Trouble Magnet

Ravello Condiminium

Sparse and elegant, the over-sized sunken lobby at the Ravello is designed to make visitors feel both welcome by the comforts, and in awe at that minutest of details. Beige marble is polished in such a way that even in the dimmest of lights, it shines. The walls are paneled with the richest of walnuts, each bearing a crystal sconce on either end with a large, gilded mirror in the center.
Across from the doors is a large, tall doorman's desk, made of the same walnut as the walls so as not to be overly intrusive. Fresh flowers always adorn the marble top, and the man behind the desk continually casts a wary eye upon those seeking to gain entry. Off to the side of this are handsomely incised bronze elevator doors, waiting to take visitors and those that live here to whatever floor they wish to go to.
In one corner, a luxurious seating area has been provided for guests to wait in, the couch and both chairs covered with a soft cream colored satin, the arms gilded with gold. In the opposite corner, the doorway to the pool.

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A long visit has been made to the hospital where the healthy Tyler remained until things were situated. As she could she kept in contact with Ivan to let him know what was happening, more to let him know that she was still very much where she said that she would be. The minor details were left out, of course, unless asked of. She can listen to him at times! Though she's not doing it to be an obedient little wifey; it's almost a smug way to rub into him that she was right. For as much as the argument died off the principle was still very much there. Something that needs to be worked on, no doubt.

Texts have been exchanged, primarily to discuss dinner. One final text has been sent from her car after she's parked explaining her choice for take-out since honestly she does not feel like cooking today. Today is not a good day for it.

The trip inside is short and familiar. Only it isn't as quick as it should be. Minutes pass and there is still no key to the door, no familiar face walking into the apartment. More minutes pass before she even manages to make it into the building. For whatever reason the doorman is on break, which explains the lack of assistance from him. With him gone she walks to the elevator and actually manages to get to the correct floor.

Once outside she meets the wall with her back, the room getting dizzy. On one side her neck has suffered wounds, on the other her shoulder. The scratch marks continue, touching her chest and tearing a hole in the midsection of her pretty sundress. Her legs are scratched up as well. It's a mix between the pain, the blood loss and the actual struggle that make her dizzy. Eventually Faith just slides down the wall and leans her head back against it, closing her eyes. Resting here seems like a good idea.

Faith might be doing it to prove that HA SHE IS FINE AND SHE CAN TOO LISTEN, but Ivan doesn't mind. Regardless of the intentions behind the texts, Ivan is deeply appreciative of them. They relax him. They assure him that she is, indeed, fine and out of trouble. They remind him of extremely hot office sex. Everytime his phone vibrates, a broad, boyish grin breaks out on his features and he spends the next ten minutes day dreaming about all that he's done and all that he would like to do with his esteemed girlfriend. His woman. His other half.

With dinner decided and called for, Ivan is perched upon their couch rather comfortably, watching television. Up until the point in time that he bores of the inane programming and shuts the 'tube off. It is only then that he realizes that it's been just about half an hour since Faith's last text assuring him that she was parking and heading right up. Now, this is odd, but not odd enough to incite panic in the witch. Assuming she must have been exaggerating about how close she was or was otherwise held up, Ivan plucks out his phone and sends off a quick 'were r u' text.

Only to hear an eerily familiar ring tone go off from the hallway. Getting to his feet, the man opens his front door, glancing around with a smile to try and find his lover. And the moment his eyes fix upon her person, all the color drains from his face. "Faith!" With this cry, he runs down the hallway, throwing himself at her strewn form to check her vitals.

While the vitals are obviously not at levels that they should be, Faith is breathing and hear heart is beating. She's just bloody, torn up and rather unconscious. The phone going off doesn't exactly wake her but it does pull her from the land of deep, deep slumber. It's almost as if she's awake and well yet asleep at the same time. Sounds register and she can piece together that he's coming for her. For some reason, however, Faith just can't shake the fog so easily. Finally her eyes begin to open yet remain at half past, her gaze (which is the floor) distant. This is Faith in the end so she attempts to speak, and when she does she uses the one word that she knows well. "Ow."

The first devastating thought that Ivan experiences is: she's dead. She's gone, she's dead forever. But once the initial shock and scare is over with, he can see the way her chest rises and falls with breath. He can feel the beating of her heart when he checks for a pulse. And it is only then that he allows himself to exhale with relief. And then, to top it off, she seems to be coming to! There is a shaky smile on his face for her one single exclamation, and his voice is so low, so uneven… "W-what have you gotten yourself into, Pretty girl…"

And then, he acts. At first, he moves as though to sweep her into his arms - before he reminds himself how dangerous moving her can actually be. And so, instead, he grabs his phone and dials 911 for an ambulance, spouting out the address with haste before turning to his woman. "What- what happened? Can you hear me, baby?"

She can hear everything, it would seem, even that which isn't important. She's hearing more than she's able to see so it takes her a moment to push past the sounds of her own breath to figure out what exactly is going on. The fact that he's calling an ambulance nearly sends her into a moment of panic but she's literally in no position to do anything about it. It does cause her to catch her breath, her heart rate increasing if only during that brief moment of panic.

Several attempts at speaking are made after which she closes her eyes once more. "Wolf." Speaking is obviously difficult, especially with a wound so close on her neck. "Out. Of. Nowhere." The sounds are staggered, forced, but at least she's talking. Faith has proven that she can handle cold weather, lack of eating and even a mild amount of pain. She's likely just met her match.

Immediately, Ivan breaks into action. The way he tears off the fabric of his t-shirts left sleeve is almost ape-ish in execution, but it is a necessity. It was either use what he has on him or leave her side - and the latter is absolutely unacceptable. Even if he would literally be gone for less than a minute - he cannot and will not leave her. With this wad of fabric in his hands, he balls it up to press against the deepest of her injuries on her neck, looking to slow the blood flow with pressure.

"Wolf?" He inquires, a flash of surprise coloring his features. "The same wolf that attacked your sister. The same wolf that attacked the Cornett's." He's convinced. There's no way in hell all these attacks are unrelated. They are happening too linearly, too deliberately. And, with a dull sense of dread in the pit of his stomach, he pushes away his whirring mind, attempting to focus instead on the matter at hand. "Shh, Faith…Don't speak. Don't strain yourself. You're going to be alright. I swear to God, you're going to be alright. I promise you."

The lack of resistance he finds is completely different than what she normally gives. This time she simply cannot move, at least not much. A hand moves; the one that was the most out of view. In her hand is something shiny. It is the silver knife she began carrying around once she began her defense lessons with Hiro. The movement is so slight that he need not worry about being stabbed. Rose is just trying her best to tell the tale for him without telling a whole lot.

"I. List. Ened." Not once did Faith go looking for trouble, but this doesn't mean that she wasn't prepared. About the only reason why she hasn't actually been bitten is the fact that she was prepared enough to fight back. Even though she listened before, she's not listening now. Slowly her eyes open with the intent of finding his. "Why?" Why is it happening, she means.

"I don't…I don't know, Faith. I don't know. But…I do know that this ends now." There is a connection to be maker here, Ivan knows. Even if he isn't aware of the mechanics of it, he knows that if he gives it enough time, he will catch a pattern. "I promise you. I swear on my life, that I'll find out who did this. I'll make them pay." His hands ball into fists at his side, and he ends up peering down at the silver knife with a grim frown.

Before long, there are sirens in the air. The ambulance is here, coming to whisk her away. with Ivan by her side every step of the way.

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