Whiskey Friends

Bunkers's Garage and Salvage
Bunkers's Garage and Salvage sits on a rather large lot in the West Dallas neighborhood. The parking lot is small, and one spot is occupied at all times by a beat-up tow truck. Two fully equipped bays, complete with safety notices on the walls are for employees only. To the right side of the bays is an office, containing a simple desk with a grubby looking computer, and a filing cabinet. Behind the desk is a small whiteboard which lists inspection prices, and those for other services. The walls are decorated with a few small display cases where items available for sale are located.

The garage is not normally open on Sunday afternoon, and yet one of the bay doors is open with the tow truck parked in front of it. Seems Abbey was out towing a car and is getting it put into the garge at the moment. The chains from the truck are getting pulled free from the beat up looking car and she pushes a few buttons to ease the car back down off the flat bed truck and onto the ground with a loud clank heard in the process. The chains are tossed back up onto the truck before Abbey goes about pushing the car back into the spot as best she can, which with still healing busted ribs isn't the easy thing to do, not a smart thing. She leans against the car a moment and coughs, a hand pressing against her side and she mutters out a few not so friendly words in the process. Other then Abbey and the few cars and bikes to be found the garage looks rather empty of anyone else.

"Swing batter, batter swing!" Pasha sings out over the drone of her old truck as she turns down the road. Wheeling the beat up, two-tone (if one considers rust a tone) Chevy into the garage truck, the tanned femme halts in her upbeat singing in order to swivel down and hop out of the vehicle. "Hey! Hold up. Let me help." Flashing an easy smile, Pasha steps into place beside Abbey, bracing her hands to the vehicle and giving a good shove of her weight - and better yet, a heft helping of strength, as her truck idles in the backdrop.

The truck is heard, its not hard to hear with the door open after all. Abbey lifts her head and peers towards the truck and then the one that offers to help. It takes her a mere moment to figure out that its a wolf and she seems a bit unsure of the help. Though before she can say no the other is helping. "Thanks.." Is said after a moment. With the help of Pasha the two get the car further into the garage and Abs leans upon it, another cough escaping her. "Thanks.. Damn thing should have rolled easier then that though."

Pasha leans back, tossing away a mane of dark hair to turn her jade gaze on the other female. It's only then that she realizes the other is indeed a wolf. Hm. Interesting predicament. But, such is the worth of her recklessness, her Mom always says. Pasha takes a small step back to assign a careful distance between one another. "Shoulda, yeah. Never can tell with a nice hunk o' junk, though. You alright?" She makes a subtle gesture towards where Abbey had been holding her wounded ribs.

Abbey isn't about to do anything to Pasha, she may not get along with other wolves that well at times but she isn't crazy. "True.." Is offered after a moment while her pale gaze watches the other as she backs up. A faint smirk crosses her lips. "I'm fine.." Is all she offeres about her side. When Sam finds out she's been moving cars though he'll be mad, but she owns the damn garage so she doesn't care. "Can I help ye with something miss?" This is questioned after a moment. Her Irish accent being picked up as she talks more.

Pasha's lips bow up into an easy, charming smile as the other wolf eases up enough to display the exotic accent. Pasha's own voice is a honey alto with a homey, southern pick. "Actually, yeah. I've been working on my dirtbike…" Pasha turns to gesture to her truck where a beat up bike can be seen laying over on its side in the bed. "Tried everythin' I can think of. I'm no good with carbs, though, so that might well be the issue. I was hopin' you could take look?" She looks back to Abbey with a lofted brow, but does take an extra moment to eye the woman's ribs. More probing than is likely welcome, but Pasha fails at hiding her curiosity.

Abbey hums softly and glances towards the truck seeing the bike now. She listions to Pasha as she explains the problem. "I'm sure I can look at it.. If you can get it out and bring it in here on your own that is." She's not about to try lifting that. Abs catches the look from the other and tilts her head slightly. "I got into a fight a few weeks ago.. Busted ribs. There healing." This said while she smirks slightly. Now maybe they could move on then, she doesn't like stating her weaknesses in front of another wolf though, makes her feel weak.

Pasha smiles. Indeed, it's instinctually to tally the weaknesses of those with which a wolf keeps company. Pasha, however, does not present it in such a fashion. "I'm sure the other guy was worse off." She gives a quick wink and slips away. With a few grunts and the sounds of scraping, Pasha has hauled the dirtbike from the bed of her truck. Wheeling it over, she gives the seat a beloved pat. "Needs some serious TLC, but she's fun to tool around on." She looks up and finally realizes her mistake. "Oh, I'm Pasha, by the by."

Abbey is quiet at the comment on how the other guy came out worse, in a way she did seeing how the guys killed her dog. She doesn't say anything on the subject while she merely watches the other pull and drag the bike free from the truck. She points towards what looking like a lift for a car, but instead its for a bike. "Just wheel 'er over there and I'll help you get it on the lift. Easier then crawling around on the floor an all." This said as she moves over to the lift. "That's alright.. All bikes that get worked hard need some TLC at times." There's a pause at the name and she glances towards the other, a faint smile seen. "I'm Abbey.. Nice to meet you Pasha."

Ooo! Lookie, a smile! Pasha's expression lightens - easing tensions in such a situation can be… dangerous. With a greater ease in her steps, she helps to wheel the bike along to the indicated lift, setting it in place. "Not often I meet a senorita who appreciates the 'finer things' like I do." She chuckles and stuffs her hands in her back pockets as she glances around the garage. "It's kinda nice. How's come I haven't seen you 'round before?" She blinks as the words fall from her tongue. Man, she should get that thing stapled down, Dad always says. She looks back cautiously, brow lofted. "Ya know, you don't have to answer that… What we don't know doesn't hurt us, yeah?"

Abbey chuckles softly at this, and once the bike is on the lift she pushes a button that bring the bike up and then gets to work unscrewing the covering to get at the engine itself. "Ya.. I'm more of a tomboy it seems." She titls her head slightly at the question and shakes her head slightly while setting the cover for the bike on the table near the lift. "Its fine.. I tend to keep to myself. Suppose that's why." This said with a soft tone. She would like to think she is better off this why, but lately she's finding its not the case, and with Steele gone its gotten rather lonely in the garage. "I don't tend to get along well with our kind for one reason or another."

"I can tell you why…" Pasha leans in against the bike, peering around theatrically as if prepared to share a devious secrete. "Because the majority are chauvinist, macho-wannabe men." She sticks out her tongue and waggles her brows before leaning back. With a quick wink she takes on a casual posture once more and looks to her dirtbike. "Poor baby," she coos at the two-wheeler. "Sometimes I wouldn't mind some time alone, ya know? Not forever, but take off and see the world, yeah?" She shrugs. "But, the grass is always greener on the other side."

Abbey tilts her head to peer at Pasha at the talk of telling her some secrete. A soft chuckle escapes her at the answer. "Perhaps so.." She offers softly, her tone proving that she's amused at the thought. "I'm sure I can fix yer bike. I had one in worse shape then this before." A faint hum escapes her. "True.. grass is always greener on the other side. I suppose it may depend on where you go though what may happen, you know?"

Pasha chuckles and offers a casual shrug. "'Suppose. But, you're Irish, don't you just see green?" She grins playfully and continues to scope out the shop. "What do you do besides work on peoples junk?" The question makes the woman sound almost child-like. She's itching to get out, to adventure, and it's obvious.

Abbey ahs softly, and chuckles once more. "Suppose you could say that." This said with a soft shake of her head while she works on the bike, a few other things are pulled free and she glances over them before setting it upon the table. "Actually.. I don't tend to do much I suppose. Other then go out camping when it comes time for the full moon." A slight shrug is seen. "Don't know to many in the city.. Sometimes go across the street for a drink. That about sums up my boring life."

"Drink?" Pasha's attention swivels around to reclaim a focus on the other female. "Hell, you said the magic word, chica." The wolf gives a shake of her hips. "Well, when you get a moment, maybe I can take ya for a drink, yeah? Besides payin' ya, I owe you for showing my bike more care than I could." She chuckles and shrugs. "Can't say I believe ya on the boring part though." She gives the other woman a skeptical look and nudges her chin towards the lady's ribs. "Ah well. Anywho, I should head back before Ma's speech becomes an hour long debate, ya know?"

Abbey chuckles softly and glances to Pasha curiously. "Well.. I am Irish." She points out. "Drinking is one thing we tend to be good at." A grin is seen as she says this. Her gaze drifts to her side and she chuckles once more. "Yes well.. That's another story." A nod is seen and points to a clipbord with a piece of paper on it. "If you could just write down a number to call ya when I get done with the bike I'll let you know. I bet I'll have it running by tomorrow."

"Good deal. Keep your calendar open for that drink then. Little Irish whiskey never hurt me none." With a grin and an easy bounce in her step, Pasha turns to jot her number down on the board. "Don't work too hard, chica!" she calls back over her shoulder before slipping out of the garage and bounding up into her truck. With a heavy thud of the door, the rusty beats groans to a steady speed and wheels the werewolf away.

Abbey looks amused while she watches Pasha run off, a soft smile seen. "Right.." She offers with a soft tone. "See you around then." Is said before the other is in her truck and driving off.

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