Dallas Public Library

The library is a rather large building that extends two levels. Security gates at the entrance lead past a long rectangular circulation desk where patrons may check out or return books. Across from the circulation desk is large, archaic looking card catalogue beside which is a computer that is set up to locate books. Following the typical Dewey Decimal Classification System, the rows of shelves are laid out systematically, with large signs overhead so that patrons can find precisely what they are looking for. Study carols and tables line the walls, and one corner of the library is set aside for two separate lecture rooms that can booked for meetings.

She said sometime during the afternoon and about halfway through, Josephine indeed walks into the library. Just plain old Josephine. Or maybe somewhat quieter, subdued. Worn around the edges. With a solid lock on her thoughts at the very least, not a syllable slipping as she walks up to the main counter, hands stuffed in her pockets. Looking for Chloe.

The library is pretty quiet now that the children's reading hour is over and the kidlings have all gone home with their parents. Chloe has been busily restocking shelves, avoiding Mischa, and taking care of Doris' duties while she recovers. It's only by chance that she's at the main counter, returning one of the book dollies when Josephine appears, that she's even aware of the woman's presence. Spotting her, she offers a bit of a finger-wave, then restocks the cart with the newly returned books.

"Hey Chloe," Josephine nods to the wave, lifting her lips in half a smile that's a little too guilty to give the impression that the sight of the other is truely welcomed. "Do y- Do you think now's a good time? I mean, if you're busy…" Someone's a little unsure about how to feel about this meeting.

"Now's fine," Chloe says, nodding toward the back of the library. "Mischa will be in soon, and he can finish reshelving all of that." The books are all loaded onto the cart, as proper as they can be for now. Considering no one else is really in the library, except one of the volunteers, the front desk can be left well alone for a little while.

Her relief is sighed, Josephine nodding perhaps more sternly than the sitiations calls for. Or maybe the nod's just to herself. "Right then. The lady will show the way?" So she hasn't altogether lost her sense of humour, waiting for Chloe to take the lead. "I am sorry I didn't call you sooner," she confesses with a shrug.

"You wouldn't have gotten in touch with me earlier," Chloe says with a shrug. "I was dealing with some family stuff." Her father dying, her mother being turned into a werewolf. The red-head moves through the aisles and finally stops outside a small conference room. Using her keys, she unlocks the door and motions for Jo to go in.

"I heard about that." Some of it more likely. "My condolances about your father," Jo gives sincerely as she passes into the room. "How are you handling it."

"Thank you." Chloe follows her into the room, closing the door behind her. "Handling it much better than my siblings, but…" She's a telepath, so that's no surprise to her. She was involved in the world of the weird before they were. "I'm guessing you're not here for small talk though."

A wry grin starts and Jo looks down, shuffling a foot uneasily. "Small talk? Maybe. Though I…" Her confusion is obvious, the green eyes glancing back up underneath a frown. "I wanted to know how you are. As well. On account of the entire killing-in-a-warehouse-thing?"

"Peachy," Chloe says, not even remotely sarcastically. She actually /is/ fine with it all. She did what she had to do to save someone she cares for. "Why? Has something been bothering you?" She moves to take a seat on the table in the center of the room. Cross-legged and all. Thankfully, she's wearing a pantsuit today.

Josephine follows her example, at least to the sitting on the table bit, though her feet come to rest on the edge of a chair. "That's it," she quirks a brow, "'Peachy'? You mean to say it hasn't meant a thing to you what happened there. If you tell me it was just another day at the office, I'll slap you." Clearly it did bother her, folding her arms rather defensively.

"That's it. Peachy. I'm fine, my life is fine." Other than the whole dead father, werewolf mother part. "Am I bothered that I had to kill some vampire flunkies that were keeping my…" Crap. What exactly can she call Will at this point? "… paramour captive? A little. Am I going to let it ruin my life? Not a chance." In other words, in her mind they deserved to die.

"Paramour… Always wondered about that word," Josephine smiles more truthfully now as she studies her hands rather than Chloe's face. "Do you love him? Will I mean. Or is he just…" She shrugs, having no clue what else he could be. "I mean, you really think it was worth it?"

"Why does everyone ask me that?" Chloe's expression screws up a little, and she exhales slowly. "I do. He's the only man I could ever consider being with. He's the only one that I can't hear comparing me to every other woman that walks by, or wondering if I'd look better with body modifications, or thinking about his taxes." There's a little smile. "He is a good man, vampire or not, and I truly believe that saving him… that putting myself in danger to do so, was worth it. He'll help make Dallas a better place."

"Wow…" There's a long pause after that as Josephine openly stares at Chloe. "You really believe that. The him being a good man part." The chuckle passing her lips is filled with disbelief. "He's an arrogant son of a bitch is what I think. Short sighted and prejudiced beyond compare? Sheriff, king or whatever."

"You're upset about the money." Chloe doesn't need to be a telepath to know what's going on. It helps that she is, but she's not focusing on Josephine's brain enough to pull that out. "He gave the same amount to everyone that helped him, including the vampires." The look on her face is less of a smile now, and more of a frown. "He /is/ a good man, vampire or not." Jo just doesn't know what she knows. "He doesn't wander the streets trying to eat people, he's not out torturing anyone, he doesn't roast babies on a spit, he doesn't rape or kill women, nor is he physically violet or abusive. Just because he's living-challenged doesn't mean you should judge him so harshly."

Josephine laughs. She just can't help it, feeling the giggle rise, grow in volume until the sound fills the room. Both hands brush the hair from her face as she shakes it, "Oh my god, that's what they call it these days? You're joking right. Oh please girl, tell me you're joking." Her eyes desperately search Chloe's face for signs of mirth.

"It's the politically correct term," Chloe says, no mirth upon her face. "A vampire isn't technically dead, because if they were dead they would not be wandering around. Nor are they living, and 'undead' is very horror film." A shrug of her shoulders is given. At least she got Jo to laugh, which is likely a good thing.

The laughter dies, leaving Jo looking at the librarian with nothing but pity. "He'll…" Biting hard on a lip, she swallows whatever she was about to say. "You know what you're doing," she asks instead, while one hand reaches into her jacket and produces a small envelope, bulging slightly with it's contents.

"I do, and I know my limits." Chloe is a grown woman, and she'll get enough of a lecture from her brother when he realizes what it is she's up to. "If that's the money, I'm not returning it to him for you. I got some, the tiger's owner got some, the vampires that helped him elsewhere got some. It's not hush money, it's compensation for nearly getting yourself killed."

"It /was/ an excuse to treat us as he sees fit," Jo disagrees, putting the envelope on the table, tapping fingers on it. "Hush money it probably isn't, but it's no reward either. Or compensation. Not when he obviously has nothing but contempt for us." She sniffs and slides the envelope over to Chloe. "I already returned the money. These are just the receipts for my expenses. The shoes I had to replace, my jacket, shirt. Some stuff I needed to deal with it all. And I need you to give it to him."

"It really wasn't, Josephine." The envelope is given a look, then Chloe turns that look on the woman beside her. "Why didn't you just keep the compensation money to take care of it? I don't mind giving these to him, but if you've returned the money…" Shrug. She'll deliver the envelope, and that's all she can do. What comes of it after that? Well that's not her issue.

"After the way he treated me? Oh, not a chance," Josephine smirks, shifting on the table, breathing deep. Reminding herself it really was the right decision. "Let him stew in it, or not, but I won't accept a penny from a man who shows no respect, simple as that. He may think differently, but we don't need him. Heh, the world doesn't need him." Pause. "Like that anyway."

Perhaps the wrong thing to say to Chloe. She takes the envelope, slides her way off the table and turns to give Josephine a rather ire-filled look. "One finger, Josephine. Lift one finger against him, and I'll know who did it. Remember that I had no issues with killing the vampires that hurt him." Probably an idle threat, but one she makes anyhow. After everything Will has done for her both before and after the incident at the warehouse, she's going to protect him. "I'll see that he gets your receipts, and I'll tell him that you don't want to be paid for them. Though I have to wonder, if you don't want the expenses, why are you seeing he gets your receipts?"

Chloe's reaction causes Jo's remaining sympathy to whither and her face closes, showing none of the pitty or concern that was there previously. "If I intend to hurt him, I'll send you a memo." No sliding off tables just yet, merely a simple shrug, "He's paid for them. You do the math Chloe."

"I won't need a memo, I'll know." Chloe taps at her temple, and then shrugs. The envelope is folded nearly and tucked into her pants pocket. "He'll get these the next I see him." Which may be later today, it may not be for a few days. Either way, he'll get it. "I owe you for your help as well. Since you did it for me and not for him. I can't offer you that much money, but let me know if you need anything." She may not fully trust the woman now, but she's definitely not going to be uncivil.

Getting to her feet again, Josephine shrugs and wryly tells the other, "I don't need your money Chloe. You already gave me what he didn't. Though it would've been nice of you t-" She sucks in her lip and shakes her head, deciding on, "Nah, we're cool. Ice cold probably too, but cool. Thanks for taking those to him."

"I didn't mean just money." The offer is going to stand. Jo, whatever her feelings now, did her a /huge/ favor. One that she'll return whenever she can. "It's not a problem. I can swing by Mary's after work. I need to bring something to my sister anyhow." That way, it won't be a total waste of time if Will's not around.

"Tell Mellie I said hi then." Josephine guides her boots out of the room and back into the library, conveniently ignoring Chloe's previous statement.

« Fine, I will. » Chloe's last comment a silent one, but she's going to give Josephine time to collect herself and leave if she wants without making a huge scene. Then she'll lock up the room and head back out to start shelving books until her shift-relief comes in.

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