A Walk in the Park

Kidd Spring Park

The remnants of the dense forestry are located in here, as paths lead from the woods to the more entertaining features of the park. A jungle gym, complete with a small clubhouse and slides make up a play area designated for children, as do a few sandboxes. A community rec center can also be found in the park.

Separating the trees from the busier points of the park is small lake. During the summer months, a life guard can be found on duty so swimming is allowed, and there is also a small dock from which paddle boats and kayaks are available for rent.

Very early afternoon, the sun barely past its center-point in the sky. And with this being early spring, that means the air is soft, warm enough to be comfortable without being stifling, cool enough with the breeze blowing off of the lake to make a day in the park seem to be the most perfect idea that ever came into a person's mind.

And so, the park has more than a few visitors. Parents with their children pepper the swings and the playground, teenagers and young adults frolic at the edge of the lake, and even some of the older folk are sitting over at a small pier designed for catch and release fishing. A single lone man, who looks to be a septuagenarian is off at the very far side of the lake putting a remote controlled boat through its paces.

And just coming down along the walkway that leads in from the main parking area is a small woman and a massive dog, an akita, if one's familiar. She in a pair of shorts and a short sleeved shirt the dog in pure white with what looks like a brand new leash. It's a tossup on whom exactly is walking whom, as the dog's stride, while not at a trotting pace, to be sure, is enough to make the woman have to run a bit to keep up with it.


Out by an ice cream truck parked by the road leading past the park, Brett also has leash in hand, only the dog he's walking is something smaller and fluffier, and stretched out on its belly, legs splayed behind it. Brett's getting an ice cream cone, chocolate with nuts, and is paying the man while juggling the wallet, cash and leash. Giving up on the leash, as the dog is laying down- where could it go in a hurry?, he finishes the juggling act and gets the wallet back into his pocket, the cash to the man in the truck, and takes possession of both his change and the ice cream.

Once the change is dropped into a pocket, the leash is regained.



"Kirill, slow down, would you?" Mignonette tugs, completely ineffectively, at the leash, as the dog seems to have his own mind, he knows where he's going and nothing this human is trying to do with her little bit of whatnot in her hand is going to stop him. For all of it though, he never pulls too hard, never tries to unsettle her from her feet. He just knows what he wants. And what he wants, is the small dog fountain just at the edge of the park, not far from the ice cream truck. One he gets there, he comes up sort, as if nothing at all were amiss, his head falling to lap at the water that's constantly kept fresh and circulating for the use of the canine visitors to the park. "Ugh. You could have just -said-." Mignonette leaves him to drink, allowing the leash to play out a bit, as she goes to the small clean up station and steals a few of the bags the park is kind enough to provide, stuffing them into her pockets as she comes back to the fountain. The ice cream truck is given a look, before she notes the familiar face. There's something of a frown there.


The little mop dog gives Brett the opportunity to unwrap the cone, dropping the papers into the garbage. With a brief tug on the leash, a message to the dog to get up, he begins a slow walk over to the near park bench. It isn't until he's walking that he looks up to watch where he's going that he sees Miss Mignonette Savoy and.. Fang.

Brett had missed the pulling, pleading and cajoling, and 'entered' on the poop baggy acquisition. He already had a few in his pocket, garnered from when he'd first arrived in the park.

Eyeing the larger dog at water's edge and then looking down at his charge, he considers, though briefly, before he takes the first few steps in Mignonette's direction. He does still have the ice cream, and it has to be eaten before it melts!

When close enough so as to avoid shouting, he offers a greeting, "Miss Mignonette.."


Kirill is still lapping at the fountain, looking for all the world as if he had all the time in the world. And well, he is a dog. What else do they do besides walk, play, eat, drink and sleep? His head tips up, as he scents the two approaching, one canine, bite-sized, the other human. The human gets a toss of his head, before he starts off on the leash, slow and steady, approaching the smaller dog, his head leaning forward as if he intended to sniff it as a potential meal, but instead, he simply offers his nose, and a whuff of breath. Mignonette is just along for the ride at this point, and she moves with him, "Mr. Coleman. Are you stalking me?" Mock-serious tone, but there's no small amount of concern as she looks down to see just now the larger dog is fairing with the smaller.


Brett lets out a breath of air in a quiet sigh, though a smile does appear at the question. Seemingly weighing his response, he turns to face one of the more notable structures in the area of the park. "Over there," he points with his ice creamed hand, "is the Millermore Mansion. I used to work there, working my way through college. I could almost call this area my stomping grounds, even if I can't afford an apartment here." He'd rent, or buy, in a heartbeat if he could!

Looking down at the pair of dogs sniffing each other, his brow creases as he considers the larger of the two animals, but apparently doesn't come up with anything that could or would cause alarm.

Nodding towards the dog as a point of conversation, he asks, "Yours?"


Mignonette turns her head, following your line of sight, until her gaze stops at the mansion on the grounds, "I have to admit that I've never been. I'm afraid I haven't had much of an opportunity to see many of the sights in Dallas since I arrived. It looks impressive. Does it have a particular history for the city?" Kirill rubs his much larger head against the small dog's, before he steps back, plopping himself down beside the woman, "We're not sure yet. This is our first date. He's from the no-kill shelter, down in West Dallas? Apparently, someone got him for christmas and didn't realize he'd get so huge, and they abandoned him. Tied him up to the door of the shelter and just left. I didn't realize that the fact that he weighs more than I do would be such an issue."


"Well, if you believe in such things, people say it's haunted." This is said with a deadpanned, straight face. Can't hide the gleam in the blue eyes, however, as he continues. "It belonged to a family in Dallas from when it was built in 1851 to about 1960. The Millermores. Just an historical manse, I suppose. But, it's pretty cool inside. Lots of rooms, side rooms, little hallways connecting this room and that."

Watching the dogs again, Brett nods is approval in Kirill's behavior. He knew how to chastise dogs in the language in which they were familiar. Thankfully, he wasn't going to have to correct the larger animal. "He seems like a good dog. Not aggressive." Brett smiled as he looked back up, "He pulling you around at all?" He'd come back to the 'since I arrived' part, which of course begged the question, 'How long have you been here?'


"I do, actually. You can imagine the things people see in Louisiana." Her tone is just as straight. And perhaps, well, there is a reason New Orleans' main attractions are the ghost tours and the cemeteries. And baton Rouge is not much different. "I'll have to make it a point to go and visit then. Perhaps you could point out a few of the more interesting features." As for the white puffball currently settled beside the pipsqueek, she laughs, "I think he's not used to someone who's smaller than he is. I have a feeling his former owner must have had a man around, he walks as if he expects me to be able to pull him up short. Oh, last week of February. So just over a month. Not long enough to have made it through everything. You sound like you're a native texan."


Brett didn't expect that sort of answer, and his expression certainly showed it. He, himself, hadn't seen any indication of the hauntings that others said happened at the house, and until he does, well…

And here's there on full moons!

"Louisiana, hmm? That's the sound I keep hearing." He nods, the smile returning, "I've heard about the ghost stories coming from there, yes. It's also the bastion of old vampire fiction and swamp monsters."

The first bit of ice cream melts and drips onto Brett's hand, and he's reminded that there is, indeed, an ice cream there. First, he holds up a finger in a 'please, one moment' gesture and licks around the base of the ice cream before he takes a bite out of the top. Once he's done with tooth-freeze, he twists around, "Would you like one?"

Courtesy taken care of, he returns to the conversation at hand and nods, "Family's been in Texas for some time. Came out originally for land grants, or.. land thefts. Parents are in Houston."

Looking down at the pair again, "You can learn how to do that with your voice. It wouldn't take long and I have a feeling he'd get the idea."


"Until the vampires came out a few years ago, people would have told you they were all living their lives in New Orleans. You know there's even an old convent down in the French Quarter that people say has been shut up by the Catholic Church to keep the evil inside of it from getting out?" Mignonette keeps the leash in hand, but rather than continue walking, she settles cross-legged onto the ground beside Kirill, a hand reaching out to ruffling his fur, a movement that has the dog rolling over on his side so that the woman can reach his chest and belly, "Oh, no thank you, maybe I'll have one later, before we go home. He's staying with me for a few days, to see how we fit together, before we decide if he's moving in." There's a momentary pause, before she continues, "I've never had a dog before. I don't really know what one does with them, aside from what I've read in books and the like."


Taking the cue from Mignonette, Brett settles down on the ground, and nods in Kirill's direction before taking another bite of his ice cream. "Well, he obviously likes you. On his back? Submission. You're the boss in the relationship. So far, from what I'm seeing, it's a good match." He smiles and pulls at the little mop dog. "I don't actually own one. I'm taking this one for a walk for a neighbor. Not home yet, and a dog's gotta do what a dog's gotta do. I just don't have time for a dog myself." Leaning over to give the fluffy mess a pet, he adds, talking to the dog now, "No, no I don't.. no time for something like you.." The little dog yips and nips at Brett's hand before 'bowing' into a playful stance. "Oh no.. not right now.."

Looking up again, Brett shrugs, but it's not a dismissive gesture. "Walk them, talk to them when you get home. Nothing like a good tail-wag the moment you walk in the door. Beyond that, feed them, pet them, and take them out three or so times a day."

A chuckle escapes as he returns to the previous topic, if only for a moment. "I've met a couple vampires," his voice cants low, "I'm thinking that they may have been on to something, even if it really wasn't? I don't -dislike- them. It's just the 'undead' part that sends little shivers up my spine."


"Well, I've been enjoying his company. It's nice to have someone around, rather than being in the house all by myself. And he hasn't started talking back yet, so I suppose that's a mark in his favour." A final pat, to the big dog's shoulder, before she shifts for comfort, settling in beside him, Kirill seemingly deciding to take a bit of a nap while the humans do whatever it is humans do. "He looks as if he wants to play," she offers, as she sees the smaller dog get into position. "I don't mean to keep you from your walk." As the subject returns to vampires, Mignonette's head tilts, a thoughtfulness in her expression, before she answers, "I've also met a few, though only briefly. Some have been pleasant, some not, but there is the whole 'I'm a walking corpse' thing that is a bit offputting. Just the thought…" A quick shake of her head. Fangbanger Mignonette is -not-.


"Well, he seems to be enjoying your company, too." Brett grins as he thumps a hand on the ground in response to the playful dog, though his attention is on Mignonette and his ice cream. Once again, he has to lick around it and wipe the sides of his mouth. "And if they start talking back, you're allowed to yell at him to be quiet."

Shaking his head quickly and bringing his free from ice cream hand up to wave it in the air briefly between them, he wants to dispell any thought of being held back from anything important. "Oh, no.. it's okay. Not doing anything, really. I probably shouldn't keep you from your dog bonding sessions, though. I will say he's really well socialized. Hasn't tried to eat Muttley, here." Probably not the dog's real name. "And he hasn't set up a perimeter guard to keep me at a distance from you, though I'd bet," Brett's eyes narrowed thoughtfully for a moment as he regarded the dog, "if he thought you were under stress, he'd react." Nodding after the thought, he sounds a great deal more sure. "He seems to be that sort of dog."

The double topics don't seem to bother Brett in the least; he moves easily from one to the other. "Like anyone, I suppose. There are good and bad in the world. But.. yeah.. it is a bit offputting. As I said, they just give me a weird feeling. I suppose if I was younger, I'd think it was 'cool'. But now?" He shakes his head. "Kids growing up with them around, though, will think it's the most natural thing.. like trees, birds, cowboys, indians, vampires…"


There's laughter, as you offer your advice on how to handle a backtalker, "Well, I'll have to keep that in mind. Though I'm not sure which of us would have the upper hand if it came to that. I've got the height, certainly, but he does have four on the floor." At Brett's comment, Mignonette's voice returns to its normal timbre. Friendly and personable, without being too personal, "You honestly don't have to be that subtle, Mr. Coleman. I'm quite good at reading people." There's an easy grace, in the way Mignonette unfolds herself from the ground, wipes herself off, and then tugs at Kirill's leash, "Kirill, we should be going now." The akita, for his part, barely opens his eyes, before he closes them again, completely ignoring the tug on his leash.


"Show him who's boss is all."
Brett raises his brows, watching Mignonett gain her feet gracefully. No easy feat when getting up from the ground. The fact that the akita has absolutely no desire to move from his spot, though, is cause for some amusement, and it plays in his blue eyes. "Tell him again. Just say, 'Kirill, up!' and tug again. But say it like you mean it."
Finishing up his mostly melted ice cream, Brett allows the little dog to lick his fingers 'clean' before wiping the rest on what dry spots remained on the napkin. Rising himself, now, he brushes off the dirt and grass and such. The little dog dances out of the way before sitting and looking up at the humans. -More walking? Huh? Huh? Huh?-


"Kirill, up!" There, she has to use the big girl voice. But it works, as the akita's head comes up, and he seems to decide to go along with his current human's command, shaking himself off, before he comes around to stand at her side. He must sense something, of the woman's current state, because he shifts a bit, to get between the woman and the man and fluffy dog pair across from her, "I am sorry that we interrupted your day, Mr. Coleman. But it was nice to have seen you again." Still polite, still personable, as always, but there's definitely a distance there, "Perhaps we'll see each other again, if we're ever at the Millermore on the same day."


Brett does his best to keep the confusion from his face and mans up, as it were, and puts a smile on his face once the pair, lady and dog, are in synch. He watches the posture of the dog and nods ever so slightly before he offers, "Have a good rest of your walk, Ms. Savoy. Glad to have been some help. A really nice dog there. I'd seriously consider it."

Looking down at his own charge, he balls up the napkin in hand and puts it in his pocket. "Okay, Muttley. Let's go finish your walk and get you home."

The first steps are taken away from Mignonette and Kirill before he gives in to the urge to look back, at a fair distance, his expression puzzled.


"Thank you, Mr. Coleman." The pair remain where they are, allowing Brett and his charge to start off back into the park, or wherever the walk leads them. Mignonette and Kirill haven't moved from where they were, even after Brett and 'Muttley' wander off. Actually, Migs has has done down on one knee, hands stroking the akita's head, while Kirill licks at her cheek. And so they'll stay, at least for a few minutes, before Mignonette has taken enough deep breaths to put her game face back on and head further into the park.

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