Bite Me

Medical City Hospital

It's never not a busy time at the hospital, at least as far as Tasha is concerned, but there are those occasional lulls and mandatory breaks before a person goes insane. Currently on one of these sanity-restoring breaks, she can be found not too far from one of the visitor waiting rooms, currently doing battle with a vending machine in order to get herself a snack. Tapping lightly and absently on the glass display in front of the selection she's chosen, her other hand feeds a bill into the slot, only to have it get rejected repeatedly, a challenge she meets with growing agitation. "Oh, c'mon," she growls at it under her breath, finally pulling the dollar clean out so that she can start smoothing it down against a scrub-covered leg.

The poor doctor on the sanity-restoring break is not going to like what's coming in. Summer, arm bloodied and wrapped in a white lab coat is busily arguing with the emergency room nurse not far away. "Yes, I'm well aware that you have a lot of great doctors on staff. I still want to see Doctor Cox." It's not as though this is a horrible emergency, but she's fairly certain a tetanus shot will be needed. Maybe a couple of stitches. Her uninjured hand is busy writing away on insurance forms.

"If you wait right there, Doctor Simcoe will be available shor—"

Summer cuts the nurse off again. "I will only see Doctor Cox. She's a friend of the family."

Whether or not she likes it, there are certain obligations Tasha has come to expect and respect. Gruff and surly on the surface, she doesn't hesitate when it comes to the good of the pack. She's been distracted with her vending machine-battle, but she finally catches her name coming up in the debate not too far away. A final frown is shot at the machine - next time, Gadget, next time - before she shoves the bill back away and turns to start heading over towards the nurse and potential patient with a brisk stride. "I'm Doctor Cox," she speaks up as she nears, more for the nurse's benefit than the supposed 'friend of the family', since it isn't as if she expects the emergency nurse to know every resident on staff. "What seems to be the problem?"

There is a little bit of eyeing going on. Eyeing of the narrowed kind, until the name embroidery is found. A nod is offered, and then Summer holds up her arm. "Had him down on the table. Thought he was under anesthesia, but he reared up and bit. Took a nice chunk of flesh with him." Which likely sounds extremely odd. She clears her throat, knowing she can't be held accountable for what she babbles when she's in pain. "Damned Presa Canario." She's in a hospital, that means these people likely have no clue. "Guard dogs."

"I've got this," Tasha advises the nurse rather brusquely, dismissing the helpful woman with no further concern, as she turns her attention to Summer. The name gets a quick look as the other woman explains the situation, and the doctor gives a nod as she files the information away. "Let's try exam room three. It should be quieter right now." Because it's technically not supposed to be in rotation right now, but some things take precedent over silly hospital administrative rules. "We'll see how much damage he did and get it cleaned up." She nods towards the room in question, beginning to head that way, though she makes some effort to slow her usual quick pace.

"Would have just wrapped it," Summer says grumpily, "But the women I work with are worriers, and demanded I come down and get a tetanus shot for it. Rabies too." Her nose wrinkles up, in more of a growlish sneer than an actual nose-wrinkle. "Left his canine in there somewhere." She seems unconcerned by this, despite the pain. "Happens more than you'd think."

Tasha flicks on the lights as she enters the empty room, gesturing towards the examining table as she lingers by the door to shut it once they're both inside. "An ounce of prevention…" she notes with a shrug. "Better to get it taken care of properly. And this way if you're good, you get a lollipop." It's a joke, though her inflection doesn't really change to make it seem like one. "Any relevant medical history I should know? About you or the dog?"

"Healthy dog, other than disliking the fact that he was about to get surgically neutered." Summer shrugs, hopping up onto the examination table. The lab coat is unwrapped from her arm. The blood around the wound seems to already have coagulated, nothing serious. Teeth marks are definitely visible, a canine tooth stuck in the area of torn flesh. "I'm a Shifter if it matters much. Man, Toby is going to be pissed at this, and it looks like no halter tops for a while…" That is indeed her biggest concern.

Once the door is shut, Tasha sees to pulling on some gloves so that she can give the wound an actual examination. She's perhaps surprisingly gentle, considering the gruff exterior, but she takes pride in her work and therefore takes the time to do things right. "Can't say I blame him entirely," she notes, after considering the dog's dislike of being neutered. Her gaze lifts for a moment to give Summer a look as she mentions being a Shifter. "It matters, but I don't think it will effect the injury. Just be careful with your shifts until it heals. Don't want to pull the stitches it looks like you'll need."

A look is given to her arm as though she'd rather just cut it off. "Can you make the stitches really tiny. I'd hate to have a scar." Someone is a tiny bit vain, it would seem. "Summer's coming, and I don't want to have to be wearing sweaters and wraps to hide the scar." Not that it won't heal eventually on its own, but why take chances? "Will it be clear to go by the next full moon? I tend to not shift a whole lot unless the situation warrants anyhow, but the moon is a difficult one to avoid."

"I'll see what I can do," Tasha promises with a faint smile, understanding of the vanity in her own way. "You might want to try vitamin E on it as well, once it's closed. It may help reduce scarring." She gives a small shrug, before crossing to fetch a sterile, blunt-nosed instrument and some gauze. First things first, to remove the embedded object. "You should be all right by the moon. It may be tender still, so take it easy. But the shift itself shouldn't do any damage by then." She goes quiet for a moment as she focusses on getting the tooth out with a minimum of fuss and further injury.

"Pliers work," Summer offers helpfully, sounding as though she may just have had this issue before. "Looks like I'm going to have to teach the new tech how to check to make sure the animals are down though." Rather than them being carried to the surgery and them waking up on the table. "Vitamin E? I'll grab some on the way home then. Not like I'll be able to go back this afternoon anyhow." There's a silence as she looks at the doctor while she works. "Heard Donato called a meeting."

Tasha considers the advise before pausing to swap her current tool for some different shiny metal object that more closely resembles a pair of pliers. "Only costs fifty times as much," she notes wryly as she turns back with them, setting to work again. "Yeah, you have to be careful with that sedation…" she agrees, a bit absently as she's making sure yanking the tooth out isn't about to result in a gushing wound or anything. But since it seems clear, it just becomes a matter of easing it free. "Vitamin E. Just make sure you wait until the wound is closed. I'll give you some topical ointment to keep it clean until then." The extracted tooth is set aside, dropped into a metal dish with a quiet ping, before she turns back to begin cleaning and prepping the wound. "Yeah, heard that too," she agrees, lifting her gaze to study Summer for a moment.

"Tell me about it. You think your tools are expensive? Wait until you have to pay for things smaller than that, that cost twice as much." Summer thinks the companies that make such things are all rotten. "Pretty sure it was a matter of transposing a number wrong with the weight, which can happen to anyone." The vitamin E is noted again, and she'll definitely pick some up on the way home. "General ointment and wrap until the stitches start to get itchy, then it's back to see you, right?" The tooth is given a grimace as it's dropped into the dish. "Any clue what it's about?"

"At least I've got someone else footing the bill," Tasha notes, glancing up at the ceiling by way of indicating the hospital in general. It's one perk to not having one's own practice, anyway. "Just because it can happen to anyone doesn't mean it should. Sort of a high stakes game we're playing." She gestures towards the arm by way of evidence of that. "Ointment, clean and dry, the usual drill. I'll make sure your follow up is scheduled with me directly, so you won't have to deal with inept nurses next time." Even if the woman was just trying to help and follow policy. As she starts to prep the tools for the stitches, Tasha gives a shrug. "Haven't heard any details like that. Just that it's a matter of 'be there or else'. Not that I wouldn't go anyway. Of course." There's a brief glance to Summer to see if she shares those particular sentiments.

"Don't sweat it. I know she was just trying to follow protocol, I'm just a picky woman when it comes to who's seeing my wounds." Considering it was just a general bite anyone could have handled it, but Summer wanted to see if she could get info on the meeting. When none seem to be forthcoming, she sighs. "I'll be there. Toby can't just close the shop early, and even if he could he'd drag me along." She's smiling though, so it doesn't seem that being dragged along is a bad thing. "Just hoping it's not anything too serious."

"There are worse things to be picky about," Tasha replies with a shrug as she starts to work on tiny, neat stitches. "But you should be fine having anyone remove the stitches, if it comes down to it." She'll allow it, but from her tone, she wouldn't exactly recommend it. Like sticks to like is her mentality, after all. "Toby is … another friend of the family?" she guesses from the context. She'd look up, but her focus is locked on the precision work. "Seems an awfully big to-do if it isn't serious. Doubt it's a social call." She's not paid to be comforting about that stuff.

"My father," Summer replies with a grin. "He's good friends with Mr. Donato, so he's a bit worked up over a mandatory meeting he can't attend." A wary eye glances over the stitching, and she nods. "Nice handiwork. Wish the other veterinarians had such neat stitching as that." Some believe that it's okay to be sloppy because they're working on animals not humans. "Well one of us will be there either way. I'm not about to piss off Donato for any reason, Toby would skin me alive."

"Ah," Tasha replies with understanding. "I see. Yeah, missing the meeting is … not ideal." She finishes up the stitches, securing the last one with a tight knot before nodding and finally looking up at Summer again. "Thank you. It's a fairly rudimentary procedure, but I see that as no reason to not give it the proper regard." Some doctors are also not so neat on it, at least in her opinion. Which makes her better at this, which she enjoys. "To say nothing of how that would be seen by the Pack," she adds keenly. A father's ire, while scary, just can't quite trump that of the Pack in her book.

Then again, as Shifters, they're more honorary members anyhow. Which means, they're not generally called to Donato's meetings, which means that this? This is A BIG DEAL(tm). Summer watches the way she ties it off, curiously, then nods. "There's that too, but yes. Having to deal with a grumpy, angry father day in and day out would not exactly be fun." She keeps her arm held out to wait for the gauzy wrap, then shakes her head. "I feel a lot more pity for the poor dog that did this than for myself being injured. I really hope they don't decide to put him down."

"No, it would not be fun," Tasha allows after considering the day-after-day grumpy father, giving her head a little shake. "Going then seems the best way to please everyone you'd like to please." It's nice when things at least fall in line like that instead of having them against one another. The tools have been set aside, and now the doctor begins dressing the wound. "Mm. Admittedly, that's not a dilemma I run into too often." They almost never have to put patients down, even if they go around biting everyone in sight. "It's an unfair world where they put a creature down for doing what comes naturally."

"Exactly my point," Summer says to all of it. "If they decide to go that route, I may just have to rescue the poor guy, and have him as a boarding house greeter." She lets only a little disdain into that. Retraining a biter into a boarding house greeter is going to be a pain, and she does risk the chance of it becoming one of her imprinted creatures if she spends too much time with him. "I guess I'll see what happens in the morning when I stop by to check on him." Another nod is given to the doctor. "Thank you, Doctor Cox. I appreciate the handiwork."

"I'm sure he'd prefer that to the alternative," Tasha replies, her voice more practical than sentimental. The dressing done, she finally steps back to examine her own work, nodding as it passes the muster. She really is a perfectionist. "Of course. It's the job." Both at the hospital and with the Pack. She peels off the gloves, tossing them atop the other used equipment, for the nurses to clean up later, even if she does think they're generally all inept. "I'll go see about arranging for the PEP treatment for rabies, if that's a concern for you. And the tetanus shot too, of course."

"Rabies not so much. He's vaccinated." Which is good enough for her. "Tetanus though, probably necessary thanks to the wayward tooth." Summer looks as though she enjoys shots about as much as a screaming three year old. "But," she says, entirely jokingly, "I promise not to bite the nurse if I get a lollipop." Winking at the doctor, she sits back on the exam table to wait for the shot.

"If you're sure then," Tasha replies, not really pushing the matter of rabies. "Tetanus shots are, admittedly, the less involved of the two." If she doesn't like the idea of one shot, she probably wouldn't enjoy the prolonged rabies treatment. An eyebrow arches to her joking comment, and then a wry smile. "I'll be sure to note that on your chart. I'm not certain we'd want to have to take you on as a boarding house greeter." She is capable of humour, but it's just remarkably dry.

"Positive. Been through the rabies testing before, really don't want to go through that again." Summer suffered through a lot of testing when she woke up after a night in the desert on her porch with no clothing — an experience she'd rather forget than relive. "Oh, I don't know. I think the psych ward would love me. Girl talking about tales as a coyote while trying to bite people? I bet I'd be almost normal up there." Winking at the doc, she seems quite happy to just sit and wait now, anxious to get the needles over with.

Tasha gives a nod with that, slightly curious about the rabies testing, but then, considering the woman's line of work, it's easy to draw conclusions there. "Mm. All the same, perhaps we'll just give you the lollipop," she muses, even if Summer would be a great fit for their psych ward. "I'll go arrange the tetanus shot then, and write up a prescription for the ointment." She gives another efficient nod of her head before turning to head for the door.

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