Don't forget it's shedding season

Bunker's Garage and Salvage

Bunkers's Garage and Salvage sits on a rather large lot in the West Dallas neighborhood. The parking lot is small, and one spot is occupied at all times by a beat-up tow truck. Two fully equipped bays, complete with safety notices on the walls are for employees only. To the right side of the bays is an office, containing a simple desk with a grubby looking computer, and a filing cabinet. Behind the desk is a small whiteboard which lists inspection prices, and those for other services. The walls are decorated with a few small display cases where items available for sale are located.

The morning light can stil be found over the city though it is quickly turning into afternoon. Abbey can be found in the garage with a set of keys in her hand belonging to a certain persona's truck it seems. Sam is talking to her about something, though her mind is wandering at the moment it would seem. Abbey blinks as Sam seems to be expecting an answer, a soft ahe scaping her. "Right.. what ever you think is best works for me." Sam just rolls his eyes and then moves off to get back to work on what ever he as doing before hand.

Dressed for the warm day ahead, Brett's down to light coloured t-shirt and a faded pair of jeans, all finished with the red high-tops, of course. The call, once in, about his truck had him jumping busses from stop to stop until he finally was close enough to walk.
Swinging around and into the shop via one of the open bay doors, it's only a quick look that's needed before he locates one Abbey Wallace. Without breaking stride, and a touch of a smile on his face in anticipation, he closes the distance easily and quickly. "Ms. Wallace." He hasn't yet been 'given leave' to call her by her first name, "Is it done?"

Abbey seems to have a lot of things on her mind at the moment an infact she nearly jumps as she hears Brett and glances over before offering him a smile and nods. "Afternoon.. An yes its ready." There's a pause. "An its alright to call me Abbey, really." She offers him the keys to the truck. "It was the alternator.. It took an extra day as I had to get the part from another state. Fixed it and made sure your battery was good."

"Sorry.. I didn't mean to startle you."
Brett's expression lights up afterward as if it was Christmas day all over again. Reaching to take the keys, he pockets them quickly before he reaches for his wallet in his back pocket. "Out of state?" Twisting around to see his older model truck 'sitting there as nice as you please', he shakes his head slowly, "Sorry it was a pain, but I really like that truck." Old paint job, bubbles of rust and all.
"How much do I owe you?"

Abbey chuckles and shakes her head. "Its alright.. I just have a lot on my mind at the moment." She glances to the truck as if in through. "How about one hundred even? That covers the cost of getting the part and putting it in, an the oil change seeing how it has been a while." She doesn't take to charge much labor time with small jobs like this. "I looked over the shocks and the like too. You should get them changed out in the next few months. An there is a sticker on the window for when to get the oil changed again. With the older trucks its good to change it more frequently and get everything cleaned to keep the engine running."

"Fair enough." Pulling some bills from his wallet, he counts out the hundred in twenties, and before handing it over, adds, "How about I bring lunch for a couple of days, then we'll be a little more square on labour?" Brett's brows raise, "I know you like Chinese."
Handing the money over, the wallet is replaced soon after, and he takes a couple of steps to run a hand over the front fender. "Shocks would be a good idea. I like to take it out of the city at least once a month or so. Cousin has a little ranch she never gets to, so I like to make it out there. She's stuck in Fort Worth working most of the time, so it's my little vacation away from the kiddies at work."

Abbey offers a smile and nods while taking the money and sticks it into her pocket later to put in the cash drawer. "Well.. Alright, got yourself a deal there." She glances to the truck and chuckles. "Its a nice truck.. I use to have one like it.. Torn the back axle out when I went mudding one time and that was the end of that." This said with an amused tone and shake of her head. She glances back to Brett curiously at the talk of going to the ranch monthly and can wonder why. "I go camping a at least once a month. Though I take my bike. Nice to get out of the city you know?" Perhaps hinting at soemthing then perhaps not.

Brett winces at the news about Abbey tearing out the back axle as if it causes him real, physical pain. "Back in the day, cowboys would work their horses, and each horse enjoyed the job it was they were doing. I sort of see the truck like this now. Can't ride a horse to save my life, but sometimes I wonder if the truck understands its job." Shaking his head, he waves a hand in front of him dismissively at his own words. "Don't mind me. This was the truck I learned to drive in, and the one I went everywhere with before I left for school. Parents gave it to me last October, and I mean to keep it at least until it's an antique." He grins, "So you have your work cut out for you."
He knows all about wanting to get out of the city, and.. tilting his head slightly, his brows crease a little as he considers. "Winter camping too?" There is a pause before he nods, "City gets a little too crowded. Way too many people on the street when all I want to do is go for an evening stroll. But, it's city life."

Abbey smiles and nods. "Oh that's alright.. I figure we can keep it running for a while yet.. I would have tryed to save mine but it was a lost cause." She chuckles a moment at the thought of winter camping. "Oh yes.. Sorta have to actually." A faint smirk is seen while she peers at him with her pale gaze. Its not like she can come right out and say it, at least not in ear shoot of any humans. "I suppose it is city life.. Still I get tired of all the noise and crazyness after a while." She shakes her head slightly at the thought. "Suppose that's what I get fromnot being from the states though. Back in Ireland its a lot quiter."

Brett prefers not to chat about the whole 'two natured' thing either. Not that he's afraid that he'll be hunted down and shot, but he likes the job he's doing, that is, molding impressionable young minds, and the chances are better than even he'd lose it if it ever came out about him. It wouldn't matter that he never left a dead carcass in the classroom, or howled at the students when they forgot their homework. And as he'd mentioned to Michael, they do still sell torches at the local tractor and feed supply store, even if they're just for keeping bugs away.
"Why did you ever move away?"

Abbey only speaks to others like herself about the whole two-natured deal.. She still likes breathing after all and has seen plenty of movies that have left a strong impression on her mind at what happens to furry people after all. At the question she's quiet, chewing on her lip slightly before glancing off a moment. "Well.. I didn't have much of a choice in the matter.. Sorta one of those things that had to be done. Moved to the states with my mother." Its not like she can bring up how another wolf pack killed her family and her paretns after all. She's a lone wolf for a reason, she has trust issues with everyone, even more so when Emily was killed. "But.. that's in the past." An she knows she can never return to Ireland, seeing how there she is considered dead to start with.

"Well, it was how the West was won. Help of the Irish." Of course Brett saw the flickers of the memories of her past move across her face, and immediately he knew he touched a nerve. The more he spoke with her, the more of a feeling he got that there was definitely something more there. Intuition told him that she was very much like him, but there was never a certainty until either the actual act or confession for him. 'Shifter radar' really isn't that much of a reality. There's no ritualistic handshake, or nose rub, or… greeting with tail raised.
So, the dance continues.
"Well, you seem to be doing well here, and—" this is added with a smile, "you do get out at least once a month to go camping. Maybe a little hiking? Fishing? Hunting, though carrying something back on the back of your bike might be difficult."

Abbey chuckles softly at the comment on how the west was won. "I suppose that is true.. But then the Irish have always been in the thick of things it seems. Still is to some degree." She takes in a slight breath and soon grins, fighting back the memories that no matter what she sayss till affect her. "You'd be surprize what one can put on a bike.. Fishing poles are nice and easy to bring when there broken down and what not. Hunting though tends to be easier I find. Though hunting was always better with help.." Like from a pack sense, though wolves hunt in packs she isn't that sure what the shifters do unless they go hunting with friends. "You know, like with wolves?" An amused smirk crosses her lips, pale gaze narrow a moment as she peers at Brett. "They tend to have a easy job of it i've seen.. On TV of course.."

"Yes, but then you get those pesky ones that think they get more of a share than others," Brett responded, his brows rising again, his tones taking a good natured, amused sound. "According to all those nature shows. Now, those coyotes.. good looking animals. Keeping the armadillo population down," here, blue eyes gleam, and there is the distinct impression, perhaps, that he's doing a little chain yanking, "or offing a sheep or two and blaming the cattle ranchers to keep that whole 'sheep versus cow' thing alive. Indians always said they were trouble." Taking down a cow is a little harder of a job.
Brett has to agree, though, "Yeah. Fishing pole would be a little problematic."

Abbey tilts her har and chuckles softly. "Well.. not if its a /lone/ wolf.." She points out with a grin.. "Coyotes huh.. Ya I suppose there alright." This said with a joking tone while she grins still. "Though when the coyotes go after the sheep the farmers blame the wolves before the coyotes you know?" Abs is finding this all rather amusing, so much so that her past memories are forgotten for the moment.

"Oh. Darn."
Brett looks theatrically apologetic, but just can't seem to make it look convincing. "I suppose a PR campaign could begin, professing innocence and that it was 'the varmint's' fault, but I think the audience would be far from receptive."
There's no question that Brett is finding it all amusing, too. He sucks in a breath between softly clenched teeth, the sound a hiss as he shrugs and shakes his head, "Ah well.
"Course, the Indians are on to those wily coyotes," it was deliberate, "but who ever listens to them?"

Abbey chuckles and grins. "I don't think any campaign would help the wolves with the farmers deary." This said with an amused tone, her irish accent just a bit thicker. "An yes they are onto them yotes.. Still I suppose there useful for some things. Like tricks and the like. Hum?" She shakes her head slightly, though she can't help but wonder if his caught on to all the wolf comments yet.. She has an idea about the coyote ones though.

Oh, Brett's worked it all out, which is why he's enjoying the conversation. The dance has changed in tune and tempo, and the steps are in synch.
Brett barks a laugh and shakes his head, his hand digging theatrically into a pocket as if searching. "I never could keep a deck of cards on me, and I always wondered why magicians actually -wanted- those sequined assistants to disappear…"
Leaning on the truck, he chuckles again and exhales, "Though, gotta say, wolves get better press all around."

Abbey grins slightly and hums. "Magic isn't all that cracked up.. At least I don't think so." There's a pause and she smirks. "Ya.. don't I know it.." She shakes her head slightly at the thought. "Making everyone a little crazy though in the city.. Which with everyone already owning a gun makes it a problem if you know what I mean.."

"Though, yeah.. you're right." For a brief, shining moment, Brett had forgotten about the news of the attacks, and of the poor black lab in the wrong place at the wrong time. Even though it's been brought back into conscious thought, he doesn't want to consider the random bits of sensationalism, and the potential of spiraling into the feeling of fear and being hunted. He doesn't like to borrow problems.
"That whole 'gun' thing, though have to say, people aren't shooting at shadows which is a good thing." Texans, as a whole, like to be sure of their target.
"I understand the vampires will be joining the search," Brett specifically avoids the word 'hunt'. "which is kind of surprising when I heard it."

Abbey blinks slightly at the talk of the vampire joining in the search. A frown is seen for a few moments and she glances outside, quiet for a few moments. "Well.. At least only at night.." Still that will be a problem come full-moon time. Abs doesn't like vampires, she can bearly speak to one without getting angrey, this all going back to what happened to Emily. She shakes her head. "Lovely.." Escapes her with a thin tone. "Vampires would be better at it I magen.. I just hope they find the right wolf and not take out other wolves that have nothing to do with it." Heck, she protected a few humans not to long ago from a bitten wolf, but she didn't kill it, she can't help but wonder if the vampires will be so forgiving..

"It was by invitation, I heard," Brett lowers his voice. They could be the only people in the world, and even then, he'd still not talk about it in normal tones. "so there are probably a few safeguards in place."
Smiling tightly, he shrugs with a single shoulder. "They're better at a few things, but that's the nature of the beast." As it were.
"But they wouldn't be able to pick them out of a line-up, no. Finding the right one… that'll probably be left to someone with a more discerning.. ability."

Abbey is quiet while she just watches Brett.. Be invitation?.. Did Eli actually go to the vampires and ask them for help? Well how other way could it be by invitation. "True.." This is side with a soft tone. If she could get a clear scent of the one doing the attacks she might even be able to narrow it down to some degree, but by the time she ever gets to wandering around the area in where it happened its covered with to many scents. "Hopfully it won't come back to bite us in the ass.." She murmurs out faintly.

"Well, we could buy out the supply of torches, and it'd buy us a few days." If there is any question, let it now be dispelled. Brett smiles, his lips a thin line, "And if it does come back around, it's shedding season, so all they'll get is a mouthfull of fur."
Shaking his head to get rid of any clinging thoughts, he chuckles, "I try not to worry until I have to. And even then…"
It's coming into late morning, almost early afternoon at the garage. Sam is off, working on something or other after a brief, one-sided conversation with Abbey. Brett is leaning on the side of a somewhat old pick-up truck that has seen better days, and he and Abbey seem to be having a reasonably good conversation. There's no hint of tension, anyway, and the pair seem comfortable enough just talking; no one looks desperate to get away, anyway!

Abbey peers curiously at Brett a few moments at the talk of torches. A faint ah escapes her as she seems to figure out just what he may be speaking up. "Never thought about that before.." This said with an amused tone though. "That is true.. shedding season and all." She ponders a scene with a vampire only holding onto a handful of fur and she looks rather amused by the thought. "So.. Your a teacher?" She sorta remembers him talking about having the week off. "What grade?" This questioned with a curious tone while she watches Brett.

There's the slam of a truck door from outside, B' had picked up his rental from Sam that morning, before the Scotsman is seen wandering into the garage. He waggles a set of keys in Abbey's direction and beams, "I told ye! Give meh a few days to find an apartment an' I'll be outta yer hair." The man hesitates, green eyes flitting to the other man. He nods in his direction, "'ey there," the scot rummbles as he wanders close enough to push Abbey's shoulder with a finder, "'Ey lass." He idly wondered if Abbey and Mig' continued their "girl talk" after he left. Most likely.

Brett chuckles and looks down, a foot scuffing slightly, "Juniors.. 11th grade, though I have a couple seniors. History and civics." Being a school teacher is hardly the glamourous life. "Kids have off until next Monday. Then, it's back to the classroom, grading homewor, and all around making their lives miserable with term papers and projects." That part he seems to enjoy.
Brett looks to the noise, and watching the approach and subsequent arrival, there's a distinct feeling immediately that he's suddenly become the third wheel. Still, he offers a nod and a returned greeting of, "Heya."

Abbey chuckles softly, she looks rather amused at this. "Nice.. Sounds like you enjoy your job.. Especially with the term papers.. I always hated them.." She glances towards the sound of a truck and smiles seeing Brian. "Afternoon.. So I figured when I didn't see the truck this morning an what not. Did you find a good place then?" An of course she and Mignonette went on talking after he left, isn't that what girls do when the guys arn't in ear shot? She looks to Brett and offers him a smile. "Brett this is Brian, Brian this is Brett. I helped fix his truck the other night.. His new to Dallas and crashed in the backroom for a few days." See? She is /nice/.

Brian nods his head, "Yup! Great place, I'll show yeh one day." Gaze swings to Brett and the man extends a hand, "Pleasure Brett! Brian Connelly, new local Chief Editor of the Dallas Dispatch." Yeah thats right, he's a reporter/photographer. "What are ye two up to today? I was thinkin about goin to see a little more of Dallas personally, I need to get familiar with mah surroundings an all that jazz."

"Brett Coleman." Brett extends his hand in greeting, and clasping it, gives a warm shake, "All mine, Brian, and welcome to the Metroplex." Once the courtesies are given, he pulls his hand back. "My favourite part of the city is Oak Cliff. Parks, and the historical section. Theatres, clubs.. the aquarium is okay. The sea urchins are friendly."
Taking the opportunity to pat the side of his truck, Brett nods in Abbey's direction. "Just picking up my truck. Ms. Wallace," Habits! They die hard, "fixed it for me and got it running, for which I will be eternally grateful.
"What brought you to Dallas, if you don't mind my asking?"

Abbey chuckles softly as she hears Brett. "An your welcome.." Really it wasn't THAT hard but she'll just let him think it was more complicated then switching out a few parts. "Other then talking with Brett herre I'm rather free.. Sam sorta kicked me out of the garage for a while it seems.." Sam is going to make sure she gets better one way or another it seems. "The aquarium is nice.. Could go to the Fair grounds.. Always amusing to plays the games there and what not." She grins. "One thing I know I can beat Mignonette at."

Brian nods faintly, "I remember her mentioning that.." he muses faintly before eyeing Abbey, "I don't wana make ye cry when I win though." :D He returns his attention to Brett briefly and chuckles, "Seems we got somethin' in commen then Brett! She fixed mine too, dern rental broke down first day in town," he shakes his head. "Work mainly," he responds, "I've been doing a lot of freelance photography work these past few years but the open Editor position caught my interest. I figured it was about time to settle in one place yeh know," he chuckles.

"Apparently she's the 'go to' person."
Brett nods and looks to Abbey, his gaze moving back to Brian. "Settling down in one place is good. Make a name for yourself, carve out a little piece of land." He nods, "Never a bad thing."
Hissing a breath in, Brett pushes himself gently off the fender of his truck. "You guys have a good time. I have to get back. Need to finish filling out forms for trips. It's what I get for volunteering to be class advisor."
Moving around to the other side of the truck, Brett nods his head in gesture to them before getting in the old truck and starting it. It rumbles to life immediately, and doesn't sound too bad. A grin comes to the driver's face, and with a quick shift of the gears, he begins to back out of the bay.

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