Bunker's Garage and Salvage

Bunkers's Garage and Salvage sits on a rather large lot in the West Dallas neighborhood. The parking lot is small, and one spot is occupied at all times by a beat-up tow truck. Two fully equipped bays, complete with safety notices on the walls are for employees only. To the right side of the bays is an office, containing a simple desk with a grubby looking computer, and a filing cabinet. Behind the desk is a small whiteboard which lists inspection prices, and those for other services. The walls are decorated with a few small display cases where items available for sale are located.

The garage still seems to be open, though even with it being the weekend its not to much of a surprize. The once pink car owned by Hope is sitting at the front of the garage looking rather shiney and nice that it has been fixed and repainted. One might not be able to even tell that the car ever hit a poll. Abbey is sitting on a stool at the front of the shop, legs crossed at the ankle with a burning cigarette between her lips. Seems she's waiting on someone to show up, perhaps the owner of the car in question that isn't to far from her. Clothing being a black tshirt, jeans and boots.

Today has been a busy day, since there was a lot to do. The first was to go pick up her twin, in her pretty pink Suzuki Sidekick. Then, there was the trip to the DMV to get Faith to take a competency test, and a written test to get her license reinstated. Then lunch, because after waiting at the DMV so long, Hope was hungry. During lunch she did slip away to see about the car, and now she's taking Faith to a not so nice area of the city.

At least it's still daylight, which means no vampires stalking them. Thank /God/.

As she pulls up in front of Bunker's, she turns to her sister. "Okay, so I have a /huge/ surprise for you." With that, she unbuckles herself and hopes out of the pink vehicle.

It's been a day full of surprises, really, and all of them can be used. There is so much going on and still more that hasn't been mentioned to the twin. Things will need to come out eventually but until she knows more on it all she'll hold it in. Everything's being held in. Hope doesn't need to be troubled with all of the issues, especially the ones that she's involved in. There are other times for such things.
As it is, Faith is finally able to get her license back. It's a day that she never really thought would happen but she's not going to complain. She's just thankful that at least someone believes she isn't crazy. Even though she really is. Now that they're in front of the garage, she remains in the vehicle at first. Confusion is the name of the game. Eventually the darker haired twin follows Hope, looking around at the sketchy neighborhood. "You mean that you haven't surprised me already?"

Abbey watches the pink car drive up and lifts her head slightly, her pale gaze blinks, the smoke from the cigarette curling into the air. It takes her a moment to remember who it is, a faint ah escapes her. "Bount time.." She murmurs wanting nothing more but then to sleep the rest of the day away. She hasn't had a very good week and wants the week to just hurry up and end. Standing she stretches a moment, her ribs are healing but there still rather tender and sore and will be that way for a while yet. Abs waits for the pair to get out of the car before going to say anything.

"Well, yeah, but this is the /best/ surprise ever. It's an early birthday present." Even though it's her old, used car. At least it's fully paid for, and repainted, and fixed up. Hope waits for Faith to get out of the car, then wanders right up to Abbey. "Miss Wallace! It looks absolutely gorgeous." She glances over to the blue-green Ford Aspire, and grins. "Was there anything that wasn't covered under the insurance? If so, I brought my cheque book."

There's yet another surprise after this one, but she can handle it in a bit.

It still hasn't really dawned on her why they're here. Nothing here looks familiar to her. If Hope's old vehicle was here it would be some obnoxious shade of pink. Since she doesn't see it then they must be here for some other reason. Rose just kind of stands out of the way, allowing Hope and the other woman to speak. She doesn't deal well with strangers, after all, since she's the Queen of Crazy according to the gossip columns. Besides, sounds like they have things to talk about and she really shouldn't be nosy.

Abbey nods to Hope, a glance offered to Rose and then back to Hope, they really are twins.. Not that she cares. "Afternoon Hope.. I'm glad you like it." She offers with a faint smile. "No, the insurance company came through and took care of everything so your good there." The keys are pulled from her pocket and she holds them out for Hope. "She's all ready to go. Just bring it back in three months so we can check it over to make sure all is well."

"Perfect, thanks, Miss Wallace." Keys in hand, the blonde Tyler twin walks over to her sister. The keys are then held out to Rose. "Well, there you go. Happy early Birthday." She clicks a button before handing them over, and the doors on the blue-green vehicle open up. Then she gets in the passenger seat. "Come take a look at it." She's got a big, goofy grin on her face. Like everything in the world is fine. No strange person got her a car. Funny that Faith didn't even ask about the new one.

Faith doesn't even know that there was an accident, not really. Ivan hasn't told her so she doesn't know all of the details. She's so focused on not talking about Tripp or asking which reality is reality that many things seem to escape her. Rose looks at Abbey, assessing her before realizing that there are keys being handed to her. "This kind of looks like your car," she comments as she gets in, looking between Abbey and Hope. "How many vehicles do you need, Hope? It's not even pink." Clueless.

Abbey nods to Hope and offers a soft smile. "Its not a problem.. Just glad everything worked out." This said with a soft tone before she looks over to Rose watching her cuiorusly. "Well.. i did repaint it an all.. Might be why."

"This kind of is my car," Hope says to her sister with a grin. "I only need one car." She points to the newer Sidekick. "Which is why I'm giving you this one. It's going to stay on my insurance until we get you a job, so the only thing you'll need to do is pay for gas." She taps at the dash and then grins again. "I figured this is better for you than taking public transportation. You'll get into less trouble with it."

Abbey is given a look. Rose isn't angry with her but she can't quite process what the woman is trying to say. "Why would you repaint her car?" She really isn't the best in some situations, after all. Her focus moves back to her sister, to the car, then to her sister. "You got a new car so I could drive something?" Clueless. "You really shouldn't have done that. I mean, it takes me forever to go see you but it's cheaper." Something else catches her attention and she stares between Abbey and Hope. "A job? Hope, no one is going to hire me. I'm that crazy woman on the news."

Abbey tilts her head while peering at the two and hums softly while she isn't to sure what to say it seems. She clears her throat. "I'm sure you can find a job someplace.. I mean.. What sorta expierence do you have?" Though after saying this she wonders if she should just keep herself out of the conversation.

Hope is still trying to get her sister to get into the car. She just turns sideways in the vehicle so that her feet are on the ground again, and sighs. "Because I hit something with it and it needed to be fixed." She points to the new one. "That one is a gift of some sort. From a secret admirer or something. It's been checked over and is mechanically sound." Which is why she's driving it. "Not true. A friend of mine is a lifeguard at the Fitness World. I set up an interview with him after we leave here. He's looking for someone part time during the day."

She doesn't like feeling forced into things, something that is well justified. Still Faith sighs and takes a seat behind the wheel. "You fixed it too, then?" It doesn't really escape her that Abbey is a mechanic; she's not that far gone. "And what did you hit? Tell me it wasn't anyone." She means Tripp. Or the guy that might have looked like Tripp. Again she looks between the two women. "Well, I can do that. Easily. But people will stay away from me." Even with the moment of self pity, Faith places the key in the ignition and starts the engine. It sounds great to her. "Are you sure you hit something with this? And you don't know who bought you a car?"

Abbey hums softly while peering to Hope then back to Rose, she takes a drag from her cigarette to keep herself quiet for the time being it seems. To bad the cigarette is nearly gone. A slight shake of her head is offered ro Rose. "I have no idea.." Other words, talk to your sister about that.

"Miss Wallace is the mechanic who fixed it and painted it for you." Hope shifts back so that she's seated in the car properly once more. "Lamp post." All Tripp's fault. Stupid Tripp, being a vampire and coming back to haunt her. "They won't stay away from you," she promises her twin. "They may be more careful, and act scared, but they won't stay away." Unfortunately Faith is like a car wreck. People don't want to get directly involved, but they'll likely sign up for classes just to get a look at the local 'celebrity'. "Miss Wallace replaced the front end, and no I don't know who the other car is from. It just said from a valentine."

"I don't want them staring at me, either." This is a joke. Everyone stares at her, or at least a good number of people do. She catches them all the time which is why she hates taking public transportation as it is. Faith knows that she's being unreasonable in her request but it just has to be said. "What did the lamp post do to you?" She's joking at this point seeing as how Hope is fine. If she looked injured then it would be different. As it is, Hope's already made it clear that she doesn't like people asking her if she's doing okay. "Thank you, Miss Wallace, for helping Hope. You did a good job and the car looks much better now." Totally not a fan of pink. "Maybe it was some rich guy at the church or something? You are pretty much a star there now."

Abbey smiles faintly and takes in a faint breath before nodding to Rose. "Your welcome.. Glad I could do such a good job." This said with a soft tone. A soft chuckle escapes her as she seems to understand how the car looks better. "If you ever need anything with the car just being it by Miss. We're work on it and give you a fair price for the work."

"They're going to stare. Even if you weren't on the news due to Green Oaks, they'd stare." Hope is positive of that. Since she gets stared at quite a bit sometimes. "The lamp post got in my way when the car hydroplaned on a puddle. As you can see, I'm fine. A very nice person saw to it that I got to the hospital and they said I was fine too." Well, they didn't /really/ say that at all, but Hope is not about to tell her sister about the super concussion, and the minor mental breakdown. "Rich guy at the church? Well Ellio—" Wrong church. "Oh, it could have been. It really could have been. I just don't want to ask around. I already accused Bobby of sending it to me." And that worked out well.

Stupid people. Stupid people. Stupid people. "They can stop staring." Harumph. That's all she's going to say on the matter. "Thank you very much." It's amazing how Faith can just turn from one subject to another and act with two different sets of emotions. It's a skill that she's learned. So she nods to Abbey and gives her a bright smile. "That's very nice of you. I'll bring it by here if I need help." Then she's right back to Hope, looking concerned for a moment but not going into something that her twin clearly does not want to talk about. "Well, thank the very nice man for me then." All in all, her spirits are pretty high, considering she now has a license and a car. "Who is Ellio? And I don't think Bobby would get you a car." Not after what she knows. "I heard his face got broken."

Abbey titls her head and peers at Hope as she explains what happened. She feels like a sudden third wheel though, as if she shouldn't be hearing ths converstion. She glances to her cigarette and gives it a slight flick to get the ahs fromit. A nod is offered to Rose while she looks back to the other. "Your welcome.."

"I'll tell him my crazy sister said thanks," Hope teases. At this point, she gets out of the passenger seat and then grins. "Elliott is the very nice person that helped me after the accident. He's going to be a Catholic priest." But there is a look on her sister's face as she talks about Bobby, and it causes the blonde Tyler twin to frown a little bit. "Yeah, it did. Ivan's bitchy sister punched him in the face." No love there at all. "He's healing fine though." Not that she's seen him for a few days. "So come on. Let's not take up all of Miss Wallace's day. Go get in your car, and follow me to the Fitness World building. I'll take the back roads so you'll feel more comfortable."

Irk. That's not exactly how she likes it to sound. The look on her face shows that in that comical sense that she has. Still she ends up laughing. "Well, this priest dude sounds nice. I think I like you hanging out with a priest." That way no more boyfriends being involved with her boyfriend's sister. That would make her life better. "I don't think she meant it. She's pretty nice, at least to me. But I can't tell if that's because I'm a mental patient or not. People feel bad about being mean to me sometimes." With a shrug Faith exits her car in order to shake Abbey's hand. "Thanks again." Then she nods to Hope and slides back into the vehicle. It's been a few years but she'll prove that she can still actually drive.

Abbey peers from one to another and then looks back to Rose. "Your very welcome.. You both take care now. Drive safely an all that." She offers before glancing to the offered hand from Rose. For a moment she seems unsure before lifting her hand to takehold of the offered one and gives it a slight shake. Her hand may feel slightly warm to Rose, being a wolfie an all that. "Good luck with the job hunt miss." This said after she lets go of the others hand.

"Thanks again, Miss Wallace." Hope will likely send a nice basket of something or other over, once she has time to make another one. "He's very stuffy for his age." Which is the same age as the twins. "We're going to play laser tag later." It's not a date. Priests don't date, and Elliott is /safe/. "Seriously, Faith? She meant it. I saw the injury." Shortly after it happened, and recently too. "It doesn't matter, it was amicable," she mutters, forcing a smile back on her face. "Right then! Let's go!" Walking to the Sidekick before she makes herself upset, she slips behind the wheel, buckles up, and then puts the vehicle into gear before pulling past the garage and letting Faith follow behind her.

Eh-heh. Awkward. The crazy twin should not know the things that she knows. All she can do is shake her head from the comfort of her own car. Her car. A small wave is offered to Abbey before she pulls out behind Hope. Faith knows that she can talk to her sister about it all more. Later. In detail. Like when they're forty.

Abbey nods to Hope. "Anytime.." Is said while she steps back and watches the two drive off. She stands there for a few moments before turning and heads inside. Her mind wandering though not on anything that was said when she was speaking with the twins.

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