St. Pattys day, the day and night for drinking and having fun. Well that's what Abbey was hoping on doing, though it doesn't look like that will be happing at the moment. One of the garage bay doors is open, music is heard playing in the background of the garage, a old mustang is up on the lift. Abbey is sitting at one of the work benches just looking at the car as if expecting it to do something. Her mind is wandering to say the least, after everything that has been going on its not a surprize. The floor of the garage looks like its been scrubbed clean rather recently.

The same red Chevy from a previous visit trundles down the street, depositing Gabriel to the kerb with a quick exchange of waves and handshakes. The young man meanders towards the garage, lean body moving at a relaxed gait. Looking cheerful today, he comes to a stop near the entrance to the bay; not quiet the type to wander in uninvited. A hand lifts in something like a wave, though shorter. "Afternoon!" he calls.

The sound of a approaching car makes Abbey lift her head and she looks towards the lot out front. She watches the red Chevy stop, a faint sigh escapes her. Right she sorta forgot about checking out that one's car. Abs stands up after a moment and waves a hand to Gabriel. "Afternoon.. Come on in." Is said with a friendly yet tired tone. The rest of the garage looks empty, seems she did give the rest of the staff off like she talked about.

"I was just passing," says Gabriel, with a quick flash of a grin. He does wander in, easy steps carrying him. "Wondered if you'd got anywhere with my baby girl just yet?"

Abbey ahs a moment while glancing towards the man's car that is in the garage. Sam started to before she sent him home. "Started to look at it this moring. The alloys need to be changed out. That's about as far as we got." She's a bit distant it seems, her mind going back to the night before. Its rather hard to not think about it seeing how the problem actually happened in the garage itself. She looks back to Gabriel, a slight smile seen. "We're get back to it in the morning.. Unless you want to take it somewhere else so they can work on it sooner?"

"Nah," says the young man, cheeerfully, "as I said, no rush. I'll see about sending you some suggestions on where I got the wheels from in the first place, in case they're cheaper." He does pause, a faint concern tripping over his features. "You alright? Sorry, didn't mean to be a pressure or anything. It's St Patrick's, after all. Guinness night, if I can find any."

Abbey smiles and nods as she hears him. "Sure.. Just have to make sure there good quality." A faint ah escapes her and she lifts a hand brushing some hair from her face. "I'll be fine. Just a lot on my mind at the moment." A soft chuckle escapes her. "Ya that's right.. The Grisly Bar is going to be a interesting place to be tonight if its anything like last year."

"Should be, the amount they cost," says Gabriel, cheerfully wry about it. After all, it's not like he can't afford it, especially if he goes without some of his indulgences for a short while. His tone waxes a little more concerned, though threaded through with a pleasant humour. "Well, as I am a nice guy hoping to get his car fixed nice and cheap, if you fancy chatting anything over with an almost perfect stranger with a fresh perspective, I'm not doing anything at the moment. Dunno if I'll end up at the Grisly Bar, depends on the crowd."

Abbey chuckles while tilting her head to glance over at the car. "Suppose you have a point there." This said with an amused tone. A faint smile is seen at the offer to talk. "Thank you for the offer.. But I'm not the type to talk about problems with nice chatty strangers, even if they have a fresh perspective over certain areas." Talking over simple problems would be fine, but when it comes do to dealing with wolves and shifters she isn't about to bring that one up to a stranger, whom happens to be human. She turns and moves back over to where she was sitting, taking over her spot on the stool. "So, your name is Gabriel if I recall?.. I'm Abbey, Abbey Wallace. Don't think I told you that yesterday."

"It is my unabridged pleasure to meet you, Abbey," says Gabriel, releasing the full might of his most charming smile upon her. He does follow her, simply standing in his customary relaxed pose, hands entering pockets and looking full of healthy and joy. "No problem on the talky front, guess I'll have to get to know you a little before I start asking personal questions." His tone is humoured and gentle, clearly just jesting. "Well, Miss Tyler managed to vaguely introduce us by proxy. I don't know that many people in this area, so it's always nice to meet new people. Even if it's 'cause you're paying them."

"Possibly." Abbey says with an amused tone about the talking part, she points towards another stool if he wishes to sit. She's careful of her movements though not wanting to move her side more then she needs to, the dull ache reminding her that she over did it the night before. Having busted ribs is not easy for this wolf. "An its nit to meet you as well Gabriel. I've lived here a while, have to admit I don't know to many though." She smirks a moment and shrugs at the thought.

"That pretty accent," says Gabriel, accepting the offer of a stool with easy grace, sliding into place, "would suggest you've not been here long enough to fake a local girl vibe just yet." He stretches forth his legs, idly sweeping his look across the bay. "Anything in particular bring you across to our fine land?"

Abbey blinks slightly at that accent part and chuckles a moment. "Actually.. I've been here a while. The accent just never fully went away." This said with an amused tone, that Irish accent picking up again. "My mother and I moved over to the states for a new life so to speak. Back in the day it was all the rage after all." This said with an amused tone. The realy reason for fleeing Ireland is something she can't really talk about with the present company.

"During the Troubles?" Gabriel inquires, with faint interest. "I've always adored the country, never managed to visit myself. I hear rolling hills, lovely beer, and a distinct lack of a decent road network." The last delivered with a grin. He shoots a quick glance her way. "Maybe I should just up and go some time. Buy a tent, and wander across the island."

Abbey ahs softly. "Yes, during all the troubles. Still hasn't settled back home. Most likely never will." A soft smile is seen at the talk of the other visiting Ireland. "It is a lovely place.. I'm thinking you would like it there. If you ever go let me know. I'll tell you were the bests pubs are." She says while grinning. "An there are plenty of paved roads. The sheep just tend to like them better then the rolling hills."

Flatly, Gabriel says, "Sheep." A frown touches his brow, though he remains well humoured. "Sheep. Can't really see me getting on too well with sheep. Fields yes, farms yes, sheep on the road? Maybe not. I mean, sheep are lunch, not roadblocks, right?" He ponders, a hand lifting to scratch at his chin. "What d'you drink, then?"

Abbey chuckles and shakes her head slightly. "Well they are road blocks that's for srue." She says with an amused tone. "There not the brightest creatures around to say the least. Just stand there staring at you chewing on grass and the like." A faint hum escapes her. "Oh, mostly beer, and whiskey of course.. An whiskey is rather good to drink when eatting mutton I have to add." Sheep and whiskey who would have thought.

"Remind me to avoid sheep then," says Gabriel, mock disapproving. "Any creature too stupid to remove itself from the path of a speeding car is dangerous." He flicks another glance her way, another quick grin. "Oh no," he says, "I meant now. If you fancy one, of course."

Abbey shakes her head slightly at the thought. "Ya.. It makes a rather big mess I have to say.." She's seen a few nasty accident involving trucks and sheep when she was a kid. A faint oh escapes her and she glancs at her watch before smirking and peers back at Gabriel. "You drink this early in the day?" Not that its ever stopped her mind you.

Gabriel's lips curve into a wickedly amused smile, as he unfolds to his full six feet. "Only when there's a dathuil cailin who agrees to do so with me. The bar's only there." A quick gesture of hand.

Abbey chuckles softly and smiles to Gabriel. "Your have to tell me where you learned Gaelic sometime.. Been a while since I've heard it." There's a pause. "As much as I would enjoy going to a drink or two I'll have to take a raincheck. There are a few things I need to check up on at the moment. How about I give you a call later?" Well she does have his phone number after all.

"In truth," says Gabriel, "I can say hello, order a drink, and compliment a beautiful girl." He lifts his shoulders in a light shrug. "A friend taught me once. I'll not keep you from your work." Grin. "Call me any time." He floats a hand into a little wave, almost a salute, before turning to wander away. A hand flits into his pocket, the summoning text message for his Chevy-driving friend. He does call back. "See you later!"

Abbey looks amused as she hears him, a grin is seen. "I see.. Well at least the friend taught you the right ones to say." This said with an amused tone before she nods. "I shall.. See you around Gabriel." Is offered, a slight wave seen as he goes to call his friendly driver.

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