Surprise Me

Ravello - Rosco Apartment

Mid-afternoon, and the air-conditioning is fighting a losing battle against the distinctly herbal smell drifting through the apartment of Gabriel Rosco. A rather hefty special cigarette is in one hand, and the sounds of relaxed and old school rock and roll are floating from the sound system. Spilled on a couch, wearing only a pair of jeans, the slender form holds a hand to one ear, his tone annoyed. Only his previous phone call has him in a reasonably good mood.

"You tell him to go f- no, no. Tell him I'll be there. Thanks for the heads up, babe." Beep. "Fucking man," he mutters, petulant in his irritation. The phone is tossed towards a chair, missing to clatter against the laminate flooring.

Mid-afternoons are generally quite boring. They comprise the largest lull of the day, and Hailee routinely finds herself passing back out unless something comes up. A phone conversation not long ago awoke her from her dark, hedonistic dreams. After this, she took her time getting ready. Each article of clothing simply grabbed from a basket on the floor after her shower, tossed haphazardly on.

After her preparations, she made her way to the apartment. Slipping in thanks to a little old lady leaving the door open, she ingests her last drop of V as she sets foot on the elevator. The effects of it already coursing through her body as she lifts her hand to rap at the door of apartment 420.

"Shit!" exclaims Gabriel, suddenly flinging himself forth out the chair, the time clearly having left him behind. "One sec!" he calls out, rapidly throwing on a simple white muscle vest, and throwing a glance over the room. Good job the cleaner came earlier. He shoots over to the door, bringing it open with a practised twist of wrist, while the spliff in hand shoved behind his back. A broad smile is shoved into place, and he flows a glance over his visitor. "Hello," he says, smoothly taking a step backwards to allow her entry.

"You don't have to worry about hiding that from me," Hailee remarks, a broad grin on her face. "Been there, done that." As well as so much more. Entering the apartment, she gives her hair a little tousle then peers around the apartment. Trying to remember it, perhaps.

"Never know who's at the door," Gabriel says, turning to flick the door closed with his heel, whilst lifting the ganja to his lips for a nice long drag. He breathes it out, his worries drifting away with the escaping twirls of smoke, as he meanders towards the couch. He holds the spliff out for Hailee, his other arm moving to touch gently at her waist. "How've you been?" he asks, voice dropping to a smooth and rich pleasure. A good mood now.

Only a small hit from the joint is taken before she offers it back to him. "Better now," she replies airily. "I take it that you've had better days?" With what she heard while waiting in the hall, coupled with the phone call, it's an easy assumption to make.

Gabriel accepts the returning drugs with aplomb, and a teasing little bow. "You want to come to a posh dinner, where my father, bless his rotten soul, wants to show how wonderful a family man he is by parading me like a pony?" He pauses, mid-drag, as something strikes him. A playful expression filters through. "Seriously, you wanna come? I got a plus one, and it'll be funny. Besides, my day just got a whole lot better when you walked in." Grin.

There are several blinks, and slight shakes of her head to ensure she heard him correctly. "You want me to meet your parents?" Hailee's laughter is soft, and soon becomes a quiet snickering. "It all depends which game you wish to play. I do clean up rather nicely, and could likely impress upon your father what a charmer you are." Though there is quite a bit of old scandal with her name, so far as the tabloids are concerned she's living clean now beyond a few parties.

"I doubt my father will make it as far as your face," returns Gabriel, doing just that himself. Making it that far, just, with the sweeping look. "My mother will tell you how wonderful a boy I am and ask when we're getting married. There'll be about two hundred guests." A light shrug touches at his shoulders. "You'll brush up like a dream, and I'll be the envy of every rich-boy lawyer asshole there. How's it sound? I'll even buy you a dress."

"I know just the place to get a designer dress." Hailee will even manage to get a discount on it, because the owner owes her a few favors. "It's been a while since I've been arm candy," she muses, leaning in to nibble playfully at his ear. "Are you sure you can handle it? You may have to school me on a few things. Nicknames or whatever." Drawing away from him, the model (ex!) licks her lips. "It'll be very My Fair Lady."

A slow nod meets that, as Gabriel tilts his head back, a low noise of approval drifting from his lips. "Send me the price before you agree; don't want you bankrupting me," he teases, gently. He slowly leans forwards, leaving the spliff lifting its herbal joy into the room. Then he stands, starting to trace fingertips up Hailee's waist. "I'll fill you in," he says, a wicked smile touching now at his lips. "Don't think there's anything you've got I can't handle."

A slight consideration, eyes closed. "I'm betting I can get something stunning for under three hundred." The model (ex!) can be quite frugal when need be, plus favors owed will drop the price significantly. "I do like to be filled in," Hailee says, winking at him as she gives him an overly generous smile. "There's a lot you don't know about me, so you may be surprised."

"Go no higher than a K," says Gabriel, "and get 'em to call me for payment. Obviously you gotta get jewels and stuff in that as well." Dark eyes regard her with an obvious feigned suspicion. "You better not be hiding something I haven't noticed," he says, dropping one hand lower as if to check. "But try me. Surprise me, beautiful."

"I'm sure you would have noticed that last time." A cheeky grin is given to him, and she nods. "Then consider yourself surprised for the meet-the-parents bit. You'll get to see a side of Hailee Rose that most haven't seen since she was quite a bit younger. "Real then. Necklace, earrings, tennis bracelet to match the dress. I can still do it for under your price."

"And here was me hoping you were gonna surprise me /now/," Gabriel replies, the faintest hints of the beginning lust sparking in his eyes. Hey, there's a hot girl barely a few inches from him. "Just send me the invoices," says he, "or tell 'em to call. We should stop talking."

Without a word, Hailee's blouse is slipped down over her shoulders, and she nods toward the couch. The look in her eyes is one of lust, fueled by both V and the thought of shopping on someone else's dime. The skirt drops next and she steps out of it with a graceful movement, kicking the garment up to her hand. Both skirt and blouse are set on the arm of the couch and she nudges Gabriel back toward it.

"Now /that/," murmurs Gabriel, as he steps backwards, "is /exactly/ the surprise I was dreaming of." Even as he draws a lustful look over the girl, he falls backwards onto the couch, landing in a languid, relaxed position, and beckoning Hailee with a single curling finger.

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