Grisly Drinks

Grisly Bar

Worn wooden floors stained with ages of spilled drinks (and worse), creak under the feet of patrons as they enter the dark, disordered room. Though dust has settled over a lot of the establishment, making it appear abandoned, the flow of customers would speak differently. Dirty glasses, some with sticky yellow patches in the bottom where beer or scotch has been allowed to dry, stand on one end of the bar. Several of the windows have been bricked up to prevent vandalism, but create a great fire-hazard. There is a tarnished mirror on the wall behind the bar with a chipped and fading Art Nouveau nymph painted across the bottom.

It's early into the evening, but late enough to have folks casually filtering in and out of Grisly at a steady pace. For most part, things are peaceful but that doesn't keep people from talking loudly at times and drinking away the night. James Young is at the bar with two others, all three men drinking and toasting to something, with Young the most reluctant to give in to it. Yet, the three of them take to drinks with James pausing to look up and over, give a moment to glancing over the crowd in general.

One thing about being the boss and owner of a place means you can make your own hours. At the movement Abbey is making her way into the bar, work clothing still on which is a button up gray shirt with Bunker's Garage found across the back of it, jeans and work boots. Even with a slight chill in the air she didn't bother bringing a jacket and is at the movement sitting down at the bar after catching sight of a free seat. Her arms settle upon the counter while she waits for the bartender before ordering a beer.

James sweeps a hand over his head and then rubs at his forehead while returning his sharpened gaze towards one of his buddies, grinning a bit at a side comment. "No, not at all, I mean - well - I wasn't expecting the guy to come at me with a knife. Got this in return though," the officer points to his face and the scar there, lifting his shoulders into a shrug. It's a small lie. They don't know about the real story behind fighting with a fellow were. Though, in a passing glance he notices Abbey and that leads him to excuse himself, quietly and quickly. It also leads him to walk over with his glass and come to settle in next to her, smiling a bit. "Abbey, right? How's business?"

Abbey thankes the tender for her drink, a faint smile offered while she lets a hand rest upong the bottle. The voice is picked up and she tilts her head to glnce to James, a friendly smile is seen and she nods to him. "That's right. Nice to see you again James." She offers softly. "Its going alright, was busy during the day figured I'd take the evening off." Her gaze drifts towards his friends at the other side before she looks back to James. "How have you been?"

James lifts his drink up without taking from it just yet, giving it a once over and then settling it back down next to him. He'd rather talk at the moment than drink. He smiles again, nodding too, "Alright, nice. Work on that corvette?" It's just asmall question in the end with him pointing off in the direction of his now-wandering drinking buddies. "Coworkers decided I could do with heading out, instead of stuck in my room all night. Hard to explain some things to them, wouldn't understand, you know?"

Abbey chuckles softly and hums softly. "Mustang." She says with an amused tone before taking a sip from her drink. "Ya.. I know how that is. Which is glad I'm my own boss. Don't have to worry about getting dragged anywhere by anyone I work with. No one wants to hang around the boss after all."

"Ah! Close, but no cigar, looks like my memory is slowly drifting away." This time, James takes a drink and he does so patiently, tilting it back until fully drained and then easing it off to the side - only to try his hand at ordering another one. "Well, I don't think… Orion was it? I don't think he'd -not- want to hang around you. Here I am, too. The employees are just missing out," he pauses to accept the new beer and take a short sip before setting it aside, coming to find himself at a lack of words.

Abbey chuckles softly. "Close yes, but the Mustang is better." At least in her book. She looks amused for a moment as she listions to James, a soft smile soon seen. "True.." Abs says before taking a sip from her drink. "Well then I feel a bit better I suppose. Here I was starting to think the accent was driving everyone off." This said with an amused tone, thick Irish accent picked up without a problem the more she talks. "So, how long have you been in the city James?"

"I'd have to agree on most accounts. Could still give a lot to whoever's driving them." He slowly nods and leans back, relaxing for the time being in his spot at the bar. "Could be, but highly doubt it," he grins though, teasing. To the question though, he glances upwards in counting within the forefront of his mind and then holds up his right hand's forefinger and middle. "Just two weeks, give or take. Maybe a little more, the days have been bleeding together lately, but definitely not long at all. Yourself?"

Abbey hums softly at that, she peers at him curiously a moment with a raised brow. A soft chuckle escapes her and she grins. "Funny.." She offers softly while she leans against the counter. A soft ah escapes her at this, pausing to think, or perhaps count. "Guess I was around seven when I moved to the states. Been in Texas most of the time. Moved here when I was about fifteen or so." She smirks slightly. "So needless to say I've been around here for a while."

James flashes a brief grin and then reaches out for his drink again, fingers curled around it lightly. "Ah, I was born here. Then a great little family adopted me, grew up overseas," he points to his lightened British accent as proof enough of that on where he's grown up as a kid. There's a pause and then he eases himself into a small smile, amused. "Came back when ten? Something like that, been all over the east coast ever since. Thought a change of pace would help." He lifts his brows and jabs a thumb over towards one of his friends, asking, "Know any good tour guides - that won't try to get me drunk?"

Abbey tilts her head while she watching him, a soft smile seen. "Ya.. Thought I picked up some accent there." She finds it rather amusing that so many here have accents from the UK. "I haven't been far from Texas in a few years now.." There have been reasons behind her for not leaving. A slight glance is offered towards his friends before she looks back to James and chuckles. "Well.. I can give you a tour, the drunk part is all on your own. I'm Irish.. Always a reason to drink." This said with an amused tone before she winks at him and sips at her beer.

"I've lost it over the years," explains James, with regards to his accent. "Not that I really mind one way or another." Though, he leaves it at that and instead turns his focus into just listening for a while. He snorts out a good laugh and his smiling returns before he takes up his glass and drinks from it. "I'll just pay far more attention then." He pauses, looks down and then over his shoulder towards the entrance. It doesn't help that his cell phone is going off within his pocket at the same time. There's a face of distaste made, nose wrinkling and brow crinkling, before he checks who it is and sighs. His aforementioned friends are already getting up to depart. "Duty calls. I'll see you around?"

Abbey smiles and nods. "Mine tends to come and go at times." She says with a soft amused tone. "Stays more then it goes I have to admit.." This said while a soft chuckle escapes her. She hums softly and nods. "Ya.. I'm either here or at the garage. An you have my number after all.." This pointed out before she takes another sip from her drink. "See you around."

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