You comin'?

Evening is upon Dallas, and the city-centre apartment currently buzzing with throbbing beats is getting towards capacity. House parties are a natural habitat for the young man that threads his way through the people, throwing a smile here and there, a quick wave to a half-recognised possible acquaintance. He's dressed up for the occasion; a fitted leather jacket turned up at the collar giving a pleasing retro look to the slender youth. Finally, his look locks on to a leather couch being vacated by its occupants, and he makes a beeline for it. He flops down, head thrown back and the bottle of something colourful in his hand held loosely by the neck. Gabriel takes a deep breath, the picture of a brief, relaxed pause.

House parties are something that Hailee has been avoiding since coming to Dallas. Bars and back alleys have been the best places to get a quick fix thus far, and she likes the anonymity of it. Unlike everyone else here, the model (ex!) has chosen to dress down for the evening. Jeans, t-shirt, hair a beautiful mess. The issue is that since she hasn't been in contact with Cooper all that much lately, her supply has run out completely which has left her just a little jittery as she makes her way through the throng of partiers. Someone wanders by with a tray of shots, and she takes two. Both are downed swiftly, the empty glasses placed back upon the tray whilst she staggers along to fall on the couch without much grace at all.

Gabriel opens his eyes slowly, languidly, turning his head to regard the newcomer, apparently unfazed by the sudden and swift change to the couch brought about by incoming female. He brings forth a flashed grin, before managing to speak, not quite fuzzy with foreign substance just yet. "Finally. A girl not trussed up like a winter chicken. Hey." He takes a swig of the colourful bottle in his hand, then offers it forth for the newcomer.

Never one to complain about free substances, Hailee takes the bottle while in the midst of righting herself. A long swig is taken from it, and she grins. "Did my time trussed like a chicken, done with that now." The bottle is held back out toward him. "Good stuff," she says in the most delightful manner her drunken and jittery mind can manage. There is a little flit of confusion as he doesn't immediately recognize her, but it's not so odd what with her being an ex-model. People tend to forget even the pretty faces once they've been out of the media eye for a while.

The young man's eyes widen slightly as something inside clicks, and he sits up straight. "Holy shit, you're that girl from the thing," he says, finger wagging as he clearly tries to remember it. "I've seen you. Magazine. Perfume." He fixes the shock from his face, instead delivering a quick, flirty little smile. "You're even hotter in real life."

"I am the girl from the thing," Hailee admits. She's the girl from everything, be it fashion ads, or parties, or the alley outside the Grisly Bar. When he says magazine however, the man gets a genuine smile. A drunken smile, but still genuine. "Why, thank ya," she says to the hot comment. "You're not so bad yourself." Hiccup. "S'in the bottle?"

The youth lets his grin widen as she returns the favour. "Y'know, I have absolutely no idea. It's wreckin' me, though. Hang on." He digs into a pocket, drawing forth a smaller bottle, along with a couple of little plastic bags, which seems to be accidental. One bears white powder, the other little white tabs with red dots on. Hey it's that sort of crowd. He stuffs the bags back into his pocket, and offers forwards the bottle. "This," he says, with a grin, "is seventy percent. It'll do baaad things to you. Tastes like strawberry. Kinda."

The white tabs are noted, and she shifts a little closer on the couch. Bingo. Finally someone with something other than booze. Hailee places her hand on the mans thigh as she leans in to take the smaller bottle. "I do love strawberries." Opening the bottle, she takes a good drink from it too, before offering it back. She doesn't seem at all concerned about taking candy from a stranger — GHB? At this point, she'd likely be fine with that too. "You normally carry your V like that?"

Gabriel lets his smile fade, naked lust skipping into his eyes. However, he does bring it back again, and leans forwards to whisper into Hailee's ear. "Sugar paper. Seriously, it's a dream, after juuust a little anticoag. Nice, tasty portions. To share." He takes the bottle back, turning his head for a quick swig before returning it to his pocket. A pocket where he fiddles with something.

Lusty eyes are something Hailee is quite used to seeing, especially when people realize that she's willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants. The model (ex) gives his thigh a little squeeze. "Never enjoyed it quite like that before." Another small hiccup escapes, and she giggles at herself. "Generally take it straight from the vial." Purer, more potent, and a days-long high.

Gabriel shakes his head, mock reproving, as he lifts something from his pocket to slip between his lips. He closes his eyes, swallows, then opens them again, regarding the girl with a sly little smile. "You're missing out. Slow release, a gentle upward spiral, and you can have as many, or few as you want. Hang out with me a while, you'll learn plenty," He pauses, lifting a finger that bears one of the little tabs, which he points forwards, towards Hailee's lips, "of new things."

Gentle spirals are all well and good, but she's jittery now. Hailee watches him, her tongue gliding gently over her lips as he enjoys the little square. The tab offered to her is given a sly look. Rather than sticking her tongue out and waiting for it, she grabs his wrist. Drawing his hand forward a little more, she closes her lips around his finger, and suckles the sugar paper off of it. Her eyes close and she inhales deeply as she allows the sugar paper to melt on her tongue, her jitteriness fading the moment the V hits her system.

"Or maybe," Gabriel says, quietly and teasingly, "you won't. I love this feeling," he continues, faintly dreamily. "The feeling of connection you only get with the red stuff. The feeling that there's nothing you can't do." This time, the youth lifts a tab to his lips, just slipping it between and letting it stick to his lower lip. He leans forwards, whispering, "The way it makes you feel with other people."

Somewhere in the back of Hailee's mind, there is recollection that there is a house party going on around them. Somewhere. For the moment, all the ex-model is focused on is the man before her, the V, and the feeling of sheer and utter euphoria that is coursing through her body. There is another gentle licking of her lips, knowing that he's teasing her. That he's carrying on to get her to do things to obtain the V. Her hand slides up his thigh a little more as she leans in to nibble at his lower lip before kissing him full out.

From Gabriel's direction, he's not being quite that manipulative, but just enjoying himself. If there's any thought about the fact this girl might be a real addict, not himself, it's not exactly obvious. He does lean into the kiss, as he lets his free hand start wandering, transferring the tab on his lip to her in the process. When he does tug backwards, it's only to whisper, "We should dance."

Two small hits, and Hailee seems less like she's searching for something. Her eyes give the man a slow up and down, her hand drifts off his thigh in a surprisingly gentle manner. "Let's, then." The model (ex!) has no qualms with dancing. Especially since he's just provided her with a little gift. For the moment, so long as the V is flowing in her veins and he doesn't run out of those wonderful sugar paper squares, his wish will be her command.

Gabriel starts to unfold, slender and lithe, still smiling an amused little smile to Hailee. "Hi," he says, amused. "I'm Gabriel." He reaches for one of her hands, in an attempt to tug her towards the wash of dancing bodies

"Hailee," the woman offers, allowing herself to be tugged off the couch toward the mess of people. "Y'knew that though." The amused look on her face seems to be far more relaxed than when she drunkenly stumbled onto the couch. Her lips are parted as she begins to ask a question. Swiftly shut when they're jostled a bit by the crowd.

As he travels past a few, Gabriel turns back to see the girl's expression. He utilises the hold he has on her hand, tugging her close as he takes a step forwards to take himself close. "You were about to say something?" he wonders, as he starts to move with the music.

At the second tug, she laughs, almost stumbling right into him. The V that's now in her system allows her to stop herself from knocking them both to the floor, but only barely. The right corner of Hailee's lips curve up into a wry smirk. "Ask," she replies. "Who's your dealer?" Wouldn't hurt to have a secondary on hand if Cooper proves too difficult to contact.

Gabriel returns her laugh with interest, joyous and amused as he does so. He balances precariously for a moment on one foot, regaining balance. "Now," says he, again starting to move with the music against the girl, "if I told you that, you might call them and not me, and there's no way I'm allowing that." Beam.

A distinctive pout is shot at him, one that is playful in nature. "Then I expect you to slip me your digits," Hailee purrs at him in a suggestive manner. There will be allowance for him to take that any way he pleases. Despite her drunken state, her ability to dance seems to go unharmed. She's skilled with it, and years of practicing for pageants really pays off at the moment, allowing their bodies to almost meld together in a sensuous manner.

Together, moving as one, Gabriel's own movements enhanced by the V, and many years of practise with the opposite sex. "Later," he whispers, teasingly, though hands start to wander again.

Wandering hands are not minded in the least. Hailee is just that sort of girl. As the music continues, her dancing moves along with the beat in a perfect ease. The dance between them continues, her body twisting around so that she can lean back against him as they do so. Swaying to the rhythm of sound that swims around them, while teasing him at the same time.

Gabriel enjoys himself, enjoys the touch of bodies and the beat that drives through him. He revels in it, though it's possible the variety of substances in his system help in that regard. Eventually, he does lean slowly forward, to whisper in Hailee's ear. "C'mon, this party blows."

~ Scene Fade #1 ~

~ The Next Morning ~

The dark room is suddenly awash with bright, mid-morning light, as the blackout curtains are drawn back with rapid ease. Gabriel stands in nothing but a bathrobe, a shadow cast against the light of his window. He turns, glancing down towards the well-equipped breakfast tray balance on a side table, and walks slowly back towards the bed.

Sunlight washes over the bed's occupant, causing her to groan once and draw the blankets back over her head. The hangover is not entirely pleasant, but the V-high is still there. Which is going to make her chipper once she can remember where it is that she actually is. Hailee stretches once. Then again. Finally, she rolls over, drawing the blankets up over her naked form and takes a look around. Hair is a slight mess — unintentional this time, and takes note of the man with the tray. Several silent moments later she finally remembers his name. "Gabriel." Not Gabe, though that's what nearly came out.

"Good morning, beautiful sleepy Hailee," Gabriel greets, with a gentle smile. "Now, I am yet to find a person who doesn't like my my french bread omelette combo as a hangover cure. Wanna try to be the first?" A hand gestures towards the breakfast tray.

Rarely one to eat on a good day, Hailee merely eyes the food with caution. A single-shoulder shrug is given, her left arm moving to keep the blanket in place, while her right quickly sets to fixing her hair so it looks less slept in. "You cook too?" Her gaze shifts over his form, and she leans forward, fingers fumbling until she finds her blue t-shirt, so that she can toss it on over her head.

The lithe youth gives a nod, his voice teasing. "Hard to believe that a man this perfect exists, right? Seriously, this stuff is incredible. Maybe just orange juice? Freshly squeezed?" A hand gestures to a jug on the tray, complete with little floating bits. "Aw," he reproves, mildly, "you're not gonna get dressed on me already, are you?"

"Eating requires a shirt," Hailee says with a grin. Though it doesn't, not really, it's much more fun to play "proper" until she knows what the game is. "Play your cards right, handsome, and it'll come off again for dessert." Her hand reaches out to take the orange juice, yet she doesn't take a sip. Not until she's positive it'll sit well in her stomach.

"So," says Gabriel, perching on the edge of the bed, just close enough to place a hand on a leg that's under the covers. "What game we playing? The one game I don't like is Solitaire."

The entire glass of orange juice is downed in about three gulps once she's certain that it will remain down. Hailee eyes him, placing the empty glass upon the tray. "Your house, your rules." Since this is most certainly not her hotel room.

Gabriel leans over, pressing a kiss onto the leg where his hand is, through the sheets. "I was thinking," he muses, "we could play the have some fun, swap some numbers, then let you get about your business game. Then we play the call each other some time soon for more parties game."

Fingers dance over his neck as he kisses her leg. Hailee murmurs, "Fair enough. The perfect game then." Have some fun, get some V, call when she needs more and he wants a booty call. Works wonderfully for her, and doesn't dampen any other deals she has going. No strings, no hassles. "So why don't you let me try your amazing hangover cure, freshen up, then come back for a little fun to start your day off just right." Wink.

The smile that curves Gabriel's speaks of fun to come. "Then I," he says magmanimously, standing to move around the bed, "shall simply lie here and look at the pretty view." He slides himself onto the bed beside her, now the opposite side to the tray, and leans up on an elbow, apparently doing just that.

Being watched is something that Hailee is used to; whether being paid for the photo shoots, or getting the paparazzi in her face. So it would seem that she doesn't mind him watching her as she eats. The hangover cure is tackled with much grace, poise and etiquette. When it is done, she leans over the tray to brush her lips against his brow, then slides out of the bed. The shirt is removed and tossed back at him as she makes her way to the bathroom to freshen up. "Let the games begin." There is only a brief stop on her way, a glance over her shoulder. Eyebrows waggling at him. "You comin'?"

~ Scene Fade #2 ~

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