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International House of Pancakes

The International House of Pancakes somewhat maintains that small diner feel, even though it is a much larger franchise. Beige walls are decorated with pictures of various menu items, and are lined with four-person booths. The center aisle is also comprised of booths, with a short privacy wall between them. The kitchen is mostly hidden from view, but the smell of cooking food continually wafts through the restaurant.

It's early night in Dallas and the best thing too as the nights seem to be getting shorter and shorter, not always the good thing for those residents for whom night is the only time they show themselves. And one has made himself a small home in a booth here at the local IHOP, having ordered himself some pancakes… although vampires do not need to eat regular food and indeed most don't, there's just sometimes when a good idea comes up and bites you… pancakes with Trublood syrup for one might be a combination worth eating to a vampire. Dietrich Eberle is taking the first tenative bite of the pancakes, tasting how it is.

Helen has fewer concerns about the shortness of the nights, though she's taking advantage of this one to hit up the restaurant. There's something about having breakfast foods after the sun goes down that feels almost decadent. Yep, she's a rebel. She finds herself seated in the same section as the enterprising vampire, and after perusing the menu for a moment, she notices him there. At first the red syrup is dismissed for something more berry-related, but then recognition sets in and her eyebrows go up a bit. It's not quite disgust, but certainly a bit of surprise at least.

Dietrich swallows the pancake bite and for a moment smiles, when his smile abruptly turns to a frown. He gestures for his waitress to come back and when she asks if everything is alright he comments, "Pancakes with TruBlood… such a great idea, truely innovative… if not for the fact that your cook burned these pancakes." He lifts up the bottom edge of the pancake and sure enough, it has black enough to not really be considered a pancake. He pushes the tray away with a sigh and says, "If he would kindly make some more and not burn them this time I would appreciate it." The waitress takes the tray looking annoyed as she stalks to the back. Raised voices can be heard a few moments later as Dietrich sighs, glancing at the newcomer that would be Helen.

"Good evening, as you can see they're having some problems in the kitchen, but I daresay they will be fixed soon." He smiles taking the half-empty bottle of Trublood he was using for syrup and drinks from it.

Helen follows the waitress with her gaze, frowning sympathetically at the sounds of arguing coming from the kitchen. Her eyes are soon back on Dietrich as he addresses her, and she offers a sheepish but friendly smile. "Sorry, I shouldn't have been staring," she admits apologetically. "I didn't mean to be rude. I've just never seen that before." The pancakes with the special syrup one would assume, not just the TruBlood. There's a pause as she tries to go back to minding her own business, forcing her attention back onto the menu. But then, after a beat, she can't help but ask: "Does it really work?"

Dietrich chuckles at Helen and says, "No worry, vampires are still a rare enough sight that we can't help but draw attention when we're out. And yeah those do… I dunno, I was walking past this IHOP when it just hit me out of the blue that there are still prehaps some foods our kind would like to savor but choose not to because all we really need is blood. Prehaps adding it to some foods might make them more palatable to vampires… at least that first bite was till I tasted the burn." He then tilts his head, "Have we met before? There's a certain something I can't put my finger on… have you lived here in Dallas long?"

Helen sets down the menu, discarding all pretence now that she's actually minding her own business, since he's actually invited her into his. "Yeah, I think I'd miss quite a lot of foods," she agrees, a touch sympathetic as she considers it from that angle. "Not like most of the stuff we like to eat is because we need to." At his question, her grin becomes a little softer, and she crosses her arms over the edge of the table, shaking her head. "I don't think so. I've only been here a few weeks now. Unless you've been to Maryland…?"

Dietrich nods to Helen and says, "Thats what comes with being a vampire. The good with the ill… long life, can't see the sun again, strong and heal from just about anything, can't eat chocolate anymore… etc, etc…" He tilts his head and asks, "So what brings you here then? I've been to Maryland… although it would be about a hundred and eighty years now since I've been there. I've seen this country grow up from day 1 and I've seen just about every corner of it."

"Yeah, I don't know if I could give up chocolate," Helen replies, frowning thoughtfully at the mere idea. "But I'm sure the other stuff is good?" She realizes she most certainly doesn't want to be rubbing salt in any wounds. "Me? Oh, I came out to look into school, and to catch up with my brother and sister." She gives a little laugh then, shaking her head. "Yeah, I was thinking more 'within my lifetime'," she admits. "Unless you met an ancestor that looked like me, I'm not sure that would explain the familiarity."

Dietrich smiles and chuckles, "Well, it's not like what we live with now is disgusting… blood is good to us as heroin is to addicts." And considering that they need it to live, more so. Dietrich glances towards the back where the arguement is still on-going as he shakes his head, looking back to Helen, "Prehaps I know your brother and sister? May I ask what their names are and what they do?"

"I have to admit, I wouldn't exactly know what that's like," Helen points out lightly, about as far from a heroin addict as it's possible to be - unless one counts the sugar addiction. There's a slight pause as he asks about her siblings, but then she can think of no reason not to answer that. "Ivan and Scarlett," she replies with a small shrug and a fond smile for the pair. "Ivan works for the mayor, and Scarlett owns ARtistik Talisman Studios in West Dallas? I guess that might be it." She waits to see if either are met with any recognition.

Dietrich blinks and then nods, "Ivan Fontaine? I didn't know he had sisters… of course we don't talk that often." He then looks at Helen a little more carefully, "Dallas seems to have a fair few more witches these days." He has lowered his voice so that it doesn't carry beyond he and Helen.

"You know Ivan." It's not even really a question anymore. Helen is becoming amazed and rather impressed at how well-known her dear brother is around this city. She doesn't have too long to muse on that fact though, before Dietrich drops the next one on her, causing her eyebrows to go up as she casts a quick look around herself. "Oh … yeah?" she replies, trying to sound casual about that.

Dietrich chuckles at Helen and looks around, spotting a few potential eavesdroppers and Helen probably feels the taste of magic on the air as the Vampire raises his hand and twists it. He looks back to Helen and says, "No worries, we cannot be overheard. And don't worry Miss Fontaine. I am friendly to your brother, once he pulls his head out of his ass and gets back to matters at hand."

"Huh. That's pretty cool," Helen notes, as she glances back over her shoulder at what she assumes is some sort of soundproof barrier she can't see. Her attention back to Dietrich then, her eyebrows go up once more, though she offers a small smile. "I don't really know what matters are supposed to be at hand," she admits with a shrug. "So, is this a vampire thing I haven't heard about or…" There's a slight gesture to the air around her, indicating the magic.

Dietrich leans back into his booth, the bottle of Trublood sipped from. "I used to be a witch myself, before being turned into what I am tonight. I've had three hundred years to practice. Oh and your brother is going about like a idiot spouting that unless vampires start doing shit his way, he's going to have the majority of us killed. Threatened that right to my face even as I was trying to ask him for his help to avoid exactly that event from occuring. And if he threatens that to the wrong vampires shit will hit the fan so I hope you understand, Miss Fontaine?"

Helen gives a frown at that, looking rather confused that her brother could have said such a terrible thing. "I'm … sure there must have just been a misunderstanding. Ivan wouldn't- I mean, he can be a bit much sometimes, but he always means well." Of course, there's also the worry about that shit hitting the fan, which doesn't sit too well with her either. "You really think that's something that could happen?" It's a bit of a switch, her worrying about him; usually she just makes the assumption her older siblings are just fine.

Dietrich nods to Helen, "Oh he means well, he's just fusterated and angry… prehaps rightfully so, I have no idea what's personally going on in his life… but anger, threats, and vampires don't mix well. I highly doubt he's threatening every vampire he comes across, as I would have seen his name in the obituaries already, but it still can happen." He admondishes that bit with a finger point and then says, "Prehaps you could do the sisterly thing for him and tell him that Dietrich Eberle is still interested in talking before he does something so foolish?"

"I don't know if he'll listen to me, but I can try, yeah," Helen agrees, still looking rather troubled by this whole revelation. What has her brother been getting himself into? "I don't really know what's going on with him either." Though she's now more resolved to make sure she tracks him down to find out. "But I'll do what I can to help. I hope you can talk some sense into him, if that's what he needs."

Dietrich nods to Helen and says, "Just tell him this… he's not stupid, he's not ignorant, but as far as most vampires are concerned, that's what he is, and thats what he -should- stay as. The fact that he's a witch and knows what he knows should be kept a very good secret." He then considers Helen and says, "I know it's a family thing that you'll see to making sure he's not in trouble, but if he should be in dire trouble, or you…" He pulls a card from his pocket and slides it onto Helen's table. "You can reach me there."

Helen considers the message, nodding slowly as she files it away. "I'll tell him," she promises, though she's still not entirely sure whether he'll listen to her or not. She leans over to take the card, picking it up nimbly from her table and giving it a quick study. "Yeah, I'll hang onto this in case." She tries to summon up a bit of a smile, glancing back down at her menu. "You know, I've kind of lost my appetite a bit and I should probably be getting home anyway. But, uh, thanks. For the warning. I'll do what I can." She flips the menu shut and sets it aside, beginning to rise, and tucking the card away in a pocket. "Will you let the waitress know?"

Dietrich nods to Helen and says, "I will take care of things… I'm still waiting for those pancakes you know? Have a good night, Miss Fontaine." He waves to her and she might feel whatever spell he put in place come down. She can leave when she wants to.

"Goodnight, Mr. Eberle," Helen replies politely, her smile friendly but still more troubled than it was when she came in here. She blinks as the spell comes down, and then nods in understanding. One final nod is offered to Dietrich before she grabs up her coat and makes to leave.

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