Bartender Mugged

It's the early hours of the morning, after all the bars have closed. The air is cold and brittle feeling, the streets deserted but for the lone form of a woman, bundled against the frigid air, slipping out of a beat up silver Ford sedan parked near the housing project. Her breath fogs in the air and she pauses for a moment beside the car, one hand resting on the warm metal of the hood as the engin within ticks softly as it cools. The street light nearest Raven flickers out, causing the woman to jump a little at the sudden absence of it's comforting electric hum and the deeper night that floods the area.

A man lurks near the housing project. He probably doesn't live here, maybe just taking advantage of whatever lingering warmth may be soaked from the buildings, or from incoming, road-warm cars. His clothes are dark; his skin is dark too. He could be anything from Latino to a mixed race to just plain old dirty.

"Blasted light goes out every time I come home…" Raven's voice is a low complaint as she shakes her head and glares up at the light accusingly. She slips one hand into one of the deep pockets of the jacket and starts toward the housing project and the unseen man. She has a long thin silver chain draped around her neck, protection from vampires, what little good it might do her. Her free hand pulls her coat tighter around her shoulders, sighing a little when she sees the way the door into the apartment building hangs open, "Got to call about that… Again." She sounds disgusted by that.

The man becomes aware of Raven's approach. First he looks toward her ticking vehicle, and then, more speculatively, toward her. Dark. Alone. Woman. Hmm. Woman. Maybe she has a purse. Women usually do, if they've been driving. Maybe he can even get her car keys. A little joy-ride in a pre-warmed car might be nice, even. He says none of this. He just presses himself back more firmly against the wall: dark man, dark clothes, dark shadow.

With the door already open, Raven pushes her keys back into her pocket and reaches to pull said door open. It's probably too bad for the bartender that she can't hear thoughts; that she only gets visions. She winces faintly when she touches the door, a wave of pain washing through her skull, and leans her head against the wall for a moment, trying to press the pain away against the rough stone of the wall. She still doesn't notice the dark man in the shadows nearby.

The dark man uses this moment of distraction to his best advantage. He can't tell whether she's having a vision, just drooping with tiredness, or anything else. She's not looking, and that's good enough. He pushes off from the wall against which he's been leaning. He isn't eight feet away; he crosses that space in a pair of heartbeats, crouching low. He puts his shoulder down and tries to body-block the woman. If he can stun her and knock her down, he can get the things he wants before she can recover.

Something tells Raven to turn just as she's struck, her black eyes wide as the air goes out of her in a rush when she lands hard against the same wall she'd been leaning against moments before. She manages a strangled cry, one not likely to be heard inside the building. Her head bounces against the wall, causing another explosion of pain. Her purse is hidden under her coat, looped over her right arm, and her keys are in the left pocket, a string of silver toned beads on a brown leather thong dangling from the opening.

The man leans down and gropes for the key-fob, yanking them roughly. Then he grabs for the purse, but it's not a snatch-and-go. He growls a curse, blaming her for not making this as easy for him as possible. He yanks on the purse again, harshly. Maybe he can break the strap.

The swiping of the keys is a minor concern when the man goes for her purse, and Raven reacts by trying to push him away, "Get off, a-hole, before I call the cops!" It's an empty threat since there's no phone in sight and no way for her to get to it even if there were, but she's not going to let things go as easy as that. She winces again as the strap cuts into her shoulder, trying to get enough leverage to shove him away and get in the door.

The dark man snarls out a series of invectives, the most pleasant of which is 'bitch!' and they get worse from there, much worse. She's down; he's up. He aims a quelling backhand at the side of her head. Then he goes for a knife in a holster at his side.

Raven grunts with pain at the blow to her already aching head and looks up at him, her eyes hazy with fear and pain. She doesn't seem to register the knife, just covering her head with her arms to try and protect herself a little. It's incredibly late, late enough that all the bars in town are closed and the bartender from Holy Water was on her way home when she was jumped by a dark skinned man in dark clothing at the door to the housing projects. Her keys have been taken and he's trying to get the purse that was hidden under her coat.

The dark man brings his knife slashing down to sever the strap on the purse. He doesn't aim for Raven, but she probably gets an absolutely freakifying flash of 'ohmygodhe'sgoingtocutme!' before suddenly he yanks on the purse again, and this time it comes free. Then he runs for the door to the outside, purse in one hand with the severed strap flapping wildly behind him; jingling keys and bare knife in the other hand. He heads for Raven's cooling, ticking old beater car.

Sure it’s late out, but Abbey never was one to actually sleep mind you. She is making her way down the street heading back towards the garage in order to sleep, she was off drinking though doesn't seem drunk by any means. The movement is caught up ahead at the housing project and she tilts her heads lightly while watching the movement and hums softly. The glint of metal is caught in the faint light that can be found and she blinks at the sight. Great.. a fight, or something else perhaps? Her movement gets rather quiet as she seems to 'stalk' towards the two until she's a few feet from the pair. "So.. What's going on here?.." This questioned with a faint tone while she eyes the man. As for the car?.. Well he'll have to get through her as it seems Abs just happened to be standing in front of the car, not that she knew this at the time.

"Oh, fuck!" Ray suddenly becomes aware of the knife when it flashes down to cut her purse strap, her eyes going wide again with terror. She seems incapable of further speach when her purse is finally yanked away. She peeks up when she feels that there's no more looming presence and fumbles for the door again, her obvious thoughts centering around getting away and finding the safety of her little, not yet realizing that she no longer has her keys.

The dark man hasn't been expecting Abbey, but that doesn't stop him long: he just puts his shoulder down and tries to ram the second woman, on his way to the car he means to steal. He's not an enormous man, but he's solid, and he's moving. Mass + momentum == whammo.

Abbey’s eyes narrow and she lowers her head slightly while shifting. She braces herself and lifts her hands to make a quick grab for the man's arms. She will get hit but she won't get pushed over or slammed to the ground. The guy is going to be surprised when he hits Abbey as she only gets pushed backwards from the force of the movement.

Raven panics when she can't find her keys in her pockets and heads back into the night to check if, by some rare chance, they might be on the ground where she'd gotten knocked down. She glances toward her car out of habbit when she exits the building again, her hands going to her mouth when she sees Abbey confronting the man. She calls out something that sounds like a garbled plea to let the mugger have the car. It's not worth someone else getting hurt just so that some creep won't make off with the old Ford.

The dark man is surprised, oh yes. If he doesn't exactly bounce off, he does rebound a little, and his momentum takes him past her. And, he doesn't knock Abbey to the ground. He was expecting impact, and he got impact, and it takes him a moment to realize that he has not come out the best of this. She's still on her feet. He looks at the car he plans to steal, and then at the woman who is still on her feet. There is a heartbeat's pause. Then he heads for the car again, fumbling through the keys, looking for the one that will open the car door.

Abbey smirks while she turns rather quickly and is there next to the man, a hand flies out to try and grab hold of the mugger's arm that has hold of the keys. As for Raven, she didn't hear the request, nor would she follow it. This guy is on her knock out list it seems.

A strange expression suddenly crosses Raven's face as she realizes that she'd left something in the car and she half falls against the side of the building, "Shit…" She pushes off the rough wall and stumbles a few steps in their direction, "Don't worry about it. I got insurance." Not that it'll cover one item that's hidden inside the car, but at least no one will get hurt over some stupid piece of junk that doesn't even run right half the time.
The dark man is still armed. In the hand that holds the keys, there's a knife. This explains the fumbling. Anyway, knife, keys, purse, and a woman trying to interfere with his legitimate hit-and-run mugging. With a hoarse shout, he slashes at her with the knife-and-key hand. It's the hand she's grabbing for, so this may not be effective, but the knife is sharp.

Abbey tilts her head slightly and glances back towards Raven a moment before she smirks and then blinks at the sudden slashing. Oh right the dude has a knife. The knife does manage to cut her an slashes across her right arm, its not deep but it still hurts and bleeds a good amount. A faint hiss escapes her and she suddenly turns, her movement swift and a leg lifting before sends a quick hard kick towards the man's knee to try and send him toppling to the ground.

"Really, it's not worth it." Raven's voice is pleading. She certainly doesn't want to see someone get hurt just to save her car, "It doesn't run half the time, anyway, just let him have it, please?" She takes another hesitant, unsteady steps toward the two before she suddenly pales, going almost as white as a vampire, and crumples slowly. It must have seemed like a fine time to pass out to her sorely abused head, a large knot already forming where her head had first hit the wall when she was attacked, and now hit the sidewalk.

The dark man staggers. The profanity he's used before this, has been only a dull, dim hint of the veritable storm of language that he roars out, now. Kicked, hurt - no question that he's hurt, you can hear it in the strain in his voice, and the fact that he bobbles badly - He lurches backward. He drops the car-keys. He's probably forgotten he's got the purse tucked into the crook of his elbow like a football. Then, self-preservation kicks in. His perfect mugging has gone horribly awry, and now he's hurt. Time to cut his losses and disappear into the darkness. Or, at least, try to. Or at least, hobble like hell. He turns to go.

With Raven passing out this makes Abbey move backwards away from the man and smirks thinly at him. "I'll find you later.." Is muttered before she turns and is quick to move over to where Raven is. Hah she got him, that'll teach him, and she'll still find his punk butt later. Still.. Raven is more her concern. She kneels down and touches Raven's shoulder. "Hey.." She offers softly seeing if she can rouse her any. If not she'll be taking the girl to the hospital.

A low moan can be heard from the woman in a crumpled heap on the ground. Raven's eyes flutter open when a hand touches her shoulder, wild panic filling her eyes until she registers that it's not the dark man that's over her. She blinks a couple of times, her left hand going to touch the back of her head where she'd hit it on the ground, "Ow…"

Abbey hums softly while she peers at Raven. "Come on.. Gona get you to the hospital." This said with a soft tone while she moves to help Raven upwards back onto her feet.

"I'll be fine." Raven's voice is thick and faintly slurred, though; a sure sign that she isn't fine. She is more than willing to let the other woman help her to her feet, "I'm fine. Don't need the hospital." Even as she says this, her legs try to give out on her, though. Fortunately, she doesn't actually fall again, though.

Abbey smirks at this while she keeps a tight grip on the other's arms. "Right.. To the hospital it is." This said while she doesn't give Raven a choice while she turns and starts to walk the other towards said hospital. She doesn't have her phone on her so this will have to do.

The dark man's uneven footsteps fade very gradually. So does his under-his-breath swearing. He waits until he's well away before rifling the purse for any money, credit cards, cell phones, iPods, and other useful or at least pawnable things. The purse itself - minus valuables, but with driver's license - winds up in a trash can a block away. Raven might get it back.

Raven's phone is safely tucked into a pocket of her pants and overlooked by the mugger, but she's not oherent enough to point it out. She staggers along at Abbey's side, frowning a little in concentration as she focuses on making sure she doesn't misplace a step and end up falling again, "If I can just get inside and lay down, I'll be fine." She seems to have forgotten, for the moment, that her keys are missing.

"You can lay down at the hospital. You don't need to have a concussion after he knocked you silly." Abbey offers on their trip to the hospital. As for the keys she didn't see them either so can't comment on them. "He has your keys remember? An do you really want to go into your places knowing that?"

"Don't want to go to the hospital." Raven scowls faintly, rubbing her head a little, her eyes widening at the reminder that her keys were last seen in the hands of the man. She shudders at the thought of him coming back and finding her in her apartment, "No… Could go to my mom's though. She doesn't live far."

Abbey smirks at this. "Fine.. Where does your mom live?" She questions with a mutter escaping her. Her arm is starting to hurt, the pain slowly coming to her attention.

"Oak Cliff. With her latest boyfriend." Raven isn't quite as wobbly as she was a minute ago, but she's still obviously not fit for much of anything. She whimpers very softly as she touches the knot on the back of her head, wincing at the pain and murmuring another 'ow'.

Abbey pauses at this and sighs. "Look.. My place is like right down the street, at the garage. You want to come stay with me for the night?" The garage really isn't that far, alot closer then this other place at least for her.

"All right." Oak Cliff really is a little far for Raven to walk right now anyway. She walks silently for a minute, "Thanks for helping me like that. You didn't have to." Pause, "I think he just wanted my car, any way." And her purse, but that hasn't occurred to her yet, apparently.

Abbey nods slightly while she turns slightly and starts to move towards where Bunker's Garage is, which really isn't that far off. "Welcome.." She offers. "Still.. I didn't want him to get away with your purse like he did."

Raven groans and makes a face at this news, "Oh, crap… I didn't realize he'd gotten it." She walks with the other woman for a few steps, a confused look crossing her face when she realizes where they're headed, "You live in a garage?"

Abbey smirks at this. "I live above the garage." This said with an amused tone while she helps Raven on through the lot and closer to the door.

"Oh." It seems that's all Raven has to say about the subject of the other woman's living arrangements. She manages not to stumble as she walks, though it's a near thing.

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