What If: Chloe The Vampire Slayer

Years before vampires came out of the coffin, Chloe and Mischa got together? What if when they did come out of the coffin, the duo became Vampire Hunters?

"Shit." Chloe comes bursting into the hideout, hand inside her dark leather jacket. "Got me with his knife." The cries of a baby can be heard in the background, and she winces. There is no time to worry about binding the wound at the moment, there is only the rush of maternal adrenaline she can feel. "Mischa? Where are you? Is he okay? Where's the first aid kit?" There are only two beats where she waits for a response, before she's on a move through the house to ensure that everything is fine.

"I told you not to go alone!" Mischa cries out as he emerges from a separate room, holding the aforementioned babe in his arms. The blue-clad infant is teething, and sucking on one of those frozen rings just isn't doing it for his aching gums. Mischa nods towards the coffee table. "I had it ready in the event of this," The first aid kit is neatly upon the table where indicated. "He didn't get away, did he? How badly are you bleeding?"

"Well I can't exactly take a baby out hunting, now can I?" Chloe, upon seeing that little Carlos is safe, shrugs off the jacket. She pulls her hand away from her stomach, and winces. "It's bad enough," she mutters, lifting her shirt to show the wound. "I'll live though." A glance is given to the first aid kit, and then she ignores it. She instead moves through the house again, this time dripping little blood droplets. With her clean hand, she yanks the freezer open, grabs an ice cube, and wraps it in a face cloth. "Try this." Handing it to Mischa, she flops down onto the couch. "Got him. Barely. Now if only we knew who kept making more of the bastards, like the king of vampires or whatever, we could finish them off for good."

Mischa tsks at Chloe. "We could have gotten Mellie to watch him or someone else. Your mom is always happy to have the baby…" He trails off there in order to plunk Carlos down in his playpen and take the cloth from Chloe, offering it to the baby. After Carlos is happily suckling and biting away at the ice-wrapped face cloth, he moves over to his paramour and starts to lift her shirt up rather unromantically. Wounds need care, after all. "It seems that for every one we kill, five more pop up. Some days it feels like we're fighting quite futiley…"

"You know I don't like bothering mom, and Mellie's liable to teach him how to swear." Chloe makes a face, but the discussion is quite enough to make her forget about the wound. "We just need something more effective. Find a nest, burn it. We need to kill more than one at a time. The problem is, now that they're very public it's much more difficult to… ow…" With a wince, she drops her hand to her side again. "…Christ that hurts."

He lets out the briefest of chuckles at Chloe's insinuation that Mellie would teach the baby to swear. Glancing over to Carlos, he nods. "That's a distinct possibility. Though whether she wants to admit it or not, or YOU for that matter… she is pretty good with him." Mischa sops up the blood on Chloe's abdomen with some clean gauze as he looks her up and down. "He really did a number on you. It'll heal though, as long as you stay down for a few days. I'll patrol the next few nights."

Mischa shakes his head at Chloe. "You're going to have to suck it up. Humanity doesn't just need you, Carlos does." He puts some antiseptic on the wound and then presses another clean bandage to it, leaning in to kiss Chloe's forehead. "You know that Mellie would never get married. The most we could hope for is that she has at least two kids by the same man…" He flushes at the thought before looking over at Carlos. "It's alright, buddy. Mom's just a little achey." Carlos just intently watches the two while gnawing on his ice-filled cloth. Omnomnom.

Oh, a very low blow, but one he knows will get her to stop complaining about not being able to help. "Fine, fine. For him, I'll suck it up and stay in a few nights." Taking a deep breath, she forces a smile for the baby. "It's okay sweetie. Mommy just got a little bruised up." That both her men are fine seems to put her at ease, and her smile becomes more genuine. "Likely not, though if she had only one child and just stayed with the man, I'd be a very happy big sister." With her bandaged up, she carefully reaches to a laundry basket that is sitting at the end of the couch, and throws on another t-shirt. Not that she genuinely minds being without a top, but it's a temperature issue. She's cold. "Promise me you won't go by yourself. Call Bobby, even if he acts all curmudgeonly and doesn't want to go. Tell him I'm hurt and I need him to go for me."

"I swear not to go alone," Mischa says begrudgingly. Not that he can handle himself much better than Chloe in a fight. Generally he comes back sick as a dog (no pun intended) from having ingested too much vamp blood. "Does it ever strike you as wrong that we do this? After all… people could easily decide that shifters are the next threat to humanity. I'm sure I could think of a few people who wouldn't be happy about…" Mischa nods his head towards Carlos and fixes the bandage onto Chloe's stomach. "Well, I won't hold my breath while waiting for Mellie to settle."

"Will he, do you think?" Chloe considers her son for a moment, knowing that he'll never be a full shifter. "I hope that he does, even if it's not all the time." Her look gets thoughtful for a long while. "Preserving our races is not a crime. Don't forget who started this little war." The Voluntary Vampire Extinction Movement did that on their own when they recklessly murdered an innocent child. "Until they come up with a /good/ reason as to why we should let them live, I intend to hunt down every monster that could potentially harm my little boy."

Mischa grins over at Carlos. "If he's got mommy's temper and daddy's claws, that shouldn't be a problem. But until then… we have to do the best we can to make sure he's alright, I agree." Mischa stands up and leans over Chloe in order to brush some of her hair away from her face. "It's probably not all so black and white, but we do what we can. I agree with you. Until there's proof…" They have to exterminate. Carlos seems to think this is HIGH-larious, letting out a few giggles as he picks up one of his plastic key rings and shakes it around for Chloe's benefit. Smile, mom!

It hurts to laugh, but Chloe does so. She'd love nothing more than to lift the baby out of his playpen and just hold him. Her injury is going to make that difficult, however. "Nothing is ever black and white, love. Nothing." She glances from the playpen to her husband, then grins. "Bring him here? I just want to hold him, and I don't want to damage the wound by bending over." There are very few things worth protecting in life, but this, her little slice of heaven, is the one thing she'll fight for against anything. "What has Donato said? Have the vampires taken out any more of his wolves?"

The former librarian moves over to the playpen and hefts their infant son out, giving the kid a quick sniffsniff. No need of changing here, boss. He carries the babe over to Chloe and sets him in the crook of his mother's arm, where the kid is content to snuggle down. Mama's snugglemonster, daddy's bruiser. "A few more. He's not happy. And he wasn't happy to start with. He's about to go into catastrophic meltdown." Mischa winces at the thought before moving to sit down at the end of the couch, picking up a building block from the floor and tossing it into the playpen. "He told me to do whatever it takes."

Snuggling her little monster to her chest, Chloe sighs happily. Injured or not, all is right with the world in this moment. "Carlos, you need a little sister to keep you on your toes." Kissing the baby's brow, she glances up at Mischa. "I honestly don't blame him. There weren't that many in the pack to begin with. Has he thought about contacting Houston or Austin? They may be able to boost numbers and help." She tickles he fingers over the baby's nose, and is granted happy cooing noises. "We could do with a vacation, and things are hardly as tense in either of those cities. I'd love to get him away from the danger, even if only briefly."

Mischa chuckles lowly at Chloe's 'little sister' comment. "We're lucky enough for Carlos. If another one does happen, without all the unpleasantries of a human and a shifter trying to conceive… it'll be nothing short of a miracle." The risk is still there and stillbirths and miscarriages aren't something Mischa wants to put Chloe through. They were too lucky with their firstborn. "He said he was going to get in touch with the Austin pack leader a little later in the week. We might do some trading… see what we can dig up there, while a few of theirs come down here."

"It will happen," Chloe says, confident and determinedly. Tickling at the baby's nose again, she smiles. "You are just the most adorable thing ever. Yes you are. Yes you are." Another tight snuggle is given, and she glances up at Mischa. "It would be a nice break while I recuperate. At least Austin has a decent library still, and we can use our resources taking care of some researching for them." Her hand reaches out for his. "We could always adopt one of the werewolf babies that have lost their parents too. There are always options, Mischa."

"I think you're a little biased about how adorable he is," Mischa says, reaching out to ruffle his son's hair with a grin. "But Hell, I am too." He reaches out to lift Chloe's shirt briefly, making sure that no blood has seeped through the bandage. These wounds are getting harder and harder to explain to the docs down at the various ERs. Gotta change it up so as not to arouse suspicion. "Adoption isn't a half-bad idea. In fact, a pretty good one. I like the one about the library too. You know what thinking about the good ol' days back in the historical non-fiction section does to me…"

"Well, Carlos, I do believe that means it's time for you to get to bed." Chloe gets up, careful not to tear open the slowly healing wound. Unlike her husband, she doesn't have the swift healing. "We can look into it. I wouldn't mind having another of our own, but I /do/ know how difficult that can be, and with so many of them without parents and just left to various pack members to take care of…" Granted, it will be much more difficult for her to realize what a werewolf child is going to do or want, but she can struggle through it. "Let's put him down and then I'll show /you/ a thing or two about historical non-fiction…"

Mischa is swift about going to put the baby in a fresh diaper and settle him into his crib after those words. What more motivation does a man need than historical non-fiction, after all? He starts to run the bathwater for Chloe at the temperature she likes afterwards, calling out quietly to her, "One of those things that just DOESN'T do it for me is the smell of vampire blood…"

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