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Medical City Hospital

Bright, wide lights hang from the ceiling, casting the clean and sterile surroundings with brilliant light. A reception area sits centered before the door where people can check in, or ask for directions to other areas within the hospital. Past the desk is a small hallway with elevators leading to the upper floors, and signs that point to radiology. Two large metal doors to the left of the entrance lead outside to the ambulance loading dock. The doors are marked 'EMERGENCY ONLY' in large red letters.

A beautiful Spring mid-day. The sun is shining brightly. The sky is blue. Birds are chirping. Kids are running around and playing.

Hope Tyler is convalescing in the hospital. She's alone at the moment, the nurse having shooed away her overnight visitor so that the poor girl could get some rest. She's not badly injured, really. Though since she's never gotten a tetanus or rabies shot before, she's being kept in for observation, and to ensure there's no infection from the bite. She's supposed to be sleeping, but she's sitting up in bed. Making quiet conversation on her cellular phone. "… should be fine by Sunday."

There are probably a lot of people who'd like to speak to Hope right now. Fortunately, the Dallas branch of the Fellowship of the Sun has called ahead and let the hospital staff know that they'll be sending a representative. One such rep is Hana Adams, paying a good will trip to her fellow FotSer, and the arguable spokesperson of the organization these days. From her own store there's a bouquet of wildflowers that's been carefully selected especially for Hope. Hana herself has taken great pains to look as Sarah Newlin-esque as possible. Perfectly coifed hair, pearls around her neck and in her ears, blue cardigan, white dress shirt, blue skirt, modest high heels. She reaches into her purse and pulls out her driver's license for the orderly, allowing him to verify that she is in fact Hana Adams. The nurse nods to her and points down towards Hope's room. Hana appears in the doorway, knocking at the door gingerly.

"… no, I'll be there. I'm not missing this conference for anything now." A glance is given to the door, her head tilting questioningly. "I have to go," she says to the phone before clicking it shut. Dropping back against the pillow, Hope motions her visitor to come in. That the visitor looks quite a bit like Sarah Newlin, right down to the pearls, makes the blonde Tyler twin giggle a little. "Those are very pretty flowers. Are you sure you've got the right room, Miss…?" She does her best to know most people in the church, but as the congregation grows she can't be expected to know everyone.

"Adams! Please, call me Hana. The reverend sent me with our condolences. Everyone is so thankful that you're alright." Hana moves to put the flowers on Hope's nightstand, smiling at the raven-haired young woman. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt your phone call. Was it important? I can go wait outside." No way is Hana going to completely pass her chance to talk to THE Hope Tyler up. Rather than inch towards the door, she takes a few steps closer. "Praise Him that you're alright. A lot of us were just heartbroken when we heard."

Previously raven-haired woman, though soon to be again since she feels far too like Alice for her own good. "What? Oh! No, honestly it's fine. I was just talking to the conference coordinator." It takes Hope a moment to realize that she's from the church and not someone sent from her soon-to-be-priest friend. "I'll be fine," she says, forcing herself to smile. "It's just a bite to the leg. The plastic surgeon will be in soon to tell me if it'll scar or not. I really wish that animal control or the state biologists would just nab that pesky wolf though. Terrorizing a neighborhood like that? They think it might be rabid, and I worry that it'll bite a child."

Hana shudders deeply at the mere thought of what Hope has been through — the shudder only deepening when she nods to Hope's suggestion about the animal biting a child. "I wonder where this wolf even came from. You'd think it wouldn't be so hard to track down ONE wolf…" Hana lets out something of a sigh. She doesn't wait to be invited to sit down — she took the subway, and the ride can really make someone's back hurt if there are no free seats. She pulls a chair over to the bed and sits down, crossing her legs all prim and proper. "I hope that it doesn't scar. Of course, given the circumstances, I guess that's getting off easy, right?"

The very sad thing about this all is that Hope /knows/. At least she has an idea that the wolf isn't really a wolf. Which is another reason she's staying in the hospital. In case she starts looking like a hairy monster. "It's a very sly wolf. They think it's the same one that attacked the Cornett's." She pauses. "Their son is a member of our church." Another pause. "He was here a little while ago." It causes some color to return to her cheeks and then she looks down at the bandage on her leg. "I haven't even looked at it yet. I'm sort of afraid to." Vanity and all that. "But yes, if that's all I get off with I'm lucky. I just feel glad that I had my silver knife with me. It seemed to run off when it saw the knife, so maybe it's been attacked before. I /really/ hope they get it."

The Cornett name is familiar to Hana from both the news story and having heard of Bobby around the church a few times. "Oh my word, that is just awful." The young woman crosses herself and puts a hand to her chest as though she just can't bear the sorrow. She nods to Hope as she further explains. "Maybe I should start carrying a knife too. I'm pretty good at brawling, but I haven't really had the call to do it. Thankfully. I hope they take care of it too. What a vicious animal." Hana tsks a little bit before she smiles at Hope, flushing. "I have to confess that I've been wanting to talk to you for a while. I really admire your work at the church. I'd like to be more involved, but I run my own business, so my time is a little restricted."

"Isn't it just? His sister got attacked too, and that poor woman from the library…" Hope doesn't go so far as to cross herself, but mainly because she's the invalid and she can get away with it. "Actually if you'd like something to help if you're out at night, if you look in my bag…" She peeks over the table beside the bed and points down at the floor. "I think there might be a blue one in there. Looks like a lipstick case." There are more manly prototypes too, but the Tyler twin isn't going to carry those around. "They're going to be giving these out at the Leadership conference." It's not actually lipstick, but a small can of silver mace. "I can also give you the name of the place where I got mine. One of the men at the church owns a gun shop, and he sells them." Her cheeks pinken at the confession, and she smiles. "Oh, thank you! It means a lot coming from another parishioner, really. I just like to promote the church because really learning about the dangers in the world around us is a /good/ thing." She reaches for the bed controller, and angles the bed upward a little more. "What type of business do you run Miss Adams? I mean, Hana."

Hana stands up and moves over towards the bag as indicated, withdrawing the thin blue tube of 'lipstick'. "Wow, that's pretty cool. Is it mace?" Hana's no stranger to weaponry, odd as that may sound. "I know how to use a gun, but they're so impractical. Who would really have time to pull one out of their handbag and make sure the safety was off if they were being attacked right then? I prefer these things that ar easier to carry in pockets." She palms the tube carefully before moving to sit back down, regarding it. "I wonder if the church has sent any kind of flowers to the Cornett family. I'm not sure if they'd want them considering that it seems like a private time, but… it's nice to know people care." Hana pauses and blushes somewhat at Hope's words. "Those are my views too. I've been trying to talk to the pastor about having more women's self defense classes at the annex. You can never be too safe this day and age, for one reason or another." She pauses, tilting her head. Finally the blonde motions towards the flowers. "A flower shop. It's called A Rose By Any Other Name."

"Silver mace. It's a prototype." Hope smiles, quite happily actually despite her injury. "It was my final for my business course." Her nose wrinkles a little. "I'm not fond of guns, but only because it's so easy to accidentally shoot the wrong target." She would likely do well with them, considering her ability to paintball and lasertag easily, but she'd rather not have to find out. "A self defense course is a great idea! I'm certain if you made a sign-up sheet to see those who are interested, some of the men at the church could help out with it. Bobby's pretty good at fighting, though he injured himself recently so we would have to wait until he healed all up." She blinks once. "Oh, the one over in Greenville? I totally love that name." Mostly because the shop name reminds her of her sister. "I'm not at all certain if anyone sent flowers. I think there were some sent from the church for the funeral, but not since the new attacks on the family." At least she didn't see any last night, although she was in shock last night so Heaven only knows if someone sent flowers.

"Silver mace?" Hana asks, seeming thoroughly impressed with the concept. She considers it for a moment before she tucks it into the pocket of her cardigan. "Thank you. I hope I won't have to use it, but I'll let you know if it works out well if it does." Not that Hope actually GAVE the thing to her out and out, but Hana isn't parting with it now. It's just too cool, and she can tell her little FotSlings that Hope Tyler personally gave her a present. "I agree. Too many accidental misfires with guns." Hana leans back in her chair and looks out over the hopsital room with a bit of displeasure. "Listen, if you want me to smuggle some food in for you, I will. I've never really had to stay in the hospital, but I can only imagine what they're serving you. And you're right. I'll take around a sign up sheet." Hana laughs a little bit after that, delighted that someone is actually familiar with her flower shop. "I'll have some more flowers sent to them, then. I'm not saying that flowers make everything better, but at least they spruce things up a little bit. Yep, that's the one. In Greenville."

That Hope Tyler has a fan (much like she's Ms. Newlin's #1 fan!) would normally be enough to make her giggle. She nods to the other woman once. "It took a lot of research, and a fast-tracked patent, but we got it pushed through in time for the Leadership conference. That's the big unveiling." Well that, and the news that it's been picked up by an actual company and stands to make money are the big points that she'll be discussing when she goes on the three week session. "This is my second time here in a month," she replies with a wrinkle of her nose. "Though I can't actually eat anything until they see how the shots they gave me are going to react in my system. They really like to jab needles into you here." Second time she herself is in, she's been here more often than that for other reasons. "I think that they'd really like that, Hana. I can give you his sister's address if you'd like."

Hana nods a little bit with sympathy as Hope says that she can't eat anything just yet. And the fact that it's the other recently blonde's second time here in a month. "You poor thing. I bet some junk food would really hit the spot. Whenever they clear you for something solid, I'll bring by your choice of cholesterol." She quirks a brow then and smiles. "You helped come up with this? That's amazing. Wow, you're going to be a pioneer! Silver mace. That's really smart." Hana wrinkles her nose for a moment and then nods a bit. "Sure, I'll take the address and deliver them myself. I just bought a delivery van for everything. Since the spring has started up, I've been getting lots of prom and wedding orders."

"Cookies. I'd kill for some cookies." They're fattening, and not at all food, but Hope is allowed one eccentricity. "Well actually… I came up with it all on my own," she says, telling the second person ever that. Sure there's a few who could guess, but she's proud of herself and not ashamed to show it. "Thanks. I've got the address in my book." She reaches for the book on the bed, slipping a pink pen out of it. Jotting down Chloe's address she tears a page out and offers it over to Hana. "Wow, you must be booming for business! I bet if you talked to the reverend, the church would pay to get some color in there as well this Spring."

"Cookies it is, then." Hana seems all too eager to please Miss Tyler. Especially after she hears the declaration that Hope is a brilliant inventor who came up with this amazing idea all on her own. Her eyes practically light up and she smiles like a child on Christmas morning. "Hmm, that's not a bad idea. Especially if we have another singles function. I imagine there'll be more mixers this summer, trying to keep everyone out of trouble." Hana giggles at this and takes the address from Hope, reading it thoroughly as though trying to commit to memory. "I think I know where this is."

"I believe there's a sleep-in planned for after the conference. There's generally a mixer involved with that." Hope flips through her book, moving down to the end of April. "Ah, here it is." The book is turned and the date shown to Hana. "Sort of a wind-down for those of us who are going, and a fill-in for those who can't make it this year." Smiling, she asks, "Would you mind if I added an order to that as well? To be delivered to a different address?" She jots down Bobby's address, and the flowers she she chooses, white and red roses. "I just want the card to say 'Thank You'."

Hana nods. "Sure. I'll give you a special Fellowship discount." She reaches up to run her fingers through her hair, brushing it back from her face as her other hand pockets the first address. "I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it to the Conference, but I'll probably be there for the sleep-in." Hana makes a mental note of Hope's card request before she moves to stand up, stretching her arms above her head rather lazily. "I hope that you'll be released soon. How bad is the bite? Is it only surface damage?"

"I haven't looked. I get squeamish about things like that." Hope chuckles, and then shrugs. "They've assured me that there's no muscle or tendon damage. So I suppose I'll have to take their word at it." They are doctors after all. "I'll definitely be released by Sunday, though hopefully tomorrow." She would hate to be here for an entire week. "It will be great if you can make it at least for that! It should be fun."

"Sadly, I should really get going. Deliveries to make and all of that good stuff." Hana ruffles her hair once more before she smiles. "I'll have a cookie basket brought by tomorrow — hopefully you'll be on solids then. But if you're not, you can stash them under the bed or something." She pauses, fidgeting for a moment. "It was nice meeting you, Hope. I'll let everyone at the congregation know that you're doing just fine that you'll be released soon with any luck." Hana starts to inch towards the door. "Red and white roses, Bobby Cornett. With a thank you card. I've got that much down at least. Somedays my head feels like it's not screwed on right, but I guess everyone has those days." Either that or someone is totally fangirly and starstruck from meeting zomg IDOL.

"It was wonderful to finally meet you as well, Hana! Thank you so much for stopping by with the flowers. They're certainly brightening up my afternoon already." Perfectly sweet and honest too. Not a hint of sarcasm. "By the way," she adds as a bit of an afterthought. "I /love/ that outfit." She allows the woman to head off though, knowing that the nurse will be by soon to tell her to rest so she may as well comply until her next visitor appears — if she has anymore.

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