Blast From the Past


It's early afternoon, the suns still out and due to the weather the streets are busy without being crowded, it's a nice enough day to be shopping, or just be taking a walk, Oliver however sits at an outside table of a cafe, his hands are wrapped around a cup of coffee and he smiles for the whole world, the tables surrounding him are mostly empty although two men in suits sit a couple of tables down talking to each other quietly, anyone with training, or exceptionally observant would note that they're watching Oliver.

Hailee is a girl on a mission. That mission? To hit up the owner of the Magnolia for a long forgotten favor. To procure a cheap, yet elegant dress, jewelry, shoes, and whatever else she'll need to look the part of a hoity-toity society girl. Her entire thought process comes to a halt when she spies Oliver sitting at a cafe on the opposite side of the street. The model (ex!) has two choices. To ignore that he's there, or to run over and say hello. In good spirits, and not yet down from her most recent V high, she races across the street with a delightfully playful squeal of, "Oli~!"

Oliver gets up as he spots Hailee, his own smile bright, honest and even affectionate as he spots Hailee. He takes a few steps towards the woman, seeming to study her as he does so, his mental shields lowered he motions towards his table. "Hailee, it's been a while. I didn't expect to see you here." He meets her eyes for a moment. "You doing ok? You got everything you need?"

"For the most part." Hailee has no trouble finding who, or what she wants. That's never been an issue for the model (ex!). Plunking herself down somewhat unceremoniously at the table, she considers her luck at getting to be someone's "Pretty Woman" for the next little while. "Running a tad low on a few… erm… supplies, but that's the way it generally goes, right?"

Nodding Oliver slips into his own seat, his expression thoughtful as he looks at Hailee, he seems to be considering something. "Yeah, I'm not big on the sort of supplies that you're after at present. It's a little troublesome until you're set up." He flashes another smile. "That said, I do still have a steady supply at present, it's not much, but it's enough." He sips his coffee. "Care for something to drink?"

Her lower lip juts out into a playful pout. Looks like her next hit-up is Cooper. No sense letting the lust-interest know her deep, dark addiction until absolutely necessary. "I'll take what I can get." Hailee eyes him, then shakes her head. "Nah. Gotta get to the shops. Big to-do to prep for and all that." Clearing her throat, she fiddles with the tablecloth then looks back at him. "What's the payment looking like?" Always one to please, the woman will do anything to get what she wants. She just likes to know beforehand what that may entail.

Frowning slightly Oliver seems to give that some thought, he's studying her again, seeming to look for hints of how desperate she is, his mind still reaching out to hers trying to pick up hints. "Well for you… I'm willing to waiver charges, I'm looking for information however, as much as can be gathered on locals, I've got a lot coming in, not your choice, but just about everything else, I need to know who's already out there." He shrugs. "Information's always good for a few days of peace, from there… I'm sure we'll be able to work out ways for you to keep me supplying. You could work for me of course, a pretty face tends to sell." He flashes a charming smile. "And lets face it you're much more than a pretty face."

"Oh, Oli!" Hailee waves her hand at the flattery, though her smile is a great deal more genuine. He always did know how to stroke her ego. "I've only come across one other dealer in the city. Bartender at the vamp place." The tablecloth is fiddled with again as she considers just how much to tell him. "Bloody Mary's. Haven't seen her lately, but I've not been looking. She sells the good stuff. Pure. Cheaply too. Guessing there's a few other, erm… suppliers… out there. None that I've chanced to come across yet." She can stretch a vial out pretty far if she takes it sparingly. A smirk graces her lips, and she laughs. "You want to start an ad campaign Oli? Or just wing me around a few parties now and then?"

Reaching into his pocket Oli removes a small bottle, it's one of those with a dropper included he offers it sutbly to Hailee, his mind quickly scanning the area making sure that the only people watching are the two men with him, he grins. "Here's a down payment, it's got maybe… four drops worth left." He smiles brightly to the young woman, he also offers a card, there's no name, but two numbers. "The tops mine, call that first, the seconds one of my boys if you can't get in touch with me then he'll set you up, that's any time day or night. He'll know if you've got any freebies so don't try and scam him." He shrugs a little. "You just keep your eyes open, you know how to spot a user, just give them the nudge they need to buy a little extra, may you could even sell it to them." He seems mildly amused at that idea, addicts make profitable pushers as a rule after all. "I could see my way to giving you ten percent, either in profit or product." He smiles widely his dark blue eyes once again meeting Hailees' "And there are more than a few parties you could accompany me to, business and otherwise."

"Lucrative deal," Hailee says, considering it. "I'll get back to you, but I am trying to at least make it appear that my act's cleaned up again." A wink across the table as she gently pockets the small bottle and dropper. Four drops is enough to last her at least the remainder of the week unless she decides to share. "But I'm good at giving nudges, so at least in that I can help you." She's managed to get by for a long time without the selling end of things. Too much work, too little fun. "You know me, Oli. Have I ever scammed you yet?" Generally, she just vamooses as soon as the product dwindles down, moving on to the next seller.

Nodding Oliver smiles faintly. "This is bigger than New York Hailee, you want to stick with me." He grins brightly. "And I always look clean Hailee, I'm good at it, it's why I'm doing well for myself." He takes a long drink from his coffee. "So, what are you doing with yourself? I really have missed you. You were always fun."

"What's the point to life if you aren't having fun?" Hailee dares to steal a look at the two suited men, then back to Oliver. "Charity work, a few photo shoots, lots of parties. Same shift, different city." Her focus disappears momentarily, her mind rife with dress selection choices, shoes and matching jewelry. Rifling through her mind until they come together in a stunning outfit. "Black tie affair coming up. Some lawyer to-do with the Rosco's."

Arching an eyebrow Oliver flashes a wide grin. "Well I'm glad to see you're still keeping yourself well." He waves dismissively towards the two men. "Don't worry about them, they're friends of mine, probably wondering what brings me here." He seems mildly interested, his mind once again pressing in for more information. "So, I've got to wonder, how'd you get involved with these lawyers? Anyway my afternoon's free if you'd care for someone to keep you company while you shop?"

Hailee laughs softly. "Less involvement with the lawyers, more involvement with their son." Which is all she's going to say about that. Though is Oliver is peeking into her mind, the distinct impression of parties, debauchery, and sex are quite prevalent. "I get to play the annoy the parents game, which I'm generally good at." Her head nods toward Magnolia Boutique. "I'm actually just running in to see what Maggie's got. She owes me a favor and if she can get me a Dior or Versace dress for half price…"

Nodding Oliver sighs slightly. "You're in a relationship?" He sounds almost surprised. "Or is it just a little fun? That always seemed more your style." He nods slowly. "I'm sorry I didn't hear about this sooner, I've only recently found myself a reliable firm to keep on retainer, another company in mind might have helped me knock the price down."

"It's more fun and games," Hailee admits. No point in lying about it, since they've really only hooked up a few times. "Doubt I'm cut out to be Holly Homemaker." Wrinkling her nose up, she makes an adorable face then shrugs. "Could always check them out. Wouldn't hurt to have a backup."

Nodding Oli seems to consider that. "Well I'm glad it's nothing too serious, I was going to ask you out for drink myself." He grins faintly. "I've been seeing someone myself, which if fine… but she's not exactly appropriate for some of the circles I travel in." He flashes that charming smile of his. "I could always do with someone just looking to have a good time for such events."

Hailee's brow quirks up at that. Teasingly she says, "And here I thought you only had eyes for me. Woe." Snickering, she nods. Her hand taps at the table, she motions for him to give her a pen. "I'll give you the number where I'm at. Just give it a call if you need the arm candy for the party. Only nights I'm not free are Wednesdays." No telling what she does on those nights. She's just generally unavailable.

Grinning Oliver nods. "And I could have said the same, but you're settling for some lawyers son." He takes a quick glance around, already sure no one's listening in. "He doesn't happen to need someone to supply him with anything does he? Seems like he must know how to have a good time, if he's got the good sense to keep you on his arm." He hands a pen over with another wide grin. "Like I said I'm trying to look clean, part of that's a relationship with someone who is clean."

Jotting her number down rather swiftly once she's gotten the pen, Hailee slides the napkin and pen back over. "Smart idea. Boring, but smart." Moistening her lips, she grins. "Think he's got someone, but I can always toss your name out to him as well. Get the impression that he's always looking for a good deal." And deals don't come any better than a model (ex!) who's willing to put out to get what she wants. "Arm candy, Oli. It's not anything serious."

Arching an eyebrow Oliver once again looks surprised. "Well I'm hurt, but I guess I'll live. It must be serious with your friend. I know he can't offer the levels of, well I'd usually say debauchery I can, but fun works just as well." He looks at her for a moment his expression becoming more serious. "Tell him I'm offering the same deal, freebies for info on any Dallas locals, or just find out what you can and claim it yourself, but either way make sure he knows it's a one way street, if I find out anyone's putting /my/ name out there without me telling them to, well that wouldn't be a good idea."

"Serious?" Hailee laughs. "Darlin', he's a good looking booty call who's tossing me money like I'm Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Wants to dress me up and take me places. It's hardly serious at all." A nod is given to her ex, and she winks at him. "Don't sweat it, Oli. He won't even know your name unless I deem him trustworthy enough to have it. You know how I roll. I'd rather keep the good stuff for myself."

Nodding Oliver smiles, his expression once again one of good humoured charm. "So, it's not that you like him, it's that you're not interested in me." He sighs dramatically. "I suppose I should be insulted." He nods. "I know, but I wouldn't have felt right not mentioning it, too many people slip up, and you always feel bad afterwards that you didn't tell them."

Hailee can't help but roll her eyes dramatically at the man before her. "Buck up, Oli, you've got your own arm candy." He did just admit that. "Besides, I've offered to entertain you at parties. No one said a girl can't have double the pleasure, double the fun." She winks her right eye at him, then gets up. "I should pop in and see Maggie though."

Nodding Oliver smiles brightly. "Yeah, well what can I say I was never one for moderation." He laughs for a moment nodding to Hailee. "We'll have to see what we can do for fun. And I almost forgot to mention, that sample I gave you, it's pretty special stuff… and old vintage if you will, I've been getting a steady supply from a willing donor, so you want me to make sure you're getting the same just let me know and I'll see to it." He nods as he gets up from his seat, nodding to the gentlemen at the other table they leave to get the car. "I'll see you around."

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