The enemy of my enemy?

Bloody Mary's Bar

He's not been out of the hospital long, but just long enough to ensure that everything has been taken care of. There is a particular love of his life possibly resting in his home, along with his dog, and they are his first importance. A clever excuse is made to take a short break from his home but instead of running an errand, the man on crutches instead enters Bloody Mary's bar. His progress is slow as he looks through as many faces as he can, at first looking for his baby sister. He makes way to the bar as best as he can but being one leg short on a Saturday evening it is rather difficult. When he finally gains the bartender's attention he asks for Mellie and is told that she's not currently around. "So do you know an Isobel?" He's forward in his words, not afraid to ask; then again, he doesn't know who Isobel is.

The thing about vampiric hearing is that it's very, very good. That there is someone in the bar who is asking after her, whom she does not know irritates the Sheriff of Area 9. Leaving her dinner behind, the young woman makes her way to the bar. Behind Robert, she brings a finger to her lips in a 'shhh' type motion. Then she suddenly takes a seat beside the man on crutches and very quietly asks, "What on earth would you want Isobel for?"

He remains absolutely clueless as to what is going on. All the man on crutches realizes is that a woman who appears to be younger than him is now sitting beside him and asking him questions. He doesn't back down at all as he feels that he has nothing to hide. "I heard someone named Tripp mention her." By first name, even, so Robert honestly has no idea what is going on. "I'm looking for possible help with something and he mentioned that she might be able to. She might not but I have to try." No need of glamour here as he is nothing but honest.

"It may be possible," Isobel muses, signalling to the bartender to bring her a glass. She makes an O with her fingers, then a cross. It's not TruBlood that she's given, rather a bag of O-positive, poured into a glass and warmed to 90F. When she receives it, she smiles over at him. "It all depends what you are looking for, and what you are willing to pay in return."

He's not one much for playing games so he likely is reflecting this in his general appearance. He moves his right hand just long enough to shake it; he's been using it often and only recently has had it out of the cast. "Just about everyone I care about is being chased down by this black wolf and I'm looking for help." Bobby doesn't beat around the bush because his family has already made the news about this. "I don't have much of anything but will give whatever I can to make sure that thing doesn't attack anyone else."

"Why would you come to a vampire bar to look for information on a wolf. One would think you should simply find one of their ilk to give you the information you seek. It would generally be a lot less painless." Isobel licks her lips, taking a long sip from the warm blood. Her icy eyes never leave his face as she drinks. Though whether it is to see if he's squeamish or whether he is watching /her/ is hard to tell. "I shall presume then that you are the eldest in the Cornett brood. The one who does not like our kind."

He doesn't actually back down from looking at her nor does he seem afraid. The young man isn't exactly angry but he's opening himself up here and it isn't exactly painless. "I only know two of them, and one of those is my mother. So I don't have many options." Mischa seems afraid of him so that doesn't exactly help things much. When the church is mentioned Robert almost winces but doesn't back down. "It's situational. With one sister in love with who she is and the other working here, I've had to learn to be more open that I originally was." The fact that some people actually seemed to have recognized him is a sign that he's not a stranger here. "Her name was just mentioned to me, is all. If it's a dead end it's a dead end. I just have to try. This has got to stop."

The name mentioned by her newest henchman no doubt. Isobel ignores this, choosing to melt her ire with another sip of her blood. The Sheriff remains quiet for a very long while. "The payment is blood. Either via a bite, or a blood donation at Lonestar Blood Services." An icy eye is turned on him then, and she smirks. "Though perhaps you will tell me exactly what information you are seeking. I am sure that everyone in the Dallas area is quite aware that a wolf is attacking people, and it would not take a genius to realize that it is singling your family out due to your sister's associations."

"Is that really what is causing all of this? I don't even know for certain. It could be that our family is just different." Like the Fontane's, but he isn't going to mention that part. "I just don't know why. Why it would attack us, then my girlfriend, then her sister." Yes, Bobby called Hope his girlfriend even if she isn't technically that. In his heart she's just as important as a girlfriend. He doesn't look away, doesn't back down or hesitate. "Blood? Fine. I said I'd pay whatever I had to. I'm new to all of this and apparently those who are already supposed to be stopping this haven't done anything to actually stop it. I'm not afraid to admit that I need help."

"The why will be a much more difficult answer to obtain. Quite frankly it could simply be that the wolf in question does not like your family for some reason. Perhaps they were paid to do it. Perhaps it is just happenstance that the attacks are happening to those that are close to you." Isobel, who hates moving unless she has to, does not bother to shrug. "My suggestion would be to get in touch with someone who is well aware of what is going on, and speak to them. It is a rare occurrence that a vampire will act against a wolf in an area where a pack is prevalent. It goes against our agreements."

The way that this conversation is going is starting to lead him to believe that he's already found the woman he seeks, but he doesn't speak up about his suspicions. "The why is irrelevant." If he knew the importance of Isobel he might actually be a little more cautious in the way he speaks, but he does not. Bobby is just being Bobby until he has a reason not to. "The librarian that works with my sister didn't really tell me much of anything and I doubt he will now. I don't know where to look for help, which is why I started here. But it appears that I'm on the wrong path." He begins to back up, his crutches making him move slowly. "I'm sorry for wasting your time."

With an alarming speed, Isobel is up and standing before him. "Do watch your tone, Cornett." The vampiress stares at him, then taps her finger against his neck, not caring a single iota about his personal space. "You speak of the twin-souled. I have heard of him. Should you speak to him, tell him that he is to provide you the information. Otherwise, you will be at the Grisly bar in three days and I will have someone bring you the information." Three days as it will take that long to get Donato to agree to a meeting — though she is most positive that he still will not have the information he seeks. "Then again, you can always ask your sister's paramour to handle the situation for you."

His gaze turns into more of an intense stare the very moment she invades his personal space, especially when she touches him. It is against his teachings to even be in this bar let alone this close to one of them. "And this is an order by Isobel herself? I wasn't aware she was in a position of power." His tone actually is more looking for answers than an insult. "I will talk to him then, and let him know what you've said. It's still information, though, and not enough action." Robert is out for blood and he's not afraid to deny it. "Her what?" He really isn't the most educated of people. "I don't know how." Assuming she's talking about Will. "But if I have to, I'll ask him."

"Paramour," Isobel reiterates. "The man that she is currently sharing a bed with." So far as the Sheriff is concerned, the feelings only run one way. Though she is not her Maker. A nod is given to an eerily empty booth. "Should you return, he generally be seated there. If not, you may leave a message with the proprietress and he will receive it." There is a grin, that turns into a frightening type of smirk. One that means business. Fangs are flashed at him, and she says, "Isobel's position is truly of no concern to a human. Especially to one who abhors our kind, unless the situation depends upon it. You would do well to walk with care here, Cornett. There are just as many of our kind who cannot stand a bible-thumping racist."

The fangs don't actually do much to him other than tick him off, but he's doing his best to keep his temper in check. "Excuse me, but I don't recall labeling myself as a racist. It defeats the point of being one if I'm going to make exceptions, don't you think?" The truth of the matter is that Robert hasn't been all that active with the Church as of late. "And I have not once thrown an insult your way, or the way of anyone in the bar. All the same, thanks for the help." The little that she's given, anyway.

"Do you or do you not belong to a church that promotes racial hatred?" Isobel watches him curiously. He may not be labeling himself, though his associations /do/ label him. "You have thrown quite a few insults my way, though you would hardly perceive them as such." Her fingers drift down his shoulder, and she laughs. "Three days, Cornett. If the information cannot be obtained, or the subject in question cannot be subdued you will owe no payment." A card is flipped in his direction. "If you cannot show up at the Grisly Bar, contact this number and my day person will provide you the information."

"That's open for debate since I seem to have broken quite a few of their standards lately." He very nearly had sex in the hospital, after all. "There are a lot of Cornett's in this city; my name is Robert." The same name he's given Will. "Thank you for what help you've given me." Which to him is next to none but he's an impatient man. "If you really want payment, just take it. I've already been bitten by a wolf I'd prefer a vampire at this point." That may come across as an insult but he doesn't intend it as such. "I'll be in touch if I need to be." Mischa will not like this coming conversation.

"Robert Cornett. Not my usual type," she muses, giving him an up and down look. "I will contact several people and see what I am able to find out for you in regards to /who/ this creature is." Isobel is very positive that it is a 'who' and not a random wolf. "If I truly wished payment at the moment, you would not even recall that it was done. Fortunately for you, I have a dinner date available, and as I have just filled myself on this," the glass of O positive is held up at him, "You have little to worry from me. Should anyone accost you on your way out, young Cornett, simply provide them with my name and tell them that you are under my protection until further notice." Not a claim at all, just an offer of protection.

Type? He blinks but does well not to shake his head. "Yeah, well, I'm not anyone's type but it sure feels like everyone has some sort of bidding on me these days." He's referring to the multiple different types of people that he knows. "Next thing I know I'll get into another fight with a witch; it's about time." Ivan has been rather quiet these days so he's just waiting for an explosion. "I… really?" Robert, master of words. "Inviting trouble or not, take it whenever you want it. But I still don't know if I'm actually going to turn into anything like my mother has so I'd advise against it until I do." Looks like he has been told a thing or two at least.

"Werewolf blood is much like any other," Isobel says. "Though it does have a tendency to taste mangy." Finishing off her glass of blood, she nods toward the door. "If you do not hear from me within three days, contact Will Grant. He may be able to ascertain more information for you, and help you with the vengeance that you have no doubt come here to seek."

Werewolf blood is unacceptable. He has too much to do and he can't disappoint Hope. "Tell that to my girlfriend." With a nod and a sigh he begins backing up once more. "Will Grant, the one that I met here before. I'll talk to Chloe if I need him." Robert has more resources than he even knows of. "Thanks." He also isn't nearly as formal as Isobel's little priest-boy. With that he begins the slow process of crutching his way out of the door.

A very evil grin, bordering on malicious touches her lips. "If you wish her to be told, feel free to bring her to Mary's at any time and I would be more than happy to do so." Isobel nods at him once, and then allows him to leave. Though she follows behind, keeping a distance of a few feet to ensure that no one — vampire, or fangbanger — touches him.

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