Lost and Found

Different people handle different upsets in their lives in different ways. Hope cries in private, despite the breakup with Bobby being a mutual decision. In public? Well, she puts on a brave smile and tackles a myriad of things. Today, it's getting her hair trimmed and styled a little differently. Not only is her hair now blonde, but it's cut a teensy bit shorter than before. Still held back from her face with a headband, she looks more like Alice from Wonderland, than she does herself. Were it not for the pink. But that's why she's out and about, hitting every little boutique or clothing store she can find, looking for the perfect new style for "new Hope".

The new and improved Hope may be quite the sight but not for those who are unfamiliar with her. As it stands, she looks extremely similar to the Queen of Crazy but that's about it. Also out shopping today is someone who feels slightly out of place; Elliott. After his last encounter with Isobel, he's determined to have something presentable for next time. There is the possibility of meeting this very important person, after all. The soon to be priest walks along, new suit in bag and slung over his shoulder. If Hope happens to catch him he will be looking at her, curious, as she does look familiar.

It's not that Hope catches him, it's that her boatload of bags do. Two of which go flying toward the curb after crashing into his shoulder. "Eeek!" The others are nearly dropped as she chases after the two that have fallen. "Goodness, I'm sorry. Are you alright?" This offered over her shoulder as she looks back to see who she hit.

As soon as the contact is made, the man stumbles back slightly. His suit goes crashing to the ground due to his immediate reaction to turn and check on the woman who hit him. Elliott is kneeling the first moment he can, doing his best to offer assistance with the bags. His garment bag is momentarily forgotten. "I'm completely fine," comes the soft response. His face is calm as is his tone despite the fact that he is looking her over for injuries. "These things happen. But how are you?" Hope does rather resemble Alice and it causes him to smile slightly.

Upon noticing that his suit hits the ground, Hope feels awful. "I'm fine," she says, getting only slightly irritated at people asking her that. "I should have been paying more attention, but I was looking for the cellular phone place. I broke mine the other day and I need to get it replaced and…" Hope stops babbling, and blinks at him. "Y-you should pick your suit up before it gets trampled." Just her luck. Cute guy coming to her rescue.

The stutter is noticed but for the life of him he cannot figure out what is wrong. It does raise concern but she seems adamant that she is okay. "We all have moments. It's better this than the time that I walked into a stop sign." He was young and hopefully the short story will at least make her smile. Only once it appears that she has her belongings will he pick up his garment bag confident that the suit inside is fine. That is what the bags are for, after all. "I can show you where the phone store is if you'd like." Elliott even suggests the direction that it's in without actually pointing as that could be considered rude.

"I've been having them more than most, lately." Though her mistakes are now going to be chalked up to being blonde. Hope chuckles at the little story, but then sighs. "That must have hurt. You didn't break your nose did you?" Seemingly concerned over something so long ago? Actually it's the broken nose thing that has her attention. "I'd like that. You'd think that since I've been in the city so long, I'd know where it is but I really don't even know where /I/ am at the moment."

This girl needs some attention, even he can see that. She's even close to his age, too, so hopefully the attention will do her some good. "I didn't break it, no, but I came close. Luck was on my side at that moment, either that or God was watching over me." Elliott doesn't hesitate to mention His name. "Dallas is a rather confusing city. I've been here long enough that I don't mind helping." Just as he offered Isobel the other night, an arm is extended even if she doesn't take it. "You're actually very close. I'd hate to think of you getting lost, though."

The mention of His name causes Hope to arch her brow, but rather than seem upset by it she seems comforted. "It's just so /big/, you know? I haven't spent a lot of time exploring, but I'm trying to update my wardrobe a little and some of the nicer shops are in this area." There she goes, babbling again. Hope catches herself this time, grinning at her foolishness. "Getting lost would be an adventure, though without a phone a dangerous one at best," the Tyler twin says, looping her arm through his.

He can't help but laugh as she takes his arm. "Well, don't let me rob you of your adventure. But please allow me to insist on the safety of a cell phone first." Elliott doesn't try to hit on Hope, nor does he really take in her entire body. "Please don't be offended, Miss, but you seem familiar to me. Might I have seen you somewhere before? I can't quite place it." This said by the man who also made the news not all that long ago. Hopefully his experiences have long since been forgotten. "It is rather expansive, but that is what city life is like. Have you ever thought about finding someone to show you around?"

"Now that I can get to the shop without getting lost, I'm sure I'll be safe soon enough." Provided that she doesn't have to sign her life away for the phone. "Oh." Hope shakes her head. "Not me, though you likely saw my twin sister on the news. She went missing twice in recent months. Once from Green Oaks, and then kidnapped from her new facility. I'm Hope. Hope Tyler. And you are?" The blonde hair might have thrown the poor man, which means that it's working even if it's not wholly an improvement. "To be honest, I've never really had the time. I'll probably just take one of those double-decker bus tours this Summer."

The soft smile remains as he directs her to the phone store, the company not too far away. "Oh, right. Faith, was it? I always liked the name. Yours as well. It's nice to meet you, Hope Tyler." It would be rude to comment on the news stories, and even more so to not introduce himself. "I'm Elliott Hartigan." The blond hair certainly will make it a bit harder to link Hope to Faith, even if it doesn't solve that issue completely. "I'm certain you could probably find a friend to show you around instead. The tours aren't bad to take but I find that they're lacking in real information and filled with tourists more than anything."

"That's right. Thanks, though I suppose my parents really deserve the thanks for it." Hope laughs, feeling a lot better now that she's actually talking to someone who doesn't know all the drama in her life. Rather, all the /personal/ drama. "It's a pleasure, Mr. Hartigan, I'm sorry about the suit. If it's been dirtied, please let me pay to have it cleaned? It's the least I can do." Honesty time. "You know, I spent most of my free time at the facilities with my sister, so I really don't have that many friends in the city."

"Well, they're not here for me to compliment, so allow me to compliment you instead." He knows some of what is going on, most of Dallas does, but the difference is that he's not going to comment. "Don't worry about it. It's a brand new suit so I'd prefer to have it cleaned prior to wearing it. You worry too much, Miss Tyler." Elliott doesn't seem to bat an eye at her admission. He maintains this calm demeanor. "That just proves how loving of a sister that you are. It's a selfless act. I realize that I am not a friend; in fact, I'm a total stranger. But if there is anything that I am able to do to help, I would love to."

She is not going to blush. Much as she's enjoying the attention, there's still a bit of hurt and depression within her to keep her from /fully/ enjoying herself. "Then allow me to thank you on their behalf," she says, quite cheerfully despite how she feels. "I'm a worrier, which I realize is probably a bad thing, but if I weren't then I wouldn't be able to keep the people I care for safe." Even if they don't want her around. "You already /are/ helping, Mr. Hartigan. I just don't know what I could do to repay the kindness."

It truly is in her best interest not to blush at this moment. He's not attempting to flirt with her and she likely will not approve of the company that he keeps. "If I do meet them, though, I'll have to also tell them what a proper young woman they've raised." Elliott rounds a corner, the store only several buildings away at this point. "Please, do not speak of payment. Obviously someone was looking out for you if we've run into each other so literally." Yes, he's talking about his belief again. "I could also point out that the safety of your loved ones does not fall on your shoulders."

"You could, but that won't make any difference," Hope says softly. "After what my twin has been through, I'd rather carry her burdens as well as my own. She deserves some happiness." Even if that happiness is with Ivan. Ugh. "I'm not as proper as all that. Rather, even proper people tend to make mistakes, and fall harder than anyone else when they do fall." The thought about being watched over is nice, and she nods. "I /am/ glad for that. I needed that today."

"Hopefully it does make some difference at some point. You're far too young to carry such a burden. Believe me, I know." His head shakes as he continues to lead them. "It's honorable, don't get me wrong, but you're forcing yourself to mature before your time and to miss out on what life has to offer. Might I suggest a day where you are completely selfish and do only those things that benefit yourself? A day of pampering." Elliott knows that it is people like Hope that are encouraging him to keep him on his chosen path as opposed to tempting him away from it. "Glad you say?" At this he chuckles. "I'm happy, then, that my shoulder has come to your assistance."

Will it make a difference? Hope's not inclined to agree. "I /am/ taking a day to spoil myself. New clothes, new phone, it's Hope two-point-oh!" In a sense. She's still really the same person, just making some drastic changes to her look to help her feel better. "Though I really don't think it's being selfish. Doing things for yourself, I mean. Everyone needs a day or two of downtime in their lives and it's only fair to take them when you can."

"New hair." Far be it for him to sound creepy but it is rather noticeable that she no longer looks exactly the same as her twin. "Well, it isn't being selfish, not really. Some people might consider it in such a way. I highly suspect that even you would fall victim to guilt if you allowed yourself more days like this than not." Elliott really doesn't know her but she does seem to worry more about others. "Even I'm taking a day to purchase new clothing when honestly I can't justify it. It's just something that needs to be done."

"Drastic new hair," Hope says with a slight laugh. "Dark brown to blonde." She primps it up in order to show it off a little. "It's more cheerful and sunny. I'm having difficulty finding the right colors to wear with it. I typically wear pink." Why is she babbling this at a guy she hardly knows? The truth is, it's because he doesn't really know her at all. "The suit. So what's the occasion?"

He can't help but chuckle as she preens. "It is rather drastic. I would ask what event caused such a decision but I won't force a response." Truth be told, Elliott isn't all that threatening. It's amazing what people end up talking to him about. "I wish I could offer advice about colors and clothing but I'm sadly lacking in that department. Conversation, on the other hand, is something I'm better suited for." He leads Hope right up to the door of the cell phone store. "The occasion? It seems rather silly but I've been showing another around Dallas and figured that it wouldn't do any harm to look decent doing so. At least until such a thing isn't needed."

There is a moment of consideration. One where she debates telling this stranger what's going on. /However/, she's enjoying the fact that he's not asking her if she's alright every five seconds. "Long and complicated story," comes the response. "Me too. I've been showing a strong preference for pink for as long as I can remember. Blue is going to make me look too much like Alice, and I think green is going to make me look like I'm ill." Earthy tones might work. "A suit for a tour? Doesn't that seem a bit much?" Then they're at the store, and she steps away from him. "Thanks for helping a lost girl find her way!"

Her explanation is left at that, made known by a simple nod. "As you wish." Then she's talking colors again and he is at a loss for what exactly to say. "I've always preferred darker colors so I'm afraid I wouldn't be of much help. It seems to me that you would rather something upbeat. Pastel." Elliott does feel rather foolish when she asks about the suit but does well to hide it, even if not overly well. "That also is long and complicated. Mostly it involves evenings out to see the city at it's best, so to speak. And as I believe it is an attempt to cause me to stray from my chosen path, it likely would be wise to at least look the part if nothing else." Another nod is given to the blond Tyler as she steps away. "My pleasure, Miss Tyler."

Complications make conversation complicated at best. Hope glances to the suit, about to mention a tie she saw in a shop further down that would go well with it, when he mentions a chosen path. Her brow arches slightly as she asks, "Why would someone want you to stray from your chosen path?" Pause. "What /is/ your chosen path?"

If she's expecting something creepy or dangerous, she really has no need for alarm. "I consider it to be someone who is attempting to keep my best interests in check. It is a life altering decision, after all." Elliott has no real clue how deep Hope's hatred of vampires goes, nor how he could be leading her to suspect any desire to become one. "I'm a few months away from entering priesthood. While I do not regret my decision in the least, it was suggested that I make certain it is the life for me."

"Catholic?" Hope considers this quietly for a moment. She doesn't seem upset by it. "I don't think there's anything wrong with ensuring it's the life for you. Priests have a lot more to give up than ministers do." She pauses, hand on the door. "Or reverands for that matter. The reverand for my church is married, but a priest will never get a chance to have that type of life." It doesn't even seem as though she feels sorry for him. "Thank you again, Mr. Hartigan! I suppose I should let you get on with your own errands now. Wish me luck!"

A firm nod is given to confirm the question, even though he's certain it is not needed. "That is why I've been encouraged to ensure that this is indeed the path for me. I honestly enjoy the challenge. Perhaps it will prove to be fruitful but I refuse to place any bets." As Hope prepares to enter the store, he backs away and even slightly bows. Elliott does this more for show than anything. "You're quite welcome, Miss Tyler. Good luck. Perhaps we'll encounter each other again."

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