Hotel Carmilla

A dusky ink covers the city, washing it with the subtle glow of the soon to be full moon. Stars twinkle in the blackness, tiny windows of light looking down on Dallas. The cover of darkness is a wonderful time to conduct business, both legitimate and that of the less unsavory kind. This particular evening sees a little of both throughout the city, though for the recently new Sheriff of Dallas, there is a standing meeting at the Hotel Carmilla that she must attend.

Moving with grace, the young woman makes absolutely no sound as she approaches the concierge. "Good evening. Is he ready?" The man shakes his head, causing the Isobel Symon to sigh quite heavily. "Pity. Tell me Vincent, are there any new vampires that have checked in to the establishment? Ones who have yet to contact me?" A paper is handed to her, and she peruses it with a grim expression. "I see, thank you. Kindly tell Jacob that I shall be waiting in the lobby until his "shift" begins, and do let him know that I do not like to be kept waiting."

A swift blur of motion brings her to rest upon the lush velvet couch. Laying back on it in a very luxurious manner. Relaxing but otherwise not moving a single muscle.

At last, dusk. Moving around has been a real pain for the one named Tripp Reynolds, and he actually had to be very careful about renting any kind of room since he.. Well.. Really doesn't have much cash. Because he'd come to Dallas with only two girls on his mind, he really didn't come well prepared.

The day has been a blurr for Tripp, he doesn't remember much right now because he's particularly groggy when waking up before full evening, and he comes almost stumbling out of an elevator (signaled by a pleasent bellchime), clad in faded jeans, a white t-shirt and a leather jacket over his upper body. Rubbing lazily at his eyes he actually ends up moving to a seat right across from the couch Isobel seats herself in. The only thing really of note of him (besides his red eyes that are normally hidden behind sunglasses) is a white envelope in his hand. But he looks near exhausted.

There is one thing that Isobel has become accustomed to over the years. Knowing when another of her kind is nearby. Alerted to the presence more by the silent sounds of vampiric movement than the actual sound of the person taking a seat before her, the relaxed Sheriff is immediately sitting upright. The paper she was handed is given another look before it is folded and slipped into her pocket.

"Since you are not wearing the dress of a housewife, I am going to presume that you are Mr. Reynolds." A curt nod is offered. Her right leg coming to neatly hang over her left, hands resting upon her knees as she awaits confirmation.

"Mmhn.." Tripp pinches the bridge of his nose lightly, but the moment he hears his last name called his eyes snap open wide and he sits upright, liekly in shock- As if someone exploded a paper bag behind him.

He finds himself staring eye to eye with Isobel, and then pats the pocket of his jacket, clumsily drawing out his shades and places them on, "What, who me?" he starts, and clears his throat. He stares at her for a moment, is briefly distracted by the leg, and then seems to realize he doesn't recognize this woman. "I'm sorry, and you are?"

Tripp doesn't seem to catch on that his company is a 'fellow' vampire, at least not right away.

The lack of respect is met with an icy gaze. Isobel is silent for a moment, however she /is/ aware that perhaps not everyone who has made their way to the city in recent weeks is aware of the political upheaval and changes. It is with a calm, cool voice that she replies, "The Sheriff of Area 9." She has made no movement, except to speak, which should give away her race in short order. "The question remains though, Mr. Reynolds, what /are/ you doing in my territory, and what are your plans within Dallas?"

There is a sudden moment of realization, and it's then when Tripp's brows raise and they all come slamming into him at once, making him a lot more alert than a moment ago. There are alarms and whistles, pressuring Tripp to make a run for it, but then again there's no way Isobel would let him escape- Which leads to the shocker that he's been 'accepted' as Sheriff.

His sitting posture straightens and he looks a bit embarrassed, "Oh, I.. I'm very sorry, I didn't mean any disrepspect I uh.. Wow, you all move fast don't you?" he says with a weak smile.

"Anyway yes, I'm Tripp Reynolds, I came down here to visit some friends, childhood friends to be exact.." he then explains. Noteably he doesn't sit nearly as motionlessly as his company, but the fidgeting is minimal at best, tapping at his knees. "I confess, I didn't do any research before coming down, I saw one of them on the news, and came down here immedietly. They thought I was dead, see.. I hope this isn't a problem?"

"Not fast enough at times I am afraid." There are a few that Isobel would /love/ to deal with, but as the King of Texas is currently staying within the city, she does not wish to step on any toes. "I am aware of who you are," she says with a neutral voice. She knows, thanks to Vincent, the night concierge.

"That depends, Mr. Reynolds. If you are here to cause issues for anyone, then perhaps there will be a problem. Otherwise…" Isobel's gaze drifts toward the concierge stand, taking note of who enters the hotel and who is leaving.

"Might I inquire as to whom the friends in question are, Mr. Reynolds? Why exactly they believed you to be dead, and what exactly you are intending on doing while spending your time within my area?"

Tripp quickly raises his hands in the air and shakes his head, as if he were surrenduring, "No, no I -assure- you it isn't my intention to cause trouble of any sort. But.. Well, I confess things aren't going as smoothly as I hoped.."

The young vampire feels it may be best to answer the womans questions- After all, it wouldn't do good to make enemies, especially with what few 'friends' he has. To her final question he cringes, "It's a little complex.."

"Faith and Hope Tyler, ma'am. They believe I'm dead because, I was slain by a vampire in front of Faith." he then explains, "About two years after I found out they were here. Actually I saw them already and things just.. They're really complex right now. So I've just been thinking about what to do.. Ma'am. I don't know what to do."

"Neither of those names rings a bell." Then again, Isobel has simplified her contact with humans these days, keeping it to an extremely low number. "Though the name Tyler does." There is a very long silence as the young looking woman seems to mull it over. "I know of a /Rose/ Tyler."

There has been a meeting with a Rose Tyler when the girl brazenly walked into the Sheriff's home. "Complications generally arise when humans are involved. They have pesky /feelings/." Though really, the Sheriff should not be one to talk as she still has feelings of her own from time to time. Though she keeps these limited as well. "My suggestion to you, Mr. Reynolds, is to get a job. What are you qualified to do?"

".. Rose?" Tripp replies, and then nods his head, "Ah, right. Rose. That's definatly one of the complications." his expression falls, and returns to drumming his fingers. So much learned in one day, and he still has to take it all in, "Yeah, I know all too well. I haven't been a vampire -that- long," he then says, the comment making him smile a bit. He must be dealing with an 'oldie', but it was odd considering she barely looked older than him if at all- That'll take some getting used to.

"A job?" That's when he looks at his hand and the envelope, "Right! Yes, that's what I needed to do. I wanted to buy something. I was thinking maybe a retail job, you know at a late night convenience store or a gas station or something."

"That will hardly do," Isobel says with a smile. A very slow, very wry smile. "You shall work for me." From the sounds of it, there is not meant to be any argument, as it was not a request. "Your room here will be taken care of, of course. Should you wish a better living situation after a month's employ, we can discuss it." There is a brief pause, and a nod toward Vincent. "I shall have the concierge leave the contract in your room for you to peruse before you retire in the morning."

No indication as to what the job may be or entail just yet. "You will bore of the emotions soon enough. I am surprised you are not yet with your Maker, Mr. Reynolds. What are you? Two? Perhaps three years at the most?"

Tripp stares for a moment, raising his shades up to the top of his head. Did he hear that correctly? Did he just suddenly run face-first into a spot of good luck? "S- Seriously?" he replies, you know in the shocked tone of a radio caller that won a contest.

"Are you serious? I mean, w- what's the catch here? I'd be a fool to say no but I know a little about 'free lunches'," he replies- that was kind of a joke but he's so surprised he can't really grin.

He suspects it's a secretary job or something, considering the company. "I'm not so sure about that, and yeah, I'm two.. Going on three soon. I kind of find it hard to believe that someone would grow bored of 'love' but.. What do I know, right? So, then, do I have to sign a contract or something?"

"Ah, right, my maker. He was disappointed I didn't stay with him but, I have his blessing. He taught me what I need to know, for the most part."

"You are not being given a choice, Mr. Reynolds. I hardly mean any offence but one as young as you, without the presence of a Maker, can pose a serious threat to those within the Dallas community. Ergo, I shall take you under my wing for the duration of your stay, and you shall act as a messenger and take care of odd jobs around the estate." Thereby keeping him within reach should a problem arise that she needs to quash.

"Think of it in these terms," Isobel says in regards to the discussion on love. "You are perhaps the same age I was when turned. Do you really wish to deal with an eighteen to twenty-year old lover for all eternity? One that will grow old on you, that you will bore of. Believe me after several hundred years, you will find yourself caring less and less about your human emotions." Another curt nod is given to him. "The paperwork will be in your room before you retire. Simply read through it, sign it, and leave it with the concierge upon awaking tomorrow evening, then make your way to the estate."

".. Oops." Tripp looks a little taken aback by the first comment, but as he thinks about it, he can't help but feel she's right- There's a bit of teen rebellion telling him otherwise but in the end, he doesn't want any trouble.

He seems to honestly consider the example of when he may grow bored, and he gives a weak shrug and a bit of a sheepish smile, "I.. Don't think I could really answer that. Not tastefully anyway." Honestly, he couldn't see anyone 'tiring' of Isobel, she's astonishingly attractive, and seems to have it togeather emotionally and work-wise. He keeps that to himself however.

"I guess I'll see when I get there. And, well, that's great. No offense taken, in fact I think I'm pretty lucky here, things were looking really, really bad when I went to sleep earlier. But again, I didn't mean to suddenly drop on you like this, I'm really sorry for becoming extra baggage. I'll work as hard as I can."

"That is good to hear." Isobel watches him silently for a moment and then nods. "I will see to it that you at least do not grow bored of your work."

A slow smile forms upon her lips, and she offers a faint smile. "One grows weary of tasteful comments after a while as well, Mr. Reynolds. Though I am quite certain you could be a lot more distasteful than the men I am used to dealing with." With the possible exception of the Little Dinner. "I will ensure that directions to the estate are left for you as well. Ensure that you do not get lost."

A tall, handsome man, wearing a slightly rumpled business suit can be seen heading in their direction. "My appointment for this evening is about to arrive." The man in question being very decidedly human, down to wearing a hotel name tag. "Was there anything else that you were curious about before I take my leave?"

A bit of red flushes to Tripp's cheeks and he tugs lightly at his collar, "Um, yeah.. Let's not get the wrong idea, I'm just young that's all," is his sub-par defense. He doesn't want to come off as some sort of lech or something! After that, though, he chuckles to the comment of work, "It probably won't be necessary, I've never had a full or a part-time job before. I was born pretty well-off. But roughing it has been a pretty entertaining experience, but difficult to cope with."

"And I'm good with directions, I've been growing more familiar with the cities layout since I don't have anything better to do." Tripp adds. He glances to the business-ready man, and then back to the woman. He wanted to ask about Rose, but that probably would require more time than she currently has. ".. Is casual attire ok?"

"For all I care, you can deliver your messages nude." Isobel glances to the man, and after a moment of staring at his eyes she gives him a command to sit down and be silent. "He will remain this way for a moment or two." An easy glamour of a man who enjoys such things. "But we shall talk at a much greater length upon our next meeting, Mr. Reynolds. If you chance to come upon Miss Tyler or her male companion, do say hello and give the Little Dinner my fondest regards." Winking at the young man, she raises to her feet. With a snap of her fingers, the glamoured man does as well. Then she starts for the elevators, poor Jacob following behind her much like a sad little puppy.

Tripp hehs, companion. Oh if only it were that simple. Then again, maybe he's looking too deeply into that? The young vampire is thoughtful for only a moment, distracted afterward by the other vampire's toy-like demonstration- He almost feels bad for the guy. Almost though, "Sure, I'll pass that along.."

He watches her all the way to the elevators, and once she's inside does he turn back and breath out an almost relieved sigh, "Wow. .. Wow."

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