Cornett Residence

This house has been sectioned off into two living spaces, separated by floor as opposed to wall throughout the middle. The first floor has been reserved for a renter while the second floor has been claimed by the owner of the duplex. The living space is large and spacious, perfect for a summer's day when the windows are open. Much the bachelor pad, it is sparsely decorated. All the basics that are required are there but rarely used and so the area is immaculate. A large living area and kitchen lead to a hallway which contains the doors for the bathroom, master bedroom and guest bedroom. The only difference between the two bedrooms is that the master room contains a computer desk and laptop.

Today is the first day since the death of his father that the oldest Cornett sibling is sober. Sober, sadly, does not imply that he is looking well. Currently Robert is free of shirt, showing off all of the bruising to his torso. The man's dominant hand has been professionally set due to being broken. He also is quite aware of the current position in the lunar calendar. With the current occupant of his guest bedroom at work he finds himself with an open afternoon. He decides to spend it the best way he knows how - asleep on the couch.

Bobby may be asleep on the couch, but Chloe has information. Tough decision, deciding whether or not to tell him what's going on, or to tell him she was lying before for attention. Finally, she went up stairs, grabbed her neighbor and brought him /here/. Why? Well partially because he can explain it better than she can, and partially because she's a bit fearful of Bobby's condition.

Chloe, using her key, unlocks the door. As she steps into the top half of the duplex, she peers outside. "Okay, so, this is my brother's house. No clue who's here or what state he'll be in. He was drunk last time I came by, but I guess that's not too unusual all things considered."

Mellie is not so plagued by sobriety. She'll make a bit of an effort for work - as ill-advised as returning so soon may be - but for family? Not so much. She's at least not exactly falling down drunk, though to gauge by the lack of focus to her gaze, the alcohol on her breath isn't the only thing altering her consciousness. She's found the apartment again, with only minimal trouble, and ventures up to it - arriving not so very long after Chloe and her friend, as luck would have it, close enough on their heels that the door has probably not been shut so very long before she knocks upon it. She kind of remembers being told where the spare key is, but really, knocking seems easier - and surely only by coincidence, more polite.

Mischa follows along with Chloe, mostly silent for the entire ride. Perhaps trying to think of a way to tell the somewhat aggressive oldest Cornett sibling that his mother is going to become a werewolf. "I'll do my best to explain it delicately, Chloe. It won't be easy for them." Or for Mischa, probably. The poor man looks rather frightened of Bobby — more frightened than he did before the warehouse debacle, even. He reaches up to wipe a bit of sweat from his brow, this time from nervousness instead of flu brought on by ingesting V. "Is there anything I should know before we go in? Anything more than that…?" Mischa asks, looking at Chloe. As the door is knocked on behind him, he gives quite the start.

What a great way to ruin a nap. He stirs when he hears someone at the door, not waking immediately due to expecting Hope. Tired eyes open to see the actual time which causes Robert to sit up rather quickly. "What's wrong?" If it is Hope he fears that something even worse has happened to her sister, even though there is little worse for her. Only then does he notice Chloe and he noticeably relaxes. Slowly, stiffly the man stands, his wounds quite obvious as he heads towards the door. He is surprised to see a vaguely familiar face, and even more surprised by the knock at the door. The man just stands there, rubbing the back of his neck and anticipating someone else to let Mellie in.

"Clang, clang, the gang's all here," Chloe mutters. "It's just me, Bobby. And a friend from the library. And apparently Mellie decided to come back here to see you. Surprised she could find the place." She rolls her eyes toward the ceiling, and then looks at her brother. "You may want to put a shirt on, you know. You've got company." Though it's his house, and she'll not say anything more than that on the matter.

When no one opens the door, Mellie decides that the second easiest option is to simply see if it's open, rather than trying to find the key. She's rewarded by this brilliant leap of deductive logic when the handle turns and the door gives way, leaving her peering with some surprise at the duo already gathered there. "Great," she notes with an air of resignation and a heaved sigh, leaning a shoulder up against the door frame to peer inside. "Hey," is offered as an afterthought.

"Ah, hello… Mellie." Mischa says, looking triumphant after he says his name, as if giving himself a mental pat on the back. "Ah, yes. Bobby should remember me. I think I forgot to tell you, but he and your sister came looking for you…" He takes in a deep breath before he notices Bobby and the fact that he doesn't have a shirt on. Eyes are averted quickly! He rubs at the back of his neck and clears his throat. "Yes, well, ah…ahem."

"Damn, Chloe. You just woke me up. Give me a minute, huh?" He stretches then, working out the kinks from sleeping on his sofa. At least he is sober, even if he has seen better times. Just as Robert is about to let in the last member of the gang she lets herself in. It isn't hard to assess her state and he shakes his head. "You. Couch. Now." The way he turns his back on all of them may seem rude until he proves to be doing so just to retrieve his tee shirt. "Hey, man. Thanks for your help before." This is aimed towards Mischa as Bobby is already on route to getting water for his sister. "Can I get you guys anything? Something tells me that this isn't a social call."

"I got the message at the library," Chloe replies to Mischa. "Is your girlfriend around, or is she out? Because this is something that definitely shouldn't be said around her and…" She clears her throat. "It's social, and it's not. I came to see how you were doing. Mom's out of the hospital. It's a full moon tonight. Mischa knows a lot of erm… werewolf lore, so I brought him along to help explain things."

"Mischa," Mellie replies with a nod in greeting, having a bit too much fun with his name, drawing out the first syllable and following it up with an emphatic 'sha'. At least she remembers, which is a credit to her in her current state. Her eyebrows arch a bit as she's ordered to the couch, and there's a moment's pause before she decides it isn't worth fighting over. Straightening up from the door frame, she edges past the other two to plant it on the sofa, as instructed. At the talk of mom and full moons, she drops her gaze to the floor.

The taller, more manly librarian nods to Chloe. "Ah, yes. That's right. Sorry. Things have been so chaotic lately that I forgot the notes I left." He lets out something of a nervous laugh after that before nodding in acknowledgment to Bobby. "Of course. I'm just glad she's alright, myself. May I sit?" He asks, starting to inch over towards the couch. He gives Bobby something of a wide berth as he does, reaching up to run his fingers through his hair as an effect of that same nervousness.

There certainly isn't any beating around the bush with her, which he appreciates. It wouldn't do well to have his sister keeping things from him. "She's at work right now. She's been staying here so I don't drink myself into another several bar fights, I think, but I bet she's got a few other things on her mind." Slowly the shirt is pulled on, the man openly wincing as he does so. When the man returns from the kitchen he has a glass of water in his good hand and it is held out for Mellie without even a word. "Yes, please sit." There are two couches and two recliners so he will have room but will have to not be too shy around the owner of the home. "So he will know what to do?" There's nothing violent about Robert at this point and time; in fact, he's downright sociable. "I'm not actually planning on hurting her. I was drunk, and wrong. But you know how I feel about these things."

"Ooh, girlfriend moving in? Christ, Bobby. That's a /huge/ step for you." Considering that he rarely takes a girlfriend. Or rarely did, anyhow. That Mellie doesn't make a fuss is… new as well. It actually causes Chloe to blink at her sister. "Y-yes, he should. Actually, I met with someone who suggested a particular thing to do, but it's much better if Mischa explains what he knows, then I'll explain why this method is necessary this time and…" She exhales a sigh, then moves to throw herself onto the couch that Mellie is not on. "It's good you're not going to hurt her I'd have to hurt you for that."

Mellie takes the water that she's handed, just eyeing it as if she's not quite sure what to do with it. This isn't alcohol, so it seems rather pointless to consume it orally… She takes a little sip, makes a face, and then sits back, resting the glass on her knee. "So you're not drinking anymore?" she surmises, looking up at Bobby with a bit of disappointment. There goes that idea? She tries to follow the talk, frowning a bit when it seems like she missed a page or something. "What thing?" Since it seems the explanation is likely coming first from Mischa, she fixes her gaze on him. "And no one's hurting anyone." She tries to sound authoritative about that, but it almost comes out as a question.

As Mischa takes a seat, he pulls his glasses off and lets out something of a sigh. "Right then. Down to business." There's a pause after that. "Your mother is going to change later tonight. The wolf that bit her wasn't just any wolf." He clears his throat and looks over at Chloe for support. Talk of girlfriends moving in, Mellie's altered state, Robert's broken hand… all forgotten by Mischa as he does his best to explain everything going on in a delicate way. "Until your mother heals a little bit, mentally and emotionally, she's not going to accept this. She's not going to be able to control herself, is what I'm saying." Beat. "We're going to need to lock her up… in a cage. It's for her own good, as well as yours, and countless other innocents."

"It's not like that. I stayed with her for a little while when Faith was telling her about some evil group of people that held her hostage. I just did it to keep her safe and now she's returning the favor." The way he's talking to her is less defensive and more with the desire to stick out his tongue. Siblings. Robert is still standing before Mellie and looks down. "Not at this minute. I need to be sober at some points in life." The way that he drank yesterday is proof that he's not given up on beer. "Well, how the hell would you feel if you lost your husband and suddenly found yourself a werewolf?" It isn't a snap but Bobby's frustration is obvious. He moves to one of his recliners and shakes his head. "So, what? We lock her up without a word then talk to her after the fact? If she's that dangerous, I don't want you two there." It's almost amazing how he doesn't seem to disbelieve what he's hearing.

"Who two?" Chloe looks between Bobby and Mischa, then moves closer to Mischa. Just to give him a little bit of support. "The guy I spoke with yesterday said the same thing, but he said she'd be accepted into this group of… other people this has sort of happened to, I guess is the best way to explain it." She reaches out for Bobby, and pats the couch beside her. "We can try talking to her before tonight, but the doctors said she needed her rest right now, and I really don't want to traumatize her before it happens, you know? Besides, you know mom. She'd never believe us. She still doesn't believe me about what I can do."

"Oh," Mellie replies to Robert, as he clarifies about his temporary sobriety. It's clear she doesn't really agree about needing to be sober at least some of the time, but still, there's some hope he hasn't completely abandoned her as a drinking buddy. She doesn't have too long to muse on that though, as the explanation kicks off, and she has to concentrate on focussing. "You want us to stick mom in a cage?" This is the part Mellie gets stuck on, giving them a look as though they have most certainly lost their mind. She takes a sip of her drink before remembering it's only water. That's not going to help with dealing with this fun new development.

"Mellie," Mischa says her name firmly, looking at the young woman. "Unless you want this family to experience more tragedy, yes. This is what we need to do. No, your mother isn't going to believe it, and why should she? But she's already becoming one with the animal inside her. When she changes, she's not going to have much control over her actions. Not this first time. Maybe not even for some time afterwards. I'm not sure how to be clearer, so I'll say it like this: Unless you want your face eaten off by your own mother, we're going to have to cage her." Mischa looks vaguely ashamed of himself for having worded it that way, but it IS the truth — or at least what he believes to be true at this very moment, as does Chloe. He looks back towards Chloe and Robert, nodding to them. "Your mother will be taken care of."

He doesn't move but he does stare at Chloe. "You and Mellie. Leave it up to other people." He sounds bossy but he's trying to be there for his sisters. Robert lowers his head into his hands as he tries to consider it all. This causes him to either miss or ignore Chloe's invitation. "I'd rather this whole thing not be happening. I'm going to look into some other methods of protection but I'm not going to argue with anyone who knows better than I do." Finally Bobby does stand, moving to relocate. Next to Mellie. "Water now. Pace yourself." It's a whisper, perhaps knowledge rather than bossing her. "The last thing I need is for you getting sick in my living room." The way that Mischa explains things earns him a nod of appreciation. "Thanks, man. I just, hell. Thanks doesn't cut it, but they don't really sell fruit baskets for this sort of thing."

The snub hurts. It really does. Chloe gets up from the couch, and moves around the room. If that's the way it's going to be, then that's the way it's going to be. The more cut off she is from her family, the more reason she'll have to actually write up that two hundred year plan. "I can't be there anyhow. I have somewhere else to be after dark, and out in the wilderness with a bunch of wild animals is likely not the best place for me." She turns her back on her brother, staring at Mischa. "The man that will be taking care of mom seemed responsible, and willing to help her through this. He also went through the house to try and detect who did this to mom and dad, and he'll be on the lookout for them."

"What other people?" Mellie asks, though she's not really arguing. Does she really want to be the one to wrangle mom into a cage? Probably not. Normally, there might be some gloating as Bobby chooses to sit with her instead, but as it is, she's a little too busy looking frowny at Mischa's description of what will happen if they don't lock up mother dearest. "I … don't want that," she replies a touch stonily, not really sure what else to say on the matter. No face eating, and definitely no more tragedy. At Robert's whispered advice, she looks over at him and then down at the water. Oh, fine. She takes another little sip of it, before looking around at the others again. "You'll tell us if he finds them?" she asks of Chloe, though the real sentiment is more 'you'll tell me', since she isn't sure she'll be kept in the loop.

Mischa watches Chloe with concern as she gets up and moves around the room, frowning a litle bit. "I can't get into these other people. It's… secretive, it all is. Even now, you three shouldn't know this much. It needs to be kept secret, if you want your mother to have any chance at a halfway normal life after this. I know that sounds impossible — but believe me, if the general public knew about these sorts of things… well, imagine the backlash." He doesn't specifically bring up peoples' hatred of vampires, although it's quite clear what he's referencing. He nods to Robert and takes in a deep breath. "I'm very sorry for everything that's happened recently, but I'll do whatever I can to make sure that your mother has an easy time of it, and that no more harm comes to this family." Mischa's concerned gaze drifts from sibling to sibling.

Life is impossible. Sisters are a pain in the ass sometimes. "Did you get my flowers?" This is asked to Chloe, not to Mellie. Mellie wasn't sent flowers. Hell, he doesn't even know where she lives. Robert knows the actions of the middle sibling more than the youngest and so he stands, a hand reaching out for her shoulder. "Hey. Just cut it out, okay. No one is judging you." Things are fairly sad when hanging out with Ivan seems like a good time. Just as he's gaining some time with Mellie he's losing Chloe more. It's a good thing he's not close to a wall. "Mischa, is it? Look, man. I've seen more than I'm going to tell you about. I believe what you're saying if no one else does. And I'm going against my own beliefs just to even have this conversation." None of them in here are comfortable. How fitting. "Honestly? I'd love not to know more. I just want my family to try and have some sort of chance to be semi normal again."

"Yes, they were nice." Chloe doesn't say that she's brought them to the estate, or that she's not staying at home again. She stops in during the day before work, and that's long enough right now. "I'm sure Mellie knows someone that can wipe your memory if you really want, Robert." She edges away from the hand, though allows it to fall on her shoulder. She's still hurt by the snub, and the fact that she's grieving too but while the others are drunkenly bonding, she has no one and has to be the responsible sibling. "Mischa, it's not your fault. Don't apologize. If anyone should apologize, it's me." She glances at Mellie briefly. "I'll let you know what happens. I know the man that caused all of this in the first place is now dead. He won't be a threat any more, but those who work for him may be. I hate to say it, but Mellie? You'll likely be safer at work for the next little while."

Mellie gives her head a little shake, trying to clear it, just a bit, just enough so that she can keep up, follow what's going on here. Counterproductive, perhaps, since her current state was an attempt not to think about all of this, but here she is. "I can keep a secret," she notes simply, still a little perturbed about what's going on with mom, and this whole secret and scary new life. Her gaze follows Bobby as he goes to Chloe now instead, but Mel just frowns down at her water and risks another tiny sip. She looks up as Chloe comments on her usual company, frowning as she tries to figure out whether or not that's a slight. Undoubtedly true, but it didn't seem charitable. "Everyone could stop apologizing, since it doesn't do any good," she mutters, as people try to claim that. She looks back to her sister again, giving a little nod. "Guess at least I can earn some tips being safe." Tip money she rather desperately needs right now.

Mischa stays quiet for a long few moments. These are family matters — and he's aware he isn't really family. He says nothing to Chloe's thoughts about apologizing, instead just shaking his head a bit as he adjusts the watch on his left wrist. Mischa isn't here to play grief counselor, no one wants to hear more out of him than they need to, probably. And so he's quiet. He looks up at Chloe and smiles for the briefest of moments in a reassuring way before his gaze drifts to Mellie.

He isn't drunk! He's completely sober and entitled to get drunk once in a while. Robert just sighs, shakes his head and then goes to sit back in a recliner. He mumbles something about sisters but not clearly enough to be heard. "I know this sounds so odd, but I think Mellie's right. I mean, none of us here did anything wrong. We're all good people and just trying to not let life get us down. No one needs to apologize. We need to make sure that Mom's okay." Bobby is done being between his sisters. They can fight it out if they have issues with each other. "What about you, Chloe? Where are you staying that's safe? Vampires aren't much of anything during the day." Who exactly that statement is aimed at is anyone's guess. "Seriously, does anyone want anything at all? I can't sit around and be depressed right now."

"I go back to work shortly, so that will take up the majority of my days." As for his nights? She doesn't mention those. Chloe nods at Mellie. "I may come see you sometime this week." That will probably irritate Robert. "I may be by the warehouse as well." For what reason, she doesn't explain. When she feels she's calm enough, she moves back toward the couch and sits beside Mischa. In a childlike manner, she starts to curl a tendril of her hair over her pointer finger, then releases it, and repeats. "Mom will be fine. I trust the man I met with yesterday. I trust he'll take good care of her."

"I am right sometimes, you know," Mellie points out sullenly, though she's just too tired and strung out to get properly worked up about it. She lets out a little sigh, looking around at the others. As Chloe mentions coming by her workplace, an eyebrow arches. "Uh, okay, I guess," she grants reluctantly; not that it's really up to her who comes and goes at Mary's. If only. At Bobby's offer, she pauses a moment, but then with a sidelong glance at Mischa and Chloe, shakes her head. "I'm fine." Gaze back on Chloe, Mel considers that a moment, before muttering, deadpan, under her breath (but just loud enough to be heard), "Well, great that you trust him…" That's supposed to just do it for her?

At that point, Mischa makes a strategical move and stands up. At least, it's strategical by his standards. He stretches his arms over his head and starts to move off towards the door. "He's a man of honor, Mellie. I know it's something that most people today are unfamiliar with, but it's true. I would never endanger anyone in your family. At least trust me." Mischa says. He takes in a deep breath and looks between them all. "I suggest that you stockpile silver jewelry if you're still worried about vampires. It's cheaper than gold, and if you run into one, it will create a painful diversion for them." The librarian reaches up to run his fingers through his hair, looking between the Cornett siblings again. He glances to his watch and then towards the door. "I should probably go and help a little bit more."

Everyone is given a look as he studies them each, one by one. "I have something else in mind, Mischa, but I am certain that Hope and I will be fine in that regard." His girlfriend is smart with her inventions, after all, at least her current project. Robert doesn't stand, though, figuring that Chloe will likely be leaving as well and can let Mischa out. "You know where I'll be when you want to talk, Chloe. Hell, you always know where I am." That is anywhere that he is needed. "Until then all I can do is leave this in the hands of those who can handle it. And not mention it to Hope when she returns."

Chloe, who has /just/ sat down, gives Mischa an odd look. Well okay then. "We brought my car," she says quietly. "Yes, please don't mention it to Hope. I don't think she'd understand." And she shouldn't know anyhow. "Okay, Mellie. You just keep on hating me. I don't have the energy to fight with you anymore about this. If you want to find the man so you can decide you trust him, all the power to you. I give up. I'm done helping you." She gets up, stalks toward the door. "See you later, Bobby. I'll let you know one way or another what happens tonight."

"Nothing personal, but I'm not real big on trust," Mellie replies to Mischa, her buzz apparently having worn off enough by now that she's feeling rather overwhelmed and ornery about the whole thing. "But fine. I get it. I don't have a choice, so just … keep her safe." She slouches down a little further on the couch, and then rolls her eyes over to Chloe. "Who asked you to help me anyway? God." Of course, in her opinion, she is being attacked entirely unfairly here. She doesn't bother with a proper farewell, beyond those cheerful words.

The brown-haired man leans in and takes Chloe's hand, gently pulling her towards the door. "Fighting isn't going to solve anything right now. Thanks for everything, Bobby. We'll give you a call later. You too, Mellie." He leans in to whisper something briefly to Chloe, the hairs on the back of his neck standing up after he does.
Mischa whispers: You don't have to come with me, I can get a bus. The tension is just a little heavy in here, eh?

If Ivan was complaining about having sisters, he really needs to be here for times like these. Robert just stares between the two females as if he's helpless. He can beat a man to a pulp but he can never step between them, apparently. "Well, this is a little bit closer to semi normal." Robert says this more for Mischa than for anything, as if to explain that this is something that he's familiar with. His head shakes as he stands. "Just be careful, okay? I was scared to death I'd never see you again. I don't want to think of that ever again." Chloe should very well know what he's talking about. Something about what Mischa does, how he reacts causes Bobby to pause. « He's the one you were talking about? » Plain as day, that thought. "Thanks for everything, man. Hopefully I'll see you sometime when things aren't so messed up."

Chloe's hand is taken and she blinks. Okay, talk about mixed signals, but for now? In her grief? The contact is very welcomed. Then she has to get that thought from her brother. Her cheeks turn red, and she looks over her shoulder to just /glare/ at Bobby. « No. » She shakes her head at the whisper, and says, "I'm ready to go anyhow. Just tell me where we're going. I'll drive. Then I'm going home to get some sleep." Someone hasn't been doing much sleeping at night lately, that's for sure.

"Sure," Mellie replies, to the idea that they'll be calling her soon, almost a little skeptical. But at least Mischa seems to have some idea what's going on with their mother, and she really isn't seeing much choice in this, especially if she wants to not in any way take any responsibility here, so she'll go along with it. The hand holding is noted with a simple arched brow, as she just tosses off a careless wave to the pair of them. "I suppose you want me to go too?" she questions a touch defensively, looking back to poor Bobby, her back now properly up. Ah, family?

"To the butcher down on Pine and seventh. Your mother is going to be hungry, after all." With that, Mischa nods his head to the other two Cornett siblings as he opens the door and starts to lead Chloe out.

« Kinda like him. Maybe he should be. » That isn't all that intentional, honestly, but it is difficult to keep thoughts from his sister. "Call me. We'll do lunch." He's not really been sleeping anyway. Now that is an interesting note for them to leave on. Bobby just stares at the pair that's leaving his place, almost as if he honestly can't understand what was said. Once it is down to two, he looks down at his sister and shakes his head. "No, Mellie. I'm not asking you to leave. I don't want you to, but I won't make you stay."

Log ends here due to Chloe walking out.
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