Crying Wolf

PFSC - Cerebral Deli

A rather unique book shop, the Cerebral Deli prides itself on being able to feed both mind and body. Several deli-style tables have been set up near the entrance, the linoleum flooring shining beneath them. An old deli counter acts as the checkout, behind which is a large chalkboard sign denoting all the new and upcoming book releases, as well as pricing for coffee, tea, the odd sandwich and other small items. Upon climbing three stairs, one enters a carpeted area filled with shelves and stacks of books. These books are fitting to every genre that one could possibly hope to find, including a smaller section for rare or now-out-of-print books. A couch and two chairs can be found at the back of the shop, near the window. A comfortable place to ensure the potential purchase is the right book, or catch up on a spot of homework.

The warm spring-ish air has given Mischa an unexpected boost of energy. In fact, he's gotten rather hyper. In one hand is a bouquet of lilacs, in the other a long black velvet jewelry box. The librarian whistles merrily as he enters the deli, looking around for Summer. "Oooo, something smells good in here…" And despite the fact he's JUST eaten, he finds himself inexplicably hungry.

Something does smell good in here, but for once it's not Summer's doing. Because Summer isn't here yet.
Who is here is a rather tall man. A big, burly tall man, with a funny little chef's hat on and an apron that says 'Eat, Sleep, Read'. He's whipping up several sandwiches, and taking a fresh roast beef out of the small little infrared oven. There's a smile on his face, and soft twangy country music coming from the overhead speakers.

Indeed it does smell good, and taste good. Abbey already knows this! She is sitting off to the side near the back a book in hand and a half eaten sandwich on a plate upon the table before her. Her gaze peers over the book slightly, pale gaze blinking while she watches the two wander in. Its been some time since seeing them, she thinks it was at the meeting actually.. Though she could be mistaken, with everything going on lately its not a real surprise. She goes back to reading after a few moments.

Mischa first notices Abbey. He sets the flowers down on a table and slips the jewelry box into one of the pockets of his khaki pants before he smiles towards the perhaps member of the Muea Tseena Pack. "Hello. It's Abbey, isn't it? Nice to see you again under more normal circumstances." His eyes rove towards the counter. When he sees Toby there, he does a double take and looks somewhat flustered. "Eek. I guess that's Toby…" He murmurs before turning back to Abbey, leaning on a chair at her table.

Amusingly, Mischa's favorite sandwich is prepared and set on the counter. Seems that someone's been talking to Toby. The man keeps humming to himself as he begins to slice the new roast and start a pot of tea. "… in low places, where the whiskey drowns and the beer chases mah blooooos away… it'll be OKAY!" Indeed, it is Toby. Having a grand old time in his very small kitchen. Not bothering the clients until they come up to the counter.

Abbey blinks slightly and lifts her head, pale gaze resting on Mischa curiously a few moments. "That's right." She offers softly, the book lowering slightly. "Mischa if I recall right?" Its not like she often talks to other shifters or wolves save for the few she knows. A glance is offered towards Toby. "His been singing for a while now.. I've just sorta toned it out." She says with an amused tone. The book is set down as she leans forwards lightly, movements stiff as her sides are still healing after dealing with a certain wolf the week before.

The singing makes Mischa turn a bright shade of red. For once he is officially embarrassed for someone ELSE. "Even though I'm almost thirty, this is still awkward. That's my girlfriend's dad." He chuckles very quietly and grins at Abbey before nodding towards the book. "What's your reading material of choice today? The weather's been nice." Someone is in good spirits indeed. He eyes the kitchen curiously for a few minutes, wincing in that direction. Oi vey, Garth Brooks.

Abbey ohs softly at this as she glances from Toby then back to Mischa. "I see.." Is said with a soft tone. A glance is sent to the book which looks like a slightly old copy of Dune. "Ah.. Well it's called Dune.. I caught it on TV the other night and figured I'd see about reading it. So far its rather good actually." She cringes slightly as the music continues, so much for blocking it out..

Summer has no say in her father's taste in music. She loves his quirkiness. When she rushes in, lab coat flying off her as she rushes past the tables to the kitchen, she takes no notice of who's there yet. "Sorry I'm late, Toby. Got delayed by Mrs. Jenner's poodle again. I swear that dog might just better live at the clinic." Her hands sweep her hair up into a ponytail, and she adjusts her halter top so that it's non-wrinkled. Pouring a cup of tea, and grabbing the sandwich, she carries it over to Mischa's usual table. Then she turns to Abbey. "Wallace, right? The girl who owns the garage?" There is only a brief recollection of seeing her a time or two in town, but Summer has a decent memory.
Behind the counter, Toby just continues to work. Prepping sandwiches for the dinner crowd.

"Dune is an excellent book!" Mischa says, before pausing and coughing quietly. "I mean, if you're into sci-fi…" When Summer heads over with the sandwich and tea, he chuckles very quietly. "So, that was for me. Thanks, Toby!" Mischa cries out to the back of the deli before taking the plate and cup from Summer. "This is Abbey. Abbey, Summer, Summer, Abbey." He doesn't waste much time getting to the nitty gritty of that sandwich.

"Suppose it depends on the book or show. I'm into some sci-fi stuff." Abbey offers before glancing to the new voice and peers at Summer before nodding. "That's right.." There's a pause as Mischa offers up her first name and she smiles a bit. "Nice to meet you Summer." This said with a polite friendly tone. "So far it is good book so I'm enjoying it."

"You too, Abbey. Can I get you anything?" Summer has no pad or pen, but she can remember one whole order before having to worry about such things. "I'm just scared that he knew who you were," she admits to Mischa. Giving her head a shake, she watches as Toby salutes her boyfriend with the knife. "He's not given you guys any trouble, has he? He's a bit on edge with all the wolf attacks."

Mischa nods in Abbey's direction, smiling at her easily enough after he finishes omnomming a bit on the sandwich. "If you like it, come find me at the library when you're done. I can recommend a lot more." There's a moment wherein he clearly struggles not to do that now. When Summer comments upon being scared and he turns just in time to see Toby salute him with the knife, he blinks a few times and shifts in his chair, crossing his legs. "Yeah, now I'm afraid too. No, he's fine. Though he has been singing Garth Brooks' greatest hits…"

Abbey smiles a moment to Mischa and nods. "Alright.. I might take you up on that at some point." Not being able to work leaves her with a lot of free time on her hands after all. "No thanks. I'm good with what I have." A glance is sent towards Toby, also catching sight of the knife salute and she hehs softly. "No.. His been fine other then the singing.." Which she really won't comment on.

"TOBY! Cut out the singing, you're weirding out the customers!" Summer winks over at her dad, who goes and changes the music station back to the classical music he generally plays, then carries on with the food prep — after washing his hands, of course. A quick glance around the store, and she grabs a chair from Mischa's table, sitting on it backward. "Eee! Lilacs for me?" Even if they're not, she grabs them and sniffs from them quite happily. "Sorry for the singing."

The librarian can't help but chuckle at Summer's admonishment to her father before he turns back to the girls. He nods to Summer as she finds the lilacs. "Yes, for you. And no problem, parents are supposed to embarrass us, right? He's mild compared to mine." Mischa turns back to Abbey and nods. "I work a lot of the day shift, mostly mornings… nine to two. If I'm not there, Chloe will be happy to help you."

Abbey blinks as she hears Summer, a soft heh escaping her. Hopefully Toby won't feel bad about being told not to sing. "I mean.. I've heard worse.." There's a slight pause before a glance is offered to Mischa and she nods. "Alright.. I'll remember that. Thanks."

"Don't worry, he does it every time I'm late." Summer smiles, a thing that broadens muchly when she can hear Toby chuckling, /and/ when she hears the lilacs are for her. Getting up from her chair, she moves over to place a light kiss on Mischa's cheek. "They're beautiful. Honestly brightened my day." She peers over at Abbey, and teasingly says, "You could always buy the books if you like them too."

"So he punishes the customers when /you're/ late? Was your dad in the army by any chance?" Mischa asks, grinning at Summer before he makes a face of discomfort and takes the jewelry box out of his pocket, laying it on the table. Then he realizes that Summer is standing right there, and has an 'oh crap' expression on his face. "Err. That's for you too." Then he lowers his voice, looking about the deli — he doesn't suspect there are many vampires in a deli, though you never know about other people who can hear your thoughts or conversations. "Do either of you know anything about those attacks? I thought they would have died down by now… but it just keeps happening. More and more frequently, I'd say."

"Well.. I suppose I could do that.. But then I wouldn't have a reason to leave the apartment an all." Abbey offers with an amused tone. A faint smile seen at the talk from Summer about how Toby sings when she is late. She looks amused as she hears Mischa. Though as the comment changes to the attacks there's a pause and she isn't sure to to say. Her gaze drifts around and she then looks back to her book. "I only know what I read.." At least about the one black wolf attacking people.. Now the one that went after Miss Savoy she knows plenty on that one.

"Could be that's where he met Donato." Summer honestly has no clue of what Toby's life was like before her mother died. It's something he never bothers talking about with her. "For me? Showering me with gifts… careful, sweetie. I might ask what sort of trouble you've been getting into." Reaching for the box, she opens it slowly. There is small gasp, and the necklace is drawn out. She fusses with the clasp for a second, before she manages to settle the necklace around her neck. It matches the earrings she's wearing, and both match her choice for a halter top today. "It's gorgeous!" There would be a much more involved kiss, but no matter her age, it's just not something she's comfortable doing in front of her father.
"Well you're welcome to come in any time you want, Ms. Wallace. We can set aside books you want your own copies of. Just have the library fax us a list." Then the conversation turns darker. "Too frequently. I've been trying to do some research, but detective work really isn't my strong suit."

"Trouble? Unless you count being cornered by a vampire in the conference room of the library…" Mischa trails off there and clears his throat before smiling at Summer. "I'm glad that you like it. It took me a lot of finagling to get it from my dad." Who sort of had to get it from a guy, who had to get it from a guy… "It never occurred to me that we're 'business' rivals. You try to get people to buy them, I try to get people to rent them." He chuckles before nodding at Summer's last quip. "I've been afraid to probe too much. I wonder why it's going after shifters?" Mischa asks quietly before he lets out something of a concerned sigh, reaching up to remove his glasses and polish them on his shirt.

Abbey smiles to Summer and nods. "Thanks.." Is offered to the comments about the books. She looks amused at the buying and renting books comment from Mischa. "It seems to be going after just about anyone.. Which tends to include shifters I suppose." Don't have to worry about her guys, she's a red wolf to start with after all! "Though one could wonder why it does anything. Won't get any answers to the thing is caught."

"You'll have to thank him for me. I love it." Summer fingers the necklace in a gentle manner, and then smiles happily. Kissing the top of his head, she moves to go past him and back to her own chair. "Well you're more rivals with Toby. I just help him out, remember. Now if you were trying to heal animals with the use of voodoo rituals, I might consider you my rival." Chuckling, she glances over at Abbey. "My guess is that whoever it is has an issue with the Pack." She feels free to say such things here in her father's shop. "More interesting is that it's attacked two of your co-workers, Mischa. You'd better be careful."

Mischa nods in agreement to Abbey's words, biting on his lower lip as he considers. "You'd think it wouldn't be so hard to catch the damned thing. After all, we have to be paying the parks and recreations enough money to catch it. Especially considering all the damage it's done thus far." He can't help but laugh at Summer's comment about voodoo rituals. "Me? Knowing me, I'd probably just bunk something like that up. You'd end up with zombie animals rather than… well, yeah." He sighs quietly and frowns when Summer mentions his co-workers. "I know. I know… thankfully I mainly work the day shift. We all miss Doris. Luckily Chloe was… well, more lucky."

Abbey tilts her head while peering at the two curiously at the talk of voodoo stuff. She smirks faintly. "Right.." Is offered at the thought of zombie animals. "I think we have enough problems without them roaming around. It'll be like Resident Evil here with them dobermans if we're not careful." A glance is sent to Summer. "I suppose so.. Though when it comes to items dealing with the pack I have to admit I'm out of the loop on such subjects." Even though she is a wolf she is not with the pack. "The thing that is doing it seems to be targeting certain people though for one reason or another."

"You'd just need the right book. Voodoo Rituals for Dummies. I'm sure we have that around here somewhere." Toby shakes his head at her as he delivers a sweet tea and a blueberry muffin. "Fresh?" He nods, then hurries back to the kitchen-area. "The perks of volunteering here. Free home cooked food without having to go very far." Spoiled she is. "The issue," Summer says as she peels the top off the muffin, "is that until someone can figure out why it's these certain people, no one will be able to formulate any type of plan. It will get caught though. It's acting very erratic and not at all wolf-like in demeanor."

"Good God, woman! Don't even joke like that!" Mischa says to Abbey's quip about Resident Evil. He is a nerd after all. When Toby comes out to supply Summer with muffinage, he lifts his hand in greeting to the man politely before turning back to the other two. "Maybe it's not entirely wolf then. After all, it has a human agenda. It seems to be targeting specific people… I'm just saying." Mischa reaches down and takes a large bite of his sandwich, almost having forgot it was there, so engrossing was the talk of books and rogue wolves.

Abbey chuckles softly as she hears Mischa. "Well.. You was talking about zombie animals." She points out before her phone starts to buzz and she glances at it. Of course its the garage, she can only wonder what Sam needs her form. "It does have a human agenda to a degree.. It seems to know that one family rather well. An any wolf acting like that is just stupid.. Perhaps its a crazy one, sick in the head or something.." She stands after a moment, book closing and left on the table. "I hate to go when the conversation is getting interesting but seems there is a issue at the garage that needs my attention.. Knowing Sam he forgot how to use the computer again.." That man is going to drive her crazy. A faint smile is offered before she waves a hand and wanders on to the door. "You all have a good night." This is offered before she slips off heading towards the garage.

"Was nice to finally meet you, Abbey!" Summer glances back at her boyfriend, then stuffs about half the muffin top into her mouth. What? She didn't get a chance to eat earlier. Once it's all chewed, and washed down with the ice tea, she smiles. "One of these days, I'm going to randomly give you a gift as well. I feel so… spoiled, getting the earrings and then his necklace." She really doesn't want to discuss the rogue wolf again. "I've been wondering if it's a wolf at all. Seems more like… well one of us, to me."

Mischa nods. "Mmmhmm, me too. There aren't a lot of us, but there are still enough to where this is… grating. Besides, to accuse one of our own? That would be… well…" Donato already wasn't happy with him at the last meeting, hence his non-involvement in this whole escapade. He chuckles at Summer's comment about gifts. "It's been a long time since I had anyone to spoil. Enjoy it." As Abbey leaves, he smiles slightly. "Nice girl." With that, he's finishing up his sandwich and taking a sip of his cooled tea.

"Eli already thinks it's a Shifter," Summer whispers, sliding her chair toward his own. "He mentioned it at the meeting, but the problem is, it's not anyone that I know of in Dallas. Dad either." Which is driving her insane. "On the plus side, it's not attacking animals. It's a very small plus, but it stands to reason that it's not just a crazy shifter. It's someone with an obvious agenda."

"I must have tuned that out, you know. After all of the Mischa-bashing that was going on…" The man's cheeks turn a bright red. He looks back towards the kitchen and winces. "Oh… Toby didn't HEAR about that, did he? Oh god." Reputation tarnished. Shame, shame! He eventually reaches out to squeeze Summer's head, sighing quietly. "My neighbor seems to think that… her family is cursed. Or that it's because of her. To be honest, I kind of tuned that out too… she was being, ahem, volatile to me. A little hurt over being rejected, I think…" Dense.

"You didn't bite anyone, so Mr. Donato can just turn his eye on whoever did that to Kira." Summer did indeed pick that up in the meeting, and that irked her. Though it explained why Kira was eying her boyfriend. "Is that the girl who lives downstairs from you? Maybe it is something to look into. She works at the library with you, right? Her parents are the ones that were first attacked? Her mother is the one that turned?" Leaning against him, she sighs. "I don't know, Mischa. To be honest, I don't want to get involved unless I really have to. I'm not a fighter. If you want to though, I'll help with whatever I can."

Mischa nods to Summer and takes in a deep breath. "Yeah, Chloe Cornett. I'll, ah… maybe I'll ask her sister or her brother. We're not really on good speaking terms right now. Since she does seem to kind of hate me." There's an inward cringe at that — his best friend hating me. Or the person he still regards as that. He wraps an arm around Summer and leans in to kiss her forehead. "I'm reluctant to get involved too. It seems the coward's way out. But I already went out on a limb for someone once. Granted, I ended up with a nice settlement, but the whole thing… I still have nightmares. And I don't want you to get hurt by association." He pauses. "Besides, even if this does stop… people will be suspicious. Questions will be raised. I don't want to risk any interference that might get us all revealed. Mister Donato was pretty clear about that last time…"

"I doubt that she hates you. Sometimes people just need time." Summer smiles at him and then sighs. "It's not cowardly. We can only do so much. I think the general theory right now is rabid wolf. At least that is what animal control believes." Provided they keep believing that, it should be a fairly easy thing to sell the public on. "Let's just forget about it for the moment. I need to grab something more than this muffin for food. Care to join me for dinner?"

"I don't know. She seemed pretty hatey the last time we spoke." When dinner is mentioned, Mischa stands up and nods. "I could eat." Again. For the third time in an hour. But Mischa's a stress eater. "What did you have in mind?" Though he seems gung ho about dinner, it's clear his mind is still weighing heavily on the subject of 'rabid' wolves…

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