a human derivative like a shifter either. Quietly as can be, she slides from the couch to the door, blanket wrapped around her still. She peers through the peep hole, blinks once, and then opens the door.

"Come in," she says quietly, stepping back into the darkness.

The visitor is entirely used to working in almost absolute darkness, thus the lack of light does not prove to be a problem. The vampire steps into the apartment, eyes flicking around to take in the sights. "Are you unwell?" he queries, his voice lacking emotion.

"I'm injured, my father is dead, and my mother was bitten by a werewolf. I've been better," Chloe says, her voice a little on edge. "But you are alive. You survived the blast? Obviously you did. I'm glad to see you." Beat. "Cowboy boots don't suit you at all though."

"I took them from Kegan's wardrobe," Will tells her, studying her for a brief moment as he take in quite how thoroughly messed up she is. "I was unaware of the information regarding your parents. You should not be alone."

"Well I can't exactly be with my family. Mama's still in the hospital, and my siblings are out on some kind of bender, and /you/ were God only knows where." Chloe isn't blaming him though, really she's not. But she /is/ angry. As evidenced by her upcoming cursing. "At least tell me that the asshole who captured you in the first place is dead. Tell me that I didn't leave my family alone to save you, only to have him still alive and coming after you. Tell me…" She cuts herself off with a slight choke noise, peering at him in the darkness.

"You should spend time at the estate," Will tells her, his voice still impassive and level, face the same. There doesn't even appear to be an attempt at empathy; perhaps unusually so for him. He does, however, allow a nudge of his head to the affirmative. "Kegan Kinnel, the vampiric king of Texas, is dead, by my hand. The organisation is no more. Is there anything you require? Your assistance was vital."

"After the funeral." Chloe drops the blanket, revealing that she's really only wearing an over-sized t-shirt. But she does it so she can move toward him. She knows the vampire aversion to being touched, but still, she moves in to hug him. Not for his sake, but for her sake of needing the comfort of touch at the moment. "I didn't do it to get anything from you, Will. I… I did it because I /care/. I care what happens to you, and I care for your well being, and I worry when you throw yourself back into danger… but at least I understood that part."

The vampire does sketch a glance up and down Chloe, even stretching to lifting his arms slightly; allowing the touch after significant consideration of appropriate response. His accent is back to neutrality, the faintest hint of a Southern drawl. "I should now be safe, at least until something rises up to assault the state of Texas," he tells her. "As should you. The twin-souled who assaulted your parents are probably already dead, if not then they shall be fleeing my wrath as fast as they are able. Are you physically sound?"

"Bruised, few cuts, I'll survive." Chloe just clings to him, for as long as he'll allow. No tears, no crying, just needing the comfort - even if it is cold. "Twin-souled… you weren't talking about /Jo/ you were talking about the tiger?" She looks up at him curiously.

Rapid mental consideration. "Of course. Their souls are paired with that of beasts; they may call themselves shapeshifters or similar in the modern era." Slowly, a hand does lift to rest gently in the small of Chloe's back. "If you wish for blood then you have but to mention it."

Chloe blinks at him, still peering into his eyes. Instead of mentioning anything, she tilts her head, angling it so that she can place a gentle, barely touching him, kiss upon his lips. "I'll survive," she whispers, hoarsely.

Again, after serious mental consideration of the best course of action, the vampire does allow the kiss, even if he does not return it. "It is good that you are well," he tells her. "There is something of which you should be aware."

Here comes the blow. Chloe draws back, seeming to retreat into herself a little, both physically and emotionally. "You no longer desire my presence. It's alright. I understand that. Thanks for coming to see if I was alright. I appreciate it."

"You presume incorrectly," says the vampire, simply. He still does not move, though he does follow her with his eyes, showing only vague curiosity. "King Kegan is dead. King Valentinus is not. I am obliged to replace those who were killed with further immortals, created by the vampires of this city."

"Replace those who were killed?" Chloe watches him, in the darkness. "Go ahead and do it then, since a few died by my hand. It's the punishment I deserve, and then maybe they'll leave my family alone…"

"If you are to be amongst the willing," says the vampire, "then it would not be when you are injured and outside of your usual frame of reference." He studies her again, eyes flicking over her face, then dropping down, completely unashamed. "It would be no punishment, everlasting life is an opportunity. I will, however, be Making someone."

When she's in her usual frame of reference she may just be too frightened to offer it. Chloe reaches out to shove at him. "Then turn /me/. Do it. I'm… I'm offering. You already know how I feel about you, and while I know you want to deny it…" Which is when her tears finally start. Silent, spilling down her cheeks in the darkness.

This touch is not permitted. Will lifts an arm; a flash of dark shadow that lifts to hold her hands away with iron determination; a veritable immovable object. "It is not yet time, nor have you yet convinced me that you would utilise your immortality for the greatest good, for that is what I would demand from any child of mine." One that he chose, anyhow. His current child is a bit more complex. "I understand that you are offering. You should understand that I will not Make someone currently affected by grief and misfortune. We shall discuss this at a later date."

Her shove is stopped, which is new. Generally he allows her to vent. Chloe looks at him, wide-eyed, tears still spilling down her cheeks. "You're an idiot, Will Grant. You really are. I may be naive when it comes to such things, and young in comparison, but I know how I feel, and what I want to do, and what I need." She looks defeated though. Dejected. A little broken-hearted in fact.

The vampire is still looking somewhat curiously at her, as though trying to ascertain and understand what the tears are for. "Qualify," he says, calmly, "what causes you to believe that you are capable of making such a decision over the span of five seconds. Please elaborate on why you never wish to see the sun again, why you wish to become a parasite upon your own race. Further, please explain why you believe yourself worthy to become my child. This is not a light decision."

Chloe turns her head to the side, wiping her nose on the sleeve of her t-shirt. It's a completely childish, and broken movement, but that's what causes her to do it. "Who said it was over five seconds? I've thought about it a lot. Since the night in the library. When I thought that's what you were after. Besides which, my own race sort of shuns me and doesn't like having me around." Chloe looks up at him then, eyes watery, voice cracking once more. "Because I care for you and can better protect you if I am as you are."

The vampire listens, still failing to bring forth expression to body or voice. "You are currently upset," says he, levelly. "I will take your request into consideration. You will formulate a compelling account of your planned activities and the general direction of the projects you will undertake over the next two centuries. Then we shall discuss it further."

After a brief pause, the vampire does continue. "If there is one thing that I have learnt, entering into this for love or for another is the greatest error you could ever make."

He's giving her… homework? In the state that Chloe's in, she just stops crying and laughs. It can't be helped. She looks at him, tears still staining her cheeks, giving him the goofiest look ever. "Do you want profit margins with that?" Though truthfully, she likely will contemplate it and make pretty pie charts and everything.

Then he says something about love, and she just stops her mirthfulness. "I never said I /loved/ you." Hmph. What is with people and telling her /that/. "Maybe I just /lust/ after you. Ever think of that?"

Mostly, he's giving her something to concentrate on. "The account must be compelling, is all the instruction I shall give," says he, easily. For a long moment, he looks at her without heat, without curiosity, without anything, really. "Regardless, the point stands."

"I'm not her, you know. I'm not like that wench that was torturing you, and I'm not like the person who made you so bitter. I opened up for you. I stopped taking my medication /for/ you. I gave myself willingly to you." Even though he did nothing but feed from her. Chloe exhales a sigh, then moves toward him once more. "Maybe one of these days you'll open up to me too, and realize I'm not a horrible evil person."

"You are," he agrees, "not her." Which her is unclear. The vampire turns, looking now over towards the door to the balcony. "It is usual for mortals to give themselves utterly to my kind. You know more about me than any living person. You lack the cruelty to be evil." Simple facts, delivered simply.

Chloe smiles, even though he speaks only the facts. She moves up behind him, placing a hand on his back. "I have never given myself utterly to anyone, and I don't expect you to truly open up to me either. But I /do/ appreciate your coming to check on me, Valentinus, and I do appreciate you telling me what's happening with you. Truth is, I just want to be wrapped up and held. Told everything is going to be alright, even though I know deep down that it won't be."

The moment the hand touches him, Will moves, just a fraction, but enough to break contact, and ready to do so the moment it happens again. "Good. I will visit you again soon, though I would advise staying at the estate, where you may be kept safe. I am… unable to assist with careful and close care for the moment."

He leaves it for a brief, quiet second. "I have visited murder upon a man a millenium and a half old. However, at some point I would appreciate the opportunity to meet your family. All of them."

His refusal to allow the touch once again causes her to whimper a little. It's not a shining moment for Chloe but she's hurting and has no one else really to turn to — only, she does. Yet she does not want to use that person to make herself feel better. She begins to chew on her lip, and then looks past the vampire out over the balcony. "I make no promises. My sister would gladly jump at the chance to whore herself to you to prove she is better than I, and my brother is a member of the Fellowship… and my mother…" Well that will remain up in the air until she knows for sure if her mother is going to become a monster or not. "But I will see what can be done after the funeral."

The implacable rage that still burns deep within Will manages to break through his facade and project through the bond; it is twisted by a bittersweet flavour. "Would that I can be your comfort. I am as broken as you, Chloe, at least for the moment. I cannot trust myself with you, not yet, not quite. That joyous wrath of murder and blood sits just beneath the surface, and I cannot risk it coming forth with you. Allow me time to regain control of my impulses." Answered the question she didn't ask, even.

"I appreciate the effort. I will meet with them all."

She's human, and wrapped up in her own human drama. It makes it difficult for her to think about his feelings. When he speaks though, she nods at him. "I trust you, and I know that you would never hurt me. Impulses in control or not." Chloe does back off, however, and /will/ just find comfort she needs through her family if need be. She does make a face at him. "Mellie would be the easiest to introduce you to. In fact, you have likely already met her. She works as a waitress at Bloody Mary's." Her eyes shift away. "Perhaps you have already fed from her as well, as she is one of Mary's willing donors."

"I rarely feed from mortals," Will admits, easily. "I appreciate that you are taking my feelings into account. The estate is open to you, as always. I have much business to be executing." New king and all. Gotta get a new, bigger house built for one!

"The funeral is tomorrow. I will come by the estate afterward, you have my word on that." Chloe doesn't have much of an expression now, she just looks worn out. Tired. Defeated. "Go take care of your politics."

"Is there anyone from the estate who you would like to come over?" he asks, the first real showing of concern, even if tone and body don't show it.

"You," Chloe says, only a tiny cheekily. Then she gives her head a small shake. "No… I… my twin-souled friend as you called him, lives just upstairs. I'll be okay, and protected if I need it. If you feel it necessary to give me added protection, then send someone whom you trust."

"Very well." The vampire is suddenly a dark shadow, speeding over to the glass window by the balcony. The door opens rapidly, then stop as Will pauses in the doorway, looking back towards Chloe. "Take care, Chloe. I do not wish to lose you after we have both survived so much." Then he is gone, a dark blur moving into the city.

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