Which Twin is Crazy Again?

After a rather heated argument with a rather annoying boyfriend, Faith Rose Tyler heads directly to the hospital. She stops at the nurses desk to locate her sister before marching directly to her room. She's still upset even if the argument ended well enough. She's still upset that her own twin is keeping such severe things from her. Most importantly she's upset that some wolf thing decided to attack her twin. Despite all of the upset that is running through her, Faith is the picture of calm when she walks into the room in her cute little sundress. It's with an almost caution that she approaches her sister, afraid of what she might actually find.

The only thing that could possibly stop Faith before entering the room is the 'guard' outside the door — a police officer that has been posted there by a paranoid cop. Upon seeing the woman though, and noting how similar she looks to the girl inside the room, he just nods. What poor Faith will find upon looking at her sister is a (for the moment at least) very serene, sleeping girl. The only hint that there is something wrong other than the bite on her leg is a very obvious sheen of sweat upon her brow. Hope Tyler is suffering an infection fever, and despite the antibiotics it doesn't seem to be clearing up all that fast.

The initial sight of a sleeping Hope is a good thing. It's not nearly as bad as she would have imagined, even if there is a nasty wound to the leg that was suffered. Faith was imagining something far worse. "Hey," she says softly, almost a whisper in case Hope truly is sleeping. She doesn't wish to wake her, at all. The woman needs sleep, after all. As soon as the crazy is close enough, however, she notices the sweat. The fever. Immediately she looks around for something to help, and eventually moves into the restroom in the two bed room to grab a wash cloth and a tin of water. Yes, she's going to try and take care of her the best she can. Sadly, Rose knows next to nothing about this sort of thing.

It's the movement away from the bed, and the sounds in the bathroom that rouse Hope. Her eyes flutter briefly, but don't open. "B-bobby?" The sound of her voice is dry, but not so much as to crack. A button on the bed remote is pressed, and the bed angles upward a little. She grimaces, peering beyond the curtain a bit to make out who's in the bathroom.

Hello, awkward. She doesn't say anything until she's just on the other side of the curtain. "Not unless I've changed. A lot." Faith steps up to her sister, clean bedpan in hand filled with cold water. "I think he's here but actually as a patient. I don't really remember what he said because I was too busy hearing something else." Such as the fact that her twin was attacked by a wolf. "Is there anything that I can get you?" No, she's not scolding. Not yet, at least.

"A patient?" Hope, fever and all, is not upright in the bed. "Nonono. He can't have been attacked again. No!" Hello fevered panic attack. "Where's Serenity?" She reaches beside the bed, trying to nab her cell phone and day planner so she can call and make plans for the care of the puppy. "They're going to hurt her… they think she… Ivan's a /witch/?" Trains of thought are just all over the place, colliding together at an alarming rate.

It's a good thing that a certain someone speaks insanity, and quite well. "No, there haven't been any more attacks. Not that I know of anyway." As she speaks she attempts to keep Hope right in place, denying her the right to get to her cell phone. In her other hand is the cloth. "He said something about his knee. Surgery or something, but he said that he'd be back to see you soon. So I wouldn't worry about it." Amazing how calm Faith can be when facing something that mirrors a state that she's had before. "Serenity? Is that his dog? He's got it taken care of." This is a bold faced lie but unlike Hope, Faith can pull it off. She honestly has no idea what is going on. Though she does tilt her head as she attempts to dab the cloth on Hope's forehead. "Um, yeah. I thought I told you? Maybe I didn't but I thought I did."

"She's just a baby, Faith… and they think she… if they kill that puppy…" Hope struggles against her sister, reaching for the phone again. "Chloe will take care of her. She'll have to. I can't do it. Maybe Elliott could…" Now /that/ would just be awkward all around. "His knee? He's… but he might not…" A dizzy spell starts to overcome her and she settles for a moment until it passes. "His sister too. The whole world is going to Hell."

A baby? It takes a moment to register that Hope's talking about a puppy. "They won't kill the puppy. Serenity is safe." That was the name, right? Faith keeps her sister from her phone, having quite a bit more strength than people give her credit for. The crazies are always strong. "If you want, I can take her somewhere else where I know she'll be safe." That wouldn't go over well with Ivan but Faith doesn't really care at this moment. The cloth is dabbed along her sister's brow once she finally begins to settle. "Both sisters, and brother as well. It runs in the family but it doesn't mean that the world is going to Hell. Being a witch isn't a bad thing. His family actually tries to help protect people."

"She won't like Ivan," Hope says defiantly. "I'm not giving Bobby's puppy to Ivan." Her hand swats at the cloth on her brow. "Stop that. It's cold." Faith isn't the only crazy in the room at the moment either, and the blonde Tyler twin has fever strength. "Yes it does. Tripp is a vampire, you're dating a witch, the wolf isn't a wolf, and Bobby's sister can read minds. The world is going to Hell. It's the beginning of the end."

"No one likes Ivan, from what I hear. I'll make sure that she's safe." There are places for the puppy to go if she really does need a home. She likely does not. Faith pulls her hand back and stares down at the red spot forming from where she was swatted. "Stop that. You're sick." Two can play that game. The cloth is thrown in the water for now. "Tripp is a vampire and he misses us. That's not fair but that's not the end of the world; it isn't like he's the only vampire ever created. Werewolves have been around for a long time and this monster is going to be stopped. Steps are being taken." She doesn't know what they are but Faith is getting involved, even if it's just in talking to someone. "And I know she can read minds. She's the one who made me better, Hope. That's not a bad thing. Unless you'd rather me be crazy."

"Just call Chloe. Chloe's staying there." Well she was last time Hope was over there, before the bite. "I'm not sick. It's just a bite." There is a big ol' pout, and she crosses her arms over her chest, like a child. "Tripp is /dead/. He can't miss us. That's not Tripp." Can't be Tripp, because then her whole world is a lie, and she's refusing to accept that. "I'm going to be one, aren't I? A monster? If I am, you're going to have to kill me." Second person she's asked, and she knows Faith will say no too. Which brings her back to having to kill herself if and when the time comes.

Yeah, Chloe isn't going to want to be anywhere near her mind, she knows this much. "I'll call her." She has no idea how to get in touch with the woman but she'll do something. Or remind Bobby to do it later. "You have a fever, which means you're sick. I know sick." This is like dealing with her when she was crazier, this much Faith knows. So she shows nothing but calm when speaking to her twin. "There's no sign that you are one. Who cares if you do end up becoming one in the end? It doesn't change who you are and you know it. And I couldn't kill you any more than you could actually have killed me. There are people who are going to help." Tripp is just dropped for now. Hope doesn't need to hear more about him just yet.

"Her number is in my dayplanner." Hope, ever organized and helpful. "Hana's sending her flowers." Random comment, but true. "Grom the church." A hand reaches for her forehead. "No, I'm fine… and /I/ care. I don't want to become a demon! I… the church is all I have left." Tripp is dead, Faith has Ivan, and Bobby is well… way too complicated for her to think about at the moment. "Fine, if you won't kill me out of love, I'll just kill myself when I become a monster."

"Sure. I'll get it." Later. Much later. Faith looks around for a chair but suddenly decides to remain standing, just in case. "No, you're not. And it's not like you'd get kicked out of the church for this. They go against vampires, not these wolf thingies. Just the ones that go around killing people, which I guess doesn't really happen all that often." Since no one hears about it, at the very least. "You wouldn't kill yourself because you'd be too guilty about all the people that would be sad and need you to take care of them. You're a lot of talk, but you know you might want to watch what you say. I've been on suicide watch before. It isn't fun."

Faith will just never understand about the church. Anything that goes bump in the night falls under the jurisdiction of their ire. "Get it now so you don't forget. Please? I can't let anything happen to Serenity. She's… I named her, you know." So to Hope, that means it's just as much her puppy. "You won't understand, but I couldn't stay in the church if I was a monster, and I wouldn't /want/ to live. You may be okay with witches, and goblins, and faeries floating around your brain, but I'm not." It's just so unnatural.

Hope will never understand that there are werewolves in the church. Not that Faith knows this. "If you say so." Faith goes digging around for the information, feeling rather odd about taking the number but just trying to make Hope happy. "You named the dog of your ex boyfriend? You two seem pretty close." The way that Bobby reacted to the situation showed Faith that he still has feelings for her twin. "But you'd feel too obligated to live. That's you. And you know, you may actually learn to like it. But don't think that way. You look fine. I mean, you look fevered but you don't look like a weredoggie or anything. So you're getting worked up for nothing."

If Hope realized that some members of the church were unnatural beings, she'd likely make a huge fuss about it. She's entitled to her beliefs, and since they're very much the only thing keeping her absolutely sane at the moment she's clinging to them. "It's complicated, and we're still friends. I'm not going to abandon a friend just because a relationship doesn't work out." She did that once, and the friend wound up dead and her sister in a mental institution. "I would /never/ like becoming a monster. This is how Bobby's dad died." Fevered and succumbing to the injuries while in a coma. "Just make sure Serenity is safe… she needs to be safe. Don't let the police officer hurt her. Make sure Chloe takes care of her. Or Mellie. Maybe Mellie can be responsible enough to drop food in bowl twice a day."

She's going into more detail than Rose knows of or really is paying attention to. "Still friends. Got it. I won't tell." That is all she'll really say about it. Faith knows full well not to talk to Ivan about it so it isn't like she's going to spill the beans of what she believe to some random person. "And yet you just said that you weren't sick." She's pulling away from other parts of the conversation as well. "But to stay not sick you should rest. Get some sleep. I won't leave just yet, not until Bobby gets here. In the meantime I'll take care of your dog." Yes, she called it Hope's dog. "Or make sure that someone does it, I mean."

"I love him." It's said weakly, but it's said. She has to tell someone, and she can't tell Bobby, since she really doesn't want to make things more complicated. "I'm not! I can't be sick. I have to fight this. I don't want to be a monster!" Hope is not yelling. If she were, the nurses would be in here and forcing her to sleep with some injection or another. "Make Chloe do it. Or Mellie. You have too many babies to worry about. Eleven is too many."

She is not Bobby, but she's not someone that's going to gossip, either. "I know. You had him meet your crazy sister." She's not met anyone else of the male gender since she lost her marbles. A hand moves to find her sister's shoulder, a gentle touch but something meant to keep her calm. "Exactly. You have to and you will fight. You'll be released from the hospital soon and by that time this horrible thing will hopefully be dead." If Faith has anything to say about the issue, Tala will be flayed. She's not all too happy with the fact that she's still managing to attack people and has yet to be caught. "No, I have no babies. They're all gone, but don't worry. I'll call Chloe." Maybe.

There could have been introductions to Elliott, but with everything going on as it is, her sole focus is in trying to keep the Cornett family alive. "She won't be. She was waiting. She's trying to hurt them for some reason. I just don't understand. What did they do?" Another dizzy spell, and she crashes back onto the pillow. "They won't let puppies in your building… and Serenity is used to the house. She's so cute, Faith. I just don't want anything to happen to her." Since Bobby went in to surgery without telling her!

"It doesn't make sense. Neither does anything that's been going on. There's some sort of power struggle in Dallas, and it isn't just vampires against humans. It's everyone against everyone, including themselves." Poor Faith happens to know way too much about what's going on. "They probably didn't do anything. They're just there, and obviously that's why you were hurt. Someone is trying to mess with them by way of you." Since Robert still loves her, at least as far as Faith can determine. At this point she will do her best to keep Hope resting and will do anything short of struggling with the other Tyler. "The dog will be safe. I'm not taking her home. I don't want anything else that will just end up leaving. You, Hope, should rest now."

"Well whatever is going on needs to stop. Innocent people are getting hurt, and I can only keep all this stuff to myself for so long. The church…" Will likely find out soon enough. Especially if they send another good will ambassador over while she's feverish. "Okay, fine. I'll rest. But you stay right here until we find out if Bobby makes it out of surgery okay? I don't think I can handle anymore bad news on my own."

Yes, it needs to stop and she will make a point to tell Eli just that when she meets with him. Something that Hope doesn't need to know. "At this point, it's angered a lot of different people. Witches, psychics and vampires alike. And that's on top of us regular ol' people. Something will happen." Faith begins to straighten up around the bed even though not much needs cleaned. She just needs to feel useful. "Don't worry. I told you that I'd be here until Bobby shows up. If I get any news while you're asleep I'll let you know."

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