Drink The Problems Away


Art Nouveau decor throughout the main lounge pays homage to an era when architecture and interior design were the perfect marriage of form, function and art. The walls are purples and pinks that blend into more subtle hues with the constant green lighting. Small tables with four tall chairs can be found scattered about the room. Large purple couches can be found nestled between the table sets, and in front of a smaller stage used for poetry readings.
The bar itself is long, taking up the entirety of a wall. Tall chairs are scattered on the patron side, and behind the bar is a beautiful greenish glow. The glow comes from the shelving where the majority of the alcohol is stored. The nearby glass racks reflect the glow splendidly as well.

Ivan is an easy-going guy, in general. Until he's been put into the position of accountability and care. Now, he's not often carried himself in such a capacity but when he does, he tends to go overboard. This is why Helen sometimes tries to duck away from him. It's also why he has, literally, been shunted away from his apartment tonight. After entire days of being by her side constantly, of attentively asking how she's feeling, of trying to do all he can for her and, as a result, smothering her - she has pleaded with him to go get a life.

So, he does. Or…well, he doesn't. Does drinking by yourself constitute as having a life? He doesn't know, but he's sitting at the bar, a bottle of scotch in hand as he slouches forward.

For a different patron of the bar, reasons to be around are far different. His local haunt will get him recognized and he would easily be found if sought after. With so many issues building in his life the man just wants a damn beer. He won't even try to shoot his mother. So Robert enters this place that he has never really been, immediately walking to the bar and ordering a tall one. Irony has him standing fairly close to Ivan yet he has not even noticed.

It is the sound of Robert ordering the drink that draws Ivan attention over towards the man, and when his eyes fix upon his person, a wry smile appears on his features. "Figures you'd be here," he comments, voice raised to travel over to Robert. "I've been running into you a lot, it seems. How've you been holding up, man?" And then, there is a pause, followed by, "…Want some company?"

His broken hand is the one that reaches for the beer only to eventually be replaced by the other. It will take some time to adjust. Just as he's about to indulge in the very thing that he assumes will save the day a voice is heard. A blank expression is offered towards Ivan at first before Robert waves his injured hand. "Never been better." This part is added with that award winning grin of his. "Though I suppose that means you're safe. It beats drinking alone, at least." Just how friendly he is will depend on the proximity of his girlfriend and how much beer is in his system.

Ivan nods over to the stool beside him, lifting his glass to swirl it almost idly. Reflexively, his eyes travel around the bar, as if searching for a short, bossy brunette that's usually associated with Bobby. "It does. We wouldn't want to look like losers, would we?" He inquires dryly, before taking in a deep breath. "You escape your Tyler? I couldn't imagine her somewhere like this." The mere mention of Hope drives Ivan to take a big swig of his alcohol.

The younger man all put falls into the stool that is offered to him, his true mood showing through. Half of his beer is gone before he allows himself to speak. "Some of us feel like losers," he admits, more to his glass than to Ivan. Robert turns to look at him as Hope is mentioned. "I don't live with my girlfriend, not really. She has things to do which is exactly why I can sneak a cold one." Beat. "But didn't she tell you to stay with her sister?"

"Her sister kicked me out." Ivan comments, almost bemused in a wry sort of way. But, then, as if realizing the fact that his words probably came off as worse then the situation actually was, he's quick to tack on to his words. "Whoa! I mean, not like that. She just told me she needed to be alone for a little while. I guess…I was smothering her a bit? It makes sense that she'd feel that way, considering what she went through…" Another sigh, and the man runs his hand through his hair idly. "I know what it's like. To feel down. I mean, obviously not to your…er. You can't let it keep you down, though. You can't beat yourself up, man."

Perhaps he should be paying attention to Faith at the moment. "I don't know her, man. I barely know anything about her that hasn't been jaded by the news. But if I were her? I'd want the world to leave me the hell alone for five minutes." At this point Bobby is slowly drinking the beer, savoring it as if it may be his last. "She knows, though. That you're there. I mean, you know how Hope feels about you but you can't deny how you two are around each other. You're staying by her during some deep shit." That bandaged hand scratches at his neck as he ponders how much trouble he'll be in for this. "You have no idea what I'm going through." A true statement. "But there's something I gotta ask you."

Ivan wrinkles his nose slightly, tilting his glass about. "Yeah. You're right. Which is why I let her be. I have my phone on me, and the apartment is fully stocked, so…I mean, she can take care of herself. Yeah." It sounds as though Ivan's trying to convince himself of the fact. When Robert speaks about him, he nods his head slowly, offering the man a weak smile. "Yeah. I figure so. And sorry, I didn't mean to imply that…" Beat. "Err. Yeah. Ask away."

"If it were me, though? I'd be sitting in the hallway with a shotgun." He wouldn't be Bobby if he didn't imply some sort of violence. "Life's too short. You've got vampires getting themselves and others blown up. People can read minds. They are witches." This is said as Robert looks dead on to Ivan. "And then there are rabid wolves that randomly appear in homes to kill people. Werewolves. Call me an overprotective brute but I'd like to know my loved ones are safe." That is what's going on in the mind the Bobbyguard. "The way I see it, people like me? Like your girlfriend and mine? We're a dying race." The beer is then tossed back, gone within a blink of an eye. Only when he orders his second does he dare ask the all important question. "Look, I gotta know. Which is it? Faith or Rose? 'Cause I'm tired of being wrong all the time."

"You implying that I ought to wait outside my apartment with a shotgun in hand?" He inquires, arching his brows slightly, before he shakes his head. "My house…my place? It's among one of the safest in Dallas, I would assume. Just a…bit of magic, if you know what I mean." Though Ivan may not be very proficient in protective magic, his sister certainly is. "I understand that. Feeling outnumbered by…yeah. That's why I'm in politics. To keep the best interests of humans in mind." When the question comes up, he freezes. And then blinks, not once, but twice. "I…err…" Cue expressive laughter. "Ha, you serious? Well. Her name's Faith Rose Tyler. So both. When she was in the institute? She went by Rose. So, the majority of people call her that - Rose."

He waves off the first question, the very motion painful. If Ivan dares look close enough he might see the tell tale sign of bruising barely visible due to his clothing. Robert really is messed up. "That's just me. That girl of yours? She's as much of a magnet for trouble as my family is. I don't have any defense other than that." With the second beer now in his hand he almost smiles. Hope won't find out about this. "That's just it, though. Humans? What do we know about it all? Like Hope? She won't believe me that werewolves exist, even though one killed my father and who knows what will happen to my mother." Poor Bobby hasn't gotten the word to not tell people. The laugh just causes him to drink some of his beer. "Well, I called her Faith and you corrected me. I called her Rose and Hope corrected me. I'm beginning to think 'Hey you' is the way for me." Beat. "You really knew her when she was, you know?" Crazy.

Ivan snorts wryly, downing another mouthful of the burning liquid. "Don't I know it? Mhmm. You know, I could probably help you out with that. I can drop by. Have something cast for you. Or, actually, you know my sister? She owns that studio, ARTS? Drop by there. Buy something for protection. She's a brilliant witch." Hopefully, Scarlett will never hear of the fact that her brother had been talking her up. She'd never let him live it down. "Ah…Humans, I'm not sure know. People react violently to things they don't understand." He's uncomfortable, clearly, but the next topic of conversation prompts the lad to frown thoughtfully.

"I did. I…actually. I met her at her very worst, I think." He pauses, before eyeing Robert. "She tried to jump out my window, the first time she was in my apartment. She was cracked up on drugs. But…she's not. You know. Crazy. It was all the drugs they kept pumping into her, and…well other things." Mention of Faith's past is not a story for him to tell.

He rubs at his eyes, perhaps in attempts to keep from being emotional. "Somehow I don't think that there's any help for Mom." This wouldn't be nearly as bad if he hadn't just buried his father the day before. "Which one? The young one or the one who decided not to press charges?" Apparently he was paying a little bit of attention. "I just might do that. Dealing with your sisters has got to be better than dealing with mine." Now he's basically sipping his beer, careful to make it last. "I react violently when I get angry. I just don't have it in me to be angry right now." That or Bobby's body doesn't have it in him. Again he watches him, this time curious to see how he reacts when questioned about his girlfriend. "Medication or actual drugs? That whole thing was messed up. Chloe liked Green Oaks. But she never…" Okay, yes. This is awkward. "So why don't we get along again?"

Ivan lets out the faintest of laughs. "Yeah, man. I think I know how violently you tend to react, remember?" He runs his hand through his curls, over the stitches hidden behind brown hair. "Not that I blame you or anything. I don't, for the record. I…eh. You want another one? It'll be on me." Even before the answer is given, Ivan lifts his hand to beckon for the bartender. "Give me two, my good man. Anyway…" Green eyes swivel over to Robert thoughtfully. "What? Oh. The one who wasn't going to press charges. Scarlett is her name. Watch out - she can be a bitch. And it was medication. But, giving such heavy doses of medication to someone who doesn't need it…it messed her up. Alot." And then, there is the Golden Question. "Heh. Because your girlfriend thinks I'm Satan's spawn, I'd reckon."

"You should have seen the guys I was really angry at." It is a pour attempt at a joke but this last week has stolen the wit from the eldest Cornett. "I don't know." Before he can even protest he's being ordered another beer. Hope is going to kill him. "I'll go see her, yeah. The other one's probably scared of me." Suddenly Robert laughs. "At least they get along. I should have you be around my sisters." Yes, plural. No matter how much beer he has, nothing makes talking about Green Oaks comforting. "Well, yeah. The only things worse than you are vampires, though I can't really blame her for that hatred. Them, not you." Beat. "It's weird. We've got a lot in common. We're both knee deep in some heavy shit -and- we're basically dating the same person, appearance wise."

"You have sisters too, huh? That's cool. Younger?" Ivan inquires, smiling faintly. This is nice. Talking about things that aren't all that important, just shooting the breeze. It's something that he hasn't really had the opportunity to do since Rose stumbled into his life. When the beer arrives, he grabs his with gusto and throws back a bit. "Mhmm. Do they drive you crazy, all the time? I've got a younger sister, you saw her, the blonde? Well, she's still a baby. Nineteen and all. Jesus, she kills me sometimes. A guy worries, you know? How're yours, though?"

"You know what? I don't blame her for that hatred either. I used to. Not really, but I used to think she was a bit of a biggot." Perhaps Bobby is not the person Ivan should admit this to, but there it is. "Now, though? Jesus. It's hard for me not to hate them. I think I do, though I try not to. Ha. I guess we do have a lot of things in common, don't we?" The mention of the twins prompt an almost sad smile onto his features. "They're beautiful, aren't they?"

He can't help but look to Ivan as if he's missing something. "I believe you know one of them already. A little younger than me, red hair, reads minds. That sort of thing." The lighter issues can be spoken about, eagerly. There are still heavy issues interwoven with them, at least for him, but Bobby gives it his best shot. Finishing the second beer quickly and reaching for the third that was purchased for him is helping with that. "She's messed up in some stuff, serious stuff, but she won't tell me about it. Even younger than her is my baby sister, Mellie. Eighteen. Fangbanger waitress at Bloody Mary's. And people wonder why I have issues." At least he's being honest. "I know that life changes when you become an adult and all, but I could settle for some normal now and again." Ivan really is speaking to the wrong person, this made obvious when Bobby shows off his ring. "Before all of this I joined the church. This whole mess, including what happened to Faith, isn't making me regret my decision." Bobby chuckles at Ivan's reaction and shakes his head briefly. "I'll drink to that. It was weird though, you know? Last night, I mean. I had never met Faith before. Seeing them together was odd."

It has been a long, long day for Scarlett. Longer than most, since she's not slept yet. Two full days, one night, no sleep. Going into the second day. Vampire customers do this to her, yet she doesn't mind. They pay well for their portraits, or touch ups on their old portraits. Yet here she is, at the Absinthe bar. A group of women from her yoga class are with her, all giggling and looking to have a good time. All but Scarlett, who just yawns.

Upon spotting her brother at the bar, she extracts herself from the group, offering to go pay for a round while they wait to be served. "Why am I not surprised to see you here?"

Ivan stops, his brows furrowing slightly, but then his eyes widen in comprehension. "I know your sister," he declares finally. "The one at the bar, right? Heh…I guess that's another reason we didn't get on. Bad first encounter. You sister - she fixed her, I think. Faith. She undid the damage that the vampires did to her mind. An eighteen year old fang banger?" Cue the arch of Ivan's brows. "I do not envy you, brother." And with that, he takes a swig of his beer.

When the Church is brought up, Ivan's brows furrow thoughtfully. "No offense…but I'm not sure how healthy that church is for society. I dislike vampires. Alot at this point. But…that church isn't much helping interracial relationships." But they can leave that topic behind with the toast, and if only for a moment, Ivan relaxes. He becomes just another average joe, enjoying a pint. "Yeah? Well, I've had the misfortune of mistaking Hope for Faith a couple of times. I was pummeled the first. Threatened with a knife the second. Now? I can tell them apart in a heartbeat but…heh. They'd be the stuff of dreams, wouldn't they?"

Before Ivan can go on and continue gushing about how fantasy worthy the Tyler twins can be, a very familiar voice draws his attention. He swivels around, tossing a look over his shoulder to Scarlett. Upon recognizing her, his brows arch with bemusement. "Heh. Speak of the devil, and she shall appear. Hey, Scar. This," and he nods to Bobby. "Is Robert, I'm sure you recall? Rob, that's the one I was telling you about. Scarlett. The one with the store."

All the younger man can do is nod. There are reasons for everything, including the knowledge he has about Ivan. "Kinda messed up, isn't it? How many different ways we're connected." The drink he takes is nearly spit out but he does well to hide it. "Really messed up." Again all he can do is nod when faced with the reality of his sister. "I went years without talking to my dad and look what happened. I'm going to be there for her. There's no giving up." Church politics don't really bother him any. "It's not like I regularly attend, but I can agree with what I hear when I do. I'm not one of the protesting types or anything. I just think that to let them continue like they are will allow what happened to Faith to continue." His head shakes yet again. "No, not really. I'm not into that stuff. I love Hope because she's such a sweet, caring person. Being beautiful is a bonus." When introductions happen Robert turns on his stool to face Scarlett. He's certainly looked better in many ways, not limited to the red eyes and broken and bandaged hand. "Sorry about the other day." Has he even apologized to Ivan yet? "One time only deal."

"Heeeeey Slugger," Scarlett says, giving Robert a tap on the shoulder. "Hope you didn't break that hand on my brother's face the other day." Moving in to drape her arms over both men, she grins. "Don't sweat it. I've felt like punching him for a lot less. So what are the two of you drinking? Am I interrupting the girl-chatter portion of your drunkfest?"

Eyes are rolled in Ivan's direction. "Don't let him talk my store up too much. It's just a small, messy, art studio. No big deal, but it pays the bills."

Ivan narrows his eyes at Scarlett, arching a brow in surprise. And though he tenses underneath the arm, she isn't shrugged off just yet. "Well aren't you being awfully chummy with my assaulter." He dead pans with a roll of his green orbs. "Actually, you are, Scar. We were talking about our girlfriends, since we're pathetic losers like that." And also because it distracts Robert from the real reason he's here - the death of his father.

"Oh, yeah? Well, next time I guess I'll tell everyone what a shit art studio you own. Would you like that better?" Sobering slightly, he swallows more of the beer before turning to stare at Scarlett. "I told him to see you for protection, Scar. I know you're the best around at that."

It's barely there, the reaction, but it still registers. The bouncer winces when Scarlett taps him, her luck having struck one of his bruises. Drinking more may not be a bad idea at this point after all. "It was misplaced anger. Normally I wouldn't mind so much but we were just discussing the fact that we keep running into each other." Robert doesn't pull away from any of the attention but he doesn't seem to react much to it, either. He really is a one woman man, even with a few beers in him. Ivan may be sobering but Bobby in turn drains his beer. "Yeah…" Ivan mistakenly has hit the nail on the head with how Robert feels. "On the conversation about our girlfriends, however, that's sort of where you came up. Since I don't really feel skilled enough to do much to help them."

Ivan is given a look. A long, curious look. It looks as though she wants to ask him something, but instead she presses her lips together and simply says, "That I can do, yes. I am the best at it too." A little boost to the ego never hurt sibling relationships.

"Can't help it if he's cuter than you, and he hurt himself." Having seen the obituary, she doesn't yet mention it. It's not something you bring up in carefree conversation. "Oh right. Your imaginary girlfriend. The one with the black lacy bra in the couch. I still say you planted that there, specifically for me to find. Either that, or you just never clean your apartment. Whatever the case, I hope you've at least given this poor imaginary girl a drawer now."

There's a partial answer to the question she was going to ask her twin. "Funny that you'd be talking about me in a conversation about your girlfriend, Slugger. Come by the shop sometime, and I'll see what I have. If nothing suits, I can make something unique for you."

Ivan smiles faintly. "You've met my imaginary girlfriend, haven't you, Scarlett? She gave me the picture you sent. It was really touching and sentimental - very girlish." Didn't stop him from hanging it up in his living room, though. "I actually wanted to yell at you about that before, but it seems unimportant now." If nothing else, the drama of lately has left Ivan with a new perspective. Another swig is downed, before the man lowers his head tiredly. "It's a really small world, you know? My girl? She has a twin. This lug right here," he juts his chin out to indicate Robert, "is dating that twin."

The empty glass is slid away from him, towards the others. That should be enough for now. He did make a promise, after all. "And here I was expecting you to slap me in the face. Every other woman I've spoken with recently seems to like to do that." It sounds more depressing than he intends. Yet she's complimenting her looks so he finally gives her one of his award winning smiles. At this point he'll eat up any positive attention. "I appreciate that. I'm really concerned about my sisters right now and even putting my mind at ease would rate you high on my favorite person list." It isn't Bobby's intention to flirt with Scarlett but it may come across as flirtation. "She does exist." There's something to his tone that implies he knows something but he's not getting into it. That is Ivan's place to mention. "I finally got to meet her. She hides rather well."

"Shut up Ivan. I didn't do that for you at all." Must keep up the air of hating her twin, so that he doesn't learn any better. "It doesn't do anything. It's just a picture." Scarlett nods to the bartender, and looks at them. "Three more of whatever they've been having." A glance is given to Robert again, and she winks. "I like being on favorite person lists. It's my goal to get on at least five of them," she teases.

Ivan merely rolls his eyes, unimpressed with Scarlett's posturing. Or perhaps he's just buying the act. Either way, he just looks fed up, but instead of exploding into an argument, he nurses his mug, drawing it closer to him. And then, the flirting. He purses his lips, downing the remainder of his beer, before finally - he cracks. "Jesus Christ. A, that's my sister, and B, you've got a girlfriend, man. Tone it down, you two."

Oh, look. More beer. Hope is going to kill him. "See, if I could get my sisters to act like you two, I'd be thrilled." Bobby isn't buying anything. He is a sibling, after all. His smile to Scarlett remains intact until Ivan mentions toning it down. Robert blinks then shakes his head, turning instead to the beer that's being slid in his direction. "So do you, and your point?" It is said as a jest but he just always falls flat anymore.

Scarlett gives her brother a dirty look. "A, your sister is a woman in her own right and can speak for herself, thank you. B, there's never any harm in a little shameless flirting. It's not like he's planning on coming back to my place and jumping into bed with me." Which he can't at any rate, since Helen is there. The beers arrive, and Scarlett takes one. She sips from the glass, a bit of beer foam landing on her nose. She laughs at it, and then shakes her head at Robert. "Slugger, you're just seeing us on a good day. Trust me."

Ivan screws his expression up into one of distaste. "A, my sister is a pest. And B, you hypocrite." With this grumbled up, he eyes the new mug, pouncing on it when it appears. Apparently, all of the topics of conversation don't necessarily appeal to him for the time being. Lacking anything to do, or say, he resorts to drinking in a slow, qualitative manner.

"A good day is getting the three of us in one room, and it only took Dad to do that." It is a depressing thought but it is the truth. Beer number four is sipped at and he already realizes that he'll need to let Hope know because he needs a ride. "I somehow doubt either of us will be seeing that sort of action, bro." It suddenly feels much differently in here than it had before and Bobby clears his throat. "I can leave you two alone after this. I've already had too much and I'm sure I'll hear about. Besides, I flirt better sober."

"There's not a thing hypocritical about it. I'm not planning on follow through." Scarlett wipes her nose, and sips from the glass again. "Not a chance, Slugger. Asking for my help with something is hardly flirting. Ivan's just got his panties in a bunch about something." Peering over her shoulder, she nods toward a table. "I should either go hang with the girls from my yoga class, or head home anyhow. I'm literally running on empty here. Been up too long and feeling a bit punch drunk."

Ivan sighs lightly, lowering his head slightly. "I think you're right," he mutters darkly in response to something Robert says. Well, if Scarlett likes making him uncomfortable, then he can return the favor. "Guess it's just us and a bottle of lotion for a bit, aye man? Well, I suppose we'll have to hang in there. Anyway, thanks for the drink, Scar. I guess I'm stuck here for a couple more hours or something. Maybe I should try calling her."

Awkward. "I'll drop by tomorrow, if you're up for it. You really should get some rest." The man with so much to resent about life is giving her advice. Robert Cornett: always the Bobbyguard. "Business only, of course." That smile is then directed towards Ivan before he receives a solemn nod. Being the proper man that he is any conversation hinting at certain sexual acts is ignored. "It's easier to cry when you're alone. I bet she'll be happy to have you back now." That actually reminds him of why he is in the bar in the first place. "I know my outing did me good. Catch you later, bro." As Robert stands, rather stiffly, he smiles to Scarlett. "Nice to formally meet you."

The advice is taken, but she shoots Robert a look. "You had best be calling a cab, Slugger. I'd offer to drive, but I came over with them," another nod to the table. "It's doubtful they'd give me the keys." A look of utter shock and disgust is given to her brother. "Smooth, Ivan. Rally smooth. Though I hope your insinuation was that you'd both be on your own, because otherwise, look out tabloids." Ivan is in politics after all, and they do get down right nasty about taking things way out of context. "Nice to meet you too, and sure. Drop by any time tomorrow. If the shop looks closed, just give the door a try. I might be working on something." Scarlett shifts her gaze back to Ivan again. "You're welcome, and you should. I'm heading back to my group now. Have a great night, boys." Wink.

Ivan ends up grunting at the pair, waving an idle hand to dismiss the lot of them. "See you." And with that, the beer is eyed, before he summons up the courage to produce his phone and tentatively dial his own number.

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