Best Laid Plans

Bloody Mary's Bar

Given to irony, Bloody Mary's Bar is decorated primarily in black and varying shades of red. From the black bench seats and chairs, black tables, black walls with chilling red blood flowing down them in a continuous manner, it's quite obvious why this bar has the name it does. Deep red mahogany makes up the floor and bar. Dangling red star lights illuminate the bar, lending to it's somewhat creepy look.

The last vestiges of winter chill cling to the city this evening, winds whistling between the buildings. Eerie sounds, heard throughout alleyways. Seeming to carry non-existent voices within it. It would be enough to cause anyone a little bit of alarm, unless the person in question was entirely focused on something else.

Chloe has not had, to say the least, the best week. She's managed to make a fool of herself, and then have to worry about changing her work schedule around. The latest shift possible to avoid a mess. Tonight, her focus appears to be on a portfolio that is tucked under her arm. With determination, the girl clad in a tight green and black sweaterdress makes her way toward a certain booth. Not allowing anyone in the establishment to distract her.

Where, in fact, William Grant is currently entertaining a pair of visiting vampires, the conversation flitting between easy jest and serious business. Business has already been concluded, so the vampires are, generally, finishing up with a brief munch on some mortals. Will watches on, not partaking himself, but instead glancing towards the blonde woman near him.

As Chloe comes in, a swift mental order to Erica sees the blonde and the vampires begin to be ushered away. Will doesn't move, other than to signal someone nearby that it is time for another bottle of blood, and to order a gin and tonic. His attention is not really on Chloe, rather ensuring he is likely to have something like privacy for the near future.

A steady eye falls upon Erica, and there is only a slight frown. Perhaps something should be added to the portfolio, but it can be added a little later. The departing vampires are greeted with a nod of her head, as per vampire custom. Then, both woman and portfolio slip into the booth beside Will. The portfolio is slid over the table toward him. "I really hope that you aren't considering turning her. She'll be of no use to you then."

"Erica?" Will wonders, flicking a glance over towards the librarian. "Why do you ask?" His expression is impassive, though the careful might spot something like mischief glinting in his eyes. He does not ask after the portfolio. Not just yet.

"Yes, Erica." As if that wasn't obvious at all. Chloe glances toward the bar, then back to him. "She can hardly be your daytime go-to person if you turn her, and she's no intentions of staying anywhere remotely near you if you do." It's said in a very matter-of-fact way, with only the faintest jealousy behind it. She /has/ been getting better at such things.

The vampire does allow a short, amused smile for that. "Was that what I asked?" he wonders, with humour, ignoring Chloe's explanation for the moment. He moves eyes across to her, taking in her current state of dress with practised appreciation, not bothering to be subtle about it. Suddenly, his eyes lock to hers. "I asked why _you_ asked."

"I asked because I don't trust her." Plain and simple. Again, only a hint of jealousy, which is quickly coupled with the joy of being eyed in such a manner. Considering how awfully things went for her the other night, Chloe is damned near preening at the look.

The vampire continues to meet her eyes, penetrating as he can. "But why do you not trust her?" he asks, directly. "Is it simply dislike?"

"I don't trust her because I can see what she's thinking, Will." Chloe stares right back at him, eyes perhaps filled with a little amusement. "She's no better than a fangbanger, except she has an astute business sense to hide behind. Were she not working for you, she'd be working in a place like this waiting for someone to turn her."

"Were she not working for me," Will informs Chloe, "she would be working for another powerful vampire, perhaps hoping to be brought amongst us. She is far too competent to be ignored." He gestures idly to the incoming tender, allowing the man to put drinks on the table. Gin & tonic for Chloe, synthetic blood for himself. "Some day, before her looks fade, I shall have her brought over."

Chloe eyes him, thanks the man for the drink, and then goes back to eyeing Will once more. "Then do yourself a favor and ensure she's working for someone else at the time."

"I intend to discover if the telepathic connection we share passes through her becoming a vampire," Will replies, idly. "As anyone I personally brought over would likely have such a bond with me anyway, it shall not be me that Makes her. However, she will remain loyal to me." The possibility that she would not is not accepted. There may even be an 'or else' involved, by his idly interested expression.

"I have no control over her loyalties, but I'm telling you that her intentions are to take off immediately and start a new life." Chloe lifts the gin and tonic, taking a small sip through the little black straw. "But I didn't come here to talk about Erica anyhow."

"Perhaps her intentions must change then," Will muses. It has been some time since he bothered to touch Erica, after all. He take the fresh bottle of blood in hand, checking temperature with an expert touch. "Did you come for anything in particular?" he wonders, idly. "Or just to admire my good looks?"

"Perhaps." Chloe shrugs at that, sipping at her drink again. "Oh, actually I /did/ come for a particular reason. I have the first draft of my plan written up." Needless to say she was work-absent yesterday to type it up with charts and graphs and profit margins. "There it is." A nod to the portfolio.

Will delivers her a teasing, coy little look, clearly good humoured. "My, my," he murmurs, head starting to shake slightly. "I was under the impression you had abandoned that particular notion."

"Whatever would have given you that impression?" Chloe's mother is now a werewolf, her siblings are not really on the best of speaking terms with her, and she's just destroyed a friendship. Why would she want to pass up that notion? "It's not as detailed as I would like it to be, but I can rework a few things. Overall, I think it's something that will become necessary in time."

"Perhaps the idea that you were somewhat returning to your senses," Will replies, mildly. He still does not look at the portfolio.

"While I'll admit that I requested it in grief, the fact remains that you requested the plan, and I'm providing you with one." Chloe's voice is even, not at all like her really. "If you've changed your mind, on the other hand, that's a different matter. If so, tell me now and I won't speak of it again."

Slowly, surely, and obviously, a brow lifts, forming a dark, slender arch. Will studies Chloe, polite enough not to start abusing his powers. For now. "I am required by the vampiric community to create, or ensure the creation, of five vampires of good standing, within the next six months. Have you really considered what it would mean to be dead? What effects it will have upon your life?"

"That is the first part of the plan. To immerse myself in vampire culture as fully as possible without turning, so that I will have an idea as to what I will be getting involved in." Chloe watches him curiously. "Because I want to make an informed decision, and not just throw myself into this because I care for you."

"The first point," Will says, lifting a finger to punctuate it, "is that at some point, it is extremely likely that you or I would have to kill your brother. Second." Another finger lifts. "Your sister will never forgive you." He leans back into the chair, languid now, and attention finally flitting away from her eyes. "Whilst I acknowledge you are taking sensible steps, I must enquire. Why?"

"Bobby…" Is Bobby. Chloe closes her eyes, then flashes a smile at Will. "… will come around, or he will be dealt with." So unlike her, but she's not meaning kill either. Just dealt with. "My sister still hasn't forgiven me for the one year of attention I received /in a mental institution/." So it's not as if that matters to her at all. "Because I feel partially responsible for your punishment, and because I killed a vampire to save you."

The vampire slowly turns his head, studying her again. "Guilt is a poor reason, and one I will not accept. It will only bring you to bitterness in the future. You will need a better reason before I even consider it."

"You will not accept that I am ready, you will not accept my guilt, and you will not accept the fact that as I am already alone in my life, it makes no difference." Chloe pulls the straw out of her drink, and downs the entire thing in one gulp. "Would a better reason be that I wish to see the world change? That I long to learn things that I've only dreamt of being able to?"

"I do not think you are ready because-" The vampire pauses, leaning forwards to press two fingers beneath her chin, lifting it to him for a quick press of his lips upon hers. "-you are not yet beyond the grief of your father's death. Guilt is a poor reason, nor are you alone. You have friends, some of which I have met." He leans back again, taking his bottle for a sip. "That is a more compelling reason, or would be if you truly believed it."

The kiss, fleeting though it is, seems to calm her a little. Chloe eyes him, and then smiles. "Grief for a parent will never dissipate, but even his death is on my shoulders." The telepath carries a lot of weight around. "Which friends would these be? Josephine is more of a passing acquaintance who assisted me when I needed help. Doris is my employer. Who else have you met?"

"Josephine is a reporter," Will replies, somehow managing to encompass a number of four letter words into the single word 'reporter'. "There is the twin-souled creature," he suggests, "and I am certain there are others." He flicks his attention over the rest of the bar. "You would be surprised at how rapidly such feelings no longer cause pain, once you are one of us. How soon priorities alter."

"No longer a friend," Chloe says, her voice icy at the thought of it. Despite her good appearances the other evening, it is doubtful that she's speaking with the Shifter now. "Will, I have spent my years avoiding people. Refusing to make friends lest I hear what they really think of me. If you are so worried about my reasons, teach me without turning me. Show me what life is like in your world."

The vampire switches a vaguely enquiring look onto the psychic, allowing her to elaborate on the Mischa issue if she wishes. Slowly, he tests his lips with his tongue, as if in thought. "I cannot," he says. "Rather I will not. Look at me." He turns in place, offering forward both his hands for her to place hers in.

There is no elaboration forthcoming, as Chloe feels enough of a fool as is, without her being called out on it by someone else she cares for. Her hands, however, /are/ placed in his and she just looks at him. "Why not? If not you, then I will ask someone else to take me under their tutelage. I have it all planned out, and as you gave me a six month deadline, time's ticking."

The vampire's lips twitch into a smile, this one coupled with an appraising look. "No. I have been partially convinced, enough to teach you. There is something that must occur before you truly consider the possibility of becoming one of us. For if you do, it will likely never occur again." He does allow a little lust to start rising in his look.

"That must occur? That won't occur again?" Chloe gives him a slightly odd look, due to his cryptic words, though it changes a little as she notes the look in his eyes. "Er… well… before you devour me right here for everyone to see, do you mind telling me what it is?" Confusion as to the type of lust, perhaps?

The smile spreads, stretching towards a combination of amusement and something else; something unreadable. "Come. Feeding is only part of it." He slowly draws to his feet, his power still fluttering gently against her natural mental barriers; no effort to knock them down.

He may have gotten to his feet, but Chloe remains seated, her hands in his. "Only part of what?" Hello, naivety, thy name is Chloe.

The look the vampire gives her is direct, appraising, and obviously taking in her entire body. "Sex, Chloe," says he, slowly, teasingly.

"I…" The direct look is enough to cause the poor woman to blush. "Oh." Knowing of his previous refusal, when she fully offered herself, she's curious as to the change of his mind. Then realizes that he likely plans on offering her to someone else. Her brow furrows slightly, one hand slipping from his to grab the portfolio.

He glances to the portfolio, shakes his head once, lips curving with amusement. Suddenly, he moves, a blur of strength that sweeps Chloe from her feet and into his arms, ready to snatch the portfolio from the air if needed. Then he is away, girl in his arms, though not at his utmost speed. Still, it is a dark shadow that skims through the city, heading straight for the Sheriff's Estate.

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