There is a carnival just outside of Dallas. It's nothing huge, like a stationary amusement park, but it is rather large in area. The carnival spans several acres, a mixture of game booths, food vendors, and rides. The lights are flashing in the darkness, games are blaring loud winning bells. Barkers are calling out to entice men to win their girl's prizes. Food vendors are offering their wares.

All in all it's a nighttime carnival atmosphere.

The newly blonde Tyler twin is standing right in front of a cotton candy vendor trying to decide on blue or pink. Her choice, of course, is pink, but then she's here to try something new.

Since the incident earlier in the day, he's had time to get home and change. Now wearing jeans and a tucked in button down shirt, Elliott is technically Hope's escort for the evening. He's not too far off from her at the cotton candy stand, money in hand as he ordered their selections. His, of course, being whatever it is that the blond woman doesn't select. "You're positive this is what you want?" Despite his best efforts to 'act his age', the soon to be priest is still rather rigid.

Austin just arrived with Andra, the pair wailking hand in hand. He buys there tickets to get in, then pausing by the 'other' ticket boot for a couple handfulls of tickets. Can't go to a carnival without going on some of the rides right. At least there are some good ones this time. "So, what would you like to do first?" he asks her with a grin.

Andra follows along at Austin's side, glancing over the area curiously before she looks back to him. A faint smirk is seen when he gets tickets for the rides. "I'm not about to ride them things.. There put up in like a /day/ that can't be safe.."

All this decision over colors. There's a little more back and forth, then a game of 'eeny meeny miney moe'. Finally, Hope settles on the blue cotton candy, and waits. Once the machine whirrs up she watches the sugar spun into a fluffy blue floss. As it's wrapped on the paper cone, she turns to Elliott. "Of /course/ I'm sure. Cotton candy is best for sharing. Candy apples would probably break teeth, and those mini doughnuts just look too greasy." Which means that there may be getting sick on rides. Cotton candy is the safest bet there is, and safe is the watchword tonight. Things must stay safe, because she needs one nice night out, with no vampire attacks and no drama.

Were she actually to admit to cotton candy being 'safe' he may just make a joke or two. As it is, the man simply pays for the treats and hands hers over. He feels rather odd walking around with a big fluff of pink cotton candy but Elliott isn't letting it bother him. He doesn't make a play to actually eat any of it right away, though. "You really came all this way just for some cotton candy?" And now, finally, he looks to her. There could be a smile directed her way but it may be very hard to notice.

Austin shrugs, "Yeah, I know, but it's fun." Peering up at the double ferris wheel, and some of the other, faster ones. "No worse then walking in the par and potentially being attacked by a rabbid dog, or walking down the street sometimes." And in this city, there are more dagerous things then carnival rides. "Well, let's get something to eat then check out some of the craft vendors then? Gram's birthday is coming up soon, I really should think about picking out something for her." he smiles, "And possibly try to win you something from one of the games."

Andra peers at Austin and ehs faintly. "I suppose.." She offers softly. "Though your gona have to ride them on your own. I don't do heights." Or quick movements like rides to. "Alright.. Wecan do that."

"You bet'cha," Hope says, reaching over to steal the top off the pink fluff. The joy of eating cotton candy with someone is that you can steal a piece of theirs now and again. "We could play a game, or go on a ride. I haven't been to a carnival since high school." Her gaze drifts around until she finds a gigantic stuffed kitten at a ring toss game. "Come on. I'll try to win you that." Tonight is supposed to be all about silliness and fun, after all.

"High school?" The way he looks at her and the tone of his voice suggests that he didn't spend high school at carnivals at all. When she steals some of his cotton candy, he returns the favor. As of yet it's the only sweet treat that he's allowed himself. "But, what?" Elliott just follows after Hope, careful to stay close enough to be that 'safe' escort that he's set out to be. "Wouldn't you prefer to win yourself such a thing? Or perhaps allow me to make a fool out of myself in that attempt?"

Austin grins, "Well maybe if we find a slower lower ride I'll talk you into going on one with me." Leading Andra first for the food vendors, "So, what would you like to eat? So much to choose from here." He then remembers, "Oh I got word now too, that Spring semi-formal is a luau, so I guess we won't have to dress up too awful much for it. Grass skirt and coconut shell top for you. Not sure yet what I'll be wearing." He laughs, "The only time in school we can use the term getting lei'd and not get detention for it."

Andra hums softly while peering at the menu. "Well.. Maybe just a thing of fries." She blinks and peers at Austin before smirking. "I'm not wearing coconute shell bra and a straw skirt to that.."

Another piece of pink cotton candy is taken, even though she ordered the blue. Hope grins, finding herself very relaxed and safe. Something she's not felt in a while. "Sure! We had the carnival at Homecoming, then the Winter Carnival, and generally one sometime in the spring. It was a great way to make money for school trips, while having fun at the same time." As she reaches the game, she points to a flying pig hat. "How about this? I'll try to win the gigantic kitten for you, you win that hat for me. I think it's wings flap and everything." A five dollar bill is given to the carnie, and she gets six rings. Each one is tossed toward the colored pegs with precision. The first one lands, spinning around until it settles. The next two bounce off the pegs, one flying up toward the carnie's face. The fourth lands, and again she misses with the last two.

He looks to the cotton candy in his hand that seems to be disappearing rather quickly. It's as if he's staring directly through it, uncertain of what magical properties it holds. "That's a lot of carnival. I'm not certain what they had while I was in school." His rigid nature doesn't make this hard to believe. Shrugging his shoulders, Elliott hands over his money as well. "As you wish." With his rings in hand, he half heartedly tosses them. The first one seems to bounce off but he stands back and watches the game just as he has the cotton candy, as he has Hope. And soon the remaining five strike true. "Does that get you the pig hat?" The man honestly has no idea.

Theodore isn't here with a girlfriend, a boyfriend, or a friendly animal sidekick for which to have adventures. He walks alone through the carnival crowd, a slim figure in a long short-sleeved shirt not unlike the sort made for girls. He's wearing it along with a pair of denim capri pants, rolled up on the hems, and a cabby hat squished down over his fluffy blonde hair. He strolls through the carnival at a rapid pace, a huge stuffed puppy under one arm; he pauses curiously to watch Hope and Elliot play the ring game, his eyebrows lifted curiously. He claps cheerfully at the two rings that land, including the ones Elliot tosses, "Woo! Good job!"

Austin chuckles and nods, "Well, we'll think of something. For both of us. I was just thinking is all.." more like hoping she would. He steps up to the vendor once it's their turn and asks for two orders of fries and something to drink for each of them. He then pays the vendor and waits. "We could go tacky hawaiian shirts and look like tourists instead, but I don't know. Again, we'll think of something, I'm sure."

Andra ehs softly while she tilts her head. "Well.. Maybe.. I'm sure we can figure something out at least." She says with a smile. "Hey.. Want to go play one of the games once we get the food?"

The sudden unknown voice behind Hope makes her jump, and grab onto Elliott's arm. She is not going to turn around and look at the person, she just stares at the man running the game, who plops the flying pig hat on her head. All the joy has drained out of her expression though, and her hand dives into her jeans pocket to pull out the small little lipstick-looking container of mace. She may be here with someone safe, but the loud noise behind her might not be. Yes, the now-blonde Tyler twin is the one that's paranoid. "I guess this means yes," she says, with a forced smile.

As soon as Hope reacts, he looks behind him. The cotton candy is actually dumped in a nearby receptacle so he can focus on the task at hand. "I would advise against that," Elliott speaks softly to Hope, warning against her public display of violence. In fact, one of his hands seeks out hers. Some may take it the wrong way but he is not concerned. "Many thanks," he speaks to Theodore. "It is a rather fun game, you should try it." The civilities past, he begins to usher Hope towards a different game. One with multiple little glass bowls and ping pong balls. Yes, a cute couple they make.

Austin grins, "Sure, which one? Last year, the ones running the basketball game wouldn't let me play anymore after the first night. But if they have it here this year, maybe they will have someone new running it. Though we can play pretty much anyone you want." Soon the fries are ready and he's handing her, hers then taking his to the condiments for some katchup.

Theodore blinks at the sudden reaction from Hope and Elliot's less than friendly response as well, his eyebrows lifting slightly. A short blonde kid in a pink shirt isn't exactly "dangerous". He lowers his hands from their clapping position and cocks his head as he watches them walk off, rolling his eyes slightly, "People these days." He does decide to try the ring game, though he does it half-heartedly, the bad reaction to his generally friendly attitude sucking some of the cheer out. Pout. He still wins something - a dayglo caterpillar that he tries to balance on his head as he shuffles off along the rows of games.

Andra takes hold of the fries and thanks Austin for it with a smile. "Well.. I don't know. Could just go over and see what games there even is? I have to admit I haven't really been to one of these things before." This said before she takes a fry from the box and munchies on it.

The advisement is taken into consideration, and the blonde Tyler sighs. Her hand is taken before she can put the lipstick case back into her pocket, but to keep herself from saying anything, she bites off a large chunk of the blue cotton candy that she holds in her other hand. With the direction to the next game, she seems a little more at ease. No one but someone she knows is safe is in her personal space again, and it seems to settle her. "Thank you," she murmurs to Elliott, slipping her hand from his to slide the little case back into her pocket. "Ooh, is this the game where you can win a goldfish?"

He immediately moves his hand away once they're in the safety of the next game. Elliott himself is not afraid of anyone around but rather is concerned what would have happened had he not moved the Tyler along. Now at a fresh game he hands over a few bills and in return is given a huge bucket with thirty six balls. "A night where you can feel safe. That is what you were looking for, is it not?" The serious young man soon to be a preacher is about as safe as she can get. "Yes, it is. Why not give it a try? I could use some form of pet and goldfish fit my life better." Distractions, yes.

Austin soon has the katchup on his fries, grabs his drink and is soon leading the way to the games. This carnie and that are barking out their 'Step right up! Come on win the little lady this prize or that' Austin doesn't deal with the pushy types. Just looking right now to see what all is available, and let Andra decide what prize she might like on her own.

Andra wanders on towards where the games are, she looks over a few of the said games in the process. She and Austin are both moving onwards to where Theodore happens to be. "What about over here?" Is questioned to Austin.

Theodore has been walking alongside the games, so there's no surprise when he nearly runs into Austin and Andra, wobbling in place seconds before impact only to take a couple quick steps back. He laughs and rubs the back of his neck abashedly, "Oh! Ahaha… sorry… I was watching the games." He pokes a finger at the nearest game booth, "I like this one. You have to pop balloons with a dart." The caterpillar on his head stares at them with stuffed curiousity, obviously a caterpillar of the world.

Distractions are good. They're helpful. They're what's going to get her through being out at night, in a public, but safe manner. Were Elliott a date, rather than a safe-escort, she'd give him a big hug for the mini-rescue. "That's a lot of balls. Do you need to throw them into the bowls? What if you hit the poor goldfish on the head? You could render him unconscious!" Actually, Hope has no idea what will conk a fish out, but a ping pong ball to the head doesn't sound like much fun either way. Quietly, gently, she takes one of the ping pong balls as she tries to figure out how to play the game. She also takes another silent bite of the blue cotton candy, trying to finish it off.

He likely wouldn't know what to do if she did hug him. It's not exactly something that the man has prepared himself for. "It is. The game is not as simple as it may look. Besides, the goldfish are rather cheap so they can afford to give out many of them." Elliott points to the fish kept in larger containers. "Those are the fish that they likely give to the winners. I'm certain, though, that no harm will come to the others. That would be some sort of federal crime, no doubt." Again the man is teasing but when so serious it may be hard to tell. So he takes a ping pong ball in hand and tosses it out, just to be silly. Ironically it bounces off of a few of the glass jars before landing right inside of one. He apparently is better at carnival games than he expected.

Austin chuckles and pauses as well, and making sure Andra doesn't run into him either. "Oh! Heh hey, no worries man. It happens." Peering at the caterpillar and just grins.. "Yeah that one is pretty easy, they probably won't let me play the basketball one that one is easiest. For me anyway. We're actually going to try the ringtoss one first." He then steps over, "So what would you like me to try for dear?" he asks Andra, handing her his fries and drink to hold as well, while he digs for his money. Wallet, on a chain, in the front pocket of his jeans. Smart kid.

Andra blinks and looks to Theo before offering a smile. "Sok.. Lots of people around." She points out before glancing to Austin and chuckles. "Sure.." This said while taking hold of the fries and drink. Another glance is offered to Theo. "I like the caterpillar is kewl. All neon and fuzzy like."

"You did it!" At that, Hope does move in to hug Elliott. The could be altercation is forgotten, the excitement of the moment having taken over. The problem with the hug is that there is a flying pig hat that will likely bonk him on the face, and blue cotton candy that may just brush against his shirt. She doesn't hold the hug all night though, since that's neither appropriate or at all proper in this situation. She turns toward the bowls, to try her luck at the game. The ping pong ball is tossed upward in an underhand type toss. It bounces off the lip of the furthest bowl, then goes /flying/ toward the small group not far away which is now by the ring toss game.

The hug is rather unexpected and is most certainly not returned. He just stands there watching her, blue food coloring staining his shirt and a pig hat smacking him in the face. This is what people his age do? Elliott shakes his head to clear those thoughts and outright laughs as she basically attacks others with the ping pong ball. "A little less arm, Hope. You honestly would not want to harm the fish. Remember, it's all for the fish." As he's speaking he's tossing more balls, not even paying attention to them. His focus is more on his non-date and how she is feeling. Ten more balls tossed, six striking true. Perhaps it is a good thing that he doesn't realize this as he may actually start to worry about having too many fish.

Austin grins at Andra and nods, "Sure, I think I can give it a shot." At a dollar a ring, he hopes so, he pays five dollars and is beginning to toss the first ring. Score! He blinks and peers over his shoulder at Andra and grins at her, before he tosses the second. That one is a dud. About to toss the third, when a pingpong ball bounces off his head. He blinks.. how he could feel it with all that hair is a bit hard to figure out, but he did. But no his concentration is off as he looks for it. He has a red hooded jacket on, and that's where it went, in the hood. But well he didn't feel that part.

Andra offers a smile back to Austin while lifting her head to curiously watch as he tosses the rings up. A soft yaay escapes her as he gets one, and then a soft aww escaping her when he misses the next. She blinks at the pingpong ball that baps into Austin and tilts her head before glancing around wondering where it came from.

The fact that the hug isn't returned doesn't seem to bother the Tyler twin at all. She's relaxed again, feeling happy. When she realizes that she's stained his shirt with the blue cotton candy, she moves over to the receptacle and tosses the remainder, stopping at a food vendor for some napkins so that she can wipe up the majority of it. "You're going to have way too many fish!" Good thing that they can all go in one tank, and that they don't need to be walked. Another ball is taken, though she frowns at it. "I have general grace, but I guess I never really played baseball or anything." Having watched the way he tossed the ball, she tries to copy the motion, and to her surprise and delight she manages to land one in bowl with a tiny sploosh.

He's far too focused on his non-date to really pay much attention to what is going on. In fact, Elliott is far more concerned about the fact that she's cleaning his shirt to pay attention to the fact that he's throwing more ping pong balls. Five more are tossed and only one strikes true. It is still one more than he needs. Six plus one plus one plus one equals far too many. When she mentions having so many fish the man looks down at the number of tickets that have been tossed down in front of him. Nine in total. "I believe, Miss Tyler, that you're taking home some fish with you as well." He pauses as he looks back to her. "And worry not about the shirt. That is what drycleaners are for, after all."

Austin finaly does find the pingpong ball in his hood. He can't help but laugh. Luckily that game isn't too far away and it's not too breezy tonight. Before he pitches another ring, he tosses the ball back over and just as Hope hits a bowl. He also hits one. But it doesn't count, since he's not playing 'that' game. Pays to be a basketball player, possibly. Smetimes. He grins, then turns back to the ringtoss and tosses the rest of his rings. Apparently he's on the ball tonight. He sinks the rest of the rings.

Andra tilts her head while glancing towards some others playing games and catches sight of where the pingpong ball may have come from. She then looks back to Austin and chuckles. "Nice one there. Got the rest of 'em."

There he goes again with that Miss Tyler stuff. Hope rolls her eyes at him, playfully shoving his shoulder. "Okay then, /Father Hartigan/." The tease in her tone, coupled with the grin, should be enough to show him that she's not taken offense to being called Miss Tyler, /and/ act to remind him that her name is Hope. "That's half the balls you've thrown so far. You're /really/ good at these carnival games." She counts them out on her fingers and then tilts her head. "Alright, I'll take the one that I won." That's fair, after all. "I thought we had nine," she says, concerned that extra one may have been a left-over from someone else. Unless…

A glance is briefly given to the ring toss game, and she turns back to Elliott. "Okay, I'll take those two then." Hers, and the extra one since it came from her ball. "Or we can give that extra one to the kid that threw the ball back."

The shove catches him off guard just as everything has so far this evening. He moves back slightly before looking at her, perplexed. Finally he realizes that she's being playful and that he really is being far too serious. "That's about enough of that." Elliott is referring to her play with his name but as he does so he picks up the entire bucket of remaining balls. While he does well to keep the actual bucket in his hand, he tosses all of them at once. "Is that more age appropriate?" The question is asked without even watching where the balls go. Nine more tickets are slid his way and it isn't until Elliott listens to his non-date that he even realizes it. With all tickets counted there are nineteen. Good thing that he can redeem the fish at the end of the night and not walk around with them. "I would be comfortable with offering some of these out if you are," he admits, his eyes traveling back to Austin and Andra. If not, he'll be making a last minute trip to Wal-Mart for the needed materials to house so many fish.

Austin peers over, and thinks he recognizes the girl. Actually, it's her sister he knows, but with twins, one never knows. "Fish and Hamsters, dang Rose, gonna have a housefull. Well at least I'll be taking a couple of them off your hands." He's then handed one of the caterpillars that Andra wanted. He takes his fries and drink off her hands, and hands her the caterpillar. Watching Elliott with his tactics at the game he can't help but laugh, "Dude that's cheating."

Andra lets Austin take back the fries and drink andthen takes the caterpillar and chuckles. "Thanks Austin." She offers while peering at it. A glance is offered towards Hope and Elliott once more and she tilts her head. "You know them?" Is questioned softly to Austin as there still a bit apart from the other couple.

Hope would look very much like her sister for sure, were it not for the blonde hair. The fact that the name Rose doesn't even register in her mind as belonging to said twin means that she doesn't look over at Austin right away. "Yes! Much more age appropriate." By this point, the blonde Tyler twin is near giggling. Even though the giggling is actually making her a little sad, the sadness can only really be seen in her eyes. "Wait, did he say hamsters?" Hard to hear over the rest of the carnival, but she gives the younger boy a strange look. "Let's go give them some of the tickets, and then we can go on a ride or something." Not a Ferris Wheel though. Too romantic.

The name Rose does not go unheard but honestly Elliott is very new to this entire situation. "I believe that perhaps you have the wrong person? Her name is not Rose." At least he doesn't believe her to ever go by such a name. He stares at Austin before offering a smile, forcing himself to act more 'age appropriate'. "I was hoping that it would work against me." Nineteen tickets in hand, Elliott collects his non-date and begins to walk over to the younger couple. This time he attempts to offer her his arm, almost as if they were on a date. The sadness can clearly be seen be he's at a loss for what to do. To keep any from overhearing he leans down to whisper in her ear.

Elliott whispers: If I am causing your sadness, I can always escort you home.

Austin smiles, "Well, I think so, she looks like the girl I ran into at White Rock awhile ago. She was freakin swimming in the lake, in February." he explains to Andra. Then also says, "She told me of a bunch of hamsters she has, and I'm getting a couple of them. She said her sister's hamster knocked up her hamster. Her words.." he heads leads Andra over to the fishbowl game and smiles at whom he thinks is Rose. "Well, her hair was a different color, maybe it is the sister." he mentions on the way. Meeting the pair midway, "Well she looks like Rose, but then Rose did mention a twin." He peers at all the tickets. "Wow, you're going to have to invest in a huge tank at this rate dude."

Andra ahs softly while she follows Austin over to meet up with Hope and Elliott. A friendly smile and nod is offered to the pair. "Evening. You guys having fun at the carnival?" She questions with a friendly tone.

A soft look is given to Elliott as she takes his arm. Hope leans against him, just enough to whisper a response back to him. As the two younger people meet them halfway, her grip on her escort's arm becomes just a little tighter, but she doubts that they mean harm. "Yes, thank you." The smile is still on her face, despite the slightly sad look in her eyes.

You whisper, "You're not. I was just thinking of a snowball fight I had recently." to Elliott.

What does one exactly say to that? This is not the moment where he's at his best. So he simply whispers a response before nodding to both Austin and Andra. "She does have a twin, from what I recall. Although I'm still not familiar with the name you've offered. I'm horribly sorry." Elliott is lucky enough not to have met this Queen of Crazy. With only one hand free, he offers out the tickets for the taking. "Feel free to take as many as you would like. I fear that there are too many here for me to properly care for." Eyes flit back to Hope just to gauge her level of comfort.

Elliott whispers: Would tossing you back in the lake be of any help?

Austin smiles, "Ahh well I met your sister." He tells Hope, "And I'm getting a couple hamsters when they are ready. I'm excieted, I've already got the pen for them and those tube things for them to run around in." He then blinks at Elliott "I um, wow, thanks. Gold fish are fun, and would add just a bit more orange to my room." With all the basketball stuff around, "A boy needs pets, right? But he doesn't want to be greedy, so he only takes a couple tickets. "Looks like I got more pet supplies to buy too." he grins. Good thing spring and yard work jobs are around the corner.

Andra titlsher head while she curiously peering at Hope then to Elliott. She ponders what the whispering is about, along with the sad look from Hope at talk about her twin. A glance is offered to the tickes and she looks to Austin. "Well.. I wouldn't mind a couple.. I mean, if you guys are sure about it an all."

"I'm glad someone is taking the hamsters," Hope says, still not giving too much information on herself to the strangers. Faith /does/ hang around vampires, after all. "To be fair, I think at least one of the fish was won by you anyhow." She and Elliott can split the rest of the tickets. "I'm okay with it, and I'm happy just to keep the one that I won." So however many her non-date wishes to give away is up to him, as long as she gets to keep one. To make sure of it, she yoinks one of the tickets. A /look/ is given to Elliott then, at the whisper and she just blinks at him a few times before laughing. "No, I think I got enough of a chill for one day earlier, thank you." Yet she still whispers something at him, an impish look on her face as she does so.

You whisper, "Unless you're planning on carrying me again. If you are, I might just risk it." to Elliott.

"Oh, by all means. Please take as many as you'd like. I'm certain that you'd care for them better than I can." There he goes again; speaking as if he's about twenty years his senior. He will claim the rest of the fish later and take the best care of them possible. He is, after all, supposed to live life to the fullest before taking his vows. The laugh is a beautiful sound, one that Elliott is glad that he was able to cause. In truth he has no idea what exactly he did to provoke it but to see her smiling is worth it. So the whispering continues, brief, just to keep things not as public. This is a night for Hope to feel comfortable, after all.

Elliott whispers: I can carry you without actually shoving you into a lake, if you'd like.

Austin actually hangs out with a few as well, but well other then to Andra, he really hasn't said that to many people. "Oh, well if you're sure, we can stop on the way home later and get the supplies we need. Or I'll find someplace for them for the night untill I can tomorrow after school. Depends on when we leave here tonight." He takes a couple more for himself, and the couple for Andra that he hands her. "I'm sure there are some kids that might like some too." he means younger kids, like the one who is currently playing the game and losing miserably. He's about six and looks about in tears because he's not getting one. Austin peers over and frowns a bit at that look. He might be a teenager, and most teenagers don't care for kids, but Austin is different then most. He tucks his into his wallet, save one.

Andra is not a vampire, that is for sure, one she is breathing and two does she really look like a vampire? Though she does work at the locak vampire hotel.. A warm smile is offered to Elliott and she nods while leaning forward to take hold of two tickets. "Well that's, that's really nice of you guys. Sharing tickets and all. I'm Andra by the way."

"Stop acting so /old/," Hope tells her non-date. The night is for her, to make her feel safe in the darkness again, sure. But it's also for Elliott to act his age for once. The whisper causes her eyes to widen, and the impish look gets a little more so. A little gleam in her eyes as she whispers back at him. Her eyes fall upon the little kid briefly, and she excuses herself from the 'group' to head over. Her one ticket is then offered to the parent, because she knows how fussy parents can be about certain things; like strangers giving their children items. As she talks to the mother, she points to the fish bowl at the back motioning for the biggest goldfish to be given to the child. When that is done, she walks back to the group and nudges Elliott's shoulder. "Guess I'm taking one of your fish."

You whisper, "I dare you to carry me to the merry-go-round." to Elliott.

Being on a first name basis with so many that he barely knows is actually uncomfortable for the soon to be priest, but he does well not to show it. "A pleasure, Miss Andra. I am Elliott." With the tickets taken that are to be taken, the man pockets the rest for the time being. "I see that you are already making good use of the tickets. That is reassuring." A look is given to Hope as if to say that yes, people can be nice without being prompted. Then Hope takes cue from Austin and he just laughs. "It also appears as if he is going to be receiving more than one fish this evening." The faintest hint of red can be seen on Elliott's cheeks at the mini lecture. Perhaps it's at the whisper. It's difficult to say. "I do so hate to be rude, but I believe I have a dare that I must address." With that said, he scoops Hope up in his arms and begins to walk off.

Elliott whispers: Do not dare someone of something if you wish for it not to happen, my dear.

Austin also heads over, following Hope, but noting that she is a bit uncomfortable, he keeps his distance and also gives the boy's mother a ticket. Then indicating that though the biggest fish in the tank is already promised him, Austin chooses the second biggest fish for the boy as well. Before he returns to the group. "And I'm Austin Jamison." he goes all out with his introductions on his end. "Thank you very much Elliott, I've never had a pet of my own. The dog is my grandparents dog. Not really the same." Then to Hope, "And don't worry, I'll take very good care of the hamsters as well."
The mother is ecstatic, and smiles at both Hope and Austin for the tickets. "Oh thank you." Then showing her son, who squeals with delight and singing "I get two fishes yay yay, Thank you thank you." so on and so forth. Not a real song, but when you're six, anything is a real song.

Andra tilts her head while watching Hope move over togive the boy a ticket, she smiles. "That's really nice of you.. Well you both." This said with an amused tone as Austin goes to give them a ticket as well. She blinks and hehs softly while watching Elliott pick up Hope and the two leave. "Ah.. Nice meeting you both.." Is said before they really turn to go.

There is concession. Elliott can win the argument from earlier. Some people /are/ just nice without being prompted or running off. When he mentions the dare, Hope is about to protest. Then she's suddenly in Elliott's arms again, and squeaks as her feet leave the ground. Hope laughs again, one arm wrapping about his neck in case he drops her. "Enjoy the fish," she says to the younger pair, before it appears that she is being walked off while being taught a lesson.

You whisper, "Who said I didn't wish it to happen?" to Elliott.

It truly is rude to up and leave how he is, but at this point the young man isn't exactly sure what to make of the evening. He is now the proud parent of a tank full of fish. Apparently pushing women into a lake is a good thing. Now he's being dared to do something and possibly flirted with. Elliott's cheeks hold that faint hint of a blush as he carries Hope off. Fun will be had for the rest of the evening; he will make sure of that. He is safe, after all, and will not try anything.

Elliott whispers: As you wish.

Austin chuckles after the pair. "Heave a good evening, both of you." He's soon done with his fries and soda and pitching the empty containers. He's then looking back at Andra, "Well, onward? With my luck tonight, I might be able to win something else for you, then we can see what we can find at the craft endors for Gram. I'm not about to forget her birthday. I'd make something, but I'm not crafty enough to."

Andra ohs softly to Austin and nods. "Well, come on, lets go see what we can find how's that?" She questions while turning to move towards where the craft tents and so forth happen to be. "I'm sure were be able to find her somthing while were here."

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