Meet the Family

Bloody Mary's Bar

Given to irony, Bloody Mary's Bar is decorated primarily in black and varying shades of red. From the black bench seats and chairs, black tables, black walls with chilling red blood flowing down them in a continuous manner, it's quite obvious why this bar has the name it does. Deep red mahogany makes up the floor and bar. Dangling red star lights illuminate the bar, lending to it's somewhat creepy look.

Silvery mackerels of cloud drift gently across the night sky of Dallas. The moon glows dully behind its curtain. The streets are alive with the sound of darkness, or at least the dark people that peddle their dirty business, too unclean for the bright shine of day.

Bloody Mary's is busy, very busy. The crowd buzzes with a faintly unusual edge of empathy, fangbanger and fanged alike dancing the secret dance of bloodlust, of beerlust, or just plain old normal lust. One corner, though, is left quiet and empty, the open booth and adjacent table reserved, by long-standing custom.

The door opens with quiet dignity, and the youthful man that offers his companion to enter with a graceful gesture glances around, gauging mood and clientele. Dressed in a dark shirt and jeans, open at collar and studded silvery at cuff, William Grant graces the bar with his august presence. His expression bears a faint, amused smile, his body moving smoothly through graceful steps as always.

The companion is dressed much differently than she normally is when she pops in. No more bright colors, and no dresses. Instead, Chloe is wearing a pair of black slacks, and a hunter green halter top. She stands out, of course, since the general style in here is overly dark and any color is going to pop, but at least it's not the bright beacon that's going to draw a lot of attention.

This evening is the first night in a long time she hasn't felt overly emotional, upset, or awkward. Eyes drift around the bar to see if her sister is working as she makes her way toward the empty booth.

The current hour means that the male Cornett sibling should be at work. The last shift presented issues, however, causing him to use his already broken and bandaged hand. As a result he has been graciously given the evening off. While there are a thousand places he can think of rather being, Robert finds himself in Bloody Mary's bar, seeking out his baby sister and newest tenant. There is news to tell her, after all, and more discussions required about moving her in. The entry of his other sister not too long before goes unnoticed as he works his way to the bar.

Mellie is indeed working tonight, bustling about her section to keep up with the crowd. She doesn't really mind being busy though. It means better tips to squander, and it gives her no time to think; which is good, since she's made an effort to be relatively sober for her shift again and that can lead to dangerous thoughts being allowed to form. Still a mess, but at least a little less obvious about it, she flashes a grin at a couple of customers as she passes, picking up empty bottles to replace them with fresh ones. There's a bit of flirting, a bit of joking, and then she's on her way back to the bar, the expression only shifting back to neutral once she's out of range of the customers. Back at the bar, it isn't Chloe, or even the approaching Bobby, that she first notices, but rather, Will - of course. She breaks off mid-sentence to the bartender to look over in that direction, like a pointer-dog.

The King of Texas, figuratively and newly crowned, glides through the assembled people with an ease that defies his short stature. He drifts along, nudging the occasional person to clear the way for Chloe, his attention drifting over towards to the bar, for a waitress. Eyes alight on Mellie, and a teensy nod dips to her, one hand lifting to form a brief 'O' with finger and thumb, then a finger sideways. O negative, apparently. Still moving through, his attention flicks to Chloe, as he queries in his customary faint drawl, "What shall you have?"

And Mellie is noticed. Then Bobby. Chloe groans and gets a look on her face, then turns to Will. "Perhaps this really wasn't a good idea…," she mumbles. Because her sister, the fangbanging vulture will start hovering, especially now that th order is placed. "Hmm? Oh, you." Teasing, her good mood returns. "Anything but blood will do. Gin and tonic." Yes, that is what she'll have tonight as that's relatively safe and not at all as awful as absinthe.

Target located. Target is apparently already distracted with something. This causes Robert to look in that direction for a moment. He doesn't see anything special in Will, but he does notice yet another Cornett in the house. Oh, bother. She's seen him and he realizes it. Still he continues towards the bar and gets his drink of choice for the evening. Bobby then focuses on Mellie to see if he can actually get her attention or if he should just down his drink and leave.

Mellie catches the signal from Will, nodding several times to indicate that she understands. It's only then that she notices her sister at his side, and her expression drops a bit. But diligently, if a bit less eagerly, she leans in to pass the order along to the bartender. That business done, she glances out over the establishment again while she waits for the order to be filled, and as her gaze sweeps, it finally alights on poor Bobby, causing his baby sister to do a double-take, her brow quickly furrowing with concern as she heads towards him. "What's wrong?" After everything that happened, it's the first thing that comes to mind and the only reason she can figure he'd willingly be in here.

« Strength in public, Chloe, » Will notes, his mental tone idly pleasant. « You are consort to a king this eve, and immortal ears pry better than others. » He lifts his voice a little, surprisingly penetrative as it is, to let those prying ears listen. "Somebody tell the tenders my guest requires gin and tonic." His tone amused, even the uplift of his lips decrying naught but humour. Reaching the quiet corner booth, Will again makes an easy gesture, inviting Chloe to settle herself in place. "Public life is yours now," he tells Chloe, "so do not be surprised if you have somewhat of a fan club of your own."

Strength. She definitely has that. With the exception of when it comes to her family these days. Thus, it is as Chloe slides into the booth that she smiles at the man she is with. « Then I will try not to worry that both my siblings are present, and my sister is eyeing you as though you're her salvation. » Her eyes roll slightly, and once she's settled she laughs. "Public life. That's actually going to be a little odd for me." Beat. "A /fan/ club?" That will be quite a bit more awkward than just dealing with two people.

A soft smile is offered to his baby sister. It isn't as natural as it usually is but with all things considered she likely understands. "I just wanted to talk," he explains with his still full drink in his hands. "Had the night off and all. But it's busy so I can always catch you tomorrow." With this said, Robert turns back to track Chloe. She's already seated and he sighs. "Especially since it looks like I'm the last sibling to arrive at the party." It is only now that he's wishing he had ordered something different. He has to get out of his recently developed habits, however.

"Oh," Mellie replies. It's almost sad how surprised she is that Robert risked venturing in here just to talk to her. It's enough to throw her for a moment, and she glances back over her shoulder to see that the O-neg drink order is up. "I need to run this over, but then I … am due for a break?" she offers a little hesitantly. As she talks, she moves down the bar enough to start loading up her tray with a drink, a coaster, a few napkins. "And yeah. I don't know what she's doing here." Mellie is clearly not so happy that her sister is intruding on what she views as her turf - in many ways.

Someone near the bar does finally take the time to announce to the bar and tenders at large that the King's guest wants a G&T.

« Good, » Will projects to Chloe, sliding gracefully down into the booth. « They shall join us. Which two? » Cat-like, he shifts into position, leaving a polite and chaste gap between himself and Chloe. Supernatural senses finally start paying attention, and he glances around the bar, training vision and hearing on various types, until he can identify the mortals in question. "I do of course mean quasi-public, night-time only life for you," says he, amused. "It shall prove interesting to see who tries to curry favour with you."

« The two by the bar, » Chloe returns, with a silent nod of her head toward Mellie. "Quasi-public, night-time only life is still more life than I had previously, if we're being perfectly honest," she says with a gentle laugh. Her hair is brushed back from her face, and her eyes twinkle a little as she glances at her companion. "I doubt that anyone will."

"You're busy. Don't feel as if you have to. I mean, I know where you live." It's meant as a joke, really, but it falls flat due to his situation. Robert remains precisely where he is, his attention shifted over towards Will and Chloe. So it isn't too hard to realize that he's been looked at by Will even if he doesn't realize that a connection has been made. Good luck getting him to move easily.

Mellie's eyebrows arch slightly at the flat joke, but as the G&T is added to her tray, she really can't afford to dally any longer. "Let me just go and drop this off and we'll … figure from there." There are worse ways to burn a break than talking to Bobby, and the spotlight-hog in her is thrilled he's finally sought her out here. But then, what is going on in that corner is very enticing, even if her sister is there with him. She picks up the tray, flashing her brother a reassuring smile as she puts on her game face and begins weaving through the crowds towards the King's table.

The vampire locks on to first Mellie, then Robert, his eyes focusing as he concentrates to hear their conversation. « Your sister would appear to be bringing our drinks, » he projects, « and your brother not quite of a good mood, his heart not in his humour. » A glance meets Chloe's, and he allows a twitch of lip to bring something akin to a humoured smile to his expression, despite the remaining impassivity. "Shall I send you for lessons on how to cope with fame?" he wonders.
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"There are /lessons/ on such things?" Chloe laughs again, her own good humor doing just fine this evening. « Mellie waitresses here so she can be closer to her addiction, and Bobby is, just coping with things. » A small hint of a sigh, but then she looks right at her sister, offers a smile and a little finger wave. "What would such lessons entail? How to escape the vampire papparazzi, and how to wave properly to fans?"

Abandoned. Alone. Such is the way of life. At least from his current position Robert can keep an eye on all three of those who are currently in his interested. He finally sips from the glass in his hands as he does so, content to stand in silence for the time being.

Mellie navigates the crowd expertly, finally arriving at the table. Will gets a warm, beaming and, yes, rather flirtatious smile as she sets down the O negative in front of him. She barely looks at Chloe as the G&T is placed before her, though her sister draws her attention just long enough to get a forced smile from the girl. "And how are you this evening?" That's asked of Will, her attention back on him again. Not realizing that she's already been outed as the bratty baby sister, she's basically acting like she doesn't know Chloe. Then again, it's probably better than saying any of the things which cross her mind, of her annoyance at her sister being here, at trying to show her up again, even at this. "Is there anything else I can get you?" No, she's resolved to remain professional here, and it practically radiates through her, the effort of doing so. Poor Bobby is forgotten for the moment.

"Of course; starting from the legalities involved," Will tells Chloe, entirely seriously, or at least apparently so, "concluding with a short term with the British Special Forces. Hearts and minds, or judicious use of a fully automatic weapon, I find, are the only ways to handle fans." As Mellie comes and delivers drinks, Will's arm becomes a dark flash of shadow, moving at a speed approaching the limits of what the human eye can see. He aims to place a gentle touch on Mellie's hand. The threads of his power prepare, ready to read the girl as soon as there is contact. "Just something for yourself. Mellie," he says to her, his head turning to deliver a full, easy, not entirely subtle smile to match her own. His voice is rich, threaded with a faint twist of the South. "Would you be so kind as to invite your brother over for a drink with us? All of us." The hand lifts, gesturing in a short circle, indicating himself, and the two ladies.

"Then I suppose I should get my passport in order, and work at becoming a British citizen, as I doubt they'd let a little Texan girl just join their ranks, no matter how short term it is." Chloe watches the hand, her brow raising. Mellie is going to get the absolute wrong idea of the touch, of that she's positive. "I'm fine, thanks, Mellie. How are /you/ doing though?" Concern is in her voice, and being as her sister seems to be sober at the moment, Chloe is going to try and be nice. While keeping the vulture away. So she does get a tiny bit possessive and place a hand upon Will's thigh. Light, gentle touch.

Mellie does, absolutely, get the wrong idea of the touch, from the way she glows at the attention. Yep, she's besotted and practically doodling hearts on her Trapper Keeper. It takes a beat for the actual words to sink in, and there's a brief moment where she also misunderstands the invitation to join him. "What? Oh." She glances back over her shoulder with a frown, seeking out Bobby at the bar. She was kind of hoping for less siblings here for this interaction, not more, but she isn't going to deny Will a direct request. "I- Sure, I can ask him…" She's doubtful how successful that will be, and it shows in her tone. Thus reminded of one sibling, she must remember the other, and her attention guardedly goes back to Chloe. "I'm fine," is her succinct, perfunctory, and somewhat defensive response, gaze dropping to take in that hand on the knee as her expression shuts down further.

"Ah, all part of the package," Will tells chloe, solemnly, with a wicked glint of humour in his eyes. His own look drops to the hand, a mental lift of a brow sent Chloe's way, and a complete lack of movement of himself otherwise. "They're remarkably polite, you see." His attention flicks back to Mellie, and another smile brought forth. "I'm certain he wouldn't turn down opportunity to spend time with his family," he tells her, pleasantly, the normal impassive mask dropping back into place. "I have been greatly looking forward to meeting you both." He throws just a little bit of a tease into his voice for that, the faintest hint of flirtation.

"I'm glad that you're doing well, Mellie." Chloe just gives her sister a smile. Though it's a somewhat begrudging one. Her hand doesn't move from it's possessive position, she just slides a little closer to Will, and sips at her drink through the straw. "I imagine they are remarkably polite, but I still don't think they'd let me just join their ranks. Though if they were well compensated?"

And so he is still left to his own devices. This would mean that Robert continues to hold ground at the bar, or does it? He is no stranger to the line of work that Mellie is in, nor to the feelings that the sisters have for each other. The delayed return of his baby sister keeps him on guard as he watches and it is then that he catches sight of her looking to him. Sighing the man begins to walk with the intended destination of right behind Mellie. He's not getting close enough to Will, not just yet. Chloe is given a smile, one of his more charming ones. "I've been trying to call you," he finally says. "I have something for you." The drink is still in his hands at this point. « So /this/ is the one? » He's going to keep asking.

"Great," Mellie replies in a rather lackluster tone, as her sister is begrudgingly nice to her. She's got her doubts that Chloe really is that glad for it. It's a personal theory that Chloe prefers when baby sister is a mess so that she can remain feeling superior. Meanwhile, she's pretty much oblivious to the fact that she's missing half the conversation going on right in front of her. She doesn't even bother trying to figure out what it is they're discussing. Her heart all but skips a beat as Will even hints at flirting with her. She's about to promise again that she will ask Bobby to join them, but when she turns to glance back, she realizes he's already on his way over. "It looks as though you're right," she notes with a much warmer tone for Will. There's a flash of jealousy as Bobby addresses Chloe, but she says nothing, still on her best behaviour.

"As I said, all part of the package," Will tells Chloe, allowing the closer proximity with a sly, indulgent glance to the side. "I can envisage you in the uniform; it would suit you." Now he flicks attention between both Mellie and Bobby, his lips forming the curve of an open, friendly smile. "I get lucky occasionally," he informs Mellie, dryly, before that attention drops firmly onto the incoming brother. "Bobby Cornett," he says, slowly. Then, oh so slowly, a hand stretches forth in offer of a shake, as Will draws to his feet, to that mighty five foot eight height. His tone serious, his demeanour relaxed, he says, "It is my absolute pleasure to meet you."

Chloe looks between her siblings, then to Will, briefly, before locking eyes with Bobby. "I've not been home, but I can stop by tomorrow after work." « He is, yes. » There is a laugh at the thought of the uniform. "I suppose I can at least try to get a uniform without joining the British Secret Services." Just to try it on for a lark. Then a look to the Cornett's again. "Will you join us for a little while? I know that this isn't your uhh… favorite place to be, Bobby, but one drink won't hurt?"

"Robert." Even if he is well practiced with a smile he still is the older brother in this situation. The hand is looked at momentarily but the only moments taken are to sip from his drink. Harsh, perhaps, but Bobby has no idea who Will is. At least with the vampire standing Bobby has a good feeling of being the bigger man even if he isn't foolish enough to believe that it gives him an advantage. "I really only came here to speak with Mellie, but I can linger for a moment or two before I get back home." Beat. "I really need to talk to you two about what's going on. When I can get you alone." Even with the kindness that's being shown he makes no movements to get closer to the table or to Will. « I like the other guy.» Beat. « But to be fair, I haven't spoken to this one yet. » See? He's trying.

That's right. He came to talk to her. Mellie is perhaps a little too proud of that fact, but it is unprecedented. And it goes some way to keeping her mood from completely deflating, even as Chloe and Will look to be getting cozier. She glances back at Bobby, a bit of curiosity surfacing when he mentions needing to talk to them alone, but she's still rather distracted with being twitterpated and all. Her attention goes back to Will, studying him while only paying half a mind to the conversation going on right now.

"Robert, then," Will replies to the brother, his neck not tilting to view him, only eyes shifting upwards to the veritable giant before him. "I am William Grant. Will." His eyes flick down to his hand, and back up again, before his smile drifts sardonic, and he slowly, languidly, slides back down into his seat with inhuman grace and control. Just in case anyone wasn't aware of his heartbeat-challenged status yet, and just a little closer to Chloe. « I am reminded. Your mother is safe and being cared for by the local werewolves. Eli Donato, their leader, is a trustworthy individual, » he projects to Chloe, even as his attention flicks back over to Mellie. "So, how long have you worked for Mary, Mellie?" he asks, pleasantly. "I don't recall ever running into you before."

« I know you do, but you don't get control over what my heart wants. » Chloe smiles at Bobby then, and then turns to Will. « I've met Mr. Donato, and I trust him. These two don't. Hence a bit of the tension. The rest is Mellie wanting you to feed from her, since she's a fangbanger. » A stern, possessive look is given to Mellie, then she says, "Do you remember the night I came in here looking for someone? This is who I was looking for." A sip is taken from the gin and tonic, then her eyes drift back to her brother. "It's okay, Bobby. He knows all about it. Mom is fine, and is well taken care of at the moment. I'm hoping she'll feel up to seeing us soon."

He is completely unimpressed with what he is seeing which means he also isn't ready to bolt at the sight of the vampire. That is how much the recent weeks have impacted the older Cornett and how much he actually cares about his siblings. It isn't as if he can ignore what all Chloe has said about this Will so he remains, exactly where he is. If only he could hear the other conversation he would be quick to correct his sister, but such is life. « I didn't say anything bad.» The introduction is noted but there are no pleasantries attached. In fact, Robert allows Mellie the conversation with Will as he focuses on Chloe. "At least he believes you. The one person I confided in doesn't, I'm willing to bet." He's still torn on the issue of seeing his mother so he doesn't comment on that, either. It doesn't take a genius to realize how uncomfortable he is so Will can most likely easily pick up on the family tension. «And I'm sick of this fighting. We're supposed to be here for each other, not ignoring each other.» "I'm glad to hear that she's fine, though. You know how I hate not knowing how my family is."

Mellie, of course, isn't even aware there are several more interesting conversations going on that she can't hear, or that she's the only one left out of them, which would not sit well if she did know. Still, she gets Will's attention for the moment, which suits her just fine, though she's no longer entirely oblivious the other side of the conversation either, since it does actually effect her a bit - but that's all just filtered away for later, since Will has her rather more captivated. "Oh, well. Just a little while, really. Though I … used to be around before that." Too young to get in, but 'around' the establishment anyway. "I like it here." For once, there's no hidden meaning, no lying, nothing left unspoken. She simply does like it here. "You should come around more often, maybe." And then she's back, saying that with a suggestive little smile, while hoping Chloe is busy being distracted by Bobby.

« One imagines that feeding from your sister would be seen as impolite? Far be it for me to deny her what she wants, for I know a few who would love to spend time with her, although I do draw the line at narcotics. » Will sends to Chloe, mental tone dry as a desert, and shot with his tease. He no longer bothers to register Bobby's existence, though peripheral vision keeps a check. "Your mother must be a remarkable woman," he says to both girls, "to have created a pair like yourselves. It was terrible, the attack on her. However, not really talk for the table." He takes a long, deep draught of the bottle in front of him, before a slow, delicate chuckle begins to voice from his chest, pleasant and friendly, the flirtatious thread gone. "If I could be away from sycophants and people trying to part me from my hard-won resources long enough I would. No, I feel that rather, you should be attending some of the parties at my home. I cannot see Mary denying you an evening or two."

Unfortuantely for her sister, Chloe is not oblivious to the conversation. While she says not a word to Mellie, the look is a very obvious, 'Back Off' type. There is only so much that she can tolerate and still be nice to her. "Will knows all of my oddities, and he doesn't mind them in the least. So of course he'd believe me." « You and Mellie have been on a drunken binge, leaving me to take care of /everything/. I was the one that was ignored, but I'm over it. I'm glad you two are getting along. »

When Mellie is invited to his home, Chloe turns white. Partially with rage, partially with fear for what Bobby is going to say. Instead of saying anything, she just sends a wave of not very nice thoughts to Mr. Grant. Along with a mental-tirade of, « Not only impolite, but possibly not at all good for your image. /Fangbanger/. A King shouldn't have to share his /food/ with every vampiric sychophant in the city. Especially food that is generally high on something or other. »

Then a sigh, and a look at Bobby. « Please don't start anything, Bobby. /Please/. »

Then the easy smile is forced back on her face. "Flatterer," she teases Will aloud, with a somewhat forced laugh. "Though she is a remarkable woman."

«Excuse me? When was the last time that I was drunk? Certainly not the last time that you saw me and I haven't had a touch of alcohol since, either.» The drink in his hand? Coke. «I pretty much got the point when you slapped me in the face. It's just been harder than hell to say that because /you/ have kept yourself away. We lost Dad, damnit. I'm not losing Mellie again, either.» That is his peace, that is partially what he's wanted to say. And it is kept for Chloe only. The rest of the conversation is heard, yes indeed, and Bobby just stares. "Well, Mellie, if Chloe trusts him then I see no reason why you shouldn't." Not what he was expected to say? Well, /he/ at least is one who is trying. «I'm not here to start anything. I /wanted/ to talk about how I accidentally proposed to Hope and you weren't answering your phone. You know how I feel about things but if this guy here, Willy or whatever, makes you happy then whatever. I'm not going to judge.»

"Really?" Mellie asks, her tone more that of a teenage girl finally gifted with her own pony that that of the world-weary woman of experience she usually tries to pull off, to varying degrees of success. She catches herself though, trying to get the squeeing under control. "I'd, uh, I'd really like that, yeah." She's all but bouncing on the balls of her feet at the mere prospect. It doesn't even occur to her that this might not have sat well with Bobby until he speaks up, giving his blessing, so to speak. It is definitely a night for surprises. Her brother gets an approving smile as well. Even Chloe gets a smile, though that one has just a bit too much smugness for it before it's quickly sincere once again for Will's benefit. "I'm sure Mary would understand. I'll make the time up, and she's very, uh, cool." She tries to sound a little more eloquent, but no better words come to mind. "And yeah, mom is… Can we see her now?" It suddenly occurs to her mid-thought, and she glances at Chloe questioningly.

« Your _sister_, » Will snaps mentally and venomously, « is on the brink of a cliff that will see her ended. Once I have her at a party, she can be introduced to those who can break her of her addiction. » His face, however, remains impassive, and he tips the barest of nods towards Bobby. "Trust is a rare commodity in these times. Thank you." Still, he doesn't bother actually looking at Chloe, since he continues mentally, his mental voice becoming the patronising teacher, even as he allows Mellie another short smile. « I do not feed from addicts, nor professionals, » he tells her. « I am simply attempting to give the girl an opportunity to break free from her cycle. » "Here-" There is a small slip of white paper in his hand. "- is the number for my assistant. Contact her, and we'll see about you coming along. It will be an honour to have another Cornett with us."

So surprised is she by her brother's outburst, that she exclaims, "You're /engaged/? Seriously?" Chloe just eyes her brother for a moment and then laughs, all her tension being erased in her happiness for him. "Oh, Bobby! Congratulations, even if it /was/ an accident. I'm glad you're not going to be alone." She /would/ get up to hug him, but she's busy being possessive of Will to keep her sister away. « My sister has reached that brink because that is where she wants to be. Though I /do/ appreciate the fact that you wish to help her, and I hope that you are able to break her free from the cycle. » Chloe gives Will a sidelong look. « She has a deathwish, she has romantic notions in her head about vampires, and I have no doubt that she wishes to be turned so that she can do whatever she wants with little consequence. »

She gnaws upon her lip for a moment, then looks at Mellie. "Soon. She has a lot to deal with, and she doesn't want to see us yet. When I get the call that says she's ready to talk, I'll call you both right away. I promise."

It's only now that he allows himself to look back to Will. "I assure you that it's only for my sister's benefit." He's talking about the trust and basing it on Chloe but even he can see how it may be taken as something completely different. Then comes Chloe's outburst and it's all he can do to remain impassive. "You weren't supposed to say that part out loud," Bobby comments rather sheepishly. It's almost as if they're children again. "But, yeah. I guess I am." His bandaged hand reaches to rub at the back of his neck in nervous habit. "Thanks. Now answer your damn phone next time." But then he sees Will giving information to Mellie. «I can trust him, right? I don't have to worry about this?» He doesn't' actually vocalize his fears, though. He always has been closer to Chloe than anyone else.

"Thank you," Mellie replies, polite, trying to sound mature, but still grinning like a teenager at a pop concert as she leans forward to take the slip of paper, to hold onto it protectively after giving it a quick study. "I'll definitely call her." She's about to go on when- Wait, what? "What?" Mellie asks, the thrall of her own conversation broken momentarily as Chloe suddenly comes out with that bombshell. A confused, surprised, and slightly confounded look is flashed back and forth between her older siblings. Is it some sort of joke they're pulling on her or what? She's slower to return to the matter of mom now, giving her shoulders a limp shrug. "Okay, just … let me know." She lets out a sigh, annoyed on some level that it will be Chloe getting the call, even though it's through her own best efforts that she's dodged all actual responsibility in this. But mostly she's just tired and worried and kind of wants to see her mommy.

« I shall discuss this with her at some point, » Will tells Chloe, before breaking into a broad smile that even reaches his eyes, sent Bobby's way. "Congratulations," he offers, easily and pleasantly, deciding not to comment on his other words. "I'm happy for you." Rather than intruding further on sibling ecstasy he draws attention towards Mellie once more, indulging her grin with a gentle and paternal look. "I shall tell Erica to expect your call. Perhaps you shall bring a friend or two as well."

« You can trust him, Bobby. I trust him with my life. » Chloe smiles at her brother. "You didn't say I couldn't say it out loud. If you need help with anything, let me know. We've got a couple of great books at the library for how to plan a wedding, I'd be more than happy to loan them to your girlf— fiance." A nod is given to Will, though she does ask, « May I be in attendance? I will not say a word, but I know her nuances and can tell you when she is lying. » Mellie is given something of a soft, sisterly look. One Chloe doesn't give her very often. "She'll be okay, Mellie. I'll call you before I call Bobby, how's that?" She may disagree with her sister's life, but she knows that deep down, Mellie is the baby of the family and misses her parents a great deal.

Will is given a strange look. "Thanks. I'll keep that to myself. I somehow doubt she'll be thrilled if I pass it on, all things considered." If she or anyone else from the church caught him he'd likely be in some serious trouble. "And I think it's a little early for that, but I can let her know. I'm not really good with planning things so I figure she can do a better job." He's really starting to get embarrassed so is eager to look for a change in topic. Chloe gives Robert that very thing as she mentions calling Mellie first. "Mellie can just relay the message to me. It's not like she'll have far to go." « If you say so. I trust /you/ so I'll trust your judgment.»

So apparently they aren't just messing with her, since the punch-line to this engagement thing never arrives. Mellie still isn't sure how she missed the beginning of the conversation, but it's easier to assume she was just distracted. "Yeah, uh, congratulations," she replies belatedly, not quite sure what to think of the whole thing. While Chloe rushes in to be helpful, Mellie just internalizes it for some pondering, returning her attention to Will and the thrilling invitation. "I can probably find a few people who might be cool enough," she muses, trying to convey that she will be very discerning in this. Her gaze flickers to Chloe as she considers that compromise, and then she gives a nod, accepting it, aided by Bobby's comment. "Yeah, I can do that."

The vampire drinks of his bottle again, finishing the remaining synthetic. « Your brother is a rude little man, » he comments, offhandedly, « and is likely in more danger than your sister. Misguided fanatic. » The last sent with some disgust. He give Bobby only a cursory glance for his words, instead working to bring another smile forth for the sister. "Simply pass names on to Erica and we shall handle it from there. Another drink, anyone?"

« I did tell you what they were like. He's not rude, he's cautious. » Chloe sends another smile to her sister. A peaceful smile. No tirades, no lectures coming from Chloe tonight. "Thanks, Mellie. I'm glad you two are spending time together." She slides a little closer to Will, then nods. "I could use a refill." A quick glance to her brother. « I will keep her safe, Bobby, I promise. » Therefore, if anything happens to Mellie at one of these parties, she'll take the responsibility for it.

This is just odd, all of it. "That's what I came to tell you, Mellie. I'll explain more later." The smiles that he gives his sisters is genuine. He really isn't all that bad of a man, all told. "But you know, I'm interrupting something here and I should probably go check in on Hope. See if she has any updates on Faith or anything." His soda is finished, the empty left for Mellie to deal with. « I trust you. But if /you/ want or need help, call me. I'm here.» "It was nice to meet the man who has stolen my sister's heart." That said, Robert walks away. There are things to do, after all.

Mellie is a little surprised at Bobby's abrupt departure, but almost out of habit, she picks up the empty and puts it on her tray, a little nod to the promise of having more explained later. She watches him go a moment before her attention returns to the remaining two. "Okay, I will," Mellie replies, nodding as she files these details away. Now she's going to have to figure out who's worthy, since it isn't as though she has a great deal of close friends really. But this will improve her social standing, if nothing else. Chloe's sincerity is met with cautious suspicion, as if Mellie expects her to yank the rug out from under her. "Sure, it's … been kind of nice." And a little surprising, really. It's easier to shift back into waitress mode. "Another gin and tonic and … another O negative?" she confirms, glancing questioningly at Will.

"My pleasure," Will says to Bobby, before then not offering another glance. "It seems the three of you are having a little more luck in peace at the moment," he comments, slowly nodding towards Mellie. "Yes, please. I am glad your family can overcome the differences between you. It is pleasant to see."

Chloe begins to chew her lip again when Bobby leaves so abruptly. « You know I will. Be safe! » Then he's gone. There is no rug to yank out from under Mellie /at the moment/ at least. "Well I'm glad you both have each other right now. It's nice to see you like this." Happy? Sober? Whatever, Chloe is just happy, and now much calmer. Will is given a laugh, and a small nudge. "We're really just being on our best behavior tonight, honest." Then a nod to Mellie. "If you don't mind? I would love another. Make sure you're the one to bring it back? I'd hate my tip to go to one of the other waitresses."

Mellie is still cautious, though her guard lowers a little as it at least doesn't immediately come around to bit her in her behind. "It is?" She's not quite sure what Chloe means by 'like this' either. But she really is trying to be on her best behaviour; that much is true. "Yeah, well, I'm working," she points out, as if it should be obvious - and so that there's no misunderstanding that her good behaviour is for other reasons. She gives a little nod then, picking up any drinks that are empty, leaving the ones that aren't quite finished. "Sure, I guess that'd be okay," she decides, as to bringing the drinks back herself. With that, she's turning to make her way back to the bar, moving easily in the crowd.

"I wouldn't want to have to take you over my knee for misbehaviour," Will replies, dryly, though it entirely unclear quite who he is talking about; possibly all of them. He gives Mellie another quick smile, waiting for her to go far enough to be away from hearing. "There was once a girl," he says, quietly, with a thread of humour, "who believed she was insane, who retreated into drugs - albeit prescription ones - to avoid her real life. I like to believe that I helped that girl."

"Thanks, Mel!" Sweet and sincere again. Chloe just leans back in the booth a little, then turns to Will. In a deadpan she says, "But I might like that." Winking at him, she grins a tad. "Avoiding life is a lot less dangerous," she points out in a teasing manner. After all, avoiding life as she was? She would never have taken it upon herself to gather a group together and storm a nest of vampires to try and save one. "But you did help her," she says softly. "And then some." Beat. "Thank you for not commenting on my brother's parting comment." Her cheeks are just a tad flushed as she recalls that she's going to need to smack Bobby when she sees him.

"Something I do," Will says, continuining to be quiet and measured, "is find those who are forgotten, ignored by society, those who I feel can be saved. I save them." He looks meaningfully towards where Mellie went. "She must trust me. I do not yet know what will be required for that; I sincerely hope you will be able to assist me. Anyway." He pauses, flashing an amused and sly look towards Chloe. "I may have to spank you all." Lovely image.

Lovely for whom? Thinking of the guy she's into spanking her siblings in her presence just doesn't do it for her. Chloe glances at Mellie, then sighs. "I'll assist in whatever way I can. Though…" Eyes drift back to Will's face, searching for something. « It will likely mean feeding from her, or finding her a constant feeder. » That sounds odd, but he'll at least get the general idea.

Mellie isn't gone too long, having made sure this order went to the very top of the queue. She comes weaving back through the throng, tray held high to keep it from getting bumped, brought down to hip level only as she gets nearer to the table. "As promised," she says a bit wryly, whether of the drinks themselves or the fact that she's the one bringing them, as she sets each drink in front of its respective drinker.

There is nothing to be found in Will's face. « If necessary, yes. I hope it does not have to be me. » As Mellie returns, he brings up another quick smile, saying, "Thank you, Mellie." He leans back, into the couch, bringing forth a hand to take the new bottle. "So. What is new in the bars of this city? I've been away for a little while."

Chloe reaches into her purse, as promised, and pulls out a great deal more money than is generally required for a tip, and puts it on Mellie's tray. "As promised," she returns to her sister. "And thank you." Another sidelong look is given to Will as she sips the gin and tonic slowly. « You already have someone to feed on whenever you wish it… »

Mellie's eyebrows raise just a little as an expert gaze takes in the size of the tip, before it's quickly picked up and tucked away somewhere in her skimpy outfit. "Sure thing. It's kinda my job," she points out to the thanks, though it's said more lightly than it might have been. "In the bars? Oh, well, pretty much the same as usual. Not been much excitement that I've seen since the last…" She cuts a sidelong look at Chloe with that, harkening back to the night here that kind of started a lot of this.

Will throws a sidelong glance to Chloe. "You do realise that it is futile you attempting to pay for these drinks, yes?" he says, with an amused twist to his voice. "There are advantages to being me, Chloe, and having an account is one of them. Mellie, all yours." « I am aware, Chloe. I am also still barely maintaining a hold on myself at the moment, and I will not hurt you. » He glances between the pair, interest sparking in his eyes. "Oh, do tell."

"It's a tip!" Chloe isn't going to take it back. It's her way of helping her sister out. "It's traditional to give the waitress a tip." She catches the look Mellie gives her and then looks down at her drink. "Valentine's Day…" « I trust you, and I know you wouldn't hurt me. Whenever you wish, even if that means getting in control first. »

"Cool," Mellie allows, to the idea that she doesn't even have to take the cost of drinks out of the sum of money. "Thanks." It actually gets a smile from her again, just a sincere one and not like she's trying to undress Will with her eyes. Or not just that, anyway. It fades a bit at the talk of that fateful night. "Yeah, that's the one." Her gaze flickers to Will before she gives her shoulders a slight shrug. "Sick vampire. At least that's what I hear." After everything, it's hard to buy the party line, but she repeats it diligently.

Will simply looks at Chloe now. His tone is teasing. "At least Mellie seems to understand my point," says he, with a flash of a grin, something quite rare for he. He does turn his head back towards Mellie, and allows a slow and conspiratorial wink. "Exactly. We'll chat about that some time as well. Assuming you can keep yourself fairly quiet?"

« That reminds me… is there a vampire who's thoughts I could possibly hear? There was one here that night. On Valentine's. I came just briefly, but… it was not a good night. » Chloe will explain it much better later. "That's because Mellie has a shrew business sense when it comes to money."

When it comes to money, Mellie is an expert at getting it, not keeping it. But at least the journey from A to B is enjoyable, or so she likes to think. Still, she brightens a bit at the comment on her business sense. "I like money." It's not really an admission as much as a simple statement of fact. Her eyebrows arch slightly then at Will's wink. "I can be quiet when it suits me," she promises with a faint smirk.

« Kegan Kinnel, erstwhile King of Texas, whose heart I tore from his chest. I heard him a little, which is strange. I have only been able to maintain telepathic contact with two other vampires before; one my Maker, the other my child. » There's a quick sip of blood, and Will talks, mostly to Mellie. Not ignoring Chloe, although it might appear that way to the un-telepathic. "Who does not like money? The feeling of being able to afford things is a pleasing one. Some even claim the scent is desirable, though I can inform that it smells mostly of human sweat and occasionally narcotics." Dry again, Mr Grant. "Then I'll tell you a story, at the party."

« He was here that night. He killed the one that came in. She was screaming about killing you in ten days. » Chloe's facial expression goes white as a sheet again as she recalls the incident. « I was so scared for you, and I didn't know if I should really leave the state, or help. » To explain why she disobeyed him. At the mention of a story, she glances at Will curiously, though she won't ask about it until later.

"Yeah, I kind of prefer buying things with it over smelling it. Glad of that now," Mellie notes, wrinkling her nose a bit at the news of what the cash actually smells like. At least the sweat part. And yes, as far as she can tell, Will is ignoring Chloe in her favour, which is fine by Mellie. Even if they've been getting along all right for five whole minutes, that competitiveness is still alive and well. "I enjoy a good story," she replies with a slowly growing smile, and a curious arch to her eyebrow.

« He was a twisted and evil man, » Will projects, venom rising in his mental tone, though it is twisted with a bittersweet loss. « A twisted and evil ancient. You did nothing wrong. » Because technically he told her a week. He flashes another quick smile, heading enigmatic. "But you shall have to wait; for it is a true parable, a story with a moral outcome." He takes another quick draught at the bottle of blood. "So, Mellie. Tell me. What was Chloe like as a girl?"

« He knew where you were. Knew, and he told the proprietor to tell everyone that the vampire was ill. » Chloe's face hardens a bit, and if she ever truly hated anyone it would be that twisted, evil man of whom they are speaking. Suddenly, her head snaps up and she /peers/ at Mellie. « You already saw everything that night after the parade… just bear in mind that her views of what I was like are twisted by her jealousy of me. »

Mellie isn't quite sure what she thinks about a parable. Generally morals involve a lot of not doing the things she is prone to do. But then, maybe vampire morals are more fun, so after deliberating a moment, she nods. "I guess I can be patient." Just not too patient. She's kept from further thought by that oh-so-loaded question, and she's rather wryly amused by Chloe's peering. There's a pause as she bites back the initial response, something trite and glib and no doubt vicious. "She was … hard to be around," is her at least somewhat more diplomatic response, as she studies her sister thoughtfully, before looking to Will with a sweet smile.

The vampire's mental response is dry, set with ill-humoured memory. « Perhaps now you understand why I am having some difficulty in maintaing control. I felt no satisfaction at killing him. Simply full of the joy of murder. » Cold, and hard, the grim set of his thoughts is defied by the amused look he sketches between the sisters. "Come now. Surely that is simply what all sisters would say. Nothing more juicy?"

Two words are mouthed at Mellie. 'Thank you'. Then she turns back to Will with a sigh. « Oh, I would have loved to kill him myself. I don't think you understand the panic I felt… » Though perhaps he did feel it as well due to the bond. "I'm still hard to be around, right, Mel?"

The thank is met with a much keener arch of her brow, as she wonders if it is worth it to have her big sister in her debt. A smooth smile graces her lips as Chloe responds. "You're not kidding," Mellie replies without hesitation. Her gaze slowly slides back to Will and she considers the question. "Oh, I'm sure I could come up with something if I had to think about it… Like the insufferable need to always be right." It's truth, but tame truth compared to what she might say.

The vampire's head suddenly snaps around to look directly at Chloe, a dark warning in his eyes. « No. You shall not think like a killer. » Catching himself, he brings forth a sudden smile, flicking it back over to Mellie. "I had noticed that particular one," he agrees, teasingly. "I was hoping more for stories about getting stuck on a swing or slide, the verbal equivalent of a childhood photograph. Alas."

Eyes are rolled at Mellie for that, but at least it was tame, so Chloe's not upset in the least. Definitely strange for her. Then she gets the warning, and pouts momentarily. « He /hurt/ you. I'm still sorry that we had to fight our way through to you, but I'm glad we all survived. » Except, of course, for the vampires that they killed. "It's alright, Mellie, you can go ahead if you want to."

The strange look and pouting that passes between the two isn't entirely missed, getting a thoughtful brow-furrow from Mellie, but she doesn't even know what to ask if she were so inclined. As Chloe gives her leave to go ahead with the embarrassing stories, she narrows her eyes pensively. "Well, there was the time we went camping and she got stuck in the tent. Somehow the zipper got jammed…" Her eyes are a little too wide, her tone a little too innocent to suggest she had nothing to do with the jamming.

« We shall not discuss this any further, » Will declared, brooking no argument. Instead, he shifts in position, allowing his look to drift around the room. "How long?" he asks Chloe, his eyes alighting on someone who has been standing patiently, trying to get his attention. He gives the waiting vampire the tiniest, most imperceptible of nods.

A nod to Will at his order, and then she makes a face at Mellie. "Which you totally had something to do with!" Teasing, not accusing. "Several hours. Tents don't have a great deal of ventilation, so it was really warm and sticky. A less than enjoyable situation." The nod toward the other vampire is noted. « If you need to take care of business, I can wait here for you and allow my sister to get back to work. »

"That was never proven," Mellie replies airily, not really bothering to deny it outright. If she didn't want there to be suspicions, she'd lie about it better. "She totally freaked out," is added in a sage aside to Will, giving her sister another look. She can't be too nice, or she'd never feel clean again. "And there was sweat everywhere…" She's just trying to be helpful, filling in those little details.

Will does now allow a chuckle to rumble from his chest, flicking his attention between the two sisters. "Now that was exactly the sort of story I was hoping for," he comments, with humour. A hand shifts, a gentle squeeze to Chloe's leg, and the vampire straightens again to his feet. « Of course. Here or at the estate, I do not know how long I will be. » "Well, there is a gentleman awaiting me for business. Always business." Well-humoured, if somewhat wry. "I thank you ladies for your company, and I shall see you soon."

"/Mel-lie/," Chloe whines at her sister. Though it's almost nice to have a playful sort of teasing with her sister rather than an argument. She smiles at Will softly. « I will wait here for a while, and see if any fans come up to the table. »

"Well, there was," Mellie replies with a helpless shrug to the whining. "You wouldn't want me to lie about it, would you?" Her gaze returns to Will, her smile turning a little more suggestive as she gives him a nod. "Glad to be of service." In any way, shape or form, really. She steps aside slightly to move out of the way, make it easier for him to pass. "Of course. It was really nice to meet you. And I'll call. About the party."

"Of course," Will replies to Mellie, doing her the courtesy of a very direct look. « You believed I was joking. » His head jerks to the awaiting man, pointing doorwards. Then he is nothing but a blur; a dark shadow that skims through the room with only a hairdo or two ruined to show his passage. The other man does likewise.

"Yes, yes I would. That had to have been the hottest summer we ever had." Chloe sighs a little, then watches the blurry figure disappear. She's going to stay at least long enough to finish her drink before making her way back to the estate.

"It wouldn't have been as funny otherwise," Mellie points out with a shrug, utterly unrepentant about that little trick from so many years ago, her attention more on the blur than on Chloe. Turning back to her sister, she grows a touch more serious. "Of course, I could have found some other stories to tell him," she can't help but note, not wanting that charity to be forgotten, though it's not quite a threat. "Anyway, I should get back to work." She's already cleaning up Will's drink, and picking up any remaining glasses from before.

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