Family Drama

The Ice Cream Shoppe

Walking into the Ice Cream Shoppe is like walking into another era. Designed to have a small garage-mechanic theme, the shiny chrome and metallic red leather seats look like they've been remodeled based on the backseats of hotrods from the 50s and 60s. Each corner is taken up by a booth large enough to seat at least eight people comfortably. More booths line the walls, and several tables are in the center of the room.
Black and white checkerboard linoleum covers the floor, accented by white walls sporting a checkerboard trim. The decorations on the walls ranges from old traffic lights and signs, to a three-dimensional hull of a bright-red 1957 Chevy Bel-Air that juts out from the back wall.
With a Wurlitzer jukebox in one corner playing 'American oldies', and smaller radio controlled boxes at the booths, this is definitely a place for the younger crowd.
Though famous for its milkshakes and ice cream floats, the Shoppe also has a long counter with a glass shield around it to keep patrons from contaminating the wares. Ice cream in every color and flavor imaginable can be found from one end to the other, interspersed with the occasional yogurt or sorbet.

It isn't often that Ivan ducks into the Ice Cream Shoppe, what with its extra 'pe' at the end of shop. And when he does, he's usually accompanied with a woman. But, today? Well, Ivan's decided that it was about time he treat himself to a mid-day smoothie. Sitting at one of the more subtle tables in the middle of the room, the well-dressed man is currently sipping at his confection all the while fiddling with his phone, his eyes glued to its neon surface.

There's nothing wrong with a little old-fashioned ice cream shoppe flair! Hope loves the Shoppe. In fact, she frequents it almost as much as the Bean Scene. Today is no different, and since she doesn't have work, she's been out shopping for a few things to decorate a bachelor pad. Nothing pink, nothing too girlish. Just a few embellishments to make the home look lived in rather than slept in.

After all that shopping, she's decided to stop in and get some ice cream. Just a pint or two for after dinner treats, since she knows that Bobby's not a huge fan of the junk food. So when she waltzes past the tables, she actually misses Ivan altogether. And there she stands, the Tyler twin, at the counter of the shop, happily perusing the weekend's new flavors as she attempts to decide what she wants.

Unfortunately for Hope - and even more unfortunately for Ivan - he does notice her walk by. And one quick misjudgement of their relationship will lead to the man regretting his decision to call out to her for the rest of the day. "Ah - Hope!" He even sounds cheery, taking one final swig of the float before he makes his way to his feet in order to properly greet the Twin. "How are you?"

There goes the mood. Oh, Hope will /try/ to be nice to him for the sake of her sister. She /did/ promise. But that doesn't mean she's pleased with the interruption to a wholly wonderful day. What she /does/ do is slide her hands into her pockets, and turns away from the counter, motioning the next person in line to go ahead of her. "No, I don't want a hamster, Ivan."

Ivan doesn't look as though he intends to ruin the evening, but then again for a bright guy, he can be remarkably dim at times. This being one of them. Pleasantly, he offers the woman a smile, sliding his hands into his pockets idly. "So then, you've heard the news about her being pregnant, then? By her I mean Tripp and not your…yeah." To him, it's an innocent flap of his lips that he thinks nothing of. "She's excited. I think it'll be good for her to have something to focus on. Things are…well, they're almost back to normal."

"I spoke to Faith this morning, yes." Hope steps aside from the counter, keeping her hands firmly in her pockets. "She told me what was happening. I told her if she couldn't find homes for them all, to call the pet store and make a trade. Baby hamsters for hamster supplies. I don't know if they do that here, but the shop back in Alexandria did." See? She's being nice. Cordial even. Almost. "As long as the two of you are being careful, since I think baby hamsters are about the most responsibility she can handle at the moment." That, and this Tyler twin does /not/ want to be in any way related to Ivan Fontane.

When the mention of her sister possibly being sexually active does not result in an explodey Hope, Ivan turns to stare at the woman in slight awe. It's as though everything he ever thought about the individual had been proven incorrect. "Well, I think I might've pawned one or two off with my little sister, so we'll see if we can find loving homes before giving them back to the store. Say, out of curiosity, which one of you are older? You or your sister?" His head it canted to the side, curious as to the answer.

"What? Oh, oh god, don't worry about that. I don't think either of us are ready for…er…the additional responsibilities. Not that there's much to be careful about, we haven't been…you know, lately."

Which confirms her suspicions on /before/ the incident. Hope eyes him, giving him a somewhat stern look. "Right. Either way, accidents happen, and considering what you did to Bobby? I may go straight to the tabloids with it." Even though that would hurt her sister. "So keep it in your pants, Fontane." Thus ends the lecture.

"Make sure you give her two females if you give her more than one, or she'll wind up with little hamsters too. Two males will just kill each other." Pause. "She's the older. By about a minute." Faith /used/ to be the more responsible one, but the roles have changed in recent years.

"What I did to Bo- oh." Here, Ivan looks sheepish. With a faint smile, the man rubs the back of his neck uncomfortably, shuffling on his feet. It's the look of an adorable puppy that's just whizzed on the carpet and is being chastised. "It was a legitimate misunderstanding. I was just making sure that - if the event did happen, that he's stick around for you. We already talked it out, it's cool." Bobby didn't have to apologize for bashing Ivan's head in. Ivan didn't have to apologize for assuming Bobby would be a deadbeat father. It's even. "Thanks for the heads up. I'll keep that in mind."

It's daytime still, and bright and sunny to boot. The perfect day for a little family get together, so Ivan assumes. That's why, prior to Hope's entrance, Ivan had contacted both Helen and Rose to summon them to the ice cream parlour, deciding that it was finally time for the two to meet before he forgot about it all over again.

"And you didn't think that your meddling could nearly break a couple up? It's a good thing he knows me well enough, because I know if I were a guy, and some random man was coming up to me telling me to man up, I likely would have beaten you to a bloody pulp, then tried to find out if the girl was lying to me." Yes, Hope is also aware that by 'talked it out' he means 'went to the bar'. Which is part of why she's sticking around at Bobby's and trying to be supportive.

Turning toward the counter, she orders a double scoop of strawberry vanilla swirl and then looks at Ivan. "Because I /swear/, Ivan Fontane, if you get my /sister/ pregnant after what she's been through recently, I /will/ harm you for her sake."

A call for ice cream, to spend time with her brother, and meet the girlfriend she's heard so much about? There was simply no way Helen could pass all of that up. There's a good chance just any one of the three would have been enough to draw her out, but with such a potent combination, she doesn't really waste any time getting herself down to the ice cream parlour. She slips inside the door, pausing to remove a pair of sunglasses, so that her eyes can adjust to the light inside. Spotting her brother, she heads in his direction, though her pace falters and slows as she catches the tail end of that. She waits a brief moment before speaking up in a quieter tone, "Did I come at a bad time?"

The idea very nearly was turned down, really. Outside is a bad place to be, even during the day, and she's needed in the apartment. Reluctantly she's agreed but is willing to cancel last minute if something comes up. Thankfully this is all taken care of prior to leaving so eventually Rose walks in, last to the party as always. It is her own fortune that she doesn't hear any of the conversation at hand. What Faith does see, however, is a decent sized grouping and so decides to just hang back for a moment. Especially since her twin is there. Twin and boyfriend usually means fireworks.

Surprisingly enough, there aren't many fireworks to be seen today. While Hope has been glaring and a bit unpleasant, she has been rather civil to Ivan, and the man himself is in such a good, disarming mood that there's really not much tension in the air. Despite Hope's best efforts to rile Ivan up. He does, however, cough considerably when Hope delivers the threat of bodily harm so blatantly. "Ahh…deal." He offers with a sheepish grin, ruffling the back of his curls. "If I knock her up, I'll give you a free shot at my family jewels, how about…Helen!" What an awkward, uncomfortable switch.

Gesticulating wildly, Ivan tries to summon the blonde over for protection. Because Hope can't hurt him in front of the adorable Helen, can she? "Hey, sis. Ah, Helen, this is Hope. She's…well, you'll see, I suppose. Hope? This is Helen. She's my baby sister. Please be nice. No, you're not interrupting anything, at all!" For the time being, he doesn't even realize that Rose is silently present.

Awkward, it is. But Helen manages to summon up a smile, quickly falling into the role of gracious baby sister. She drifts over towards Ivan and Hope as she's summoned. "Hi, it's nice to meet you," she offers to Hope, sounding quite sincere at least. "I got your-" That's as far as she manages to get though, when the melodic ring of her phone distracts her. She pulls it out, taking a quick look at the caller ID before flashing an apologetic smile. "I'm just going to… Excuse me a second." With that, she slips away, seeking out a quiet corner to take the call.

"You want me to hit some woman named Helen, or is that what you named…" Hope glances down at him and then back up at his face. Hey! It's a family establishment, she's not going to ask if he named his johnson to something else.

Then he introduces his sister by that name, and she laughs. "I sincerely hope that you're nothing like your br—" Then the girl is gone to take a call. "Anyhow, I'm a lot stronger than I look."

No fireworks. At least, none that are visible. This is a good thing. The conversation at hand isn't heard still, but she does see someone join and leave right away. Curiosity finally gets the best of her causing Faith to join the group. Being outside isn't all that comfortable so she's looked better but for the most part she's handling it well. She still has yet to say anything, opting to slide up next to them instead.

"I - what?" Ivan looks down to the front of his pants at the Tyler twin unabashedly checks out what he's packing. "No! No. Jesus. Helen is my sister, her. I did not name my…" A sidelong glance to the blonde keeps him from continuing down that train of thought. For he's not sure he's comfortable saying the word 'penis' in front of the younger sibling. When Helen excuses herself, he shoots Hope a look, that soon transforms into a sheepish grin.

Ohoho. Just wait until Helen comes back to see double the Tyler, double the fun. The man practically lights up when he catches sight of his Tyler, the smile becoming more genuine. "Faith," he exhales simply, already moving to embrace her but cutting himself short when he realizes that her sister is right there. "Hey, Pretty girl. Look at who happens to be here, huh? She just came in. My sister just came in too - but she's answering a phone call right now, so…"

"Would you /stop/ referring to my sister as a /parrot/?" Hope is getting a little agitated, still she is being on her best behavior thus far. Ivan is not wearing an ice cream cone, his face has not been slapped, and she has not stormed off. At least she's trying. She gives a look to Faith, then hands over the strawberry vanilla swirl cone with her right hand once it's delivered. "Here, I'll order another."

The look that Faith gives Ivan is one of confusion initially and then changes into something else. "You can't get much more public than this." Odd first words but they are reminding him that his actions are making their secret relationship become compromised. Still she smiles, a happy one to them both before it becomes more of a knowing grin. "Oh, ice cream." No, Faith is not insane again, she's just happy to have some so readily available to her. "Thanks!" The cone is taken without much more of a thought. "I'm not interrupting, am I? Because I can head back if I am." Meaning she'll leave if things go downhill.

"Oh, right." Ivan's hands are shoved into his pockets with a sigh to take away the temptation to do more, his eyes flashing over towards Hope curiously. "Who's referring to your sister as a parrot, lady? I'm just stating fact, is all. It's a term of endearment. You know, like 'Beautiful'?" He's heard Bobby use that one. So she can't continue complaining, really. "Mhmm? Ah, not at all. We were just…having a pleasant little chat. Tell you what, Hope - you order, and I'll pay. Then, maybe we can all grab a seat? You know, relax a little until Helen, the sibling and not the penis, returns?" The lad is an attempt to be humorous which he appreciates, even if no one else does.

"'Hey Beautiful', hardly sounds like 'Hey pretty bird'." Which is what it sounds like when he says it. So yes, she can continue complaining. They really aren't equal terms. "Thank you for the offer, but I'd rather not be indebted to you for any reason." Hope waits for the clerk to come back and orders another vanilla strawberry swirl cone. "But I suppose I'll sit and visit with Faith for a little while."

She knows exactly why his hands are in his pockets and it causes her to sigh. He'll be able to tell easily enough that she's bothered by it, but there are some things that will never change. Hope may even notice the odd interaction but Faith is not going to comment. "I really don't mind. It's not like he's calling me food all the time. I think that would get old." In her mind she's not picking one person or the other. It's an awkward place at the moment, to be between the two people she cares for the most. "Yeah, stay for a bit. I can tell you about being a grandma."

"Pretty…bird? B-I-R-D? No, it's girl. G-I-R-L. As in…member of the female species? Man, I don't quite get you." Ivan admits, letting out a sigh of resignation as he shakes his head, deciding that there will be no way for him to win. "Calling you…food? Who does that?" There is a hint of trepidation as to what she might offer as an answer, but in the end, all he can really do is shrug at Hope's refusal to take his money and lean back uncomfortably. The mention of being a grandmother earns Rose a brilliant smile, however, though he sits back to allow the sisters to exchange their pleasantries.

Helen-the-sibling returns at this moment, thankfully having missed all of the insinuation that she might be anything other than that. Her phone is snapped shut as she approaches on the group again, doing a bit of a double-take as she realizes it's gained a doppleganger. "Uh, hey," she greets, her smile quickly back in place as she sticks the phone in her pocket. "Really sorry about that. I, ah - What did I miss?" she asks, not entirely sure she wants to know, considering what she'd walked in on the first time.

"It sounds the /same/, Ivan." But hey. If Faith isn't complaining. Hope turns to her sister, "You mean like 'muffin' or 'cupcake' or 'cookie'?" She laughs a little bit and then turns back to the male Fontane. "Tripp used to do that with his girlfriends, and we used to tease him quite a bit about that. Since, it generally sounded like he couldn't remember their names." The ice cream is offered over the counter, and Hope reaches to take it with her left hand. OH HELLO SHINY RING.

"Helen, right? Like I was saying before you got the call, I hope you're nicer than your brother."

Okay. This is almost too much for the skittish woman. There's too much going on, too much to comment about. Eventually Faith just nods. "What she said. It really did make me wonder if he knew anything about the girls he was dating. But they, apparently it worked. Or maybe it didn't since none of them worked out." She chuckles slightly at this, at the fond memories of the first man she loved. As a friend. Now, however, the woman is doing a double take between her sister and his, not sure what to comment on first. This may cause her to appear even more skittish than normal. The hambabies are forgotten for the moment as she just looks to Ivan as if needing something to be said for her.

"Hey, Helen. So…did I happen to mention that Faith's a twin, too? This," and Ivan takes the time to remove a hand to indicate the proper Tyler, resting his hand upon the small of her back intimately. "Is Faith. The one I've told you about. That's he sister, Hope. Not confusing at all, is it?" Wryly, Ivan refrains from commenting on Hope's many jabs to his person. He also completely misses the significance of the ring on Hope's finger - being a man and all. "C'mon, squirt. Order up, then we can all sit down and enjoy a nice little get together."

"Oh, well, I … try to be friendly," Helen replies to Hope, trying to find a diplomatic way to answer that without agreeing her brother isn't nice. Her attention shifts to Faith as the other Tyler is introduced, and she offers a warm smile. "It's nice to meet you. I've heard a lot about you," she notes, her tone suggesting that these are good things that she's heard. "Okay, okay, um-" She begins, faced with the choice of so many ice cream flavours, turning to study the display and try to make some sort of decision. She's distracted, literally this time, by a shiny object, as she does notice Hope's ring, and frowns at it slightly, thoughtful more than concerned. "Oh, um, that one," she decides, pointing randomly at one of the flavours, when she realizes the employee is waiting for her.

"Sad that I honestly believe that you're a hundred times more friendly than your brother, and you've been here what? Ten minutes?" Hope grins, and then turns to look at Ivan and her twin. "It's easy to tell us apart though, I wear pink. She doesn't." By choice, not to be less confusing. Though the look Helen gives her hand is notices, and she quickly shifts the ice cream from her left hand to right, left hand going immediately back in her pocket. "You okay, Faith? If this is too much for you, being out like this with such a large group, I can totally take off okay?"

Okay, yeah, so she knows that their relationship is on the down low. He could still be saying something, helping her a little bit. "I, uh, hi." Such elegant words. It's so obvious why they're together. "I mean, it's nice to finally meet you. I'm sorry that it's been hard to actually see me. I'm tricky to track down." His hand on her lower back prompts her to lean into him instinctively, not even thinking about who might see it. Slowly Faith shakes her head, not at the world but more at Hope. "Well, I was so ready to be happy and announce how many grandchildren I have, but" She takes a deep breath before looking full on to her twin. "I thought you thought that we were moving fast. I'm sorry, but we're not moving -that- fast." Oh, yes. She's seen it.

If Ivan weren't so used to being bashed on and hated by so many people, he would no doubt protest the interaction between Hope and Helen. As it is, he merely rolls his eyes. Really, it's a miracle Ivan remains so positive and confident despite the number of haters that surround him daily. Faith's back is given a supportive rub before he reluctantly pulls away, letting the women squabble in order to settle his little sister's bill.

By the time he turns back to the ladies and tucks away his wallet, he's peering over to Faith curiously. "Not moving that fast what?" He inquires, clearly intrigued. "Anyway, if you're all ready, I've already gotten us a table."

"Well, maybe you just need to get to know him," Helen replies, her tone still light, but not quite so willing to be implicit in ongoing bashing of poor Ivan. But she's also trying not to make it a thing. It's so much nicer when everyone just gets along. "Pink, no pink, got it," she replies, gesturing between each twin in turn as she files that away. She doesn't seem put off by Faith's awkwardness, at least, glancing briefly at her brother before returning her attention to the non-pink one of the twins. "Well, we got to meet in the end, so it all worked out," she assures her. And then there's ice cream being offered out to her, so she turns to take it, a little bit grateful to have the excuse to avoid the ring-talk, or even have to pretend she doesn't know what's going on there. "So, where's this table?" she asks of her brother.

Crud. Hope just /stares/ at her twin. "It's not at /all/ like that. It's just a ring," she says defensively. "A promise-to-be-promised ring," she does admit. Then she goes quiet, taking a small lick of her cone and nodding toward a table at the back. She would point out that at least she's not sleeping with a guy who refuses to admit his relationship with her… BUT… she is being nice, for her sister's sake.

There's a temptation to whimper at him as he pulls away but she doesn't. All Faith can really do is just look at her sister, watching her close. Because of the entire situation she's not once paid attention to her ice cream and it's already beginning to melt. "Hope, he gave you a ring. A ring." The staring continues until the crazy twin moves quickly, moving to envelop her sister in the best hug possible. "Are you going to tell Mom and Dad? Are you making any plans? Hope, I'm so happy for you!" Only then does she actually realize that there are other people around. A smile is offered to Helen. "Yeah, hey! Do you want a hamster? Or five?"

"A…ring?" Ivan's brows arch upwards in bemusement, and his smile grows rather wry in execution. Instead of further commenting, he begins to stroll towards the table he had occupies earlier, marked by the melting ice cream float. "Right here, kiddo. Anyway, here you go." Two chairs are pulled out, one for Helen and on for Faith before the man proceeds to collapse lazily upon his own chair. "So, ah…when's the big day, huh Hope? What're you thinking, big and traditional?"

Helen focusses first on her ice cream, which is some violent shades of blue and fuschia. But it actually doesn't taste too bad. And focussing upon it gives her a way to feel a little less like she's intruding on some personal family moment here. Still catching at the few stray wisps left behind by the ice cream scoop, she trails after Ivan towards the table. To the matter of the hamsters, she gives a little laugh. "One maybe. I don't know about five. But maybe one." There's a grin with that, and she glances sidelong at her brother before dropping nimbly into her chair.

"I don't know, Faith. Have you told mom and dad you moved in with a guy, and are having sex?" Wow, that's a bit crass for Hope, even when she's agitated, but she really hates being put on the spot. Especially since this was all her misunderstanding to begin with. "It's a 'maybe-someday' thing, Faith. It's not like I'm going to run off and get married or something. Geeze." Then Ivan has to go open his big mouth. Sure, he likely means well, but after he went and spread rumors about her? The thought is that he'll run off to Bobby and congratulate him and make a semi-awkward situation worse. So Hope does the only thing she can think of. She stops licking the ice cream cone, and when he collapses on the chair, she up-ends said cone onto the top of his head. "Shut /up/ Fontane. Your mouth got you into trouble once already."

Afterward, she feels better. With a smile, she turns to Helen. "If they give you two, make sure you get two females, or you'll wind up with baby hamsters of your own."

Everyone else is making way to the table so she does so, too. Only Faith never gets the opportunity to sit down. She hears what her twin has to say and nearly shuts down. "Shhh!" Their relationship is supposed to be secret as it is and she basically is advertising for anyone who is paying attention, which may be quite a few since she just smacked Ivan with ice cream. The slightest bit of tears will be noticeable as she just watches, a step taken backwards. Yes, it looks like the crazy is about to bolt.

Aaaand, so much for the nice, calm get together he had so painstakingly planned. So much for the deliberate refusal to give into her many jibes. So much for being the better man. He managed to only grimace in when she snapped to her twin, keeping his lips deliberately pursed to avoid the temptation of retorting back. In fact, the most that he managed to do was sip at his float.

But then, in three-point-five seconds, it's all gone to hell. To cold, delicious hell.

Ivan lets out a gasp of clear, unadulterated surprise as the cool seeps onto his skull, ruining his rather expensive professional wear. And then, he's staring at Hope. Not with anger, but surprise and…okay. With anger. "What the fuck! You're a fucking psycho!"

Under different, happier circumstances, the situation might actually be funny. But with so much anger and poor Faith about ready to take off, Helen just gives a gasp of her own, looking over with widened eyes and doing a double-take to confirm she did actually see what she thought she saw. For once, there's no returning smile as Hope turns to her and offers that helpful advice - even Helen can't shift gears that quickly, and she just stares at the pinker twin in disbelief. And then she cringes as Ivan explodes.

"No, I'm not a psycho. You won't admit you're in a relationship with my sister. Why? Because she spent time at Green Oaks? Because you're afraid of what it will do to your image? Yet, you're going to try to ruin /my/ relationship again to compensate for it. Just like you did with that awful rumor that I was pregnant." Hope just glares at Ivan. Until she sees the look on her twin's face. "Oh, Faith. I'm /sorry/. I didn't mean, but… I /tried/. I really, really did. He just needs to stop being such a jerk and actually show the world what /you/ get to see. And he shouldn't be keeping his relationship with you a secret. It's not fair to you at all." Yet, she doesn't move toward Faith, since she figures that will frighten her.

Any movements towards her will likely cause her to bolt. It is far from the first time that she's been in this sort of mode and it will be far from the last. It's almost as if she's not even in the conversation at all, or the establishment. She just watches them all, barely able to remember to breathe. All the while her own ice cream continues to melt but it is by far not nearly as bad as what Ivan is able to go through. "There are things you don't understand," Faith finally says, another step taken. "I don't expect you to get it. But whatever is going on with Bobby, I'm happy for you." Then she begins to move away, her cone being dumped in a waste can as she does so.

"Yeah, you are! You know what lady, you need to fucking committed before you end up hurting someone, you crazy bitch! Before you go around swinging knives in peoples faces again!" Ivan is scowling quite darkly at this point, making a mad dash for paper napkins to try and remove the blob of melting ice cream from his noggin and to dab at the stains to his suit before they set in. Only then does he even bother shooting a particularly piercing glare in her direction. "Ruin your what? Rumour? Jesus fucking Christ, you're certifiable! Newsflash, I don't fucking care about you, or who screw. I couldn't give two flying fucks. You, though? You're obsessed with me! And you just can't let it be. All I know is I'm fucking tired of this freudian aggression, I'm tired of your holier then thou bullshit, and I'm tired of your bitchitude. Do us all a favor and go fuck yourself. Maybe then people would be able to stand your shining presence." It doesn't even really register in his mind that Faith is leaving - when he stalks out, it's to fulfil his own dramatic flair and anger.

Helen just remains in her seat, save to offer over the few napkins that came wrapped around her cone, even if they aren't even really a drop in the bucket. She's just not sure what else to do with herself, clearly having walked into this completely unprepared. Once or twice, she opens her mouth to say something, but what? So she keeps quiet, watching all of this with wide eyes. It's only when she realizes the two people she actually came here to meet are both beating hasty retreats, does she finally stir. "I … guess I should probably go too." There's a pause where she considers actually just minding her business, but then, she just can't quite keep out of it entirely - not when they've dragged her in. "He really cares about her, you know. Maybe you should think about giving him a chance." It's said quietly but firmly, as she rises from her chair.

Newsflash, Ivan! People in a family business like an ice cream shop? They take more notice of cursing than they do an ice cream being topped on someone's head. So of course there is going to be a viral video circulating by the next morning of his cursing little rant.

Hope just stares blankly at him. She doesn't say a word. She doesn't even care that he's stalking out. What she /does/ care about is her sister leaving. So before he even manages to finish his rant, she's bolting for the door to try and catch up with Faith so that she can apologize and explain things. If she can't catch her, there is going to be a phone call already in the works. No thought is given to Helen at all, she's just /that/ upset.

Her actions are not nearly as quick as his, not in the end. It's all the young woman can do to keep from collapsing in a heap on the floor in a fit of tears. His words are as stinging as Hopes, as her actions, and so it is no surprise that the crazy Tyler twin is actively crying as Ivan passes her on his way out. In fact, he very nearly runs her over in his exit but she doesn't even try to catch him. Faith continues on her way out, already hitting the door by the time that Hope actually reaches her. This time she doesn't look back, she doesn't stop to hear anyone out. She's just gone.

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