Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Grey fingers stretch out across the city, carrying darkness with them. The last vestiges of day have disappeared, the darkness falling slowly. Chloe Cornett, librarian extraordinaire, is just locking things up. With Doris still out of commission, she's been having to take care of some of the extra paperwork and filing, so she's been staying even later than normal on her nights to work nights. There is a moment where she stops to check the lock before heading toward her car, but then she's ready to go.

Simple steps carry her toward her vehicle, her heeled shoes clacking against the pavement with each forward motion. It would be eerie if she didn't feel so secure once night falls.

Just as the last rays of light begin to fade from the evening sky, the full moon lights the city of Dallas rather brightly. With the moon comes a time where shifters must shift, and this call cannot be ignored. Careful to avoid the one she is crafting to be on her side, Tala grits her teeth through the shift that takes place. She's not far off from the library, encompassed in shadow, a small duffel bag left at the ready in case she needs it. Beside it is a picture of a smaller canine, a beagle in fact. Soon after she re-shifts, opting for the more difficult shape for the time being.

The puppy crosses the street to the library and then begins to follow Chloe at a distance. It appears to have issues walking, as if one of it's little paws is injured. Eventually the puppy-Tala whimpers and just sits down, first looking to its paw and then to Chloe. The call for help is clear but she's not certain if the librarian will take her up on it.

It's not unusual to hear dogs whimpering or barking near the library. People walk their dogs there all the time. As she stops at the car, there is the strange sensation that she's being watched. A quick mental scan of the area brings up no blank slates, no busy human brains. There is the faint buzz of Shifter nearby, but that can be attributed to a coworker who also was just leaving the library. Her eyes fall upon the puppy, and she freezes for a moment. The light in the parking lot is not all /that/ great, but she can tell that the dog is not rabid. "Hey there, little guy." All dogs are male in Chloe-world. "Something up with your paw?"

Yes, a male. She'll make it work. Puppy-Tala looks up to Chloe with a tilted head as she looks about the area, but actually takes a step back once she is acknowledged. It's all a game of cat and mouse, involving a psychic and a shifter. In the way the puppy moves it is obvious that it is favoring one front paw more than the other one. This is simply an adorable beagle puppy, completely normal and not at all rabid. A tiny bark, rather young, sounds in response. It isn't an act of aggression but rather is one of a scared and hurt puppy. It just whimpers again before lowering its head.

What works in the puppy's favor is that the full moon is obscured by some rather dark clouds. So Chloe has yet to clue in to what's going on. She doesn't step toward the dog, merely drops into a crouched position. "We'll have to take you to the vet." She's got places to be after all, and isn't about to bring a stray to her mother's house. "I'm sure there's one around here somewhere that's got a facility still open. C'mere, pup."

Puppy dog eyes, oh yes. This is exactly what's being given to Chloe as she speaks to the puppy. As she crouches the puppy attempts to walk over to her but ends up just falling on it's poor little stomach after a few attempts. Another whimper comes as Tala really doesn't want to got to the vet. In fact, she'd rather Chloe just take her home, but she will take what she can get. And she will make Chloe come to her, because Tala is a bitch like that. The world bows down to her. Plus she's being an adorable little puppy.

"I'm really not well suited for this," Chloe mutters to no one but the passing night. She's a goldfish killer, even though she considered getting a kitten. When the dog falls, she waits for a moment to see whether it's getting up. When it doesn't, she goes to pull a towel out of the trunk and sets it on the ground. Then she lifts the puppy, and goes to wrap it snuggly in the towel. If only because that'll mean it won't be running all over the car.

It not only will not be running all over the car, but it also will not be doing much of anything. Tala-puppy just kind of whimpers as she's lifted but doesn't put up much more of a fight than that. What she does attempt to do, however, is find a patch of Chloe's skin that she's able to lick. Dogs do it all the time so it's completely natural. She's not doing it to be nice, but rather to get a taste of Cornett.

There is dog, licking at her arm. Chloe peers down at the mutt for a moment, nose-wrinkled. "I knew there was a reason I like cats better. Less slobber." She holds the dog out at arm's length, carefully opening the car, and gently placing the slobbery package on the back seat. "Stay there."

She knew she should have presented herself as a kitten. It was a thought, but that might have been harder to pull off. The fact that she's on route to a vet doesn't escape the Cornett killer. Tala does her best to figure out how best to either get out of the situation or to really hurt herself prior to getting there. She whimpers again when she's left alone in the back seat before doing her best to wiggle free from the blanket. Instead of walking around, she stares out the window for a moment before rolling right off the seat and onto the floor. Right onto the leg in question. If one needs pain, one will find a way to make it happen. And this causes the puppy to yelp.

At the yelp, the horn is pressed. More in surprise than anything. Chloe just looks over the seat and sighs. "I told you to stay put." She reaches back to place the puppy on the towel again. "You're going to hurt yourself worse if you don't listen." She turns back toward the wheel, pulling out of the library parking lot and attempting to recall where the closest veterinary clinic is.

Mission accomplished, even if it hurts. Even if it may be for nothing. She's used to pain at this point and almost enjoys it. Once the puppy is placed back on the blanket it just sort of lays there. Tala doesn't have to fake being injured at this point and so is allowing herself the moment of just resting up in case she needs to bolt. She's hoping that there aren't any reasonably priced clinics open at this hour but will go with what she can.

Reasonbly priced would be good, but Chloe is just going to stop at the first one that's even open. Hopefully not an emergency clinic, but she'll do what she can. The drive is comfortable, the librarian not a bad driver at all. She simply takes it easy with the stops and starts so as not to jostle the puppy too much. When she spies lights on at the Rutherford Veterinary Clinic, she eases to a stop and then gets out of the car.

Great. Stupid clinic. The puppy whimpers during the drive, protesting the fact that the clinic is the destination. She's going to regret even picking it up, if the puppy has anything to say about it. Turning into a wolf seems like a mighty fun thing to do but it won't happen while she's locked away in a car. Tala knows to be extremely careful when it comes to the full moon. So she'll play along, for now. Still more puppy dog eyes.

"Oh don't start that again," Chloe chastises the puppy. Her eyes watching it closely as she opens the back door. "You're the one that injured yourself, so you're the one that gets to suffer through needles and surgery." The librarian actually has no clue what the vet will do, but she's done her duty in bringing the injured animal here. After that she can wash her hands of it.

Next time she's gifting herself to Chloe as a kitten. It will happen. The puppy whimpers slightly as it is picked up and even yelps. That should make her feel bad. Tala still isn't going down without a fight. Once the puppy realizes that it is being taken to a big place it begins to struggle, whimpering as it does so. She'll have her hands full trying to get the puppy inside without actually dropping it. If that doesn't work then she reallyhas something in store for the woman.

"Would you stop struggling, it's for the best." Chloe gets scratched a bit as the puppy struggles. "It's not like I'm getting you snipped! Just having your paw wrapped." This is why she's not a pet person. The struggle continues, with Chloe /just/ barely managing to hold on to the pup as she makes her way through the parking lot.

If dogs could speak, she'd be telling Chloe off right about now. She's really not all a dog person. The puppy continues to struggle, more because of the scratch than anything. It's getting her evil blood boiling; that need to destroy. Tala wasn't this bad before the attack but she'll never exactly get rid of the blood lust. It's all she can do at this point not to turn into a wolf and attack. The more she speaks, the more she struggles the worse the puppy whimpers and squirms. Freedom will be had.

No, Chloe is most definitely /not/ a dog person. The struggle continues, and again she very nearly drops the puppy. She catches the near fumble right before the dog hits the ground. "Come on! It's not going to be that bad. It's just a little binding…"

But it doesn't end there, no. Tala is determined to drop her even if she has to bite. The temptation is there, so very there, but she resists for now. To outright bite Chloe would be to tip her off, and to have her go running to some other shifter. They are on to Tala, after all. The puppy pauses just long enough for her to think that its settled but then struggles again, as if this is a matter of life or death.

Managing to make it to the door, Chloe nudges it open with her foot. The receptionist inside has yet to take note of the struggle. The puppy starts to drop again, and the door crashes onto the librarian's foot. "Ow! Jesus! Would you /stop/ that? I'm just trying to help!"

There's a moment where Tala tries her hardest not to laugh. Chloe somehow managed to hurt herself. That almost takes the fun out of it. That moment passes, however, and she's back to trying her best to be free. Being so close to one of the line that started her blood rage finally gets to her. The puppy reaches for the first possible place that she can reach and chomps down as hard as possible.

There are teeth, albeit puppy teeth, coming her way. What was it she heard about dogs? Right. No pulling the arm away. Instead, Chloe twists the arm and shoves her fist forward toward the puppy's snout. The teeth graze her arm, but not so bad as a chomp, only a pinprink in comparison to how bad it could have been. At that point, the librarian drops the puppy. "Stupid dog!" She doesn't make a move to chase it, rather looks down at her arm. Then she closes her eyes, seeing if she can sense anyone in the vicinity besides the woman inside the veterinary clinic.

Ooof. The puppy lets out an extremely loud yelp, one that carries, as soon as it hits the ground. Even though limping, it literally runs away with its tail between its legs. Meanie head Chloe, that's what she is. The urge to play with her has not subsided, however. Tala has gotten a taste and she wants more. It isn't immediate, and she even makes sure to circle around and come from a different direction. She does come, however, in her full black wolf glory. This whole time there is nothing on her mind, not really, not anything strong or pushing to the surface. She's basically acting on instinct.

But there is a shift in a shifter's mind when they shift. It's one that Chloe is used to, thanks to having a shifter friend. Ex-friend? Whatever. Granted it could be coming from /inside/ the veterinary clinic, but as there is suddenly a large black wolf coming at her she turns toward the clinic door and starts to open it.

Only to find it locked.


Puppies she can handle. A wolf? Not so much. She taps the glass of the clinic door twice, trying to get someone inside to unlock it and let her in. When that fails, she starts to bolt to her car.

If only she were fully aware that her prey is psychic, but that doesn't matter. Nothing really matters at this moment. She slowly begins to stalk forward, her teeth shown under a low growl. Just as she's about to pounce, Chloe takes off. A chase normally is something that Tala loves. Sadly she honestly is injured, even if she's not showing it. This is what keeps her from quickly moving in front of the fleeing woman. Instead she follows right behind, even going as far as to take a snap at the psychic.

The snap to her heels causes her to trip up over the concrete parking divider, and drop forward. Chloe kicks her foot out as hard as she can, trying to wedge her heeled shoe into the wolf's mouth. "Shifter." One word. Realization, accusation all rolled up in one. After it's uttered, she's up to her feet and running once more, kicking off her other shoe as she does so.

After being shot, hit by a car and various other things, this shifter has learned a thing or two. That is why as soon as she notices the woman fall, Tala shifts away from her legs. Shoes can become a deadly weapon and she cannot afford many more injuries. The tiny amount of time it takes to shift and readjust is all it takes for Chloe to stand. The recent self inflicted injury doesn't exactly help, but thankfully it isn't anything major. If it were possible she'd almost be cackling, the way the wolf is sounding with delight during the chase. Because, yes, she's right after Chloe, again nipping at her.

A chase is not something Chloe intended on this evening. Not in the outfit she's wearing. Not in the shoes she was wearing. As soon as the chase begins again, she tears the slit of her skirt so that she can run in it more easily. A quick glance over her shoulder shows the wolf still in pursuit. "Come on. Damnit all…" She turns and glares at the wolf. Her hand dipping into her purse. It may not be much, but she's kept it with her in case she runs into a non-king-friendly vampire. A silver necklace is wrapped around her fist and she starts to edge backward toward her car. Less running, more carefully moving away.

The fact that this human is taking time to dig around in her purse, even while running, shows just exactly how ignorant she is. At least that is how Tala will think about it all later. She uses the minor distractions that eats up precious time to move closer. Ever closer. As her hands are busy pulling the necklace out to wrap it around her fist, the wolf lunges at her. It isn't a high lunge, but something lower that will force the woman to bend if she intends to attempt any harm. It also allows teeth to angle towards her leg in order to cripple her, at least enough to drop her.

Much less ignorance as trying to be prepare for a fight. There's too much room between Chloe and the car, and far too little room between Chloe and the wolf. At the lunge, she's forced to the ground. Her rear end crashes against the pavement. Chances are she's bruised her tailbone and definitely got road rash on her buttocks now. When the wolf angles teeth toward her leg, she gets a burst of energy. There's no way she wants to be bitten, and end up like her mama. So the silver wrapped hand comes into play, crashing against the snout of the wolf. "No. Now who the /fuck/ are you?"

The fist does come crashing down on the snout, hitting true. It isn't enough to actually stop her under normal circumstances, but it is an extremely solid hit and she's been getting injured quite a bit as of late. So Tala pulls back, giving Chloe the chance to actually speak. A paw comes up to scratch at her injured snout, something she most times would never actually do. That will smart and she'll have to explain that off to Sloane, if the two run into each other. Soon enough he wolf is right back to growling at Chloe, hating her much more now than ever before. Teeth show once again as she stands there, not backing away but not attacking just yet. Decision time, and she has to make it count.

Silver should be enough to make the wolf back off. When it comes back to snarling and growling, Chloe is up on her stockinged feet in a flash. Again she starts to edge toward the car, though her footfalls are coming quite a bit faster. "Fine. I've got your scent on me now, and I'm sure /someone/ knows who you are by smell. Guess I'll go find Donato then." Not really a threat as the somewhat scared babbling of a telepath who's unable to pick up what her attacker actually wants.

Donato really isn't a threat anyway. He's from a different pack and one that seems to not be as organized and controlled as he would like. She knows because she's been busy causing trouble and listening to stories. The decision is made that she will not attempt to kill Chloe as she wishes to savor this one for a while. The chase is almost as much fun as the actual kill. This doesn't stop Tala from lunging towards her again, to attempt to make her run off. The wolf in all actuality won't get close to the psychic at all. It's a warning nip, so to speak.

Threat or not, Donato is Chloe's only link to the werewolf community at the moment. She actually smirks a little. "Yeah, that's right. They'll know who you are. Your days are /numbered/, Shifter." There is an eep at the lunge, but then the librarian has turned and is running for her car again. Upon reaching it, she yanks the driver's side door open and slips right inside. There's no hesitation as she slams the door shut and locks the doors — not that wolf can get in, but it could if it returned to being human.

Rather than drive off though, she's got her cell phone out. Dialing the numbers for Animal Control and the Police.

By the time she actually turns to look, the wolf is nowhere in sight. She's off to one of her many hiding spots where she'll shift into something else, something with wings, before returning to her apartment. As non-threatening as Chloe is, because she honestly couldn't scare a fly in Tala's opinion, her words do hold some measure of truth; this is why she's taking every step she can to try and preserve her life. Fighting against an entire pack will be difficult but even one person in her corner is better than nothing.

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