Car Woes

Bunker's Garage and Salvage

Bunkers's Garage and Salvage sits on a rather large lot in the West Dallas neighborhood. The parking lot is small, and one spot is occupied at all times by a beat-up tow truck. Two fully equipped bays, complete with safety notices on the walls are for employees only. To the right side of the bays is an office, containing a simple desk with a grubby looking computer, and a filing cabinet. Behind the desk is a small whiteboard which lists inspection prices, and those for other services. The walls are decorated with a few small display cases where items available for sale are located.

After the night before Abbey is actually taking it rather easy. She is letting the other works in the shop actually work, strange concept. Abbey is at the moment in the office busy with papers, and order forms an the like, having a garage means she has to have parts in stock after all. Steele the bull mastiff is settled next to her on the floor happly dozing. Three works are in the garage part of the shop, two working on one car while another is busy picking up and keeping things in order, can't have a clutted work area after all. The bay doors are all open and a local music station is heard playing through out the building.

/Thankfully/ it's still daytime. /Thankfully/ the bus runs to this area of town. Hope Tyler, with a little slip of paper in her hand, appears at the doors to the garage. Her hair, now blonde, her clothing somewhat different from the normal pink she wears - mostly due to the area of town she's in. With the hair in a ponytail, and the dark jeans and denim coat, she knocks on it. Of course, with the music she's not certain she'll be heard. She waits a moment, then enters, looking to see where anyone might be.


While Hope doesn't think she'll be heard Abbey does hear her. A glance is offered towards the door just as Hope is about to pass by it and she blinks at the sight. Abbey smirks a moment before clearing her throat. "Afternoon.." Is said with a friendly, yet tired like tone. Leaning against the desk Abs lets her arms fold before it. "Can I help you?" This questions with a curious tone. As Abbey isn't working today she's in rather simple clothing, black tshirt, jeans and boots. A still healing gash like scar can be found across her right forearm from some accident perhaps.

"Officer Rossum said my car would be here?" Hope's movements are filled with a slight limp. A bandaged gash on her forehead still apparent. "Pink Ford Aspire? She said this is where impound was towing it to." Her lips are pressed together as she glances around with a curious look. Maybe she's got the wrong garage? "The front end was totaled. I just wanted to know if it's fixable, or if it's a write-off so I can tell the insurance company…"

A soft ah escapes Abbey as she slowly stands up, the movement causing a slight twinge of pain and she mutters faintly while picking up the button up gray work shirt on the back of the chair and slowly pulls it on. She's being rather careful how she moves it seems. "Right, have it out back.. It could be fixed, but its not going to be an easy one. What happened to it?" This is questioned as she makes her way out of the office and motions for Hope to follow her while she moves towards a back door that leads out to the impound lot.

Not an easy fix means probably more than the insurance company is willing to pay out for it. Hope sighs, then starts to follow the woman. "Well, it sort of ran into a lamp post. Hydroplaned across a puddle the other night. I'm just happy it didn't hit a /person/." Then she recognizes Abbey from the cemetery, and cringes. "Is it worth it to fix it then, or just take the pay out?"

Abbey ahs softly as she makes her way outside, holding the door open for Hope in the process. "Looks like the lamp post won." This said as she smirks slightly. Hope's car is right outside, under a car port that stretches across the back half of the garage for any impounds that Abbey feels should be out of the weather. "As for the car. It depends on how much you want to put into it. The front end is totalled, it would have to be redone. The engine isn't damanged but the radiator is totally. It took the brunt of everything it seems." This is explained while she peers at the car and then glances back to Hope to see the other's reation.

"Thanks," Hope says, meandering through the door, and looking at her baby. "I have no clue what any of that means," she says, quite honestly. "The insurance company said that the blue-book value was around twenty-five-hundred. Will it be less than that to repair?" Since either way, that's all she's getting for a pay out. Walking right up to the car, she opens the passenger door, then starts to fiddle with the glove box, extracting essentials - insurance papers, car manual, a few odds and ends that she left in there after the accident. "I don't suppose you found a pair of bowling shoes?"

Abbey ahs softly at this while peering at Hope and then the car, thinking it seems. "It would be close to that.." She pauses a moment, half chewing on her lip. "If I can do the work for that amount are your interested in saving it or you just going to sign it over?" She questions before pointing to the back seat. "Think there is a pair in back there. I didn't go through the car, just towed it here. The cops told me the owner would be back so I didn't want to mess with anything personal."

Hope peers into the back seat, and doesn't see them. With a sigh, she pops out of the car. "Well I don't generally leave much in my car. I've got some chains in the trunk in case of towing, and a first aid kit. That's about it." Eyes fall on the front end. "How close to that amount? The insurance will pay, I just have to get them an estimate. I have a little saved up if it goes over what the insurance pays, but not much." Since she only /just/ offered to pay for her twin to attend the Light of Day Institute with her.

Abbey is all about helping people with there cars, even ones that wave knives in her face it seems. "I'll work on an estimate. If it goes over the amount I'll figure something out how's that?" She questions curiously. "Could do a payment plan or something.. You seem trust worthy enough." This said with a slight smirk. "Though.. as long you don't wave a knife around me anymore at least.."

"I was waving it at /him/," Hope points out, only a little indignantly. Then she moves toward the trunk to get her belongings from there. "Great. An estimate would be perfect. If it's close to the insurance payout, then I likely won't have to fight them too long to get the money." At least she'll be paid. "How long would it take for the work? I know you'll likely have to find another front end at one of those wreckage places, and then it'll need to be painted…" Two long, thin silver chains are drawn out from the trunk and looped about her waist. Then the first aid kit is extracted and tossed into her backpack.

Abbey chuckles softly at this, a hand moving to rest against her side, while a soft hiss of pain escapes her. "Right.. Waving it.." She smirks now and shakes her head. "I might have one in the yard I can use. As far as pain go you'd be better off redoing the car then trying to math up colors." She catches sight of the silver chains and blinks slightly. "You use that for towing cars?.." Well she is glad she didn't go moving stuff around in the truck, that would have been a painful surprize to find.

The hiss of pain causes Hope to glance at the woman. "Are you alright?" There is a sigh in regards to the paint. "Matching the colors would be a pain, I don't know if they could even find a color similar to it anymore." Hopefully she'll be able to find a bodyshop that can paint it in a similar shade of pink. "Well /I/ don't tow cars, but yes. They hook to those metal hook thingies. I've never had to use them, but since my dad bought them for me I don't want to lose them either."

Abbey nods her head slightly to the question. "I'm fine." Is offered softly. "I know a few places to get paint, and bodyshops in the area that I can get it from if you want to stick with one place to do all the work. I won't charge you for the paint job. Sorta something I like doing on the side." She's redone the paint jobs on all her bikes and is in the process of repainting her mutang at the moment. "The chains just look sorta thin for towing cars that's all. You want to come inside and fill some stuff out? I can get working on an estimate and give you a call with it later on."

Hope eyes Abbey for a moment, not at all believing that she's fine, but not about to tell the woman she's lying in her own shop. "Really? That'd be /great/." If she's not got to worry about paint, that's one less cost she'll have to budget for. "I'd appreciate that." Then she looks to her chains, and smiles. "Well I'll have to ask dad where he got them from then. He's not really a car guy either." Nodding, she starts back for the shop. "Sure. Would it be easier if I gave you the insurance information and you could just contact them? Sorry, I've never been in an accident before so I've never had to get work done on my car except for that one time the axel got all screwy…"

Abbey nods slightly while she turns and moves back into the shop, the door now propped open. "Ya you can do that. I know how to talk to the insurance people." She does it often after all, an has been able to weasel a bit more money out of them by the end of the conversation. Abs makes her way back into the office and sits down, which is a good thing as she was feeling a bit light headed. "Most people don't often get into accident's after all, nothing to say sorry about, stuff happens." This said once Hope is in the office and Abs pulls out a clip bord and offers it to hope which has a standard client information sheet on it. "Just put down your insurance stuff on the back, and make sure to have your policy number." People tend to forget that for some reason.

The clipboard is taken, and Hope looks over the sheet. Looks standard enough. She shifts her backpack to the right, then reaches in for a pen. Which is when her cellular phone drops out of the back pocket. "What the…" Blinking, she picks it up. "I totally left this in the parking lot the other ni— how did this get in here." Boy oh boy she must be losing her mind. The cellular phone is placed back into the backpack, and she grabs a pen to start filling out the forms.

Abbey tilts her head while peering at Hope at the talk of the phone, she smirks faintly. "Well.. you did hit your head it seems." This says while she points out the head bandage as if the other didn't know it was there or something. "Maybe you just forgot you had it?"

"Oh, right." Yes, that's an acceptable explanation. Not that a vampire picked it up and /returned/ it to her. Hope chuckles nervously, continuing to fill out the papers. "Concussion and all, so it's entirely possible." When she's done, she flips the paper over and digs out her wallet. The insurance card is slipped from it, and she jots down the information, and leaves the adjusters card with the clipboard.

Abbey peers at Hope, pondering what has made the other so nervous about. A faint hum escaping her while she leans back in her seat slightly. "You going to be alright getting home?.. I could drive you if you need a ride." Or maybe someone else could, driving doesn't sound like a great idea for Abbey actually, but she will at least offer.

"I'll be fine. The bus stop is just outside. At least the insurance company is covering /that/ much until I get wheels on the road again." Which is good, because Hope can put away the transportation costs for the upped insurance rates. She double checks the information on the clipboard, then hands it over to Abbey. "Everything should be there. I left my cellular number there, which is where you can reach me most of the time."

Abbey nods lsightly at this. "Alright.. Glad there at least paying for that." This said while she picks up the paper and glances over it. "Looks like everything is in order. I'll give you a call as soon as I get everything figured up. How's that?" This questioned while she glances back to Hope.

"That's perfect. Thank you so much, Miss…" Well it's Bunker's Garage, but Hope doesn't want to assume that this is a Miss Bunker. She just turns to put the pen in her bag, ensuring all the closures are zipped up so things don't fall out on the bus.

Abbey tilts her head while nodding. "Name's Abbey, Abbey Wallace.." Please don't call her Miss Bunker.. Maybe she should get the name changed. She's been called that more then she wants to think about after all. "No problem. I don't mind helping someone if I can."

"I really appreciate it, Miss Wallace. Officer Rossum said that this garage was probably one of the better ones in town, despite the location." Hope smiles, then peeks down at her watch. "Oh, I've got to run. I've got to get to work, and the bus will be by in about five minutes. Please call, no matter the time you get it all estimated out."

Abbey offers a smile and nods. "Sure.. An I'll have to thank Officer Rossum for the good word then." She waves a hand. "Talk to you later then."

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