The Warning Shot

Cornett Residence

This house has been sectioned off into two living spaces, separated by floor as opposed to wall throughout the middle. The first floor has been reserved for a renter while the second floor has been claimed by the owner of the duplex. The living space is large and spacious, perfect for a summer's day when the windows are open. Much the bachelor pad, it is sparsely decorated. All the basics that are required are there but rarely used and so the area is immaculate. A large living area and kitchen lead to a hallway which contains the doors for the bathroom, master bedroom and guest bedroom. The only difference between the two bedrooms is that the master room contains a computer desk and laptop.

Late afternoon, the days continue to grow longer so the sun is still up. Just barely, but daylight filters through the windows. It means that Hope can actually be out later, and take the night shifts at the pretzel place. That's not where she's going today, however. Today, she's just collecting some things. Putting the last of the items into a suitcase, she gives the home another quick sweep. Trying to make sure she didn't forget a text book or anything else.

"Okay, I'm heading out." This called to the empty apartment, since she's not exactly sure where she placed a Bobby. "One week, then you'll let me know, right?"

It's not exactly something that he wants to be around for, if he is to be honest. So he's kept his distance, allowing all things to be without interruption. It's only once that she actually walks out of the door that Robert presents himself. He stands in the doorway from his bedroom to the hall, watching her with the same sad expression he gave her when they discussed this originally. It isn't a bad parting, or much of one at all, but it's still sad no matter how it is described.

"You should travel quickly. The sun may not last much longer." He honestly should be going to work but there's no will left in him to do so. He's wearing just jeans and a black wife beater, showing off the many bruises about his torso. The hand in a cast isn't exactly a pretty sight, either. "I don't want to make you wait that long, but I promise it will be a week exactly." Knowing Bobby he likely has a watch set to it.

Ivan looks casual as he strolls down the street to the Cornett residence, but really he's not all that easy-going. There are tell-tale signs that all is not well with the Fontane - the way his hair looks particularly unruly, and the way his jaw is clenched tightly. However, with a parcel tucked beneath his arm, the sharply-dressed man shows up at the door to Robert's home, straight from work and ready to get right down to business. The doorbell rings once. Slow, easy, and unhurried.

"Call me sometime this week? Just no decision before seven da—" Hope was about to go and give Bobby a hug and kiss, but the doorbell startles her. "Expecting company?" Turning to answer the door, one hand perched on her suitcase, she blinks. "Oh, it's /you/." Rolling her eyes, she glances over her shoulder. "Ivan's at the door." Then she wheels the suitcase to her side and blows a kiss in Bobby's direction. "I'll get out of your hair." Though she graciously waits for Ivan to enter before she starts out the door.

A few steps are taken towards her, to hold her, to kiss her, to make her want to stay. Those steps are halted the very moment the doorbell rings. To accent his anger he actually glares at the door as if it were actually evil. "No." He's hesitant with that answer and apparently not without reason. Robert actually continues walking towards the door once he's made aware of who is coming to visit him. "Man." The typical man greeting with head nod is given. So far as he's concerned there is no need for hostilities.

The door swings open, and Ivan is put, face to face, with Hope. He blinks, taking care to look her over and - in particular, the bags she has packed behind her - before offering her a humorless, dry smile. Fake. "Tyler." He offers, succinct and curt. "Going somewhere?" Instead of stepping inside, he moves away from the entrance, clearly expecting her to take her leave first, in an almost gentlemanly fashion. But then Robert appears, and he lifts his eyes to meet with the other male's. His mouth opens as well, only to close when Robert's greeting is processed. "Did you…did you just call me 'Man'?" He inquires, unable to contain his humor despite the severity of the situation he came here to address. "Oh, well, hey 'man'."

"Home," she says. A glance is given to Bobby, then her eyes fall back on Ivan. "You boys play nice now." Hope struggles with the suitcase, trying to get it over the threshold, and nearly stumbles out the door. She quickly rights herself though and starts down the little walkway to her car. She does not need help with the bags, not that she's expecting it. She'll struggle along just fine on her own.

"Would you prefer I call you 'Chickie'?" It isn't said with a tone, really. Robert's just not on his best game considering what is happening. As Ivan allows Hope to struggle right on past him, Bobby immediately gets irritated. He steps after the woman, too late to actually do anything. Ivan gets a look for it all but Bobby really is in no mood to pick pointless battles. "Want something to drink?" Yes, he is being unusually short. His girlfriend is moving out, Ivan's likely here to be Ivan and Scarlett stood him up. On top of everything else in his life, he's allowed to be.

"Have a safe trip," Ivan offers to Hope, the epitome of civility. But after everything that's happened between him and her, that should not be surprising. In fact, he ought to be commended on his restraint, not earning dirty looks for doing something that he's not SUPPOSED to do. He's not dating that Tyler twin, Robert is, so he should have aided Hope.At the very least, Ivan doesn't rise to the bait of the look, writing it off as inconsequential all the while tossing the package over to Robert to catch.

"From my sister. It's the order you had her made, I believe. Oh, right - she told me to tell you something." A deliberate pause to see if he will sweat it out. "She said there's no guarantee on the protection. It's not a spell she often casts, and she had no real way of testing it, short of running into werewolves herself. And…well, she's not going to do that. Period."

He really is going to comment on the disrespect but it's something that he's grown used to. No one in his life can get along, it would appear. He very nearly turns his back on Ivan all together but catches the movement of the box. It's caught as easily as he can catch with one hand. He's puzzled at first but as soon as Ivan explains it he just nods. "That was faster than I had originally expected." There is no eagerness to him when Ivan hesitates. Robert barely even seems interested. When the rest is finally delivered? "Yeah, she mentioned that. I wouldn't expect her to put herself in danger just because I fear my own mother."

"I heard. It's a rough break," Ivan offers to Robert, sympathetic without being false or overly emotional. "At the very least, she's healthy, yeah? Still alive. Anyway…" The man crosses his arms over his chest casually, his eyes becoming impassive and calculating. With slow deliberation, they travel down his form, taking in Robert's every opinion. "Oh, yeah? Well, what do you expect of my sister?"

"I guess so. We're not supposed to see her so I can really only go on what Chloe tells me." There's no reason for Bobby to be downright mean to Ivan. The last time they met they seemed to get along fairly well. "But as long as I hear she's okay, and my sisters are okay, that's all that really matters." The delivery is placed on a nearby stand as Robert just watches Ivan. He's no stranger to how he's being sized up. The man does deal with this for a living, after all. "Well, I expect that she learns to throw a better punch before slugging drunk women in a bar. She hurt herself pretty badly." Oh, yes. He can see where this is going. "Past that? I expect her to be happy and that she most likely had you deliver things for her so she doesn't have to deal with me anymore."

"She did what?" Ivan inquires, eyebrows arching with thought. Obviously, she had neglected to mention that particular aspect of the story. Geez, and she goes off on him for having a short temper! "…Huh. Well then. To be honest, she had me deliver this package because she's not an idiot. She knows what's going on." This prompts an uncomfortable pause, as Ivan considers the implications of just coming right out and saying it. "You know what, I don't want to waste your time playing games. So I'll just come out and say it. If you're crushing on my sister, just stay away from her, plain and simple. If you're not crushing on her? Then stop being a fucktard and leading her on. There. Done, and relatively harmless. You get that all?"

The expression on his face is not one of a liar. "Well, I was trying to teach her to defend herself. She apparently jumped the gun on the lessons, but I don't blame her. That psychic was spouting off a lot of stuff, some of it not exactly accurate. Being drunk does that." A year ago he would not be comfortable having these conversations. It's amazing how humans adapt so easily. Yet he is slightly taken aback by what Ivan has to say, perhaps more that the man has the testicular fortitude to actually be so blunt with him. "I think, honestly, you really don't know the full story and that your opinion is best kept elsewhere." That's about the nicest way that Robert can word things. "And that you're a very bold man to say these things to me, in my own home, at this particular time."

"I don't blame her either. Hell, she's doing the right thing. And I commend her for it. But then again, she always does, so it's not much of a surprise." Ivan is watching Robert without hesitation, without pause. He does not look even remotely intimidated, rather appearing quite at home. "And I think, honestly, that I don't need to know the full story. You just watch yourself, and don't overplay your hand, Robert. I don't have anything against you, not really, but you don't need me as your enemy. We can leave it at that. Nice, easy, and painless. Just steer clear of Scarlett for a little bit, that's all. You have a good day, Rob. I'll get out of your hair now."

It would be great if life played out the way everyone wished for it to, but that just isn't the case. "Oh really?" He's clearly getting angry as Robert is known to do but at least he hasn't actually made any movements of his own. "I think you can shut the hell up and get out of my house." There goes civility. "I'm pretty sure that you aren't your sister and I sure as hell know you aren't me. You don't know what I'm thinking or how I feel and I'm sorry but it will be a cold day before I'm afraid of you." All of this is said rather calmly, or as calm as can be. "I know that Hope's sister happens to like you, and I really don't dislike you, but you're quickly proving Hope right."

"I'm proving Hope right? Am I the one getting defensive over something that's 'no big deal'? Am I the one this close to cheating on my girlfriend? I don't think so, buddy. Either you're lying, or you're calling my sister a liar. Or you're fucking with her head. I don't appreciate any of those options, and if you force me to take action? Well, you won't like it." It's a friendly warning, given by Ivan. Or as friendly as a threat can be, really. He's already turned onto his heels, beginning to walk off. "Focus on your girlfriend. Focus on your family. I hope you have a good evening."

"No, I'm calling you an annoying little shit." It just comes out. He can't help it. "I'm not calling anyone a liar. So I like your sister. As a friend. I nearly took it to a different level but I didn't. It's not right to her or Hope. At least /I/ know that." Robert is getting defensive because he's being attacked in his home. A place that will be Fontane free from this point out. "And I'm respecting her by not forcing any issues, at all. I'm respecting Hope by telling her everything. The lack of respect is coming from you entering my home and acting like a dickhead." Something will be punched later, but not now. And not Ivan's face. "Seriously, the tough guy act doesn't suit you. It certainly doesn't do anything for me. You should stick to defender of the crazies."

"At least when I commit to my 'crazy', I commit. You're a douchebag. And the fact that you'd attack a woman that has nothing to do with this, that you'd insult an innocent bystander, a victim in every sense of the word, proves this. If Scarlett comes crying to me, you will regret it. If Hope comes crying to Faith, you will regret it. Just know what's at stake here." And with that final word, cold and cool, Ivan disappears down the street.

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