Crazy, The Lot Of Them

Texas State Fairgrounds

The Texas State Fairgrounds is an educational and recreational complex, as well as a National Historic Landmark. Within the grounds are nine museums, six performance facilities, a beautiful blue lagoon, and the largest Ferris Wheel in North America. The most notable buildings in the area are the planetarium, the Hall of State, the D.A.R. building, and of course the Cotton Bowl.
The grounds are beautifully kept, and there are many pathways leading around and through the lagoon for those nature lovers that just want a bit of time away from the busier areas of the city.

It has been a momentous occasion for the McNaab campaign. The man has recently announced a personal victory of his, and during an official press conferance, the portly Mayor had announced that his promises to build new schools and an extension to the hospital had been pushed forward, and would commence by the end of the year. It was a busy, happy announcement in light of all the supernatural unrest in the city. And it leaves Ivan feeling as though he is doing a good job.

The mayor has left in his expensive car. Most of the news stations have driven off too. In fact, the only reason Ivan is still around is to clean up after the mess of it all, to make sure it's all working out. He is on his phone, currently. "Yeah. Yeah, it went swimmingly. Alright, Jim. You say hello to the kids for me, right? It's nice talking to you, man."

She is no reporter. Technically she's not even officially a citizen of Dallas. Still, her days are filled with boredom as her job has months before beginning and meeting up with her family has proven to be more difficult than expected. Young women these days have no idea how to just hold still and be available. With nothing better to do, the eldest Niveus woman in the city attends the press conference, listening well to McNaab in order to tell if he really is a tool or not.

Once people begin to leave, Quinn decides that it is likely in her best interest to do so. She's caught but a straggling reporter to get her thoughts on the event so she speaks with him for a few minutes, causing her to stay later than she would like. Finally she's given the freedom to leave, and her path leads her right by Ivan. Not afraid of anyone, she attempts to look him in the eyes as she passes. He looks familiar and so that mind of hers is working to determine where she's seen his image before.

Ivan is completely unaware of Quinn's identity, therefore the woman is hardly offered a second glance as he walks past her. He's about to march off without further ado, but the the air around them crackles with something indescribable, but familiar all the same. The man perks up, glancing around him curiously with a faint frown on his face. He felt it, though. The presence of a magical aura in the air. His quest leads him to fix his attention squarely upon Quinn's face. "I…err, sorry." He offers politely, caught staring. A small, sheepish smile makes its way on his face.

It is that feeling that sparks her memory to life. Of course she should have known that he'd be present as he is a puppet to the Mayor. That's how he's been described to her, at least, and she doesn't know the full story. Immediately her eyes widen by just a margin before Quinn looks away. She focuses on the path in front of her, the path that will lead her away from the Umbra. It isn't that she's afraid of him, she simply does not wish to further hostilities. "S'alright." This is barely uttered as she attempts to continue on her way. Perhaps she should go invest in speaking to her cousins. Now.

Ivan lets out a contented sigh, and he ends up sticking his hands into the pockets of his slacks before glancing around at the chaos that is in the process of being unassembled. In a seemingly chipper and communicable mood, he either doesn't realize that Quinn wants to escape as quickly as possible, or he doesn't much care. "Were you here for the conference? What did you think of it?" He sounds perfectly amiable, perfectly good natured. Not at all like the spawn of Satan he is no doubt made out to be.

The continued conversation causes the barely younger woman to pause her escape. She turns to face him but isn't smiling. "Yes, I was. I thought that if I was going to live here I should pay attention to what is going on." Quinn looks around, eyes searching for any signs of Scarlett. Using her excellent people skills, which is to say that she has none, she decides to at least try and save herself. "Look, I'm not here to talk to you, follow you or anything else creepy. So don't think that." There likely is a reason that she has no friends at the moment. What Ivan may realize, however, is that she's wearing multiple pieces of jewelry crafted by his sister.

"That's…awesome. Good to know." Ivan deadpans, arching a brow slightly. Her peculiar words, coupled with the magical aura that surrounds him are pieced together with a bit of information that his sister offered him. After all, it's not impossible or unlikely that the man has exceptional powers of deduction. "So…I'm going to go out on a limb, here. Does the name Niveus mean anything to you?" He inquires, politely curious. Just in case he misunderstood, and so he doesn't scare her off.

What might catch Ivan's eye is that she looks rather like Scarlett. It isn't an exactness but they honestly could pass for sisters if they were to try such a thing. "It has to be said and I'm sure that you know why." Quinn doesn't say anything when he mentions her last name; she doesn't even nod. She just watches him, about as deadly looking as a kitten. Certainly she doesn't appear to be the big bad that she's likely been made out to be. "I should have known, however. I would appreciate it if you could keep this between us, but I understand if you won't."

This is all the confirmation Ivan needs. His jaw tightens, locking in place stubbornly as he eyes up his 'competition' of sorts. Mentally assessing her and deciding upon just how dangerous an opponent she may be. "I do know why. And, truth be told, I had been meaning to talk to you." His voice lowers thoughtfully. "Quinn, is it? If I recall correctly…regardless, know that this is my territory. You're free to stay or go as you please, but please refrain from starting trouble in Dallas. Secondly…regardless of what you may think you know about my family, you don't know us. Period. We're just here, trying to live. Just as your ilk is. We don't mean any harm and will not do anything hostile unprovoked. And so…I can only hope that you do not provoke us. Remember - we were not the ones that performed any alleged crimes."

"What is it with you people?" Yes, she chooses the worst possible words. "I think I've already said that, Ivan. Loud and clear, the very moment I told your sister that I knew she was what she is." This was before she even knew that Scarlett was related to the Umbra at all. "If I recall correctly, I was the one put on edge for even being here when my soul purpose is to keep my cousins out of trouble. I don't want to be here anymore than apparently the entire world does, so believe me when I say that I personally don't intend to cause any issues." The way Quinn looks openly annoyed but not at his may or may not prove that she means her words. A deep breath is taken. "Your sister is nice, though. She may have leaped at the opportunity to call me out for doing nothing wrong, but she's a good person."

Ivan quirks a brow imperiously, staring at Quinn. "Well. Forgive me if my message is redundant," the man drawls, lazy and designed to irritate, practically. "But the safety of my family is of the utmost importance. I don't care if you've already heard this spiel - it's better to be safe than sorry. Also, yes she is. At times."

Trying her patience is not a good idea, because it will cause her to only make the family situation worse. "Excuse me for pointing out that no one in my family did anything wrong." They were killed over a stupid little feud. "I just don't see where you get off threatening me for just moving to a city because my family begged me to. I try to go thank your sister for the spells I discovered in her jewelry and then I'm immediately threatened for just breathing. You know what, I don't care. I really don't care if you guys are in this city or not. It's bad enough that I'm here I really don't need you guys reminding me at every possible moment that my existence isn't appreciated." So without threatening him, Quinn says her peace and turns immediately on her heels. "That's probably the only reason I haven't given up on speaking to her, since she was so quick to call me everything but a kitchen sink." Then the Niveus begins to walk off. If just breathing is such a threat, she might as well look into a transfer and give up on Dallas.

And then Quinn explodes. Now, Ivan might be a harsh guy at times, but putting to side his semi-derisive tone of voice, he isn't sure anything he might have said is enough to really such a reaction. And so, the man is left there, blinking to himself and generally imitating the gold fish that he is. "I…you…what?" But she's already stalking off by the time he manages to string a pair of words together in a cognizant sort of way.

"…Crazy. The lot of them, I say." Ivan decides, shaking his head slowly as he returns to his business.

"I'm not far enough away that I can't hear that." He may or may not have deserved what was said, but it needed to be said. Someone needs to realize that /she/ didn't do anything wrong. She tried to thank someone and now has been put on a sort of most wanted list. "Maybe someday we can actually get along." Quinn isn't holding her breath. So as she walks away she raises a hand to wave off at him. She really does lack people skills.

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