To Shreds

Lake Highlands

The Lake Highlands neighborhood was built for recreation. Filled with biking trails, forest, and the easiest access to White Rock Lake, it's become a neighborhood known for its draw to families. There are quite a few subdivisions filled with moderately sized houses with fenced in yards, beautiful gardens, and clean sidewalks. Street lights keep the roads well light at night, and the traffic generally slows down after dark.

Despite the precautions Mischa has taken NOT to be scheduled at night, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Doris's new replacement has called in sick and Mischa was the last resort. As he exits the building and gets ready to lock up for the night, he fumbles with his keys. He's so, so close to that car when he pulls a page right out of the How To Recreate Horror Film Scenes For Dummies book and drops them on the pavement in the parking lot. The tall librarian squints a little bit as he leans over to fish the keys from the pavement, ever so unassuming.

Many different tricks and techniques have been used in the past several attacks. One of them began at this very location only it involved a far different approach. Things have been well enough until the one wench decided to go and stab her with a silver knife. A few days have been allowed for healing but now she's back on the prowl, ready for blood. So instead of playing games Tala is just moving in full force. She waits patiently, so patiently for the moment at which she can actually make her move. The very second he begins to collect his keys she charges. The wolf aims for the librarian's legs, looking to knock him over.

Just as Mischa tries to regain his balance from having bent over to retrieve his keys (got 'em!), he's bowled over by the wolf. The librarian thuds into his own car face first as the big wolf charges him. He manages to keep his footing, although Mischa is quite dazed — understandable, given that a wolf is charging him. He tilts his head to see what's caused his unfortunate trip 'n slip, his eyes widening when he sees what exactly it is. "You…" He mumbles, trying to hold onto the finish of his car for dear life.

The very moment the contact is made, the wolf leaps back. She's learned a thing or two from recent encounters and Tala really isn't about to take some of the same mistakes. Teeth are revealed as the black wolf growls deeply at Mischa. It bends it's head, almost shaking it's snout. A form of greeting, perhaps, or recognition. That is the moment that he gets to process this. Again, instead of aiming for an arm or the torso, the wolf moves for the legs. It is the creature's every intention to bite if he doesn't retaliate. She does have a fondness for legs, it would seem.

Unfortunately, Mischa didn't have the foresight to bring with him anything silver. The best and closest things to anything sharp or silver that he has are his keys. The man loses his foothold again, brought down to the pavement clumsily on his arse. His leg is the wolf's dinner, though it may prove a little hairier than most of the former marks of the hairy villain. Mischa swipes his keys back and forth through the air where the wolf's eyes are, hoping to at least distract it from tearing apart his leg if he can't make any direct contact.

All she sees is that there is something silver coming towards her eyes. That is all it takes for Tala to let go and back up. He isn't acting quite like any of this other victims, but most of the others had something silver to actually try and stab her with, or spray in her eyes. The wolf stares at him for a moment, studying Mischa for a moment before regaining her resolve. She charges again, this time trying to get on top of him to scratch him as she did the one Tyler woman. All the while she's growling, not being silent in the least. One of these days someone will hear her.

Despite the fact that the man is a shifter, he's just not quite up to par today for some reason. At least, the idea doesn't occur to him to shift. As he's pushed back onto the pavement and scratched all the way through his dress shirt, he tries to drive his keys home into the wolf's chest. Mischa lets out an almost animalistic howl of pain before he aims a kick right to the wolf's groin. It takes a moment for the blood to well up on his wounds, but sooner than later, there it is. And there's plenty of it.

He is a shifter and he should shift. He should give her a challenge. She's been choosing easy targets recently and this one could be a challenge but no. For this reason Tala's heart is not in this attack, same as it wasn't in any of the others. This is why she's stabbed directly in the eye with those keys. It's enough to cause her to want to pull back, made easier as she's kicked. The wolf falls off to the side, getting to its feet quickly but shaking its eyes through the pain. Damage was clearly done and it's staggering the poor thing.

Poor thing is debatable by many people's standards. Mischa holds his chest, the color draining from his face when he realizes that the blood just isn't stopping. He looks somewhat sympathetic towards the wolf for the briefest of seconds before he makes his way to his feet and retrieves his keys once more, his shaking hands eventually unlocking his car door and permitting him entry inside. He starts up the vehicle and reaches into his pocket, considering what to do. Should he call animal control? Donato? An ambulance? Should he just back over the wolf and have it done with once and for all? With his mind racing, Mischa simply puts the car in gear and burns rubber as he starts to drive away from the parking lot.

He has more fight in him than she thought was coming. Tala has to force herself not to black out, right then and there. By the time her rage gives her more strength, he's already in the car. The wolf chases after for just a short bit before giving up completely. It's coming to the end of her game, she realizes, so she goes home to make plans. Death will be coming soon, even if it is her own.

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