Ahead of the Pack

Ivan hates hospitals. He reviles them with a burning, all-consuming passion. Not for what they are, or the job that they do, or anything…but because hospitals are never happy places. They're sterile, and being in a hospital is like putting someone's life on the table, up to be lost or kept. Despite all this, however - this hospital has become his recent home. He made sure to pay for Faith to have her own private room, and now is currently perched beside the bed of the sleeping beauty, watching her with his brows heavily furrowed. Placed beside her unconscious form is an extremely plushy white bear, one of those novelty 'get well' gifts that he had to purchase her.

He also has another gift to offer Faith. He had promised mere days ago that he would let her meet with someone to discuss werewolves and the attacks that had been happening. And, well, Ivan is a man of his word. It is with slight hesitation that he moves his hands into hers, not looking to jostle the woman, but to merely hold her hand. An action that is more for himself than it is for her.

And there, standing against the far hospital wall, is a tall and rather intimidating figure. The Alpha of the Muea Tseena Pack is also watching the sleeping woman, though his cool gaze is rather detached and considerably less invested than Ivan's is. He is just waiting - waiting patiently.

This stranger will have to be patient when dealing with the Queen of Crazy. She's not exactly in her best form currently and is even less of a fan of hospitals than Ivan is. At least they haven't had to strap her to her bed yet, though likely they may have to if Ivan were to leave for an extended period of time. As it stands she's only being a model patient because she's asleep. Once she's with it long enough she will demand to go home. That is the Faith Tyler way.

Eventually, though, the drugs wear enough to allow her to slowly wake. Her dreams have been dark, perhaps causing her to wince in her sleep now and then. Her hand moves slightly, looking to squeeze his. The act of opening her eyes takes quite some time but Ivan will find her looking at him soon enough. Especially because of the wound to her neck she remains silent at first, afraid to test just how stable her voice will be.

Ivan doesn't even spare Eli a second glance. His eyes are on the woman as she stirs, his fingers lacing through hers gently, affectionately. When her eyes blink open, she'll find the witch smiling down to her in a fond manner. "Hey Pretty girl," he coos, shifting closer so that he can use his other hand to smooth back her hair from her forehead. "How're you feeling?"

Eli clears his throat then, looking to remind the pair that he is, indeed, in the room. "Just in case you two were goin' ta break out in mush an' all." He drawls, faintly amused.

She's still nervous about speaking but eventually makes even an attempt. "Like I lost a fight with a wolf." Her throat is hoarse, likely from the screaming for her life. The medication likely isn't helping, either. At least she's not crazy. "I want to go home." It doesn't take long with Faith to try and get out of any hospital like setting. "I'm okay. I have to work tomorrow."

Rose is about to continue to plead her case for leaving when Eli goes and makes himself known. Ivan will feel her hand tense immediately, near painfully for him. Faith is a lot stronger than people give her credit for. The fear is in her eyes immediately at the sight of a stranger, especially as she has no idea who he is. Even though she's asking Ivan to leave, her eyes are on Eli.

Ivan shoots a glance over his shoulder, although it is mild all things considering, and it returns to the woman by his side immediately afterward. "Here, drink some water," he offers once hearing the state of her voice, holding a conveniently filled glass towards her with the hand that isn't in hers. However, when she already begins her appeal, he purses his lips uncomfortably. "I'll…see what I can do." It's noncommittal, just enough to relax her and move on with the next topic of interest. "But I have something for you, Faith. Remember…remember how you wanted to meet the pack leader? How you wanted to feel involved? Well… This man here is Eli Donato. He's here to answer any questions you might have, about werewolves and…well, whatever."

Eli shoots Ivan a warning look, before throwing the closed door a careful glance. "Watch it, boy," he gruffs. "I aint here to answer everythin', but I am here to try. Miss Tyler, yeah? Your sister was hit by the same wolf, too…well. Can I first start off by sayin' that this is a tragedy. My people don't condone of this behavior, so I would like to apologize. And then, I'm goin' ta have a few questions, too, but you can go first."

It's uncomfortable. She's uncomfortable. The conveniently placed straw in the conveniently placed glass is used to full advantage. She does reach for the straw, her arm covered in bandages. Only after she drinks does she even attempt to answer either of them. Those eyes lock on Eli once more, almost as if Ivan's not really in the room. Faith has just been mauled by a wolf; trusting a different one isn't going to go over so well. "Why?" It's a childish question and not well elaborated. It's the same one she had when she was attacked and it isn't going to change that question until she gets an answer.

"Where are my clothes?" Yes, she's speaking to Ivan even if she's looking at Eli. "I'm not going home like this."

He did say she could go first so now she's going to ask questions. He may not wish to answer but Ivan opened the floor for it. "I didn't get bitten. Does that mean I'm okay? Not like Hope who's going to maybe be different?" Hopefully Eli was warned that Faith is a bit touched. "Is she going to die?"

Ivan hikes his brows upwards in discomfort. "Why…why what?" He offers, soothingly, hesitantly. Her hand is given a squeeze of reassurance then, trying to get her to relax, to remind her that he is, in fact, here. That he has this situation under control. But then he can only blink, twice, in surprise. "I…what? Your clothes were ruined. I'll have to go get you a new pair or something - but now's not the time. You're not going to leave anytime soon, Faith. Maybe…maybe by the end of the day."

Eli flashes a look between the pair, uncrossing his arms before pushing himself off of the wall to approach the bed. The 'why' query he'll allow Ivan to field. "It means you're hurt," he grunts out, stating the obvious. "But it also means you haven't been infected. I…" Sigh. "Where do I begin? There are two ways to become a werewolf. The first way is ta be born into it, like I was. And the second…to be bitten by one of us. Now, ain't nothin' set in stone. But our bites transmit a virus, almost like any other. And some people, their bodies reject the mutation and they end up dying. Some people? A very few? Have nothin' happen to 'em at all. But mostly, if you survive…then you become infected." Beat. "During full moons, you will turn into a creature that is half wolf, half human. Now…I can't say for sure. But I've got one of my pack lookin' at her, and her vitals seem strong. I ain't going to lie. She might die. But, as for right now? I don't think she will."

It would be easier if people spoke crazy. "Why, though? Why is this happening? And why the hell is it still happening?" Faith is angry, very angry, but she's not yelling. She's not accusing. She's venting. "I stabbed it. It has to be hurt. We should go after it now." Yes, we. She's going to be a part of this as much as she can, unless someone keeps her locked up. This is said to both men before her eyes finally move over to Ivan. "I can't stay in here. They'll send me away. I need to go." In fact, she's already attempting to sit up. Amazingly she's forgotten about all of her injuries. The crazy doesn't wince and fall back down in pain but she doesn't make it up well, either.

Eli is a scary man. She doesn't dislike him as much as she dislikes what he's saying. "She's going to either die or kill herself." This isn't a question, mind. This is a full out Tyler statement that she knows is very likely to be true. It appears as if she's going to cry but she doesn't let it happen. Slowly she looks back to the stranger, the one bringing so much bad news. News that Ivan likely could have told her. "What did you want to know from me? I… don't think I should know any more from you. I'm already an easy target."

The news that Ivan was too afraid of telling her. The news that Ivan couldn't bring himself to telling her - he is a coward, after all. When she begins to sit up, Ivan squeezes her hand in warning, before frowning and moving to try and push her back onto the bed without injuring her. "Stop it. Faith - look at me. You're going to sit down and relax. When it's time to leave, we will. Until then, I'm not allowing you to get up. You're going to make yourself worse, Faith. And…she's not going to die, either. I wont let her. Just…relax, baby. Calm down."

Eli is patient enough to stand back as Ivan calms the woman and tries to get her under control once more - after all, he was warned of her history prior to the meeting. But something she says intrigues him. "You stabbed it? What did you stab it with? Where?" He inquires with an excited gruff. "I need to know anything and everything you remember about that night. Where you were attacked, what the wolf looked like…as detailed as possible, if you will."

Does he remember the day she paid him a visit in his office? Not the sexy part but the fighting part? He should remember that. It's almost a repeat of that, the glare that she fixes on him. "I'm not getting anything done here. I need to see Hope. Someone needs to stop her from killing herself." Didn't Hope threaten Ivan with a knife? He should know these things. All the same, Faith doesn't slap his hand away from her. Like a good little wifey she lays back, for the moment. "They won't let me leave. They'll remember." It's an afterthought, really, but she adds it.

The way that Eli approaches her doesn't exactly keep her calm. He's a rough man and she just can't get used to it, not right yet. "I was jumped. By a wolf." After the moment of being obvious passes she sighs and shakes her head. "I don't know why. It literally came out of nowhere as I was going into the apartment building. It went for my legs and knocked me down." That could explain why there were so many scratches to her legs. "But I kicked it hard, which made it mad I think. So it went for me. I struggled." Her torso and stomach wounds came from this. When I had the chance to get to my purse I got the silver knife I've been carrying around since I was told it was smart. I got it in the back? Maybe the shoulder. Just enough to make it go away."

"Hope is in the hospital along with you, and she's checked into the same room as Bobby," Ivan even manages to say the name without sneering. See how diplomatic he can be? "She will be fine a little while longer. Once Mr. Donato leaves, I'll call for a wheelchair to be sent up and I'll take you to see her, okay? But…you can't push yourself, Pretty girl." He silences himself then, looking over his shoulder to Eli with a nod, to pass the torch over to him.

Eli purses his lips a little more poignantly. "So…it will have a wound around its shoulder blades. This helps. Is there…anything else? Anything else that sticks out in your mind? Any markings, or distinctive traits or…? Anything helps. If not…I suppose I ought to head off. I'll leave you two to deal with this all."

Being in the hospital doesn't keep people from killing themselves. "Remember when you first met me and you turned your back for like five minutes?" Yes, that's what she's talking about. "And yeah, he told me he was going to do that. At least she'll have company since I can't be there." Faith is practically sulking at this point. She does not deal well with being restrained. "Fine." She makes an addendum to the statement shortly thereafter. "The first comment about me I hear, though, I'm out of here." Stupid people.

"I guess so? All I know is that it really didn't like it." Unlike Hope, Faith isn't attaching a gender to the wolf. She wasn't able to pay that close of attention to it. "It was black. Dark I'm sorry but I'm not really good at telling wolves apart, especially as one is trying to claw me." Something she says causes her to continue to speak. "This sounds kind of crazy but I don't think it was out to kill me, at least not at first. It's as if it was playing with me, really." Faith attempts to shrug and openly winces in the process. "It needs to be stopped."

Eli nods his head then, and though he looks momentarily put out by the lack of detail, he hadn't expected much more. "Toying with you, eh…Well then, Miss, thank you for your time and cooperation. I hope I was able to answer some of your questions, too." Beat. "It will be stopped. I assure you that, I have people as we speak tracking that son of a bi-err, pardon my language. But, I am doing all I can to stop this as soon as possible. Anyway…good luck recovering. I wish you and your sister well." His gaze then travels to Ivan thoughtfully. "You too. I will hear from you soon, I presume?" After this, Eli takes his leave.

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