Busy Night at Mary's

Bloody Mary's Bar

Given to irony, Bloody Mary's Bar is decorated primarily in black and varying shades of red. From the black bench seats and chairs, black tables, black walls with chilling red blood flowing down them in a continuous manner, it's quite obvious why this bar has the name it does. Deep red mahogany makes up the floor and bar. Dangling red star lights illuminate the bar, lending to it's somewhat creepy look.

The night is young. Despite the fact that it's mid-week, Bloody Mary's is curiously filled with predator and prey alike, mingling and playing at their particular brand of interaction.

The back corner, so often an empty booth, sits occupied this evening. The adjacent table lacks its usual blonde, but the King of Texas sits languidly in his seat, catlike, idly perusing the crowd with a distinct lack of interest. Dressed darkly, his new hair swept across in modern style, William Grant sips at a bottle of synthetic blood. Relaxed.

Contrarty to popular belief, Chloe does sometimes come in without an escort, and does sometimes come in looking for someone other than Will. This evening is no different, and she's been waiting that the bar for Mellie to go on shift. All so that she can offer to take her sister shopping. Of course, like normal, Chloe /does/ stick out like a bit of a sore thumb. Since it's St. Patrick's day, she's wearing a muted green camisole and black leather mini-skirt. Definitely not her typical librarian wear. She glances over, at the booth and orders herself a drink at the bar. Giving herself a moment or two before heading over to say good evening to the King.

It's a night of green… and a headache to a certain vampire as he walks in, his red shirt standing out against anyone in green. The vampire makes his way towards the bar, although he's not here on any particular task or anything tonight. As he sits at the bar and calls for a bottle of synthetic while his eyes sweep the bar and glances at the normally empty booth, noting the vampire present as he gives the vampire a simple nod of recognition and no more. Chloe making her way over that way gets a glance before he looks back to the King.

The vampire in the corner acknowledges Dietrich with a brief nod of his own, before a finger lifts, and curls. Beckoning him, as well as saying, at normal volume, "Dietrich. Over here, please." He does of course expect the undead denizens of the bar to hear it, but it matters not. His eyes do rest on Chloe for a moment, though her leaves her to her business, not the type to interfere. Not unless she gets herself into trouble.

Trouble? Her? So long as Chloe can keep herself from being killed by a rogue werewolf or shifter, or whatever it is that attacked her parents and her boss, she's in good shape. Without vampire hearing, all Chloe can see is the beckoning though. So with her drink in hand - sorry folks, it's simply ice water tonight, she walks over to the booth, and seats herself. Even though she was technically uninvited.

Dietrich nods and soon as he has his drink, he makes his way across the bar towards the booth, much to the interest of the undead types as Will himself expected. He nods to Will and Chloe, "Mr. Grant it is good to see that you are still in good health from the last time I saw you. And rumor would have it that you've moved up in this world." He doesn't know Chloe's relationship to Will so hence why he regards her curiously with a smile. "Good evening."

"Apparently so," says Will, developing a darkly amused smile. "It seems the other Sheriffs of Texas think I am too lovely not be enthroned. Unfortunately, rumour comes to me that someone who shares a name with you have been talking to perhaps a few too many people about it. I trust that rumour is unfounded, and I shall not be hearing anything else on the subject? Isobel was so very vexed." Giving him a nice out, and no need for conflict, no matter the opinions held. Ever the politician, is our Will. "I'm yet to have had the opportunity to thank you for your help with that trouble, in fact." A hand drifts idly to one side, resting briefly on Chloe's leg. No audible conversation there.

:Via telepathy: Will says, " This is Dietrich Eberle. He was present during my killing of the previous King."

A downward drift of her gaze, then a slow smile warms her lips. Chloe nods her head to Dietrich. "A pleasure to see you again." It amuses her that no one knows her part in the rescue, but it is best that is kept between just a few for now anyhow. Little black straws are placed to her lips and she sips from the icy cool beverage as he watches the establishment around them. While most patrons are vampiric, the odd non-fangbanger human or two can be found here as well and their minds are focused on to ensure they're not meaning trouble.

:You contact Will: Chloe says, "We have met once in the park. He is slightly dangerous with what he can do, I think."

Dietrich shakes his head and says, "If this rumor mill would be from the mouth of a certain mortal whom was approached by one of my own students to arrange a deal to save him from getting offed, then I can tell you it is quite false as the topic of my conversations with said student do not extend to what arrangements our kind has in place for our own survival and mutual protection. Although then this topic would have me wonder… why is he even talking to you at all?" He takes a seat across from Will where he is between Dietrich and Chloe and sips from his bottle, wondering what the answer will be.

The dark smile spreads, as Will looks over towards Dietrich. This is apparently fun. "As I said, only rumour, and all I wish is that we are known to discuss that it is unfounded, and remains just that. Unfounded. I am hardly going to start revealing my network of informants now, am I?" His chin lifts, as he looks towards the ceiling. "Now would be poor timing for mortals to discover our methods and traditions, considering the recent troubles. Still, I am yet to thank you for your actions that evening. You have met Chloe before?" He flicks a glance to the side, to the girl, and fingers trace along her leg.

:Via telepathy: Will says, " He is a magician, or was once such, and retained his ability. A dangerous foe… for his age."

Political discussions are not for her ears, so while she hears everything and soaks it up, Chloe has not a word to say on the matter. She plays the quiet librarian, sipping away at her water, waiting for signs of her sister's arrival. At least that is what it seems like. There is a subtle shift in her body to move closer to Will, and then she looks up at him with a grin.

:You contact Will: Chloe says, "You mean it is possible to retain my abilities if I were to be turned?"

Dietrich quirks his lips at Will's response. "Well it would make things less fun if you did." He glances to the girl next to Will and nods to him, "I have before, although I have not seen her often. Busy busy busy, I need a vacation." He swigs from the bottle he holds and says, "You have spoken twice now of some sort of reward for my aid… did you have something in mind pre-decided or is it still to be considered?"

A pair of fingers lift. "Two options," says Will, levelly. "Cash, to the sum of fifty thousand dollars, or an unspecified promise of assistance from the King of Texas. If you ask for something beyond my ability or my morality, then it will still be refused, but I am not without resource." Understatement of the century. "I also wished to ask; you are still a magician, yes? Do you know of any who have passed into our life who have failed to retain the spark of magic? I know only yourself and Kegan who have retained it." He does not appear to be looking at Chloe, or acknowledging her in any way. Good little property that she is.

:Via telepathy: Will says, "Perhaps. I do not know, for yours may be linked to your spark of life. There is no guarantee."

Good little silent property that she appears to be at least, in public. Chloe's eyes fall upon Dietrich as though completely and utterly interested in his response. The look is brief before she glances about the establishment again, making note that the proprietor may be one that she can interview for her King-sanctioned project. A nod is given to something she hears, then she's back to being the quiet arm-candy.

Dietrich raises his eyebrows and says, "Money I can get… but having a favor granted me by a King…" He considers the offer for a moment and says, "I'll take the favor. I don't tend to get along with the Royalty, Mister Grant, but you… I like." And then there is Will's other question. "Yes I was and still am a magician. Kegan being one as well as something I was not informed of. Others that have failed to keep their magic? A few… but the last was three decades ago. It's more common for one to lose their powers on being turned. Ones like myself and Kegan are the exception rather than the rule."

"I'm yet to fall to hideous decadence and manipulation," Will returns, that wicked smile flitting back into place for a moment. "I lament so many of us turning inwards and devouring our humanity. The favour it is. Try not to get me into too much trouble?" He allows a nod for the latter, throwing a glance towards Chloe that bears a silent question. "Kegan was a potent magician, which is why I took the tack I did in assaulting him at speed." Even then, Will was fairly uncertain of any real chance of success. "What about these mortal telepaths? Have you heard anything of them coming over to us?"

:Via telepathy: Will says, "If your ability is linked then perhaps there is a chance. You could discuss this with Dietrich if you wished, though I do not know him well enough to trust with your secrets."

The answer is met with a nod, both for the favor and what Dietrich has to say about abilities. Chloe /does/ finally speak though, her voice just a gentle whisper. "There is hope for regaining humanity now that you can freely be among humans." Which is all she's going to say, allowing the two men to continue their conversation uninterrupted.

:You contact Will: Chloe says, "I would rather not. You, I trust, but I didn't trust his attitude on meeting him. Have you considered that you could have had latent telepathy yourself? What with your own skills and all…"

Dietrich nods in agreement with Chloe and says, "Some can handle eternity… some can't. I remember watching a show here not too long ago that I'll quote it… "In this life, what you do matters. What you don't do matters. And what really matters… is figuring out those things you like… and if they're worth sticking around for. And if they are, then you'll find a way to do this job… and if you don't… then you go away. And you don't get to like anything anymore." He nods matter-of-factly, "Dead Like Me… not a bad show." He looks to Will to answer his question, "I know almost nothing about the telepaths. They either go crazy or aren't interested in dealing with vampires usually."

"I understand you," says Will, "and it is a solid sentiment. We must endeavour to retain our humanity lest we become the monsters that mortals fear." The body of the King remain motionless for the moment, apart from the hand still tracing idle patterns on Chloe's leg. "I am seeking information on telepathy in general, should you come across anything, especially in terms of telepathic vampires."

The night is young. Despite the fact that it's mid-week, Bloody Mary's is curiously filled with predator and prey alike, mingling and playing at their particular brand of interaction. The back corner sits occupied for once, the booth containing three; the King of Texas, a redhead and the esteemed Dietrich.

:Via telepathy: Will says, "I have considered this, but it is an idle thought, as it is too late to experiment empirically."

"I haven't seen that show," Chloe says, idly. It's not as though she watches much television at all at any rate. Her gaze drifts over to Will, and she slides just a little closer again, so that their legs are resting against one another. Otherwise, she's silent, sipping away at her icy cool beverage, and keeping an "ear" out for any potential issues.

:You contact Will: Chloe says, "Then I can act as the experiment, if you wish it."

Dietrich nods to Will and replies, "I will let you know, if you would be just as kind to keep me informed of any magicians in the area that you discover? I am well aware of Fontane and my student's families that likely are, but if there are others, I wish to know as well." He glances at Chloe as she shifts next to Will.

Michael enters the bar, a small bundle of papers tucked under his arm he carries himself with the impassivness that so many older vampires wear, he seems totally disinterested in his surroundings, he ignores most of the patrons as he makes his way to the bar, making it clear to any fangbangers that he's not interested, his only exception to this is a respectful nod to William when he spots the trio sitting in the corner. As he gets to the bar he places down the bundle of papers and orders a Trueblood.

Brushing errant raindrops off her shoulders, Desiree enters the bar. Stepping to one side, so as not to block the door, she looks around, apparently trying to find someone. When her eyes adjust, she finally seems to find the one for whom she searches. Approaching Michael with long, smooth strides, she says, "I found it," quietly, and slides onto the barstool beside his. "Are those the papers, then? I can't tell you how excited I am to read a first hand account of life back then." When asked, she orders a mimosa. The black leather coat is slid off her shoulders and folded in her lap.

"Perhaps we should go to see it," Will muses in Chloe's general direction. The King returns a brief nod in Michael's general direction, acknowledging the other vampire. "If warlocks start to drip forth from the woodwork, I expect I shall need a certain element of specialist involvement." His ears perk for the other incoming, and a short flicker of amusement scores his brow. "So I believe you may well best kept informed."

:Via telepathy: Will says, "I believe I gave my word to experiment upon you once and once alone."

"The program? The DVD's might be available." Chloe's not at all certain if it was just some off television show, or a series, so she'd have to check once she gets out of here. Her eyes shift to Isonzo and she tilts her head. More so when she notices the woman, but she remains mostly silent. Her attention flicks back to Will and she ahs, softly considering something. "If you don't mind my asking, Mr. Eberle, which family is it that you were speaking of earlier?"

:You contact Will: Chloe says, "The most recent intimacies will not be considered experiments then. When my decision to be turned is made, we can use me as an experiment. You have my permission on that."

Dietrich replies, "It's a series about a girl who gets hit by a toilet seat from the Mir Space Station and is forced to become a grim reaper. It's more comedy if anything. But an interesting take on death." He glances to Chloe and replies, "You'll have to be more specific Miss Cornett, I did talk of two families." Michael and Desiree get a glance as they come in, but not much.

As Desiree approaches Michael offer a slight nod to the woman. "They are, although they're far from a personal account of the time, simply letter I wrote to an associate, who had interests in knowing the state of English Politics during the Reign of Elizabeth the First." He offers them to her. "I'm not sure that you'll find much of interest in there, but they're offered as promised." He motions to the bar. "Would you care for a drink?" His tone's just a little less impassive than his features, although it's still not giving away much.

A smile is given to Michael. "Thanks. I really just want to read something based on actual history by someone who was /there,/" she tells him. "And I already ordered a drink—-in fact, here it is now." Accepting her drink, Desiree sips, smiles and thanks the bartender. Curious, she glances around the bar as she's stuffing the papers into an inside pocket of her coat, just looking at the decor and people sitting at various tables and booths. The group in the back are given a few seconds of consideration, but then her eyes move along to something else. Eventually, she regards the man beside her. "This's the first time I've been here," she confesses. "It seems rather quiet. I'd have thought a vampire bar would have more fangbangers." She speaks softly, her words meant for Michael alone. Considering vampire hearing, it's possible others hear her, too, but Desiree probably doesn't realize it. "Do you know most of the people in here?"

:Via telepathy: Will fondly replies, "Perhaps not. We shall term recent activity as exploration, perhaps? If such is your wish, we shall keep a close eye upon you. Interesting that he refers to two families. Perhaps more than one Fontane is gifted. I shall check."

A gently disapproving looks flits across Will's face. Apparently such things are not generally his ideal entertainment material. "I believe she meant the family referred to as your student," the King adds, mildly amused now. The King finishes the remainder of his bottle of synthetic, leaning back now, and letting his tracing fingers drift just a little higher on Chloe's leg. Not attempting to distract her at all. Honest. Still, he does pay some idle interest to Michael and Desiree; mostly out of a curiosity to see if Michael has claimed one at the moment.

"That of your student," Chloe says in agreement with Will, quite curiously. "I am fairly certain I know the name of the other, and I am also fairly certain that they have valid reason for being wary and bearing dislike for your kind at the moment." While she knows their reasoning, she's not about to blab it in an establishment like this and get an acquaintance in trouble. "So while it may not be my place to say anything, perhaps treading lightly with that one for the time being may be better? Setting him off when he's upset is likely not to be good for /anyone/."

The distraction works wonders, Chloe's eyes closing as she finishes off the glass of water. "I should perhaps go and leave you to your politics, I don't wish to overstep my boundaries."

:You contact Will: Chloe says, "Well I enjoy the exploration. I believe the other family he means is Niveus, but I wish confirmation. It would appear that the Fontane's have a family that is at war with them."

Dietrich replies simply to Chloe, "My student is well aware of what I am and she is ok with it. Samantha Niveus. She spoke to Ivan Fontane, whom spoke to you." The latter you being directed to Will. "Speaking of Mr. Fontane, I'm certain you're well aware of his threat to depopulate Dallas of it's vampire residents… what say you on whats to be done about that?"

Nodding to Desiree Michael seems to be giving the trio and their conversation no mind, he smiles very faintly at the mention of the drink "Ah, I am sorry my mind was elsewhere." He sips his own drink before continuing. "I should apologise for calling you on such short notice, I didn't interrupt other plans I hope?"

"It happens," Desiree replies. "I've a great many things on my mind, as well, so I understand." She sips her mimosa, and then shakes her head. "No problem. I was already dressed, and it was no difficulty to stop by here. I was going to cook dinner for a friend, but my stove took a dive on me. So, I told him I'd take him dancing over at the Warehouse. Hence," she gestures to her leather-clad body, "what I'm wearing. I don't usually wear this, but I'd like Oliver's eyes to pop when he sees me." She gets an impish smile. "I guess that's bad of me, but I like him and /he/ likes to dance." She gives her shoulders a waggle, just 'cause she can. "I've an hour to kill before I even have to think about leaving to get there on time."

"Young Ivan is remarkably venomous, is he not?" says Will, threading sardonic humour into his voice. "But I am fond of him. He is not stupid enough to attempt genocide, and is currently part of some more civil negotiations. I doubt he will persist before he calms down." His attention shifts to Dietrich, a faint amusement touching his eyes, finally. "Feel free to spend upon my tab, Dietrich. At least, just a little. Come, Chloe. We shall stop to greet Michael en route." The King slides from his seat, unfolding to that mighty height of five feet eight, before he walks those customary quiet, measured steps in Michael's general direction. He does take opportunity to have a quick study of Desiree. "Michael," he says, by way of greeting, quite some time before arriving, and trusting in the vampire's sense to hear him.

:Via telepathy: Will says, "We shall explore some more then. Perhaps I shall seek alliance with this Niveus if Ivan does not calm himself down soon. I would rather his reputation be shattered and his body obliterated by some other agent, after all. Politics."

The confirmation and something else cause Chloe to frown just a little. It's brief, and she nods. "As you wish," she replies in an almost overtly obedient manner. She slides out of the booth before Will does, and then latches her arm around his to walk with him toward the bar. A small flit of jealousy, but then she's back to smiles. "Mr. Isonzo. I have been meaning to contact you, but I've rearranged my schedule lately and have not been in in the evenings. The other book that you requested has come in."

:You contact Will: Chloe says, "I have yet to meet this Samantha, but I have met her cousin and she has very strong opinions. I wouldn't advise it."

Dietrich nods to Will and says, "Indeed he is… have a good night, Mr. Grant, Miss Cornett." He stays there in the booth for awhile, mostly to himself.

Nodding Michael seems to find Desirees' answer amusing. "I see, well I'm sure the outfit will work wonders." He then turns bowing once more to William this time a little deeper than before. "Mister Grant." He smiles to Chloe as he nods. "Thank you Miss Cornett, I had intended to visit, although my own schedule has seen me rather distracted. You are well I hope?"

Turning at the sound of voices, Desiree eyes the couple addressing Michael. A nod is offered to the man, since he has the look of a Vampire, and a slightly shallower nod to the girl. She does smile, and it's warm and sincere. Perhaps it's some instinct which tells her not to speak at the moment, or maybe she has an idea this man is Someone. Capital S. She's no mind-reader, but there are telltale things about people which give clues: body language, how others react to them, expression. If nothing else, Desiree can read body language. Her gaze goes from one to the other, then back to Michael. Surely if she's to speak, he'll give her the cue. Mr. Grant and Miss Cornett—-at least she has names to go with the faces.

Idle amusement flicks through Will's look as he draws it over Desiree. "Is this one yours, Michael?" he wonders, as he comes to a full stop, body motionless as is his usual wont; a good sign of an older vampire. His face then returns to impassive. "Such a pretty one, a good choice if she is." There's humour in his tone, perhaps a unknown joke. "A pleasure to meet you," he offers. "William Grant."

:Via telepathy: Will says, "I shall see if there isn't someone who knows them already. If not, it may fall to you to open negotiations. Only if it becomes necessary."

"Well enough," Chloe replies with a grim little smile. Better than several weeks ago at any rate. "I'll make sure that the book is set aside for you, and that way even if I'm not on duty, you should be able to retrieve it with relative ease." A roll of her eyes is given to Will, and then another glance given to the other woman before looking back at Michael. "Perhaps when you are done with your evening, we can get together for a conversation?" There is a fair amount of certainty that he will be considered one of the ones to be trusted.

:You contact Will: Chloe says, "I have met Quinn Niveus. If you truly wish to meet them… but I doubt she would be open to discussion."

His head moves just a fraction, just enough to be considered a shake of the head. "This is Desiree DeVilliers, an aquaintance of mine." He turns his attention to Desiree. "Desiree, this is William Grant, and Chloe Cornett." He shakes his to Will. "No, I rarely make claims, in fact before the recent incident it had been… a long time, even as we count such things." He smiles to Chloe. "Thank you, I'll pick it up as soon as I can. And I will of course make the time for a conversation with you miss Cornett."

"The pleasure is all mine, Mr. Grant," is her reply, since it would appear by directly addressing her, William gave her permission to speak. Her own eyes sparkle like pieces of jade: amusement, pleasure, interest, curiosity. Her head then inclines at a respectful angle, and she lowers her eyes modestly—-but not before she gets a good look at the man. All right, so that might be considered a little rude, but hopefully she'll be forgiven. It should be noted her smile includes Miss Cornett, to whom she also nods her head.

Will meets Desiree's look with one of his own; direct, penetrating, implacable and darkly humoured. When he speaks, his voice drawls a slightly Southern twang, only a hint of his amusement coming through. "I'm glad," he says, in reference to Michael's comment, "for she intrigues me. Perhaps some other time, Desiree." His attention flicks suddenly, resting once more on Chloe. "Yes, Michael is a perfect choice for you to talk to. Do not grill the man too harshly. We have business, Chloe." Alluded to in mental conversation, and the faintest pressure applied to her arm, a hint to leave.

:Via telepathy: Will says, "Enemy of my enemy. Now. Exploration."

It is considered rude, at least by the woman on Will's arm, and Chloe's own eyes narrow at the woman. Will's glance does /nothing/ to prevent the jealousy. "I will do not a thing to embarrass you," she says through slightly clenched teeth. At both the physical and mental nudge, she shoots another look to Desiree, that proudly states that /she/ was the one chosen. Yes, she's getting to be just a /bit/ more like her sister every day. That will be a worry for another time.

:You contact Will: Chloe says, "As you wish."

Nodding to William Michael seems to give his statement no thought, although he does study Desiree for a moment. He then turns his attention back to Will, offering another slight nod, and then to Chloe. "I look forward to our discussion." He nods again.

Desiree has been the object of such feminine "looks" many times in her relatively short life. One more isn't going to phase her. Her expression turns slightly wry, one corner of her mouth lifting slightly higher than the other. She gives Miss Cornett a return look which clearly says the hint of jealousy was noted. Desiree sips her mimosa calmly, confidently, turning her eyes away from Chloe without a word. Women sometimes have no need for words to get their point across to one another. Quite the opposite, when Chloe talks with Michael, Desiree exhibits no jealousy whatsoever, merely mild curiosity.

Thus the pair take their leave, Will turning with Chloe to take more of those quiet, measured steps out and away from the bar. Will does not bother with farewells, he will see them all again.

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