Cornett Residence

This house has been sectioned off into two living spaces, separated by floor as opposed to wall throughout the middle. The first floor has been reserved for a renter while the second floor has been claimed by the owner of the duplex. The living space is large and spacious, perfect for a summer's day when the windows are open. Much the bachelor pad, it is sparsely decorated. All the basics that are required are there but rarely used and so the area is immaculate. A large living area and kitchen lead to a hallway which contains the doors for the bathroom, master bedroom and guest bedroom. The only difference between the two bedrooms is that the master room contains a computer desk and laptop.

Staying in is most definitely a better idea than going out, but errands have to be run and he is more mobile with the crutches than he was with the cane. He's already pushing the limits on recovery but this time he's at least somewhat following the rules; having surgery just to screw it up would be stupid, after all. So it's with a tired expression that Robert returns to his home, his backpack full of several items that he needed to pick up. As of yet he's not spoken to Hope about what he knows of their possible afflictions, nor of the missing item that Serenity more than likely has hidden somewhere.

Staying in is a great idea. Hope has only been out a few times, once was to walk Serenity and that nearly got her eaten by a vampire. Okay, so maybe it didn't, but it was a close call either way. The other time was to head to work to pick up a paycheque, stop at the pet store for more puppy food, and then back to the house. She's in the guest room now, but when she hears a noise she peeks her head out.

Which is when the puppy wanders by, dropping a box at her feet. Blinking at it, she picks it up and brings it out to the main room. "Hey, Bobby? I think Serenity's been into your stuff again. You may want to start closing your bedroom door." The box is placed on the coffee table, and she forgets about it for the time being.

He's far too busy getting himself situated to really pay attention to what is placed where. The backpack is taken into the kitchen as he begins to put away the few groceries that he actually picked up. "She's always getting into things. I just need to learn not to put things down at her level, though I'm used to doing what I want." Robert only then remembers that there is something missing in particular and that is when his eyes find the box. "Though I'll have to make sure to do something with my bedroom." Instead of making a show of grabbing the box right away, he plans to make it seem like no big deal. "I think it's a good thing you're around. She's great but she likes you better."

"That's only because I can get down at her level better right now," Hope says with a grin. "I draw the line at dirty socks though. When she starts bringing those into the guest room and hiding them, I'm going to take that as my cue to go home." Looking toward the backpack, she pilfers through for a few more groceries, and starts putting them into the fridge. "You need a shelf, or a set of hooks for your bag. I can set that up no problem." Hope, the handyman. Or handywoman. Either way, she can handle shelves at the very least.

He can handle shelves just as well, if not better. "I just never thought I'd actually need to use my backpack again." It's been a long time since college and Bobby's lucky that he even still has it. He grins, far too content to be sharing the kitchen with Hope. "And yeah, you can, but these are the times that matter. I think she might be your dog at this rate." With Hope putting away groceries, he slowly makes his way to the box so that he can attempt to take it into the bedroom, this time opting to not put it into the easy reach of a puppy. "And you won't find dirty socks, trust me."

Probably better, but he's injured so he'll have a harder time at the moment. "Good thing you have a mild case of pack-ratia." Hope seems awfully content just to be putting away the groceries, really. Once she's finished she stops at the sink to clean her hands, then looks around for the puppy. Whistling twice, she moves toward the living room. "My dog? Doubtful. You're the one she snuggles with on the couch. She's only my dog when she has to go outside."

At least she's content in the kitchen. This gives Bobby time to scoop the box up in his hand and begin to attempt to crutch his way to the bedroom. "That's because I'm sedated enough not to move at all." Even though he did rescue her from the evil Chloe. "I think, though, that the next person who drops an animal off at my house is getting all the ones I already have. It's becoming a zoo in here." He's not moving so quickly so pauses to figure out the best way to get the object away from her. "Yet I bet I'm not quite done yet."

"I don't know if Serenity would like more friends. Be happy the hamsters are up, out of the way. Otherwise she'd think they were playthings." Hope has no doubt that if the dog could manage to get the cage open, she'd let the little things run around until she could catch them. "I'm leaving your backpack up on the counter, so Ms. Curious doesn't paw through it." Sitting on the couch, she opens up the Fellowship newsletter and starts to read it. "Oh, I suppose I should work on a thank you note for Hana. It was really nice of her to come by the hospital and all."

He pauses to consider it all before realizing that the box is basically toast. He pulls the actual gift box out of the chewed one and places it in his pocket. Instead of going back to the bedroom he instead makes way to the garbage can to toss that which cannot be saved. "You realize she'd probably build a shrine to it, right?" He's teasing, mostly, but Bobby's never been a fan of fangirls. "And I think I've already learned my lesson. She about gave me a heart attack earlier. Nothing's going to be left out for her." As for the hamsters? At least Serenity isn't a feline.

Engrossed in the newsletter, Hope doesn't really see what Bobby's doing. She hears the garbage can, but that's about it. "Who? Hana? I guess she might, but you know I bet she loves Sarah Newlin even more." The blonde Tyler twin has /no/ idea why Hana likes her so much, but just accepts it for what it is. "So, I um… ran into Tripp the other night. Just down the street." She's not sure what she really wants to say on that, just that she feels it important to share that with him. "He's still in love with my sister, and that's going to create problems. You know. With Ivan or whatever." She's talking about him as though he's not a vampire. "I tried to tell him to stay away, but I don't know that he will."

Again he attempts to make it back to the bedroom but finds himself distracted by the mention of Tripp. Hana can wait. The whole world can wait. It isn't the quickest process in the world but soon Bobby plants himself next to Hope, his crutches soon finding their way gently to the floor. "Everything is an issue with Ivan." As it stands, Bobby doesn't have it in him to be near the other witch. "But really, that's something that has to be worked out between Tripp and Faith. Only those two." Even with the box in his pocket the man sits comfortably, a hand moving to attempt to rest on her leg. "How are you holding up?" In the end, Bobby really can't fault Tripp, but there are some things that he'll never be able to admit to.

"I don't know. It was weird. He just seemed so… /Tripp/. But he's also a blood sucking fiend." Hope is thusly a very confused young woman. "I… tried to explain to him about things, but I don't think he gets it. I just want him to leave me be for right now. I have too much else to worry about." Like potentially turning into a creature and needing to off herself. "I thought about warning her, but I don't think Ivan would want me over. So I sent a text message and I'll just have to hope that's enough."

If only he actually knew what to do or say to salvage it, but he doesn't. "It has to be just as hard for him. He obviously didn't choose the unlife that he has, and now he has to suffer with it. He just wanted something familiar, maybe. Isn't that what most people want? To go back to happier times?" Robert would almost kill to return to a happier place. "We all have things that need to be dealt with. She was torn up pretty bad. You and I, well, we have our own bridges to cross." He stares at her, debating, but he honestly prefers her to be happy than to worry over conversation. "If any of your friend is still in him, he'll stay away."

There is a lot banking on that. Hope tries to say something a few times, then just gives up and sighs. "Can any humanity remain in a demon?" With a shake of her head, she turns so she can lean against him. One doesn't have to be walking-dead to crave familiarity at times. "Sorry, I know I shouldn't dump any of this on you. It's hardly fair." Especially since she may just be gone soon.

He's not going to complain about her leaning close to him, not one bit. In fact, Bobby shifts just enough to wrap an arm around her and hold her close. "I don't know. I've never tried to find out." He doesn't particular care to but he's more than willing to give Tripp a chance, based off of who the teen is. "How isn't it fair? I want you to talk to me. I just want you to be comfortable. I mean, I know things won't ever be the same, but I'd like to think that they'll be better than before." He's already learned just how much he loves her, after all.

"I don't want to find out." Hope frowns a little. "You know, he told me that being the poster girl for a hate propagation group was wrong." Pause. "It's not hate propaganda. No one has ever outright said to me that we should go and kill vampires, or rid the world of them. Just that they are creatures of darkness, demon spawn." Which she fully believed after witnessing one tear her friend's throat out, and that's not going to change just because someone else took mercy on him. "It's not fair, because you don't need to be a part of this huge drama of my life."

"That's because no one will talk to you about it. That doesn't mean that it isn't there." He's a man, and he's a fighter by trade; of course Bobby's heard some things that she hasn't. "He's not exactly wrong, but he isn't right. Every group has a black sheep and the church is no exception." He's actually been distancing himself from the church as of late so he doesn't really mind what he's saying. "Hope, just stop. Stop trying to be strong and stop thinking that I don't want to hear or be involved. I want to be involved in every part of your life." Robert actually chuckles. "And it isn't like my life is drama free. I think we're about equal on the drama."

"You can't blame an entire religion on the misdeeds of a few members. That would be like blaming all Catholics for a few misguided priests." Hope does not agree with the priests in question, but she's not going to denounce an entire religion due to it. At what he says, she starts to sit up properly again. "Why? I mean, why would you want to deal with all my drama, /and/ your own?" It truly makes no sense to her. "I have complete faith that the church won't do anything untowards in regards to the vampires, unless they are attacked first."

He takes a deep breath as he watches her. "I can't shield you from everything, Hope. I agree that you shouldn't be blamed for what the others do, but they're not all innocent like you. The church might not officially do anything but it isn't coming down on those who are, either." Bobby really would know. "But that's not important, not right now." A hand reaches out, to brush some hair behind one of her ears. "Because I love you. I love you and I want to be with you, forever. I can't take you and leave the drama. Besides, if I can take some of it off of your hands for you, then you'll be able to smile. That's really what matters."

No, Hope can't be shielded from everything, otherwise she would have easily been shielded from Tripp's appearance in the city. "Why should it? They're not the police. They're not the hate-crimes unit." Granted, the church should talk to it's parishioners about violence, but again, blaming the entire congregation for a few bad seeds will likely just create more bad seeds. What he says next causes her to avert her eyes. "No you don't. You only think you do because I was attacked on your doorstep." She doesn't swat his hand away though. "You have enough burdens to carry without the silliness of my drama, Bobby."

They will disagree here and he's not going to press the issue. Hope can be unreasonably stubborn about things and he won't be the one to try and make her see the light behind the darker side of the church. That is something that Bobby knows that she must find out on her own. "That's not true. Yes, I panicked when I saw you there. I thought about what might happen if you weren't around and I nearly lost it. But the attack isn't why I care." Not that she'll believe him. "I don't care, I really don't. I want to take those burdens for you." He'll try to guide her eyes back to him but won't force it. "I don't even care if you believe me, but I'm being honest. I know how I feel."

They will likely disagree on a lot of things, and Hope /is/ unbearably stubborn on a few things. The church is just that to her — a church. If people in the church are being shady, then that's their own problems and not those of the church. "You panicked, you killed your knee because of me, and it's a miracle you're still walking." He should have left her there to bleed to death, or something. "You aren't allowed to carry anything for me until you're off those crutches, mister."

"What's my knee? I thought you were going to die. I think it's worth it." The last thing he could ever life with is a dead Hope. Robert remains serious through all of this. He's opening himself to her fully and he can't really tell how she feels at all. He is no Tripp, after all. "I always thought we'd be epic. I don't want to give up on that. Ever." Finally he grins, realizing just how serious he's being. It isn't what she likely wants or needs at the moment. "Only drama. I can carry that. But you can take care of the laundry for now."

"You're an idiot, you know that, right? You could have just as easily just sat on the step and called for the ambulance as brought me inside." Hope isn't saying it in an angry manner at all. Just matter-of-factly. "Then you wouldn't have needed the surgery." Though, that would mean he wouldn't have been there when Tripp appeared at the hospital. There's no verbal response to what he says. She simply reaches for his hand with her own, and gives it a squeeze. "I don't mind doing the laundry. Keeps me occupied."

He isn't laughing. He just stares. "It's better inside. And I just didn't think. All I saw was you." All he saw was blood, and her hurt because of him. Robert shakes his head. "I needed to have it; you just gave me a reason to get it. I want to make sure that I'm around for you, always." Now he realizes that it is a good thing she didn't see the box for what it is. "You'll get back into things. Healing just takes a little while, that's all."

Hope made a mistake once, she's not going to make it again. She frowns a little, then looks away. "I can understand not thinking. It's what got me in that accident." Just the need to do something and not think. "You… you're still an idiot, Bobby. Damaging yourself permanently over me? I'm not worth it." Since if she shifts, she's going to off herself. "I should go take Serenity for her walk. It helps with the physio the doctor wants me to do. You okay here on your own for a bit?"

It isn't as if he doesn't know how she feels; he's even been warned by Faith. So Robert just watches her, as if she's suddenly sucked all the life from him. "Why? How does that make me an idiot? I want to spend the rest of my life with you and I don't think it's wrong to be willing to die for you." So yes, he's feeling a little foolish for his purchase. When she ends the moment he's trying to have with her, he uses his crutches and stands. "I'm always okay. I'll just go puppy proof my room while you're out." Even though he's smiling, Bobby is hurt. He's not going to hide it. "Just don't stay out too long or I might think you're not coming back."

"Because how does potentially injuring yourself /forever/, or getting killed while in surgery a good way to spend the rest of your life with someone!?" Hope yells that at him as she stalks off to find the pink leash. When she returns, her eyes are moist and she's shaking a little. "I already lost someone I love due to stupidity… though that was my own. Do you think I want to lose someone else to it?" Before the tears actually start, Hope swivels on her heel to stalk off again, trying to find the puppy to take her out for a small walk.

Storming off on a man who is on crutches isn't exactly playing fair. So Bobby does his best to get close enough to her before she turns away again. When this happens he reaches out for her, to grab her by the arm and hopefully keep her close. "But I didn't. I'm here, now, and I'm okay. We're both okay and everything's going to be fine." It has to be said regardless of if he has to shout that point across. She needs to realize that he's not giving up, that they both will survive. "Do you really? Love me that is. Enough to stand by me and allow me to stand by you no matter what?"

She's caught. Hope tries to yank free, but she gives a resigned sigh, and stares at her feet instead. She doesn't spin to look at him though. "You didn't, you are." She won't agree to them both being okay until she knows for sure. "Depends? If you're planning on running out and getting yourself vamped too, then no." Otherwise? Yeah.

He sighs roughly and just lets go. He's not going to force her to be anywhere she doesn't want to. Robert doesn't really care if they are both turned or not. "It's not happening. I like the way I am now and I'll be damned if I do something to lose you again." He might as well just go run off now but he just stands there, waiting for her to leave before he does. "We'll be epic. There will be a wedding, and you'll actually be happy. We'll be more than fine, better than that." The man sounds confident of that, too.

"Who's getting married?" Considering the faux pas she made, and everything else that's been going on, she's not focusing on other people's love lives. It's not that she doesn't hear the /rest/ of it, it's just what her brain chooses to focus on at the moment. Hope gives her head a shake, toying with the leash in her hand. "Good. Don't go turning into a vampire. I'd lose my mind if you did, Bobby. I just honestly want to be vampire free for a while."

Vampire free is the way to be, at least for her. "Trust me; I don't want to be one. It's even worse knowing that I'd lose you again." Some moments just aren't meant to be special. Some people just put an end to certain things. So Bobby pulls the box from his pocket. He makes sure it's in her hands before he begins to hobble away. "And you, when you're ready." That's all he has to say about that; the romantic part can come when their lives aren't so dramatic.

The entire world stops, it really does. Hope is left standing there, holding a leash in her right hand. A small box in her left. She's not moving. She can't find a voice to call him back. She just holds the box, watching him hobble away until the puppy starts pawing at her leg. There is absolutely nothing in the blonde Tyler twin's mind now, except that she needs to take the puppy out. The box is slipped into her pocket. It's a snug fit, but at least she knows it's /there/. Then she gently guides the puppy to the door to take her for the promised walk.

The rest of her life? It can be dealt with when the world stops spinning.

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