Interspecies Cooperation

Grisly Bar

Worn wooden floors stained with ages of spilled drinks (and worse), creak under the feet of patrons as they enter the dark, disordered room. Though dust has settled over a lot of the establishment, making it appear abandoned, the flow of customers would speak differently. Dirty glasses, some with sticky yellow patches in the bottom where beer or scotch has been allowed to dry, stand on one end of the bar.
Several of the windows have been bricked up to prevent vandalism, but create a great fire-hazard. There is a tarnished mirror on the wall behind the bar with a chipped and fading Art Nouveau nymph painted across the bottom.

Eating is a necessity, which is what Isobel has been taking care of. Several other business ventures had to be dealt with as well before she finds herself entering what she likes to call the 'dog bar'. There are far too many twin-souled's here for her liking, but she cannot exactly invite them to Mary's to deal with business. A call has been put through to Eli, and now she merely sits at a booth on the dark, desolate night, waiting for the rough-and-tumble man to appear.

Isobel won't have to wait exceptionally long. Not soon afterwards, there is a rumbling from the back, and there is a parting among the Bar's usual inhabitants as Eli struts into the room. There is the faint smell of cigarette smoke set upon his utilitarian clothes. "Miss Symon," he breaths out gruffly, his lips pursing slightly. "S'a pleasure seeing again. You look lovely as always. What brings you to my side of town?"

When the man appears and gets right down to business, the Sheriff cannot help but laugh. Motioning for him to have a seat if he desires, she signals the bartender to bring the man whatever his usual is. "The wolf attacks are quite disconcerting, Mr. Donato. They are of particular interest to my higher ups, as there is a vested interest with one of them, and one of the Cornett's. I merely seek information at the moment, and as much of it as you can possibly give would be very fortuitous for me."

See, this is proof that the rough and tumble werewolf Alpha can be quite cordial and polite if given the opportunity and if he deems the subject worthy. Easing into the seat across from the blonde vampire, the man's brows furrow. There is a low, deliberate sigh. "You an' me both. I'll tell you what I know, but it aint much, I'm afraid, or I'd already have their head. All we know is what we've inferred. They take the form of a wolf, and the scent is that of a shifter. We assumed, that it was someone affiliated with the Austin pack that was obliterated. It's a female, presumably."

"The Austin pack," Isobel says, almost snarling the words out. The ones responsible for keeping her Maker locked up for nearly a week. "That would most certainly explain why it seems to have an affinity for attacking the Cornett's." It also explains why those close to that particular familial group have also been attacked. "I found it very disconcerting when the Cornett who is affiliated with that hatred church sought me out in Mary's in order to request information on it, as though we were somehow behind it. I did explain that it was more than likely a Pack matter." She watches the bartender leave the drink upon the table, and then frowns. "How is the Cornett woman since her change, and how are you going to be able to handle the situation if many more of those bitten become your ilk?"

Eli nods solemnly, and as his drink is finally delivered, the older gentleman swirls the alcohol in its glass before lifting it to his lips. "Things have been difficult for us these past few months. But, I'm confident in the competence of my crew. A new escort is going to be placed around the Cornett's and anyone particularly close to them. But…I fear there's a new Bitten in town. The Cornett woman is doing fairly fine. She has been doing well, acclimating with her situation. But if we have too many of them, they'll overwhelm our pack."

"Things have been difficult all around for the past several months, Mr. Donato. Growing pains and acclimatizations all around. Have you considered Mr. Grant's offer of a larger territory?" With the Austin pack being nearly annihilated it only makes sense to offer the location to someone trusted. Isobel eyes the man quietly and nods. "Would you be adverse to meeting with the elder Cornett child to assuage his fears? If so, I can have one of my messengers relay a message to him via proxy. If not, I shall contact him and arrange the meeting here."

"Frankly, Miss Symon? I wont feel right about accepting any new territory - not while I can't even control my own. When I fix this all, when I have everythin' under wraps? We'll see…" Eli takes a slow, but deliberate chug of the alcohol. Before even bothering to answer the question about the Cornetts. "Damn. That'll be the second one I have ta talk to. It aint doin' all that well for our secrecy but…but I suppose it can't hurt anymore than it already has. Yeah, yeah, send him to me."

"I should think that considering what happened to his mother, the secrecy was already blown." Isobel is not a werewolf, and has no fear of being found out these days. Though it has not been so long since before the Revelation that she's forgotten what it is like to wish to remain hidden. "I should also think that if this violent beast within your ranks is not careful, the entirety of your race will be exposed regardless."

"Aye," Eli grumbles, swirling the drink elaborately. "Unfortunately. Which is why I agreed to see 'im. And that's also why we're trackin' them down. I'll have it be said now, by the end of this month? It will be over and handled." There's really not much else to be said. Eli and Isobel are from completely different tracks of life, with little in common, which rules out small talk. "Was that all you wanted?"

"I believe so," Isobel says gently. "Though should you require help in capturing the one responsible, we will support you in this." Best to promote good relations and the like. "You need but to contact me, and we can take care of a nightly watch. I do believe Mr. Grant has taken care of an evening watch of the Cornett residences."

Eli smiles in that wry fashion. "Thanks," he grumbles appreciatively. "I appreciate your interest in the matter, Miss Symon. You're a pleasure, as you always are. I do hope, however, that the next time we see each other it'll be due to better circumstances. See you."

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