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Bunker's Garage and Salvage

Bunkers's Garage and Salvage sits on a rather large lot in the West Dallas neighborhood. The parking lot is small, and one spot is occupied at all times by a beat-up tow truck. Two fully equipped bays, complete with safety notices on the walls are for employees only. To the right side of the bays is an office, containing a simple desk with a grubby looking computer, and a filing cabinet. Behind the desk is a small whiteboard which lists inspection prices, and those for other services. The walls are decorated with a few small display cases where items available for sale are located.

Afternoon, the sun is out but a cool wind blows through the city, especially here on the West side. Bunker's Garage is open from the looks of it, the three bay door open and a car is found in each one being worked on. One being a certin pink car where a pair of guys are working on welding new parts to the front end of the car. Thanks to busted ribs Abbey is still not able to work, not that she doesn't try. She's at the moment keeping and eye on the two involved with working on the damanged car, clothing the normal black tshirt with a button of gray work shirt that says Bunker's Garage across the back, black jeans and boots. "Make sure to double weld the spots.." Which she knows there do but she just has to offer her imput into the work somehow. Music plays in the background, and one figure is missing, the guard dog known as Steele has been gone the last two days.

The Skyline that comes down the street is jet black, alloys gleaming dully due to a thin layer of dirt. Certainly tricked out, and definitely rare in this country, the vehicle's gentle purr speaks of power beneath the hood. It pulls in close to the shop, and rumbles down to nothingness as the driver's door opens. The young man that unfolds from within wears a pale shirt, sleeves rolled up, and a pair of blue, artfully ripped jeans. A swinging, easy gait starts his journey towards the staff, specifically Abbey, as he breaks into a smile and offers a quick nod of greeting.

The emotional rollercoaster that is Hope Tyler's life has become even more so in the last two days. What with a new car being delivered, a run in with her ex, and then having two dozen pink roses, interspersed with purple ones, has just left her in an extremely strange mood. Today is a day for errands though, and since she's got the new Sidekick to do them in, she's been out and about all morning, trying to keep herself busy. The girl is already parked not far from the garage, and as she slips out of the vehicle, she nearly hits Gabriel with her door. That is what happens when the blonde Tyler twin is not paying attention. "Careful," she calls out. The door of the Sidekick is closed as she hurries along behind him.

"Afternoon, Miss Wallace," Hope says quickly, so that the guy she thinks she recognizes doesn't accidentally call the woman Miss Bunker.

Abbey glances upwards slightly as the loud car pulls into the lot out front. "Of course when I get hurt we're full of freaking business.." She mutters to no one really. Her pale gaze follows after another car that soon appears before she looks to Gabriel as he moves into the garage. Leaving the two workers to do there job she turns moving on towards the front of the garage where it isn't as noisy. "Afternoon." Is said to Gabriel before a slight smile and is offered to Hope. "Hello there Miss Tyler. How are you doing?" A glance is offered back to Hope's car up on the car lift. "Come to see how the work is going with your car?"

Only the riot of pink metal that envelops his vision gives Gabriel the opportunity to dodge the door that swings towards him. With a gentle "Woah," he quickly recovers, offering a polite "'Scuse me," to the Tyler twin. He does look faintly puzzled for a moment, as if wondering who she is, and he pauses as he approaches the mechanic, glancing to the side. "Afternoon," he greets Abbey, with a pleasant smile. "I'm just needing a bit of specialist work, and I'm told this garage can handle most anything." He glances to the side, towards Hope, and gallantly continues. "But ladies first, of course."

"Thank you," Hope says to Gabriel, watching him a moment longer than necessary in an attempt to place who he is. Her attention then turns back to the mechanic and she smiles. "Yes, actually. And to schedule a mechanical on a vehicle I was given as a gift to ensure there's nothing wrong with it, and possibly see if I can get the Aspire painted in an entirely different color, perhaps blue or green?" Her hands are clasped together in front of her as she tries not to get herself dirty while in the garage.

Abbey ahs softly hearing Gabriel and nods while glancing towards his ride, looking over it a few moments befor turning her gaze back to him. "I'm sure we can help you with it. Tend to do just about anything here when it comes to cars and bikes." She then turns her attention to Hope. "Give a vehicle as a gift? Lucky you." Abs says with a soft smile. "Of course, we can check it out for you. Do you have any history on the new car?" "As for your other car, its coming a long a little easier then I thought. I was able to get ahold of the same make, model and year on parts that needed to be replaced so there almost done with the welding the parts back into place."

The young man flashes another quick smile for Abbey, then patiently waits in place, vaguely scanning the garage and surroundings, though his eyes keep skipping back to Hope. Eventually, he folds his fingers together in front of him. He does address Hope, finally. "Sorry miss, but do I know you from somewhere?"

"Perfect! Will the insurance cover most of it then?" Hope peers up at the car, thinking that it'll be a great early birthday gift for her twin. "Definitely blue or green on the paint, whichever you can get cheapest. Nothing too bright though?" Her hands unfold and she spins back to face Gabriel. "That depends on where you think you know me from? My sister was on the news recently, and I've had my photo in he paper for the Fellowship." It's broad daylight. She's not going to jump and run like she would at night. She's still being cautious though. "But you must attend the church. I think I've seen you around? Or perhaps you just look like someone who attends the church…"

Abbey nods to the question on the insurance. "Yup, there offer is going to cover it all. As to the paint, for the new car?" She questions curiously. "Could be a mixture of bluegreen if your like. There a good amount of nice color shades out on the market today that don't cost that much." She glances to Gabriel as he speaks up and titls her head at the talk of the Fellowship, a faint smirk seen as she seems to figure out which one Hope means. Not that Abs likes vampires that much to start with mind you.

"Church!" Gabriel says, breaking into a full and easy smile for the revelation. "Yes, of course, I must've seen you on a Sunday. I don't have much time for the news these days, what with college and all, but I've definitely seen you around the Fellowship. Gabriel Rosco. Pleasure to meet you in His light." His attention flicks towards Abbey, and he allows a nod of approval. Inexpensive is good.

"The one you have up there," Hope says, pointing to the old Ford Aspire. "A blue-green would be /perfect/! I'll pay extra if I need to." Faith is going to be so surprised by it! "I spend a lot of my free time there, when I'm not at school or work. I've been gearing up for the Leadership Conference. Have you thought about attending?" Her hand is held out to the man, smiling brightly. "Hope Tyler." She's careful not to be too overbearingly religious in the garage. No telling if there's vampire sympathizers here or not. "It's a pleasure to meet you as well, Mr. Rosco."

Abbey glances towards the car that Hope points out and nods slightly. "Now.. You want that on which car again?" Well Hope did talk about painting the new car so she wants to make sure to get it right. The pink one up on the lift she thought she was painting pink again after all. As to the convesation about the Fellowship Abs doesn't offer her ideas on it. Heck she's a wolf, while she doesn't care of vampires she isn't going to go all crazy and be in some silly church against them, or for them for that matter.

"Gabriel, please," says the man, accepting the handshake with a gentle touch. He does shake his head, just a little rueful. "I'd love to attend the Conference, if I can somehow get on it. Someone said it was full up already, is that true? Unfortunately college and everything makes it tough to spend as much time at the Church as I'd like." That and parties, anyway. Still, he glances again towards Abbey, a faintly guilty touch tipping at his smile for the interruption to business.

"Blue-green on the one up there," she says, pointing to the Aspire again. "The new one came already pink." Which is a shock in and of itself, but she can surmise it's someone whom she knows that got it for her. The mystery there will continue, but she's not giving up on finding the giver just yet. "There's a few places left in the men's dormitory, I think. It's not cheap, but it's /so/ worth it." Even for just the non-bible-campy stuff. With the handshake done, the Tyler twin smiles at Abbey once more. "I have the paperwork for the other one out in the car. I can bring it in, so that you can have it on file, and let me know when a slot opens for a mechanical. I can see that you're busy today, and it seems to be in fine working condition. I had a friend check it out for me the other day." Granted, there was a lot less checking out of the vehicle than there was supposed to be, but it was definitely worth it.

Abbey ahs softly and nods. "Right right." Is offered to Hope while she glances back to the pink car on the lift. "Shouldn't be a problem. I'll find a nice color for it." A glance is offered to Gabriel and she smiles a moment to show its alright. "Sure.. I can take a lot over the papers, why not bring it back in the morning a bit before eight? I'll get Sam to check it out before we fully open for the day." Sometimes its good to own a place, can make up the rules as one goes after all.

"Ah," Gabriel allows, for Hope. "I guess it was one of the girls who said it was full up. I'll see if I can't get myself applied and onto the course, then." Despite the fact he knows he'd perfectly hate every moment. "I hope to see you there, I guess."

"Before eight? That's perfect. I have class at ten, but worst case, I can always grab a bus from here up to the university." It's across town, and will be a long ride, but she'll suffer through it. Just to ensure the car is safe so she can get Bobby to quit worrying about her. Hope moves then, so that Gabriel can take care of his business while she runs out to get the folder. "I'm the poster girl, Gabriel. I will definitely be there!" Even if she didn't want to be, she's expected to be, so she will be.

Abbey lets her arms fold in front of her, she winces slightly at the touch to her side, she keeps forgetting about being hurt as when she doesn't move her side only has a slight ache which she deals with rather well. "It shouldn't take that long. An hour at most to check everything on the car. Rather make sure it's all in good order after all." She peers after Hope before turing her pale blue gaze to Gabriel. "Now.. What were you interested in dealing with your car?"

Gabriel gives Hope a quick, beaming smile. "Then I'll definitely see you around some more," he tells her, with gusto. Then it's his turn, and he switches the friendliness to Abbey. "I made a fatal error. I let someone else drive my car," he admits, wryly, "and now I figure one of the turbo intakes is blocked. They also kerbed one of my alloys, which I really hope is fixable." A gentle shrug touches at his shoulders, as he continues. "Parts for my baby girl are remarkably hard to find, and I do adore those alloys."

Hope exits stage left, or right, or center. Whichever way the door is. There are papers to retrieve, and thus, she heads back to the Sidekick to get the portfolio she was given from the escrow service. It takes her a few moments to get back to the car and find the folder, thus she's yet to return.

"I see.." Abbey offers after a moment while she glances towards the man's car once more. "Well I'm sure I can find the part that are needed. I have friends that deal with certain models." The more she talks the more her thick irish accent slips into play, she'll blame the drugs the good doctor gave her for the pain if anyone questions her on the accent. "The alloys are either fixable or replaceable."

"There's a few mods you should be aware of before you get involved," says Gabriel, bringing forth a plastic wallet of neat paper and offering it forwards. His tone drifts more businesslike, frank and open. "Mostly electricals and sound stuff, but it's all in the folder. The guy who used to deal with it has recently bombed out of business-" Mostly due to some minor fraud issues. "-so I'm hoping we can begin a good relationship. I know a few boys who need a new place to take their special toys, y'know? I'll leave her in your hands for now. How long d'you reckon?" He pauses, glancing aside towards Hope before adding, just a little teasing, "Always had a thing for an Irish accent, so I'll trust you to do good by my baby."

The flirtation doesn't go unnoticed by Hope, but she's not about to comment on it. While he finishes up, she opens her own little folder of information, taking out the more personal things like /the note/. The paper is quickly folded up and slipped into her pocket, before she closes the folder back up to wait. "I suppose you'll be closed tomorrow then?"

Abbey hums softly while peering at the folder a few moments and glances to Gabriel once more, her arms unfold and she moves a hand to take hold of the folder. "I've done some electrical on the side, have friends that handle the audio part of it." Abbey deals more with the dirt and grim part when it comes to cars and bikes, though as she has been working on her own car lately so she's picked up a few things. She opens the folder and curiously looks over what is on top while listioning to Gabriel. "I'll look over the information here.. As for your car. You can leave it here and we will look at it either this afternoon or tomorrow. For how long it'll take that depends on what parts need to be replaced and how long it takes for them to come in. Two to three days tops I imange." A thin smirk is seen as Gabriel pulls up the flirt card. "Suppose its my lucky day.. Ye know how many guys tell me that?" Abs uses a thicker accent for the last part. In other words, come up with a better line, it won't work on this chicka. She closes the folder and looks to Hope. "No, won't be closed. I'll just not take as may drive'ins so to speak. I'll deal with both of yer cars first and just go from there."

"Depends if you include the ones who weren't pulling out a stock line, and meant what they said," Gabriel returns, still gently teasing of tone. "I'll be back to pick it up when you call; my numbers are in the folder. No major rush, I've managed to get ahold of something to drive in the meantime. Her name," he continues, with mock serious dignity and obviously joking, "is Vera." Spot the television reference there. Fingers that had entered a pocket draw forth a slim cellphone, which Gabriel uses to press a few buttons on; sending a summoning message to some friends. "Miss Tyler, you need a ride somewhere? I should be able to persuade my friends who are coming to get me to give you a ride home?"

"I just thought with the block party going on around here tomorrow and all, you'd likely close up shop. I heard there's live music, and pet parades, and face painting. That sort of thing." It being St. Patrick's Day and all. "Oh, and that bar over there," she says, pointing in the general direction of the Grisly Bar, across the lot, "Is supposed to have some of that green beer." Not that Hope drinks, but she /does/ read the newspaper. After all, special events have been targeted quite a bit around Dallas, so she's going to make sure to stay away from any of the after dark portions. "Oh, no. I'll be okay, Gabriel. I have a new car out there," she says pointing to the Sidekick. "I can just bring it in in the morning, right, Miss Wallace?"

Abbey peers curiously at Gabriel a few moments, she looks slightly amused and soon shakes her head. "I'll just take your word for it then." She says while smirking before glances over to Hope. Ah right, St. Pattys day, how could she forget? "We're still be open for half a day at least. Figure The guys would want a little bit of money before they go blow it on drinking an what not." A nod is see. "Right. Sam an I will be here in the morning, check it a quick check over and then you can get on out of here."

"Cool," says Gabriel, offering forward a palm that bears a set of keys. "I might come down for a little while, if there's going to be some celebration." He allows Hope a quick nod. "Okay. If you get stuck though, just get someone at church to give me a call and I'll get you to college. Here to help, and all." A flash of a grin steps forth, as the young man glances around once more. Should be someone here to pick him up soon.

"Perfect, thank you again, Miss Wallace." Hope turns to Gabriel with a smile. "Oh, you don't need to go out of your way for me, but thank you. It's nice to know that chivalry isn't all that dead." Two nice FotS'ers that will help her in need, one nice soon-to-be priest. She's actually smiling, and will have to remember to tell Elliott that he was correct. "I should head to work now, I have a shift starting in just a little while and the traffic usually gets bad around this time of day."

Abbey takes hold of the keys while nodding slightly to the pair. "Not a problem.. You both drive safely now." She offers with a polite tone. She tilts her head while looking back to Gabriel. "If you like, you can wait in the office until your friend gets here. Have a TV and some soda in there too." Well Gabriel is a client of the garage so she might as well be friendly.

Even as he glances, a gleaming red Chevy comes down the street, driven by what looks to be a lad of about Gabriel's age. "Chivalry will be with us for a time yet, milady. It's not out of my way if we're heading to the same place, you realise, and the garage is sorta on my way to college. As I said, easily done. I'll see you at church, Miss Tyler." He brings forth another quick grin for Abbey, this time coupled with a shake of his head. "Appreciate it, but my ride has landed. See you later, dathuil cailin." Gaelic for pretty girl. The young man lifts a hand in something like a little wave, before turning to start jogging towards his friend's vehicle.

It's a safe bet to assume that Hope will be seen at the church. Even if she'll be avoiding it for the rest of the week out of sheer embarrassment. "Good to know. Be safe," she calls to Gabriel. "May His Holy Light shine upon you!" Okay, so she got a little churchy. With a small wave to Abbey, she heads back to her Sidekick as well, slipping into it to head to work.

Abbey tilts her head as she glances towards the Chevy, she heard it before actually seening it. She blinks at the Gaelic that comes from Gabriel, something she knows but hasn't heard in a while. A faint smile crosses her lips for a moment before she shakes her head and turns moving back inside the garage as the two leave.

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