Dallas Public Library

The library is a rather large building that extends two levels. Security gates at the entrance lead past a long rectangular circulation desk where patrons may check out or return books. Across from the circulation desk is large, archaic looking card catalogue beside which is a computer that is set up to locate books. Following the typical Dewey Decimal Classification System, the rows of shelves are laid out systematically, with large signs overhead so that patrons can find precisely what they are looking for. Study carols and tables line the walls, and one corner of the library is set aside for two separate lecture rooms that can booked for meetings.

Mondays are usually very quiet at the library. Children are back in school, parents are back at work. The odd college student, or person on a lunch break comes in to drop off books, but Mondays? They're generally for returning books to the stacks, running an internet course, and taking care of Doris' paperwork until she returns.

Mondays are also usually the day Chloe has a bit of help. But with Doris being out due to wolf attack, and Mischa still healing, and Becca away on vacation, the telepath is alone. Being alone in a quiet library isn't something she minds at all. Very few loud brains to annoy her, plenty of work to keep her busy. The only thing that has her itching for a little more is that it's a beautifully sunny day, and grabbing lunch out at the park would be nice. Can't be done until one of the volunteers shows up, so she's making due. Manning the circulation desk while nibbling on a few baby carrots.

The door is pulled open and in walks Adam. He's dressed in scrubs and still has his badge clipped to them but he walks right up to the desk and puts some books there. "Hey, sorry about interrupting your snack, but uh… I owe money so I thought I'd settle up." It's about three books, some DVDs and a couple of books on CD.

Mid carrot, Chloe stops. The carrot is placed back into the container, and her hands are quickly wiped with a napkin. Standing up, she twists her hair back, pinning it in place with a pencil, and then grins at him. "Oh, don't apologize. We're just a bit understaffed these days." Noting the scrubs, she glances for a nametag, or an embroidered name. Eyes lighting upon it, she leans toward the computer and starts to search for the client card in the database. "That's about two-fifty, Doctor Hamm. You're not that late with the items at all."

Adam watches her and gets a slightly amused half smirk, ~Daymn she's a cutie!~ He ohs softly and pulls out his wallet while fishing out a couple bucks and a pair of quarters. "I thought I'd be later. I'm always late with these things. I come in intending to get just a few but… then I leave with a stack." The bills and quarters found he holds them out to pay her. ~Look at that hair. Wow!~

Cute and complimenting thoughts she can handle. It's the pervy college boys that come in that give her a headache. While she waits for the money, Chloe types a few things into the account page, and then laughs. "I know how that is, and I work here. I imagine with a busy schedule like you must have, bringing home a such a collection can get you backed up by a few days." A glance is given to the screen. "I put a note on your account that you can call for an extra weeks extension. That should save you enough for at least a cup of coffee at the hospital cafeteria." Wink.

Adam blushes slightly, ~mmm baby… if only you meant that wink~ "Ohh hey, thanks. I mean yeah I do get backed up on my reading. I've started to go to listening to CDs in the car on my way to work. I mean it helps to keep me up on my books and keep me somewhat sane." That's said like he's joking. "You got anything new in? I just watched The Proposal. That was funny…"

Chloe has been good about not letting stuff bother her, but the thought that comes through faintly, well… it causes her cheeks to pinken just a tad. "We've got a few more audio books that came in last week. Great reading of Lord of the Rings, and a few other classics." She slips around the desk, going the few steps toward the shelf of DVDs. "Not a whole lot new on DVD, to be honest. More classics came in there as well. Gone With the Wind, Casablanca… the usual stocking up for schools."

Adam hmms as he follows her but he's a good guy and actually doesn't take the opportunity to check out her backside. "Hmmm the Lord of the Rings sounds good. I'd take Gone with the Wind too, but I wouldn't want to cause some kids to get a D…" He smirks but then he pulls out a couple of odd choices. One of them is Sherilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter books, and another some cheesy romance. "These don't look bad. Have you read them?" ~Kinda like these silly romances. They make me laugh, but then… not like I'll find a woman like that around here. Hell, this pretty's probably taken too.~

The odd choices aren't that odd to her. Chloe has seen Mischa's collection of novels. They /do/ make her grin though, partially at memory, partially at the fact that the little pieces of thought that are coming through remind her of her Shifter friend. When she turns back to look at the doctor, she blinks once or twice then gives her head a small little shake. Despite the shake, she answers, "I've actually read most of what we have in here." Strange as that sounds considering the vast number of books. "That one," she says, "is not the world's best romance novel. Do you prefer modern, or historical?"

Adam thinks, "I usually prefer historical if it's to be a straight up romance and all serious, but I like Sherilyn Kenyon's stuff which is usually modern, and then there's Katie MacAllister and she's really funny though she does modern and historical…" He pauses, "I uh… it's sort of a guily pleasure for me. Shh don't tell." ~Good god she'll think I'm a flamer. I'm not even gay… well at least I don't -think- I'm gay. There was that one guy that was kinda hot… but that would make me bi? Right?~ He shakes his head a little and just smiles, "The nurses would have a field day if they saw what I liked to read."

The librarian moves again, this time to a rack of CD audio books. Two are drawn down for the man. Barbara Erskine's 'Child of the Phoenix' and Diana Gabaldon's 'Outlander'. "These are actually both great books. This one," Chloe says, pointing to the Erskine audio, "is about a Welsh princess, and her love life. It's rife with a lot of old-world magic, and really indepth history of the UK." The next is given a small grin. "Outlander is a tad more whimsical, really. It's about a woman who accidentally travels back in time and finds the love of her life, though the history in it is amazing." Someone obviously has a preference for the romance novels with a bit of substance. "Plus, with them on audio, the nurses don't have to know what you're reading."

Adam smiles at that, "Thanks, I'll take them both." He picks them up and adds them to his stack. "Oh geez, I've done it again. Look at this stack." A low chuckle leaves his lips, "Well figure on me being a little late with them, but I always bring them back and pay off my fines." That gets a smile and he heads back toward the circulation desk, "Hey uh… I heard there's a program you all do to uh read for the kids once a week. A storytime. I was thinking… that might go over in the children's ward… I mean a lot of them are stuck there for a while. Burns and whatnot. Pretty sad. Anything to bring some sunshine in their lives would be welcome…"

Her suggestions having been picked up, Chloe can't help but smile. Not a lot of people actually listen to her advice on books. "Hardly a large stack, but you've got that week extension now anyhow." Following him to the circulation desk so she can scan the books and sign him out, she nods. "We do on Saturday afternoons." As Adam continues, she looks down a little. Hospitals are not her favorite things lately, but the thought disappears swiftly. "I can definitely look into setting something up. It may be another week or two, since two of our employees are in the hospital themselves." Doris should be out soon though, thank heavens. "But I can always schedule one of our high school volunteers to head up there for a few hours on the weekends."

Adam smiles at that, "I'm sure the kids would love it. I took up a copy of One Fish Two Fish the other day and it was a little young for some of them, but they still listened." It's a hell of a short book too, but then from the impression of the memory it was his lunch hour. "I'll talk to the pediatrics nurses and tell them to expect someone to get in touch." ~Looking forward to these books!~

"I'll send over copies of Charlotte's Web, Stuart Little, and Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, along with a few other Seuss and Munsch books." Before scanning Adam's items, Chloe jots down a quick note with the word 'Hospital' written beneath it. "That way they can get a couple chapters every weekend, and the younger kids can have entire books." Narnia may have been included, but generally the books aren't well suited for children that are too young. Adam's items are taken, each one opened to ensure the proper DVD and CD is in the case before they're scanned.

Adam nods to that, "They have a few at the hospital. Some are donated. I think they have one of the Curious George ones, a Paddington, a Pooh one with Eeyore's birthday… That's about it." ~Poor kids probably know those books better than I do.~ There's a moment where he looks at his phone for the time. ~Damn, going to have to go straight home and get changed or I'll be late. There goes my trip the grocery.~

Unlike other librarians, Chloe actually extracts a little cloth library bag from somewhere under the desk. The items are placed inside it, and she holds it out to him. "I'll have Doris send over a few of our older children's books once she's feeling up to par. We have boxes in the back that we usually put out in the summer, to sell the books for ten or twenty cents each, just to clear inventory and make room for new items, but I think that donating them would be a better idea." Another smile is offered in Adam's direction. "There you go, doctor Hamm. I hope I've not made you late for anything."

Adam blinks a little, "I uh… I just have to meet someone but…" His head tilts a bit, "How did you…?" Then he just shakes his head to shake it off. ~I must've said something aloud.~ The bag gets a smile, "I like this… hmmm I'll have to get one. How much are they? I mean I'd like to buy it…"

"You were peeking at your phone," Chloe says with another wink. It's a lame response, but at least it /is/ valid and should deter him from thinking too much on it. "Oh, you can have it. They haven't officially gone on sale yet, but I think one of our best patrons having one to carry his items back and forth in will do wonders to promote the library /and/ the bags. The free advertising is worth it."

Adam ohhs softly, "Sorry I forgot." He does actually fluff it off as the phone glance being what tipped it off. "Thank you, but uh…" He pulls his wallet back out and gives her a twenty, "A donation." There's a slight grin, but he takes his bag-o-books and nods, "I'll be using it. Trust me. I usually end up losing them if they aren't in a bag."

While Chloe won't say no to the donation for the library, she does mark it down as such in his account on the computer. This way, come year end, he can get a charitable donation slip for his taxes. "Thank you, Doctor Hamm. It's greatly appreciated." She glances to the door where some less than quiet college students are coming in, and sighs. There goes her nice quiet library. "Don't you be a stranger now!"

Adam laughs "Not likely with the way I like books and movies." He waves on his way out figuring she'll have her hands full in a second. Outside, through a window, she might be able to see the hunter green Jeep he climbs into before starting up the motor.

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