Laser Tag

It's taken a bit of arranging but in the end it has all worked out. The name of the game is to be safe so that's exactly what she'll be. The laser tag center has been rented out for the evening and filled with people that he knows; each and every one chosen due to the fact that they are regular, average humans with no desire to be harmful to anyone. If he were to get any safer she would be playing the game with a bunch of priests. Now the casually dressed Elliott is escorting his 'date' for the evening into the center. He's the typical serious business even though he's rather proud of himself.

While playing the game with a bunch of priests is good in theory, Hope would definitely feel odd being the only female. Safe is /still/ the watchword. She's gone out to get something rather different for tonight though. So when she appears at the laser tag center, she's wearing a black, short-sleeved full-body unitard, with a green tee-shirt under it. Around her waist is a green belt, and her blonde hair is up in a ponytail. She looks sort of cutesy, and altogether ready to shoot at things with a little laser gun. "Elliott… you'll have to let me pay for part of this."

If he's to be seen with someone at his side he certainly is not going to complain about entering the building with Hope. In fact, he does well to remain at her side. "There's nothing left to pay for." She may not know to what degree he's gone but she'll notice that no one is actually paying, if she looks close enough. "It's not a car, I confess, but it is the least that I could do." Each and every person in the center will nod, smile and or wave to Elliott when they see him. He walks the two of them to the counter to enter their names and collect the cards to activate their guns. "I just wish for you to have fun."

Were this anyone but Hope, he would likely think she were trying to tempt him. As it is, she's not dressing like this for him at all. Rather to make herself look and feel good. Something needed after going to check on Bobby. "Are you sure? I mean, it sort of seems like a date." Clearing her throat, she looks down at her shoes, then gets the card for the gun. "I have no doubt I'm going to have fun. I bet you went through a lot of trouble. Everyone seems to know you."

He's not tempted, not in the least. The only thing tempting him is the possibility of getting her to smile. He is supposed to be more relaxed around her after all. "It does look like a date, does it not? Perhaps we should just treat it like one." A normal night out, he means. Elliott waves at a passing man before he grins down at Hope. "That would be because I invited them all out this evening. There is not a soul here that I do not know personally. This is very… safe." Then the man looks away, watching the lobby with passing interest.

"You want this to be a date?" Hope blinks at him. Yes, she's blinking again. "Okay." She takes a deep breath, then looks around at other people that have gathered. Each that she spots is given a smile. Some are given little waves. "That was very sweet of you, Elliott. They all seem so friendly." Friendly is generally safe, and if he knows them all personally there's no chance that they're vampires.

That may have sounded worse than he intended. "Well, if you're my date, then no one will be attempting to pick you up. I can consider you my date without you feeling uncomfortable about it. If you wish, that is." One woman, nearly a decade older than them, approaches. She gives him a kiss on the cheek, a hug, and after a small greeting and introduction walks away. "You wish to feel safe. I have chosen the people that are the friendliest, most harmless individuals that I know. You'll find no need to worry about who you run into this time." Elliott still feels bad for Teddy as he was just trying to be nice. Teddy is not his responsibility, however. "I want you to have one night where you have no worries, no fears."

The woman is watched curiously, the introduction reciprocated. "I doubt anyone would try to pick me up anyhow." Hope is in that awkward place between ex and rebound, or rebounding on her ex, or something else rather ludicrous. No one will want her like that! "I won't worry. I'm with you." That's all that needs to be said really. "One night, no worries, laser guns and loud noises. Sounds fun!"

If he were actually attempting to date her he'd be putting out quite the effort. As it stands he is simply comfortable to stand by her side. "Have you looked at yourself this evening? I would dare to differ on that statement." As soon as it is said, Elliott coughs. "And I apologize if that has made you uncomfortable. Merely an observation." Even if the man is not looking at her he nods. "I'm glad that you trust being out with me. Would you care for anything to drink before the next round begins?"

Uncomfortable? No. Hope blushes a little, then smiles. "I was going to wear a track suit, but this just felt more gun-slinger to me." Indeed. A catsuit is totally more gun-slinger in the blonde Tyler's mind. "You're allowed to make observations, Elliott. Even if they make my cheeks turn pink. It's all part and parcel of living." Her head is given a slight shake. "No, I'm good. I'm ready to shoot some things." It was a frustrating afternoon after all.

No matter what the type of frustration, shooting things can help. "It is not my place to make such observations, though. That's why I fear your discomfort." Another wave is given to a passer-by before Elliott turns to look at Hope. "I'm afraid that I don't know what a gun slinger would wear. I don't believe that I have any such clothing, to be frank." It's actually odd to get him out without a suit jacket. "Things should be starting any tim=" As he says this, the loudspeaker requests that those playing move into a different room. His arm is extended to Hope to escort her.

Taking the arm, the blonde Tyler twin laughs. "You're allowed to make whatever observations you want. Even a priest is allowed to comment on things." Hope looks down at herself, then shrugs. "Well it's just a unitard catsuit thingy, it's nothing special." Since they've got their gun cards and all, when they're called she allows herself to be escorted away into the actual game room.

"I'm not a priest yet." He points it out as more of a joke than anything. As she glances over her outfit he looks down at his. "I don't believe that I quite have the figure for a cat suit, I'm afraid." Before giving the fact that he attempted to make a joke time to register be carts her off to a room filled with black lights and glowing walls. There are laser tag packs on the walls and once he's sure that she walks to one, he grabs his own and straps in. The words displayed in LED on the wall before them are TEAM BATTLE.

Lots of dark corners, lots of places to hide. Hope tries to scout the area out before grabbing her pack, and she only struggles with it a little before strapping it on. "Looks like we're a team," she says with a grin. "Which is good. I'd feel bad about shooting you." Now, provided none of these safe people jump out at her with fake fangs, she'll be fine.

This is a night with no vampires, real or fake. That is a promise on the life of a soon to be priest. He'll assist Hope with her pack if she allows him or needs the help. "Well, if we did have to shoot each other it would be difficult yet part of the game, would it not?" Elliott wouldn't actually shoot her anyway. They're soon instructed to use their cards to activate their guns and then the cards are collected. A briefing of the rules is given and then they're released into the course. Even though everyone begins to go their own different ways, he's careful to remain close to Hope. A few shots are fired at random people, some hitting and some missing. He's actually about as good at this as he is at carnival games.

Hope will be very, very lucky if she doesn't wind up shooting herself. She's got the plastic gun held in front of her, sort of Cagney and Lacey style. Her eyes dart back and forth throughout the course. When she sees someone running toward them, she presses the trigger and hits them. After which she immediately gives away their location by cheering, "I got one!"

They've almost gotten themselves into the perfect strategic location. That is until she calls out about her success. Elliott has the mind of a business man; he can assess certain situations and perform logically to obtain the best possible result. This being so, he immediately moves to Hope. Gentle hands nudge her back until she'll find her back touching a black wall. They've found a small alcove, a well hidden retreat that gives them the best possible place to snipe. A good fort. "Shhh. You'll give away your location." It never once dawns on him how close they are until he's actually acted.

There's a surprised squeak as she's nudged against the black wall. The only thing giving away her location now being the green accessories. When he's got her back against the wall, with him in front of her, she nods. "I'll be quiet," she whispers. Hope doesn't speak another word, but she does lean forward a little to try and peek over his shoulder to keep an eye on the opponents.

He's close to her, and she's leaning even closer to him. Something odd triggers, something that he's not really thought of before. This is odd, and not at all comfortable. So Elliott pulls away from her immediately and points out the strategy of their location. For at least one moment in time he acts his age and plays the game, firing shots and defending his date. As if it were really a situation where she needs to be defended. And he even smiles a few times in the process.

When he pulls back, Hope has to bite her lip to keep from laughing. It's not as though she was pouncing him, or trying to take him right here in the corner of a public laser tag building! She's not that type of girl. When he defends her, he's given a broad smile. "You're really good at this," she whispers, trying to keep her voice as low as possible.

That's not exactly the problem. The issue is with him even feeling anything. So the game is a wonderful distraction from the other things that he's discovered in the evening. "Apparently I'm quite good at many things that you would never suspect." Carnival games, for one. Elliott ventures out just a ways to gain more kills and give her better shots at others. It never dawns on him just how his words could come across. He's too busy being a young person.

The teeth dig into her lower lip. She's trying so very hard not to give away their position, and he's making it so very difficult to not laugh. Instead of responding, Hope drops to the floor. She crawls along until she's beside his legs. Then she ducks her head out, fires a few shots and hides back in the darkness. Once she gets her potential giggles under control, she glances up at him. "I'm sure you are. Look at all the fish you won."

There's nothing funny about what's going on, not at all. This is a very real struggle and a very real game of laser tag. He's about to explain to her just what he means when his chest senor goes off. Direct hit. That's what he gets for looking down at her. So he falls back, slinking into that cubby and away from any potential lasers. Now it's Elliott's turn to laugh, at all of it. The serious, too old for his age man is actually laughing about a game of laser tag.

"Augh! You've been hit!" Hope crawls over to him, about to check to make sure he's alright. Then she remembers that it's a game of laser tag, and he's not really been shot. The blonde Tyler twists about, crawling toward the shooter of Elliott. Of course, this gives the poor soon-to-be-priest a very nice view of her derriere. Her gun comes into play, shooting the woman that got Elliott.

The laughter should either be a signal that he's alright or he's lost it for a moment. Either way, he's fine, and ready to play once his sensor stops flashing. Before it does, however, Elliott is given a view of the behind in a cat suit. It causes the laughter to end and the man to focus on the game again. He clears his throat, pushing past it to step out over the crouching Tyler. Between the two of them they're actually a pretty strong force, something he does take note of.

For a girl who's never laser-tagged before, Hope knows how to move around the course. Likely because she's played paintball in the past, and it's the same sort of premise. Much less painful though! No one will be going home with bruises tonight. Seeing something that he doesn't, Hope springs up to her feet and leaps in front of him. She takes the shot, causing her sensor to go off as she drops to the ground with a laugh. "At least now we've both been hit. Get down before he fires again!"

It is just a game but he still drops as soon as she's hit, as if they very likely will be taking real fire. He checks on her to ensure that she's okay, that she's having a good time, before moving back into that cove. He's sitting now, his back against one of the walls. "I can't imagine that people do this on a regular basis." It's tiring and almost too much excitement. Still, if Hope is having fun then that's all that concerns Elliott. "I believe that you're better at this than I am."

Crawling back toward him, she sits against the wall as well. Looking over at him, she smiles as she catches her breath. "I've just spent years looking after my sister at all costs. I think I just have a bit of protector in me." Which is amusing, considering that Hope is the one that needs protecting most of the time. "Besides, I couldn't let you get hit again. Seemed better to sacrifice myself once so that you could stay in the game."

This is a rather odd scenario considering the life that Hope has had. Elliott looks over at her, something of an unreadable expressed offered at first. Eventually he just smiles and looks away, back towards the entrance to their hideaway. "Your sister is fortunate, although now no longer requires such protection. I will steal a bit of it in the name of greed, I suppose." His smile eventually returns as he finds his comfort level rising slightly. "This round likely won't last much longer. I'm tempted to simply sit it out until it ends. I suddenly feel much older than I remember being."

"That's because you don't act your age," Hope says with a grin. Her knee shifts over to nudge at his and then she nods. "Sitting out seems good, if we can avoid people that are creeping up really close. How'd you get so good at this game anyhow?" She isn't just trying to make conversation now, she's genuinely curious. Obviously he wasn't always acting older than he is!
Elliott rolls 1d100: 1d100(84)=84

He could attempt to prove her wrong, to show her that he can act his age but eventually the man just laughs. No matter what he might be feeling he will be a gentleman. He will be safe. "Perhaps, perhaps. Still, I should likely join a gym. I should not tire so easily." Elliott dares to move slightly, if only to check their cover and then return. "I honestly have no idea." His attention is now on Hope but he's careful to maintain that ever present feeling of safe. "Just as with the night at the carnival. Apparently I'm well suited to games even if I've avoided them for so long."

"I know a gym. Fitness World. I could likely get you a discount. One of the people from my church helps run the place." Hope bites her lip, then leans toward him just enough to place a chaste little kiss on his cheek. "Thank you for tonight, Elliott. It's been a lot of fun. What's say we go out there and go out in a blaze of glory. Just give it our all to the end of the round?"

"The discount isn't needed although I appreciate the offer." The man's just rented out an entire gaming center for her; she should catch on soon enough that he has a bit of money to flash around. The kiss causes Elliott to blink and just stare at her. His hand touches that very cheek and nearly reaches out for hers as well. Instead his hand falls to his gun and he raises it to her. "They'll likely ask us to sit out the next game for making them all look inferior." Even so he's standing, a hand offered out to her to help her up as well.

The hand is taken, and Hope gathers herself to her feet. Her gun is held up, all shooter-game style again. Then she nods at him. "Back to back. That way we won't get as easily surprised. Just shoot every time you see movement. Win or lose, it'll be a riot." She's so into having fun at this point, that she's not really noticed his reaction at all. After all, the kiss was no worse than the one the older lady gave him and he didn't have a reaction to that.

It's just different at this moment. For whatever silly reason, it is different. He scolds himself for thinking as much, since obviously he simply enjoys spending time with this Alice lookalike. "As you wish." The smile isn't fading; neither is the sparkle of life in his eyes. He's not acting like this in forever. A hand does reach out for her, squeezing her shoulder once before he heads out. "I trust you with my back." Then off Elliott goes, shooting away and ensuring their victory.

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