Enter Puck

It's not often that Ivan has the apartment to himself. Especially not lately. But today he does, and he's taking advantage of it by…talking on his cellphone on the couch. Really. He's just that fun and animate a person. "Yeah, yeah it looked really cute. Mhmm, all nice and clean and lathered for me…no, my girlfriend doesn't know - and let's just keep it that way, okay? I'll come get you tonight, yeah. Maybe after she's fallen asleep…yeah. That's the good stuff. Alright. See you, then. And remember, our little secret." And just like that, the phone is hung up upon.

So, maybe nice, good, wholesome Ivan was just a charade all this time. Maybe he is as big of a dog as his reputation proclaimed.

It likely is a good thing that she doesn't hear the tail end of that conversation. She's outside of the door as he's speaking on the phone, and while she can hear what he's saying through the door it likely is not quite what she believes that she's hearing. After all, she's not exactly in the best condition and she's been wrong about things before. With a sigh Faith opens the door, almost completely out of steam from her venture out to the library. She gives herself a moment once the door is closed before she continues to walk, allowing just the tiniest break. It's bad enough that she's sad about the hamsters, but now she's actually in pain. "Who were you talking to?" She's just curious, after all.

"Huh?" Ivan jumps in a decidedly guilty fashion, craning his head behind him to peer at the front door. Once he sees his girlfriend standing there, he smiles slowly, eventually making his way to his feet. "Ah, no one. Just some…work I've got to finish. How was the library, baby? S'all good and standard? You weren't eaten or attacked or anything?"

Oh, he's given a look. He's hiding something but she's not exactly in the frame of mind to call him out on it. "Yeah, well, okay. If it is work it's good that it's over now. No work when I'm home." It's not exactly a rule and not one that she's expecting him to follow; she's just calling him out in her own way. "Yeah, it was fine. Sad, but good. I ran into that guy from the lake. You know, Naked Man." Since he might not know his name.

Ivan grins sheepishly, a faintly uncomfortable glow around him as he realizes that she must know something is up. "No work at home. Of course. But - I might have to go out sometime later. Just a warning, okay?" Keep it as vague and suspicious as possible, right, Ivan. Running his hand through his hair, he purses his lips slightly when she admits how sad it was. "I get you, but it's good that it's over with, baby. You - wait, you what?" Beat. "W-was he Naked?"

She just stands there, staring at him. "You're going out?" Yes, she's giving him the pouty face. With a deep sigh she finally just walks forward, heading towards the bedroom. Getting into something a bit more comfortable is tempting. "What? Oh." Rose actually chuckles as she shakes her head. "No. He was fully clothed which is why I didn't recognize him at first. He's actually really nice. I mean, everyone in Dallas knows who I am yet he still went out of his way to help me." As much as Faith wants to guilt him for being so suspicious she's just too tired.

"Well, yeah. It's nothing big. I'll be back home after an hour or so. There's just this…errand I've got to run." Cough. Ahem. Ivan proceeds to travel after Faith almost instinctively, just to make sure that she'll be fine, and that she wont overwhelm her broken, injured body. "Oh? Yeah? Well, that's good. Naked Man would be quite awkward if he were still walking around, naked. I'm glad he went out of his way to help you - that's how people ought to act."

"But why do you have to go?" She's whining about it, yes, but she doesn't care. The walking doesn't stop until she's in the bedroom where she struggles to take her top off. Eventually it gets stuck halfway off and that's where it remains, mostly pulled over her head. "His name is Dan. He didn't seem to know who I was, even though he did so I like that." Rose just stands there, almost expecting help. Some of her bandages look as if they need to be changed but she's not in -bad- condition. "I'm fine."

Faith's whining does seem to have an effect upon the man. A tug-on-his-heartstrings effect. Frowning warmly, Ivan looks momentarily guilty, but he battles through it, moving up to the woman where he proceeds to help her tug the rest of the top off. "Dan, huh? That's cool. So you've made a new friend?" He's speaking, softly, to distract her while he checks her multiple bandages to see how she's doing. "I know you're fine. You're always 'fine', Faith. Wait here, okay? I'm going to go grab some new bandages and wrap you up again."

It is a very sad and pathetic time in her life when she can't even undress herself properly. Still, she much prefers this recovery to that of the pain that Hiro caused her. The help is gladly taken and she smiles at him after the fact. "I think I should wear tear-away clothing for a while." He then walks away to get bandages so she raises her voice to speak to him while unbuttoning her jeans. "I think I might. He seemed worried about what you'd think about him, so he recognizes that I'm taken. It feels even better knowing he's just being friendly. Does that sound weird?" Or pathetic? Faith believes it sounds pathetic.

"Tear away clothing, huh? Kinky." Beat. "Sorry. You set me up for that." Ivan calls over his shoulder as he disappears into the kitchen to retrieve their hand first aid kit and a cloth to clean her up with. When he returns, the man lumbers over to her, placing the objects down on the bed to face her and help her with her pants if necessary. "Mhmm? No…not weird, I guess." Truth be told, it makes him swell with pride and love to know that she's not even remotely interested in attention from anyone unless it's platonic. "It's perfect, that's what it is. He was worried about what I'd think of him? Like I'd be judging him for being all…what's it called, streaky?"

All she does is smile at that. "I'd be kinda sad if you didn't say anything, really." She knows exactly what she said and who she is talking to. And yes, sex is a part of their lives. She's not shying away from this fact. Eventually she unbuttons her jeans and slides them down carefully. It's an extremely slow process that only gets to about her knees before she takes a break. Bending at the waist with an abdomen injury isn't easy. "It's just nice to know that someone can be a friend. I think I need more of those." It doesn't hurt that Faith is talking him up so that Ivan doesn't flip later. Of course she's not interested in anyone else. He will find that she's very hard to get to like anyone in that way and he actually found her at the right time. "He said it was just some kind of college prank after celebrating his friend getting his wife pregnant or something. But yeah, we came across him while he was half naked so he was a little worried. Weirdest part? He actually thanked me."

Ivan grins broadly and boyishly. "Good. I suppose it's too soon to bring out the whipped cream though, eh?" He offers in jest, fingers sliding down her form softly to help remove her pants entirely after she needs to give it a break. It's only afterwards that he hones into her bruised and sliced, already undoing her bandages carefully. "Yeah, baby? That's wonderful. I think you need more of them too. So long as they know that you're mine and mine alone." He can't help the brief flash of possessiveness that crosses his features. "I - what? Thanked you for what? For…looking at him naked?" Finally, the streams of cloth have been removed from her, and he grabs for the damp cloth to blot at her wounds.

"I think that could cause an infection, yes." She's in surprisingly good spirits about things, all told. Normally she'd dwell on what happened but Faith is refusing to do so in this particular incident. She did nothing wrong, and if anything did well by not being bitten and by stabbing the wolf. She's completely comfortable standing before him in only her undergarments. Only once he's finished will she put something else on. "I think the entire city knows at this point, Ivan. You're famous and I'm just crazy."

The wounds themselves are looking fairly good, for what they are. There are traces of ooze and blood from them but it is to be expected, especially since she's so active. At least Faith is being mindful of her condition. "He thanked me for not looking away, kind of. I mean, it was back before I was fixed, right? So I walked right up to him, not even thinking, because I was afraid he was cold. He didn't realize at the time I was off my rocker but he said it stayed with him, that I was so concerned for him." She's about to say more but winces openly as Ivan touches her wounds. Despite this she offers him a smile, proving to him that she's 'fine'.

"Ugh…well, we'll save the finger-lickin' good time for when it wont possibly kill you physically, okay Pretty Girl?" She did absolutely nothing wrong. And she did wonderfully to bat the wolf away all that time. She's all good. "Yeah? You think so? Well…I'm not going to be completely satisfied until everyone in the world knows it, truth be told. So sorry, but you're going to have to put up with this whiny ass for a bit longer, m'kay?"

There is a wince as he sees the wound, and it is with exceptional care that he tries to clear it off with the least amount of pain over to her. Afterwards, the antibiotics are gathered up, applied, and the man soon finds himself wounding the new, fresh bandages around her. "Huh. Well…he's right, you know. You're an exceptionally kind-hearted person. I'm glad I'm not the only one that recognizes this…" Beat. "Actually, you're an exceptional person period."

So this might not be a good thing to say, but she just can't help herself. "At least my back is only bruised from the fall and not actually hurt." That can be taken as a hint if he really wants it to be. Even though they've been through similar conversations and she knows how he feels, Faith still finds herself blushing. "The world might be a bit extreme. I mean, have you even talked to your parents about it?" Still she's teasing him, not really expecting anything back but a shocked expression. Despite the sadness of the lack of hamsters she's doing quite well mentally.

It would seem as if they're both wincing at this point. "Don't look like that. It's fine." Of course it's fine; she's Faith! Due to his reaction she hides the pain as much as possible as he touches her, as if nothing is wrong at all. "I was out of my mind. I can't say that I'd do the same today. He was hiding behind the bushes naked." She blinks and then blushes deeply. "You're just saying that because you want sex. Or for me not to be upset that you're leaving me."

Ivan knows his beloved. He knows her about as well as anyone can at this point, inside and out, physically and mentally and emotionally. So of course he picks up the hints to drops. Slowly, his brow quirks upward, as with a faint smile on his face he draws himself to his full height directly in front of her, his hand pressed against the curve of her hip intimately. "Oh, yeah?" He leans in forward, as if preparing to place a particularly hot kiss upon her lips, though he ends up merely delivering a peck on her forehead. "Mhmm. I can't. I couldn't - not while you're like this. You're not…I couldn't live with myself if I hurt you, baby. It's alright though. I can deal with not having sex…for a little while. I think."

He can't help it! Those are painful looking wounds! "I was just - what?" He laughs here then, sounding quite bright and cheerful. "I am not just saying that. I absolutely mean it, Faith. I knew it ever since I was forced to spend time with you…the second time. The first time, I just thought you were nuts. But you're incredibly kind…and incredibly giving, and sweet. And I think about you, all the time."

It isn't as if she's been overly subtle in what she's been hinting at. She's a woman with needs just as he is a man with them, and she knows that sex is healthy for a relationship. Especially hot, angry makeup sex. That's the best. Faith is so happy to have him near that she doesn't even allow herself to wince. It will be some time before she can move well without actually being in pain but for him it will be done. "You could never hurt me." It may seem dreamy and idealistic, but it's true in her mind. "You're the only one who hasn't really tried." Other than the screaming match over Hiro but she's not counting that. Yet she is now blushing madly and she has to turn her attention away from him. "Never thought when you were forced to escort a crazy that she'd turn out to be in your life like this, did you?" At this point she's okay with admitting to what she is. She clears her throat then. "Am I holding you up? Don't you have work to do tonight?"

"Yeah? Well, I intend to keep it that way, too. So, as painful it is to say this…no dice tonight, I think. Give you body some time to recuperate, Pretty girl. But once you're good…well. Let's just say that you'll be up for grabs once again, and boy do I love grabbin'." Ivan's grin is broad, and familiar, and simply tinged with that mischief that he does so well. "Mhmm? Oh, God, if someone'd've told me three months ago that this'd be where I was? I…am pretty sure I would have punched them in the face and ran off. But…I'm so happy, Faith. So happy." Beat. When she brings up his 'work', a conflicted expression crosses his features, like he's not a fan of leaving her right now, after this, but after a moment he nods.

"Yeah. Yeah. I'll…be back soon, okay? Faith, will you wait for me?" Beat. "Eh, nevermind. I'll just wake you if you end up sleeping. I'll be right back, Pretty girl."

It doesn't matter what people say about their relationship; they don't get to see the moments like this. Even if they're talking about sex they're also talking about each other. They're touching each other intimately without being inappropriate and they're close. This couple is almost sickeningly sweet at times. "I love you so much." She just feels the need to say it. "Even if I was crazy you showed me what life is and how to enjoy it. You've been by my side through so much. I just have to say how much I care. Like that wolf made me want to say it more." She might not live too long, is what she's trying to say, so she wants to make sure he knows how she cares.

There's another whimper before Faith just nods. "I won't take any medication so you should be able to wake me if I do fall asleep." She'll be asleep soon, in more comfortable clothing and on top of the covers. It is just a tempting idea, too good to pass up. With her fitful sleeping patterns waking her up should be easy. "Just don't be gone too long?"

It takes Ivan a bit longer than anticipated, truth be told. He's out a handful of hours, making everything perfect, setting everything up. But, soon enough, the man has returned to his abode with the handfuls of gadgets and doodads. Soon enough, they are all deposited in his spacious living room.

And soon enough, the Sleeping Rose will feel a pair of lips against her forehead gently. Then trailing down in a tantalizing fashion to her cheek. And finally, it'll press itself against her lips in the softest of kisses. "Mhmm…Faith. Wake up. Hey, Pretty girl…" She will feel the bed shifting beneath her as a new weight is deposited on the mattress.

Doodads and gizmos and late outings, oh-my! Actually, it doesn't take Rose very long at all to fall asleep so she's absolutely clueless to how long the man has been gone. She's resting almost soundly top the covers, on her back so as not to injure herself too greatly while sleeping. The initial kisses begin to wake her, and it only continues as they press on. "Mmmm." The international sign of wanting more sleep. Eventually a hand comes up to rub at her eyes, her sleep at least temporarily thwarted. "What time is it?" Yes, she wants to know how long he's been gone.

When that hand comes up, however, she'll not only feel her eyelid - but a brief brush of something particularly fluffy. And then she'll feel one particularly cold, wet nose pressed against her ear, sniffing it…

Meanwhile, the disembodied voice that is Ivan sounds elated all bright smiles and boyish laughter he is. "Mhmm? Twelve thirty, one maybe? Did you miss me, Pretty girl?" He's oblivious to the fact that she wants to keep tabs on how long he's been out for, and even if he isn't - who cares! The man is ecstatic.

The eyelid is really what she's looking for. The fact that something fluffy is there doesn't register at first. In fact, she very nearly swats at it. If this is his idea of funny he has no sense of humor. "Quit it." Then she actually feels the wet nose at her ear and Faith bolts upright, not exactly sure what is going on. If she'd not heard his voice at all she'd likely scream for help. The panic is clear, even to him, as she does so. It takes her an even longer moment to register that he is here, everything is fine and now there is something else on the bed with her. "W-why were you gone for so long?" Immediately she looks down to find whatever it is, blinking the sleep away in the process.

Ivan really should have considered a new way to introduce his beloved to the newest addition to their family. He's been so blinded by boyish enthusiasm that he'd almost forgotten the nature of her attack and exactly how canine her aggressor was. As it is, Ivan's expression falters with some guilt, but he moves closer to her to hopefully reassure the woman, a hand barely reaching over to touch her arm softly. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have - eh…well. I had to pick him up, Faith. He came from a shelter out in the countryside."

'He' being the tiny kitten that's struggling on its four legs, trying to firm its tiny limbs and become accustomed to the constantly shifting mattress beneath its paws. It's a small pure black fluffball, looking about as defenseless as a butterfly.

He doesn't even have to touch her to get her to calm down. As soon as she spots what exactly was so close to her face she instantly feels bad. Yet she doesn't pull away from his touch, not intentionally. All Faith can do is see the kitten and she immediately scoops him up in her arms. Getting attached to another animal is a very bad thing for her to do but by the looks of things it may already be too late. The poor thing is held close to Faith's chest, yet carefully enough not to hurt it.

"You didn't tell me." Well, of course he didn't say anything. Faith finally looks to Ivan, tears almost starting to build. "I thought you were going out for work." So she was sad, and now she feels bad for trying to put a guilt trip on him.

Ivan is…a bit confused, truth be told. She's clinging to the tiny critter, holding it close even while it emits tiny, little meows against her chest. But there's something in her eyes. She looks as though she might break out in tears at any given moment. And so, Ivan doesn't know exactly how to react, other than licking his lips as he sits down on the bed beside her. "I wanted to surprise you. I thought it'd be good - and that now was a good time to introduce a new pet now that we don't have the hamsters anymore and…cats are clean, right? Are you…I'm sorry. I should have told you. I just thought it'd be nice and…" Cue an uncomfortable shuffling.

The kitten and her injuries are literally the only things keeping her from jumping on him. As soon as she possibly can a finger is pressed to his lips in order to shush him. The tears are there, yes, but she's at least smiling; especially now that she knows that she's not under attack by anything. "Don't. Don't apologize." The hand falls away to go back to the kitten as Faith's gentle touches continue to keep it close. "They're mostly clean. They have toys all over the place, and some shed, but you know how I clean up." There's the issue of the litter pan but she's such a neat freak that it likely won't be anything he has an issue with. "I was sad. And this, it doesn't have any ties to Tripp." There, she finally said why she gave even Tripp away. "What's his name?" See? Ivan did a good job.

Ivan stares down at the finger pressing against his lips, his eyes near cross-eyed, before finally allowing the tension and the minute fear to seep out of him. Unable to resist, his lips are then parted so that he may lick her finger. Slinking over to her side, he allows his hand to creep in behind her back to hold her against him. "What? This little guy?" Ivan peers down at the blue-eyed critter, his lips curling into a fond smile. "You know, I have no idea. They didn't have a name for him, back at the shelter. And…I want you to name him, Pretty girl. This is your surprise, my gift to you. Besides, I'm not that imaginative - and I'm guessing Fluffbag isn't a very good name…s'it?"


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