Hot Tubbin' It

Ravello - Pool Area

A large, rectangular in-ground pool resides here, the area surrounding it smooth flagstones which blend in with the natural beauty of the condominium yard. The heated depths reach about sixteen feet at the deepest section and along that end of it is a water-slide that is continually running in the summer. Beside the slide is a very tall ladder that leads up to the high diving board. Set in an small alcove in one corner of the shallower end is a circular ring that bubbles and steams with the heat of the hot tub which is seated within it.

Scattered around the edges of the pool are various flowers in terracotta pots. A few benches and chairs lay about the pool so if one wants to come and enjoy the scenery without swimming they may.

There is a reason the pair of them haven't ventured towards the pool found at the apartment complex - and the reason is fairly simple - it had been closed for maintenance. This weekend had been the grand unveiling of the closed off area, and among the first to appreciate the splendors and glory of an in ground, heated swimming pool happens to be Ivan and Faith, of course.

The day is extremely warm, extremely sunny. Just perfect for a day out without actually going out, according to the Fontane, and so it is in his flip flops, green swimming trunks, and designer sunglasses that Ivan emerges from his building, his lips curled into a satisfied smile as he glances over his shoulder to his girlfriend. "This is why I got the apartment, did you know?"

Swimming is one of the greatest things on the planet, at least in the mind of the one who used to win so many medals in the water. She's never balked from the chance to swim before, but something is different now. Her LSU uniform is gone and now there is actually a man in her life to make her worry about what she looks like. It's hard to believe that she doesn't have easy access to a swimming suit unless one considers her two years of hell in the institution.

It's taken some prep work, this weekend has. On one of her outings she's recently purchased something to wear for this very occasion. Still Faith remains in her LSU breakaway pants and a tee, remaining fully covered until the time she doesn't have to be. "What if people see us?" It seems as if she's already forgotten the little gossip column. "We can always come back later if you want." This said even as her eyes find the water and begin to glimmer.

They're not the only ones out there. The residents of the building seem to be comprised of mostly young, attractive and successful individuals, a regular 'Melrose Place' in Dallas. Waif-like women are enjoying the relatively rare sunlight in skimpy bikinis as they tan, overly-large sunglasses giving them a bug-like appearance. Another resident or two are swimming laps in the pool, banking on some exercise. But one thing is for sure - everyone's too self-involved to even bother with the D-list 'celebrities' known as Ivan and Faith. After all, some of the other residents are also usuals in the gossip mags.

And so, it is with amusement that Ivan glances over to his fully-clothed beau. "I think that they recognize you by now, baby." He points out mildly, brightly. After all, she's been a fixture in the apartments for at least a month, if not two. "There's a strict policy over here about invasion of privacy. If the landlord wasn't so harsh about it, then Ravello would be on the first page of magazines like, ever day or so. So…don't worry, yeah? Just tell me if anyone bothers you. And why are you wearing all that? I thought you liked swimming. And being naked around me - although that's not the point."

It may be that no one is paying attention to them, not really, but it doesn't make her feel all the more comfortable. It's as if the moment she takes her clothes off pictures of her will wind up in gossip magazines and she really isn't comfortable with that. The poor dear nearly looks as if she's going to just turn around and run back inside, back to the safety that is his apartment. After all, they don't have much time left together so they should make it count.

"Everyone gives me a hard time," she nearly whispers, shifting uncomfortably as she does so. In fact, she does turn around as id she's going to leave him stranded. "You know how I am." At least this will give her practice for the retreat but it's still not easy. Eventually Faith sighs and tugs the overly large tee up over her head. Beneath is a yellow razor back bikini top. When that is folded neatly she removes her breakaways while keeping her sandals intact. She has practice removing clothing for swimming, after all. The boy-short bikini bottoms revealed match the top perfectly. "You can see me naked. Everyone else doesn't need to."

Ivan's smile disappears when he takes note of exactly how uncomfortable his girlfriend happens to be, finding himself sobering quite quickly. After a moments inspection, he licks his lips, lifting a hand to remove his sunglasses as she begins to strip down. The fact that he's not watching the show with that insatiable lust and that he hasn't commented on her 'nakedness' reserved for him proves that he's taking this fairly seriously.

"Faith…" He croons softly, his fingers drawing down her exposed arm in a gentle motion. "Fuck everyone else. They're not important. What they say about you, what they think about you is not important. You're stronger and better then they are - so don't let them ruin your life, baby. Just…just focus on me, alright? Just pretend they're not here, and focus on you and me."

She's just better when there are few people around, and when they aren't quite so public. It will change; it will go back to when she was completely normal in public and wishing to show just how much she cares for him. To the entire world. It will take time but at least she's trying. The clothing is folded neatly and placed off in a safe location. Not that anyone would want her old college gear.

No matter how intimate that they've been, she still feels oddly uncomfortable around him as she is. As if she's not that super model not too far away. "I am focused on you. That's part of why I worry so much." It's a valid statement at the very least. Still Faith takes a deep breath before walking towards the pool. They're here to enjoy themselves so that's what she's going to plan on doing. "But I paid good money for this outfit so I might as well use it." A fake confidence, one he'll likely see right through but at least she's trying.

Ivan smiles warmly, if a little wryly, to the woman as she puts on a brave face and proceeds to head towards the water. After all, he can't complain - that is what he asked for. And her attempts prove that she's getting better, right? "That's my girl," he encourages, proud and pleased, that quality ringing through his sound. "I'll meet up with you in a bit, alright?" As if it right now, Ivan is busy with disrobing himself of his extraneous clothing as well, putting it off to the side to join with Faith's belongings. But then, something not entirely scripted happens.

"Ivan!" Comes the girlish squeal from the door opening up to the poolhouse, and a particularly buxom blonde in her string bikini appears, eyes fixed upon his person. Pleased, she proceeds to job over to the man and throw herself at him, her arms wrapping around his neck as though she's some sort of close family friend, not caring that she's hardly clad.

For Ivan's part, the man just looks confused, and a little bit hesitant. Her hug is not returned, he's just standing there, awkwardly stiff. "Uhh…Vivien. How…nice to see you again." Oh, can you feel the discomfort?

So set in her faux confidence, she is, that Faith doesn't even realize that he's not following immediately behind her. She looks past the initial ladders and instead makes way to the diving board. The tall diving board. It's only once she's atop it that she realizes that not only is her boyfriend not in the pool, but that someone is calling his name. A rather well endowed, blond someone. Faith looks down over her own body before shaking her head. She will not cry. Will. Not. Cry.

Getting back down the ladder is going to prove to be a chore and she can't just stay where she is. Someone at some point is going to want to use it. So Faith grinds her teeth before sprinting forward. A few tumbles through the air are made before she swan dives perfectly into the water. It is something that she can do well, one of the very few things. Once she surfaces she ignores everyone who might have seen what she just accomplished, her eyes set rather possessively on the man that is -hers-. And eventually she'll make her way over to them, dripping wet and ready to be that frigid bitch that she is.

"Oh God, it's so good to see you! You're just as sexy as I remember. Anyway, like, good news! I'm back from the Alps. And better news, I finally dumped that loser Harry - he like, wanted to settle down and get married and stuff. Can you like, imagine me cooking for something? Or better yet, getting pregnant? Yeah, neither could I, so I told him to get lost. Plus, he was like getting boring anyway. We should like celebrate. You should come over for champagne tonight and we can catch up - what are you doing?" It's all said in one breath, practically. One high-pitched, rather vapid breath that trails off in confusion as Ivan physically peels the woman off of his form, taking a step away from her as he arches his brows in her direction slowly.

"Hey, Viv'," He begins, a tad bit amused. "It's great to see you again. It really has been a while." He's basically ignoring her entire blurb, and once he's determined that she's no longer going to glom onto him, he removes his hands from her waist. Over her shoulder, he notices Faith walking towards him, and some of the tension disappears from his smile, and it becomes more genuine. "We've alot to catch up on, yeah. Viv, this is my girlfriend, Fa-…Rose." The switch is made quite thoughtfully as he steps towards the dripping ice queen without hesitation. "Rose, this is an old friend of mine, Vivien."

He said that no one was going to be paying attention to her. He said that no one would even realize who she was, and if so they wouldn't care. He was wrong. It's something that is only fueling her icy anger. It is almost as if everyone around the pool is staring at her, watching her dripping form literally march from the pool over to the bimbo who has so blatantly put her hands all over Ivan. In honesty, Faith did it to herself by diving the way that she did. It was a bit professional for the casual swimmers around.

Her pace doesn't slow until she's right behind this Vivian person. That coldness only intensifies in her eyes. Rose just stares at her, doing her best not to just punch the woman in the face. She's shorter, less endowed and nowhere near the woman that this Vivian pretends to be. There are no greetings, no pleasantries, and Ivan might very well feel the chill coming from the young woman. "Uh-huh."

"What?" Vivien inquires, clearly surprised by Ivan's shift in behavior when it comes to herself. Curiously, she looks down to her bikini body, as if searching for some sort of defect that might have turned him off to her. But when he introduces Faith, suddenly it all makes sense. She turns around to glance at the shorter brunette, one perfectly tweezed brow arching in surprise. She eyes Faith up and down, on hand resting upon her hip. "Oh." It's pointed. It's expressive of catty distaste. But soon enough, her winning smile returns to Ivan. "That's cool. I'm happy for you." Not. "Still, we should catch up. Maybe like, tomorrow when she's…"

Ivan merely shakes his head at her suggestion, cutting her off. "No, Viv. She's my girlfriend." He reiterates with added emphasis, to show exactly what he means. As it is, he's rather uncomfortable, because the ire that's exuding from Faith is completely new to him. Completely out of the blue. And it's scary. Hot, but scary nevertheless. With an awkward laugh, he attempts to diffuse the situation by moving to wrap an arm around Faith's waist possessively. "So, ah…you going to swim?" It's fairly obvious that she is, but he was at a loss of things to say!

Being in a relationship is rather new to her, when it comes down to it. They've not been together all that long and he is her first. So this situation has never actually happened before and she's not liking one minute of it. It should be expected with the past that she's heard of but this is still not something that is okay. None of the ire is directed towards him, not in the least. But that could partially be because Faith is nearly ignoring Ivan at this point.

There mere suggestion that he wait until she's gone so he can sex the bimbo sets her -off-. She very nearly pounces on the woman right then and there, but thankfully for everyone Ivan is trying to put some sort of arm around her. He's attempting to make some sort of claim. He's still being ignored. Finally Faith can't take it anymore. "I wouldn't call it swimming," she finally admits, her voice chilled and low. She's not being outright angry but just cold. It's the true Faith from years back. "Not with the two bowie's that she's had surgically implanted." Let the woman react to that. Faith may be quite a bit lacking but at least she's completely natural in every way, right down to her insanity.

It's funny, how quickly a situation like this can deteriorate. Vivien is pretty much ignoring Faith in the same way Faith is ignoring Ivan, busy with shooting the tall object of contention a particularly flirty smile. At first, she doesn't even realize that Faith has just insulted her. But the look of surprise, shock, and slight unease on Ivan's face prompts the woman to revisit the words uttered. It is only then that a reather ugly sneer appears on her face, and she looks down to her chest, before tossing Faith's a pointed look. "Now, now - there's no need to get catty with me just because you've got little mosquito bites. God, where'd you find this one, Ivan? No class at all."

During another time, Ivan might have stared in slight awe, even encouraging the oncoming catfight. Right now, though? All he wants to do is separate the women. Now. Fast. With slight panic fueling him, his grip on his woman tightens and he draws Faith in closer to him, throwing Vivien a quelling, somber sort of look. "Stop. The both of you. Viv, it's not going to happen. I've moved on, and I assure you any catching up that will occur will be completely dressed and during the daylight hours. Fa-Rose, just drop it, Pretty girl. Look, I don't want any trouble. I just want to go swimming, and maybe hit the hot tub in a bit. Now, can we please behave like adults and get past this?"

The lack of respect really is what is fueling her frozen flame at this point. It doesn't matter that he's trying to tighten his grip on her; in fact that only encourages her. Faith then makes a noise that very few have actually heard from her; she growls. Yes, she's growling at the woman who has the -nerve- to treat her -and- Ivan in the way that she is. It's up to Ivan to keep a solid hold on her at this point because Faith is lunging. If there's one thing that anyone should know it is not to mess with a crazy. "I'm not an adult, remember? I'm the Queen of Crazy." This said more to Ivan before she springs into action than aimed at Vivian. That woman doesn't even earn a response.

Ivan just barely manages to hold back Faith, and he strains against the small woman jerking around in his arms, his eyes wide open with surprise. A surprise that is emulated by Vivien, who lets out a squeal and immediately jumps back a couple of notches, holding her arms over her chest protectively. Then, her eyes dart to Ivan frantically. "Call your little bitch off! You know what, screw this. You're like, totally not worth it. I'll see you around." She holds her dignity just long enough to swish her blonde hair around and begin to strut off. But after the first few steps, she's running away like the coward that she is.

For Ivan's part, he's staring at Faith with express awe, having never seen this portion of her personality. Despite the fact that Vivien has disappeared, he continues to hold onto her, fearful of what she might do. "Faith! Faith - stop it! Calm down, that was nothing, don't make it a bigger deal then it was. Do you promise not to do anything stupid if I let you go?"

"-Excuse- me?" He may be holding her back but this doesn't mean that she's not going to continue fighting her hardest to get to the bimbo. "You have the nerve to not only insult me but to disrespect someone you're trying so hard to sleep with and then you act like that? If anything, you're not worth it." Despite the fact that she's so cold at the moment she does monitor exactly what she says. There are no swear words, no real insults. Just pointing out of facts. "Go find someone else to disrespect you. I'm sure it's rather easy for someone like you."

It is a good thing that Ivan's still holding on to her because Faith is literally ready to go rip that woman's lips clean off of her face. "She's a bitch, Ivan!" This is said softer than the other in case the woman does stick around to hear it. "I can't believe, you know what? No. If you want to let someone treat you like that, fine, but I'm not going to sit around and let it happen." She's not yelling at him but rather is trying to explain herself. Finally she stops moving but her expression carries the same chilled gaze. "You missed my dive." Hooray topic changes.

Ivan blinks once, then twice, staring down at the woman by his side that he's attempting to subdue. When he declares that Vivien is a bitch, his brows arch. "Yeah, she is." He agrees easily. There is no attempt to defend the woman, no hint that he thinks otherwise: Ivan's always known she was a bitch. "You say that like I don't know it for a fact already. You…" But then, she's still speaking. At least she's calmed, because automatically, he unwraps his arms from around her, taking a step back as his eyes narrow in her direction. "Are you…mad at me because of that?" He inquires. But he's not concerned or upset that she may be upset. He's bewildered, baffled that she might genuinely blame him for what just transpired.

"No." There's that word that she very rarely uses around him. "No, I'm not mad. I just don't see why you want to be friends with people like that. It's insulting to you." It's insulting to her but she at least is willing to take a stand for herself. At least Faith isn't going after Vivien so it's a sign that she's either calming down or at least not angry enough to do anything. That's not usually how the cold anger of Faith works. "Is that really what you prefer?" At this point she's actually switched the subject slightly. No longer is Faith talking about Vivien's personality but rather her physical traits. For the moment she forgets that she and her mosquito bites are standing around in a bikini. "You know. What I'm not."

Ivan watches her with a careful sort of diligence, as if trying to determine whether she's telling him the truth or not. Eventually, he decides to take her words at face value and he ends up pursing his lips slightly, his eyes inspecting the pool around them as he lifts a hand to scratch the nape of his neck. At least most of the people have stopped watching now that there's no pending fight. "Well, I don't really. Want to be friends. I never did. I mean, it was never friendship I was after before, and now, I just want us all to get along. She lives in the building, and is something of a spoiled rich kid, so making enemies with her could lead to alot of trouble for us." There is no shame in his voice as he admits to his past behavior, no trepidation as he explains himself.

But then, she's switches it up on him. Blinking with a lack of comprehension, he turns his head to peer at his girlfriend with a confused frown. "Really what I prefer what? Huh?"

If she wanted to lie to him she would at least be buttering him up in the process. There's too much anger pulsing through her body to be angry. She just can't be nice to that woman no matter what he says. "I'm not afraid of her, you know. If she wants to start something with me? I'll tell the world that she's trying to bully a mental patient. We'll see how far that gets her." If there's one thing that that she knows it's that spoiled rich bitches hate such negative press. "I'm basically useless and nothing but trouble, but I can make her life miserable."

Faith crosses her arms over her mosquito bites and stares at him. "I'm not like her." It's a statement, one that might make it seem as if she's gone off the deep end before. "How do you go from something like that to something like me?" Mental patient. Small breasts. Not a spoiled rich bitch. Yes, she's still angry but at least she's not angry at Ivan. "I can kinda see why she didn't believe you were with me." A soft hesitation. "But it felt good that you said that you were."

Ivan swivels his attention in her direction with a solemn frown, brows furrowed. "Don't, Faith. Please. If you can, be the better person. Just don't let her get to you, or she's won. Attention whores work like that." And he reaches over, allowing his fingers to trail over her skin just slightly in a hopefully calming gesture. "Just don't bother with it, okay?"

But then, just like that, she's shifting over to another topic. A considerably more intimate topic. "Well, yeah, you're not," he agrees easily, although the harshness of this is disappated by his next words. "Thank God you're not, Pretty girl. I…" Beat. "Hey…do you want to head into the hot tub with me? We can…you know. Talk about it and shit more in there. I just…" He feels awkward, standing there with residual eyes upon them in their bathing suits.

It's a difficult request, honestly. "I have three weeks to calm down." It's a general statement, a fact, and one that he should hope works. "If she gets me going again? All bets are off. But at least I'll calm down before I see her again." Hopefully. Faith isn't afraid to be a scrapper, really. She's fought her fair share of battles while completely bat shit crazy. He's just lucky enough to have not had to see that side of her before.

The thing is, even with him being as sweet as he is, she just can't let the anger go. She's being possessive and generally downright rotten. It's not a stage that she enjoys being in. If people want a show, though, she'll give them one. Sighing softly she does something much similar to the last time he saw her so soaking wet; she attempts to get him into an extremely passionate, deep kiss. Regardless of if it works or not, it's the best way for her to release some steam and not cause any issues. "Mkay," Faith eventually says.

The statement does not have the desired effect, as it bothers him more then anything. His brows furrow darkly at it, and he stares at her. "You're seriously going to go for all three weeks? That's almost a month." His mouth opens then, clearly about the spew whatever complaint or dismissal that comes to mind. But then, he is attacked. Luckily, however, he isn't afraid of this kind of attack. Although taken by surprise, he doesn't mind the fact that her mouth has mashed itself onto his, and that she's kissing him with an intensity that is downright inappropriate for how public their venue is.

When she pulls away, all Ivan can do is stand there and stare at the woman that has just assaulted him, breathing rather heavily and with eyes that are a shade darker then the usually are. There is nothing innocent about the way his eyes travel over her body - hungry and greedy - but somehow he manages to contain himself to a nod and a clearing of his throat, before he proceeds to grab hold of her hand and steer her over to the hot tub, climbing into it. "Now - where were we?"

It isn't that his words aren't heard. They very well are, but that doesn't matter. Not during the duration of the kiss, at least. When she pulls away she's still carrying the ice but has seemed to have defrosted at least a tad. It's almost amazing how such frosty anger can inspire her to be so passionate. It's a side that she never even knew existed. Yet Faith takes his hand eagerly and allows him to lead her, mosquito bites and all.

"A general statement," she explains as she remains by his side. "I'm supposed to be gone three weeks. But we've been through this. I won't actually be gone that long." A look is made back to the direction in which Vivian retreated. "After all, you won't be there to keep me from doing something wrong." Another pause as she looks to him, more concerned than anything. "Do you really think it's a good idea that I go?"

The temperature of the water is scalding - almost uncomfortably so at first, but after a minute of sitting upon the ledge, Ivan finds himself relaxing and becoming acclimated to the temperature. His eyes are fixed upon Faith's person, and after wading in the steaming water, the man makes a motion, reaching out his hands for his woman - his Faith. Clearly, despite the fact that she's directly beside him, he decides she's much too far away.

"Okay, good," he grunts out, voice low and hoarse, for her ears only. "I was afraid I was going to have to kidnap you from God camp. I don't know if that's a sin or not…but I don't think I'd be able to go so long without sinning the other way with you. There's just nothing that compares to being with you like that, Faith. Nothing that compares to being so close to you…" Ahem. Now is not the time, Ivan. "I…what?" Beat. "I don't…know. Maybe, I guess? I don't like it, but…your sister…"

Unlike her boyfriend, she actually walks right into the water. There is no moment of getting comfortable, no worry that it is too hot or too cold. If he didn't realize this already, Faith seems not to notice certain things. Temperature seems to be the biggest. Something clearly is not all together connected in that noggin of hers. A smile is offered to him as she does as requested, moving closer. Dangerously close.

Luckily for them they are in the public eye so nothing will happen. Not unless Ivan decides to lead them somewhere else for the next little while. "I'm sorry for kissing you like that. It just seems to happen when I get worked up." Oh, Faith is worked up, but not like she was a few minutes ago. "And I'm sure that Hope will never forgive me for all of this sinning. It's just not the way that we were raised. But when did I ever seem concerned about what my parents think?" It's true that the only times she's spoken with them recently is to battle over money. "You don't think that I'd actually punch someone, do you? I mean, while I'm gone?"

Ivan is not shy about the way his arms wrap around her person from beneath the cover of the water. He is not shy about the way his hand settle upon her bottom, or the way he tugs her to his lap, clearly attempting to have her settle there. "Don't apologize." He directs her, oddly serious, as he fixes his green eyes onto her gaze, his lips pursing just slightly. "Especially not for kissing me. Ever. And you know what? Who cares what Hope thinks. She's just jealous she's not sinning with anyone." He forgets that Faith probably cares what her sister thinks. But then, she speaks. "Do I…what?" Beat. "…Depending on the person? And the offense? I…yeah. A bit. You've got fire in you. You've got passion, and heart. And I love that about you."

They are in public. They most certainly should not be sitting as they are, yet she's not fighting against him. In fact, Faith is nibbling at her lower lip in frustration of the fact of where they are. "We should get one of these." It may not be practical in their current living environment and they do have a bathroom that they can share. It is all the way inside, though, and this is where they are currently. For a brief moment Faith looks as if she's about to take offense to what he says. "She just needs to stay away from relationships for a while." Ivan's totally off the hook it would seem. Her cheeks finally begin to turn a soft shade of pink, that coldness going away. For now. "I'll try my best not to be arrested before I come home."

Ivan's not going to do anything this time, at least not of that nature. After all, there are actual people around them, and though he might be something of an exhibitionist, that's a bit too extreme even for his tastes. "We should get one of what?" He inquires thoughtlessly, ignorant of the thoughts running through her mind, but not of her presence. And so, he proceeds to dip his head lower to place a considerably more innocent kiss upon her lips. "Well…yeah. Agreed. So, just don't tell her that we…" Beat. Thinking back, he grimaces slightly, sinking down into the water in a slouch until the water is bubbling up to his chin. "I…uhh…I think I might have alluded to her that we've…you know. After…" her rape. "I'm sorry, baby. I don't know if you've already told her, but it seemed…pertinent. And yeah - no getting arrested without me. Please."

He might not be aware of what she's thinking but she's not going to let the issue just drop. "This." Her hands motion around to the water, to where they're currently seated. "I think that it would be fun." The way the word fun is said should indicate exactly what she's thinking. Faith apparently gets revved up at all the wrong times, and places. The kiss is kept pure, though. Innocent even. At least as innocent as she can, especially considering the fact that she's moving right along with him. "It was pertinent? How was that pertinent?" Faith doesn't even talk about her sex life with Hope. "Do I need to actually keep you two away from each other or something?" No, she doesn't sound mad, just rather confused about it all. "Well, we'll see what happens. Without you to take my anger out on, there's no telling what will happen."

Ivan's eyes drop to her body, mostly hidden by the water. And with a very deliberate lick of his lips, he considers her. "I don't, uhh…think we can get a hot tub in the apartment. S'probably a hazard of some sort…maybe somewhere else though. If I need to move or…" Beat. Suddenly, he gives her rump a bold squeeze, unable to keep himself. "This summer. I'll rent out a place, a cabin. We can go away, get out of Texas for a weekend or something. Would you? Go with me, back to Maryland…?" But then, there's the most awkward turn of events. A little uncomfortable, he blinks his eyes, pursing his lips to frown to her. "What? I uhh…I don't know how it came up. And keep us away? Err…probably not. We've been…okay lately, actually."

The squeeze to her rear is not helping her current mood, made obvious by the way that she whimpers. It's not often that Faith makes many of those noises but they can usually all be traced back to one thing. The mood is almost instantly killed, though, when he mentions both Maryland and her sister. "Your parents are there?" With as well as the meetings with his siblings have gone, she's actually very afraid of this. "I mean, yeah, I can. I'll try to be sane then." Flying to another state and meeting people she's never seen can't be a dream, a made up world. It will prove that she's not imagining all of this, right? Faith shifts on top of him, uncomfortable somewhat. "Uh, well, keep being okay? Just please don't talk about my sex life. I want to actually enjoy it." Oh, and with that she winks before nibbling on her lower lip. Yes, enjoy it.

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