So Long. Thanks for all the Fish.

Dallas World Aquarium

An old warehouse in the historic West End, the Dallas World Aquarium is home to a unique display of flora and fauna from five continents. A 200 foot ramp lined with the plants and animals representative to Dallas start off the adventure before one even steps foot in the building.

The exhibits start with entrance into an indoor rainforest at treetop level, immersing guests in a canopy amidst scores of brilliantly colored tropical birds. Water splashes onto rocks from a tall waterfall that cascades down into a pond holding exotic fish. Thick glass panels form one side of the pond down below, making it easy for visitors to enjoy the colorful swimmers. As the walkway descends through the greenery, woodpeckers, pheasants and a few smaller birds can be seen milling about upon the forest floor. Another path can be found here, where visitors usually enjoy a leisurely stroll before heading to other exhibits.

The Aquarium portion contains a variety of sea-life from different locales. From humphead wrasse and pez chancho in the Pacific, lumpsuckers, and porgy in the Atlantic, and the antarctic krill and orange footed sea cucumbers of the Polar Regions, the aquarium seems to have it all.


He hadn't visited the aquarium yet in the time he's been in Dallas, though he'd heard interesting things from Migs' and Abbey about it. He's been wandering around the place by his lonesome for about ten minutes now, jotting down things here and there on a pad of paper. It was late afternoon and though he's eaten, the Scot's belly rumbles annoyingly. Green eyes absently scan the area for snacks before he gets distracted by a critter in a window. His hand moves to change the song on his ipod that's stuffed into his pocket and Brian goes back to eyeballing the creature he's trying to name from memory without looking at the label. It isn't very crowded in the aquarium today though a few children and families wander around exploring all the different things to see.


God knows Corey hadn't ever been to the aquarium, either. He's not been in Dallas for all that long, really. Just since he picked up the rejuvie contract. Heck. He's not even really finished unpacking all his boxes — for all that he's been in the apartment long enough that he darn well should have. But, the living room couch is a futon that serves well enough as a bed, so he hasn't had any use for the bedroom beyond that of 'storage depot'. Perhaps one day something'll happen that'll make it important enough to him to rectify that state.

Today, however, is not that day. Today, he's taken a break from hammering and nailing and filling out permits to get acquainted with the local wildlife — for all that the local wildlife is currently contained in mammoth tanks and artificial habitats.

Something like a kid himself, the young man has his face close (nose NOT-quite pressed up against the glass), studying a trio of porpoises intently.


Days off come few and far between for one of Dallas' finest. Due to some complications back home, and her return to the force just a short while ago, it's a surprising day off. Even knowing that she'll wind up having to pull a double starting on the midnight shift, Leigh is spending the day in somewhat quiet reflection at the aquarium. It doesn't feed into her need for speed, or her want to be working out, but every so often it's important for one to take some time out and enjoy the finer things in life.

Not that the aquarium is at all in comparison with a museum or a big theatrical production. Mostly, it's just exotic fish.

After spending the majority of the morning enjoying the rain forest, she's decided to wander around a little. Moving past the sea cucumbers, she too stops by the porpoises, watching them silently for a long while, using the reflective glass to keep an eye on what's happening behind her.


Apparently, the aquarium is the place to be. As people from walks of all life filter in and out, one particularly slight bleach blonde ambles her way through the establishment. Her eyes wide with wonder and glazed over with contentment. Or drugs. Or both. Ashley Cooper Enders sticks her hands into the pockets of her thin, purple hoodie, nose wrinkling with intense concentration at the porpoise tank. "Your eye is like, floating above the fat one." She declares out of the blue to Corey, referring to its reflection in the glass of coarse. "It's kinda artistic, almost. Like the eye of God or somethin'."


It's Leigh that catches Brian's attention first and then Corey, or rather their smell, and no that's not weird. The man turns his head away from the crustaceans and green eyes squint curiously in the others direction. Leigh's was more distinctive, that of his own species, and Corey's wasn't too far behind but still different. He removes an ear piece in time to catch Cooper's comment and the Scotsman chuckles faintly as he turns to look as well in the porpoise direction. B' scratches at the stubble along his cheek thoughtfully as is his habit, not yet approaching the tank.


Corey blinks at such the odd comment, causing the Eye of God in the reflection to blink. He starts to laugh, then, a deep, rich sound. "Wow. I've never been accused of being artistic before."

Truthfully, it's not like he was just accused of it, even now. But, it's an excuse for him to offer an easy smile that matches the easy sparkle in those eyes.

Stepping back some from the glass, now, he registers other people around him — the tall fellow with the scruff beard, because the other seems as amused by the exchange as he is; the alertly contemplative brunette nearby, whose freckles and eyes remind him of this girl he knew back in high school; and the statuesque blonde that's actually addressing him. Unconsciously, he straightens out of his casual slouch, drawing himself up to his full height


The alert woman actually rolls her eyes as she hears the outrageous flirtation from the blonde woman. Her body shifts just enough to spy who it is that is being spoken to, and she sniffs once. A more discerning look is given to Corey, but she's not about to come out and say "oh hey, yay Shifter" either. Instead, she draws a small notebook out of her pants pocket, jotting something down from the side of the tank. The location of where the creatures are from, more likely than not.

Sniffling again, almost like she's fighting off hayfever, she turns and glances at Brian. A nod of her head is given to the man, though she's not sure who to focus on at the moment.

As she's not a horrifically outrageous flirt, she shifts a few steps closer to Corey and points to the smaller of the three porpoises. "I think she'd disagree. She's been following you since you started leaning in against the glass."


The smile that spreads Cooper's features is rather dreamy, not at all rooted in reality, and it is with a casual, self-indulgent laugh that she leans back with. "Jus' thought you should know," she offers for no discernible reason other than stating the obvious for its own sake. When a glance over her shoulder reveals a chuckling Scotsman, she quirks her head to the side in a faintly thoughtful manner, smile still plastered on her features. It's a rather amiable look.

"Y'guys got somethin' in common. The three o' you." She declares boldly, nodding towards Leigh to indicate her as the third member, before turning back around to the tanks in order to physically press her hand against the glass. It's as though she's longing to feel the coolness of the water, or stroke the nearest porpoise.


He nods his head in return to Leigh, his lips quirked in an amused grin the entire time. As the other man straightens up B' can't help but wander a little closer to peer into the tank at the gliding creatures. The blonde's comment gets a toothy grin from the Scotsman and Brian nods his head just a tick, "Aye," he rumbles softly. He slides a gaze at her again and shakes his head just a fraction before stuffing his hands in his back pocket. Brian really didn't know anyone in Dallas save for Abbey and Migs' and he wasn't shy but he had this thing about personal space; which is probably why he hasn't wandered TOO close but he does gaze over at the man and the brunette curiously before looking back to the tank; smirk.


"Me?" Corey's momentarily distracted from the blonde by the brunette as she points to one of the porpoises. "Her? Aw, heck no…" A beat. "You think so?" Again, that broad smile.

No, he's not attracted to the porpoise. He just didn't notice the female's flanking movement is all.

He chuckles warmly, now, and gives a dismissive little shrug. "I dunno. I don't speak fish real well."

Cooper's comment about commonality, however, stops him cold. Sure, the brunette seems real friendly like. And the fellow doesn't seem like a bad sort, over all. But, beyond that? He doesn't know these people in the least.

"Eeaaahhh?" he stalls intelligently. A hand comes up, gesturing a quick circle to include them as he regards the blonde. "We all like dolphins?" Porpoises. Whatever.

'Cause, really, if the blonde is making any sort of other suggestion… well, that makes the carpenter a might uneasy.

Though he can't quite help stealing a furtive glance back at them, just 'cause.



"Must be the eyes," Leigh says with a slight shrug. "Besides, porpoise aren't fish, they're mammals." She would tap on the glass, but she knows that's frowned upon by the aquarium, and law and order must be upheld.

As Cooper speaks, Leigh narrows her eyes upon the woman. The only thought in her head is very loud and very pointed. « Bloody telepath, it's not nice to snoop. » The thought is almost accompanied by a feral type inner growl, but she just wants to get the point across.

"Though technically, she's correct, since porpoise are mammals as well." Reiteration of a previous statement.


Cooper doesn't mind the smirks, the baffled looks, or the inner growls her eccentrics seems to be eliciting. She merely exhales in a deep, soul-bearing manner, practically deflating against the cool surface of the glass. "You guys have a lot in common, actually." She clarifies, almost to herself as an afterthought. It's as though she was sent here to mess with their minds or something, what with the vague, faintly dreamy manner with which she makes her declarations.


Brian is rather relaxed about the position their in, which Cooper may notice in the faint amusement of his thoughts, and only slides a curious glance in the blonde's direction. The heated glare from the brunette and the slight tension from the man make the Scotsman refocus his eyes on the water creatures with faint interest. He rocks on his heels idly and glances back to the group, "It's a nice day an we all decided to visit tha aquarium, hm," he drawls with a shrug of his shoulder, that quirked grin never leaving his face. He glances back at them for a brief moment, "Brian Connelly… new to Dallas. Chief editor of the Dallas Dispatch," he drawls in brief introduction to no one specific.


See? That's the problem, really. Corey's a shifter, this is true. But, he's not a werewolf. And, as such, has no other enhancements of any sort… not scent, not sound, no reflexes or strength, either, much to his chagrin… Nuthin' but his absurd sense of humor and affable charm.

Such as it is.

And though he likes to play the blue-collar tradesman, he's no stupe, either.

He smiles affably to the brunette as she gives the info about the mammalian nature of tank's denizens. "Yeah, I guess that's true." As is the truth that he knew that particular tidbit of trivia. It is, in fact, the whole reason he was studying them. Never know when an underlying understanding of such creatures just might come in handy.

As it is, however, he turns back to regard the blonde, studying her almost intently as he was the porpoises. "Mebbe we do," he concedes, head canting as he watches her deflate against the glass. "But, why hold yourself aloof? You don't look any different than us, to me.

Hey. He can handle 'Sin de Lopper', who's pretty much crazier than anyone Corey's ever likely to meet. 'Cameron Dreamy' can't be nearly all that bad in comparison, right?

As Brian introduces himself, however, Corey rebounds some, flashing the other fellow an easy grin. "Editor, huh? Sounds cool. I'm Corey Coleman. If you ever wanna do a piece on the inner city community rejuvenation projects, you let me know, huh?"


Leigh normally doesn't bother checking such things. She's forging out on her own, and while she's willing to help the Muea Tseena Pack of Dallas, she's not exactly a member. She's got her own pack back home that she fully intends to return to when the timing is right. Still she's keeping her eyes on the Shifter at the moment, rather than the other werewolf.

"Of course it's true, says so right there." Her pen points out to tap the plaque on the side of the tank, and she winks at him. There's every chance that he saw it and was just being goofy with the fish thing. Officer Rossum can be nice once in a while.

Leigh does stop herself from explaining why dreamy mcdreamer is holding herself apart. It comes in the form of chewing on her lower lip in a contemplative manner. "You the Coleman working out at the housing projects in West Dallas?" It's not her beat anymore, but she likes to keep abreast of what's going on in the city, now that she's come to consider it her own.

"Leigh," she offers by way of a name. No surname, no profession.


Cooper allows her eyes to close, before she ends up twirling around to face the three of them, grey eyes flashing open with discernment. "I ain't aloof," her accent marks her as a Southern Belle by birth, her copious drawl hinting towards the lower echelon when it comes to economic status. "I'm lots of stuff, but not aloof. And we are all alike kind of of. Me too. But like…I'm me. And you aren't." It makes sense in her addled mind. Really, it does. She does offer Leigh more recognition with a wry curl of her lips though. "She don't like me much already, so maybe that's why I'm all aloof?" When everyone begins introducing themselves, they are all inspected. One by one, they are eyed and carefully so. But for the time being, she offers no moniker of identification.


Brian nods his head to Leigh as well as Corey and grins faintly, "Aye I'll definitely get in touch with ye," he murmurs. The Scotsman listens to the blonde speak without looking directly at her, that quirk to his lips still present. A brow arches curiously but his green eyes don't leave the tank. He's completely at ease, listening but not really getting involved. When Cooper begins to eyeball them each individually his green eyes cut to her with a faint grunt before he lets them attach back on the tank. He was a quiet man but he didn't miss much around him.


Corey gives Brian a brief, easy nod at his acknowledgment. Leigh, however, gets a full, boyish grin as she points out that plaque. Seems to him, she's just playing along. He likes that.

"Yeah," he says in answer to her question. "That's me. The only other Coleman I know in this city's trying to convince a bunch of teenagers that history text books aren't as boring as they seem." A beat. "Though that don't mean there ain't more out there." Coleman's not exactly an uncommon name, though it can't be said to be ubiquitous, either.

He gives her a warm smile, nonetheless. "Nice t'meetcha, Leigh."

Cooper's sudden focus causes him to blink again… and then arch a light brow. A wry smile touches his lips. Oh, look! He got a reaction.

He rolls his shoulders, now, crossing his arms over his chest and leaning casually against the nearest pillar. One shin crosses over the other, the toe of his workboot kicking the concrete floor as it lands on the outside of his other foot. "No kiddin', huh?" he drawls in response. "Well, I guess I can't argue with that. You're definitely you, we definitely aren't. So that's fair enough…"

He studies her once more, expression light, even playful, head canted curiously, now.


"For obvious and not so obvious reasons," Leigh says in response to her disliking Cooper. Something about the woman just irks her. Likely the telepathy, but then she begins scrutinizing the blonde now with a lot more of an eagle eye. After a few moments, she's fairly certain she knows what the issue is and it only causes her to frown.

"Hmm? History books can be pretty boring. Least favorite subject, honestly." Except when it came to Pack history, but that's another story altogether. "There is a lot more out there in the world, definitely. And it's a pleasure to meet you as well Mr. Coleman." A warm smile is returned in his direction. "Though I would suggest…" A wry glance is given to Cooper, then another tiny contemplative bite of the lip. She would love to say something to him, but so long as Cooper is behaving herself, she's not going to pull rank.


Cooper apparently seems intent on putting on something of a show. Brian has lucked out with this bit of people-watching. While she had been in the process of scouting out the Scotsman, her attention swivels over towards Leigh with a surprising amount of alacrity. And despite her general loopiness, despite how murky and vague her words may sound, there is a sharp intelligence shining in the back of her eyes. Slowly, deliberately, she offers the brunette a broad grin. "Y'dislike me 'cause you're insecure 'bout yourself. 'Cause you got secrets you want ta keep secret. 'Cause you're afraid of what I can do and what I can say…and probably 'cause I'm blonde too. Y'all are way jealous. Ever stop'n think that all that energy would be better suited ta focusin' inwards, instead of outwards? S'like…haven't you watched Mean Girls yet?"

Ahem. Now that she's done with her brutal, slightly comical display of honesty, Cooper can peer over towards Corey. "You…you're confused, ain't you? Jus' a bit? Y'can't figure me out, so y'all're…fascinated by me. Almost a bit condescendin' like. The both of you." Glancing over to Brian proves that he's included in this assessment. "But that's cool. I would be too, probably. I'm Cooper."


Brian does turn his head towards the blonde as she speaks and he can't help but laugh; a sort of dry scoff really. He runs his fingers threw his hair and folds his arms across his chest thoughtfully as green eyes focus fully on Cooper. She's special but he can't deny that she's right about him being curious. Her attack on the other woman however gets an arched brow and B' decides that his cue to dip out of attack range, or have part in cleaning up in shed blood. The Scotsman clears his throat, "Was a pleasure to meet ye all," he drawls, somewhat hesitantly and nods his head faintly, "Have a nice evening," he gives that amused smirk to Cooper before nodding warmly to Leigh and Corey. With that he pops his ear pieces back in, turns his ipod on and heads for the front door, pace casual and in no real hurry.


Corey gives Brian a light nod as the Scotsman takes his leave.

Now, personally, the Texan wouldn't say he's feeling condescending, particularly… unless he considers the fact that he's pretty much grouped the girl in with Loopy Lous like Ronnie Potts. In that case… well, it's probably a fair assessment. As for fascinated? Sure. On some level.

"Nice t'meetcha, Cooper." he says now. His affable smile remains, that farmboy-comes-to-the-city expression that tends to be fairly effective at setting people to ease. "Guess I am a little confused… Y'could just make it simple and come right out with what you're drivin' at," he says amiably enough. "I mean," he flips his hand in a light, general gesture that somehow references her attack/counterattack on Leigh, "you're obviously not shy at all." He chuckles, "Though, I gotta say… if all you're on about is just to make folks squirm, or at least tryin' to guess all their secrets, it's no wonder nice folks like Miss Leigh here get a might defensive, doncha think? Everyone's got secrets. Even if it's nuthin' more pressin' than how how much beer they put in their steak marinade. Ain't too many, though, that like such things aired before strangers."

He straightens once more, however, letting his hands fall to his sides and his feet set steadily beneath him.

He gives Leigh a reassuring smile. Her suggestion, unfinished as it was, hasn't really gone unnoticed. And he really is beginning to like the woman. She's comfortable, in some way. That just might be a clue, really. "I wasn't a big fan of history, either," he admits to her. "I liked shop class and phys ed., myself. Best parts of the day were recess and final bell." He gives a friendly wink that's not quite flirty. Just friendly.


Another nod is given to Brian as he makes his departure. It's not as though Leigh is going to go out and hunt down other werewolves in the area, that's not her job. That can be left for people like Donato.

Choosing to address Corey first, she fires him another smile. "I do appreciate a man who's willing to stand up for someone he barely knows, Mr. Coleman. Thank you." She clears her throat a few times, answering the rest of what he says as well, before dealing with Cooper. "Phys ed. was a big class for me as well. Though I did enjoy the social sciences and law."

Which is probably going to not come as a big shock to anyone in a second.

Finally addressing the blonde, her friendly and affable demeanor is gone. "Actually, Cooper, I dislike you because you're high on V, which is an illegal substance." Officer Rossum has seen it quite a few times down at the precinct. "The look in the eyes, the completely dreamy attitude, the mouthing off where you shouldn't be? Classic signs." The frown deepens significantly. There is another reason that Leigh dislikes the woman, but she's not about to reveal another's secret in a petty fashion. It's not her style. "Everyone has secrets, Cooper, even you."

Her hand dips into her other pocket, and she pulls out the badge. "Now, we can do this the easy way, or the hard way. I can issue you a citation for public intoxication, and you will be made aware that a second offence won't be so lenient. Or we can spend some time down at the station."


"You've been judgin' me since a'fore I even spoke. Makin' your self-righteous claims without even knowin' what I'm about since the moment I walked over, for no reason other'n your spite." Cooper is not shy, not in the slightest. And she does not hesitate, nor does she back down in face of the accusations piled against hers. No - her stare is unforgiving and intense. "Where there's smoke, there's fire. And you been smokin' all over the place." She does smile though, proudly, openly. "No secrets here. I'm jus' psychic. In fact, if y'need a readin', look me up. Guaranteed to satisfy." She is not fearful about revealing her great secret - but then again, why should she be? Who in their right mind would take a professional psychic's claim seriously, after being outed on V?

"The easy way. I want ta go home now." It's almost polite, the way with which she crosses her arms behind her chest, as though shy.


Cop. Yeah. That'd explain a lot about Leigh.

Corey smiles wryly, now, giving a light nod that seems to say 'oh, hey, anytime…' in response to her initial compliment. However, he's not sayin' anything, now that the badge has come out. He's not getting between the two women, and he's not going to risk doing anything he thinks might egg Cooper on or piss Leigh off further. Thus, the man simply takes a step back out of the way, towards the porpoise tank.

Wonder if that flirty female is still following him…


"Self-righteous claims about what, pray tell? That you're on V?" Officer Rossum simply shakes her head, and then glances over at Corey. "Please excuse us a moment, Mr. Coleman." It's said in an entirely apologetic manner. Had Cooper not gone running off at the mouth, Leigh really would have left well enough alone. But causing a public disturbance, coupled with usage of an illegal substance? She can't let that slide.

Motioning Cooper off to the side, so that the children can view the porpoise tank without oogling the citation, she switches the badge for the notebook once more, and begins filling out the paperwork. "I would much rather not have to find you in this condition again. Believe me, I'm a Hell of a lot more lenient than the circuit judge who would wind up with your case." She waits to get Cooper's last name before signing off on the official warning, and holding it out to the woman.


"You want ta play that game, fine. But you, an' I, an' God sure know what you were thinkin'." Cooper points out simply, going out of her way to roll her eyes deliberately when she apologizes to Corey. "You want to keep your public face. That's fine. Don't change the truth of the matter, thought. It's Enders. Cooper Enders." When the citation is finished, she plucks it out of the other woman's hand, before walking off. "You need to work on fixin' that. It ain't healthy or becomin' of you. Bye, Officer Rossum. Bye, Corey Coleman." And, with that, her blonde head of hair disappears as the woman wanders to some other part of the aquarium, unwilling to allow one particularly spiteful brunette to ruin her evening.


Corey leans casually back against the pillar again, as Cooper takes her leave. That wry smile stays on his lips as he watches the retreat. Can't say he's really sorry to see her go.

"Heck of a thing," he says then, giving Leigh that smile as she's freed from duty once more. "I know the brochure said the aquarium was full of surprises, but somehow I don't think she's on the guided tour."


The comment, catching her quite off guard, causes Officer Rossum to laugh, and return to being just plain Leigh. A smile is flashed quickly in his direction, and she points to the little porpoise again. "She's got her eye on you, Mr. Coleman. Something tells me your a bit of a Southern charmer."

She's not allowing herself to be completely distracted though, a glance given to where Cooper took her departure. "Just a fair warning, it would likely behoove you to watch your thoughts around that one." The only thing she will say to establish Cooper as anything more than a drugged up kook.


See, the real problem with that statement is that Corey doesn't believe in psychics. They weren't covered in his parents' Supernatural 101 primer course, as a kid. Shifting in all its various forms, the differences between Shifters and Werewolves, sure… all that was covered. Vampires? Well, that's pretty much a given. But, psychics and witches fall into the 'could be true, could be bunk' category of things that go bump in the night.

"Who? Me?" he says, instead choosing the answer the charger of 'charmer'. "Naw… I was just raised to treat people right, 'sall. My mother and daddy'd be right put out with me if I didn't stand up for what's right, mind my p's and q's."

Translation? Yeah. He's something of a Southern charmer.

"Though, if it upsets you, you just let me know. I'll do my best to tone it down." Again, that friendly-not-creepy-not-quite-flirtatious wink.

It's the genuine good humor that sparkles in his eyes that does it, you know… keeps him from coming across as a shark-toothed slimeball. Which is good.

'Cause he ain't.


Quite the opposite, Leigh is well-versed in the supernatural world, and sometimes she wishes she wasn't. It would definitely make her job a whole lot easier, being as how she wouldn't have to cover-up the supernatural world's mistakes.

"Yeah, you," Leigh says with a laugh. "Well you tell your mama and daddy that I think you're an upright citizen then, so they must've done the job right."

Folding the little notebook closed once more, she slips it into her pocket, and turns back to the porpoises momentarily. "Contrary to what you've just seen, I'm actually quite difficult to upset."


Corey turns up the wattage on that farmboy smile of his. "I'll be sure and tell them," he promises. "And I'm pleased to hear it. Though, to be fair, I don't blame you for bein' up set with Miss Enders. She was a might off-puttin'."

His head cants some. "I suppose you see more of that than you'd like on job, huh?"


"Unfortunately. Drainers, and V-usage is a bit of a problem in Dallas." Leigh exhales a slow, exasperated sigh. "It's illegal, but since vampires don't have a lot of the same rights as normal-folk, it's hard to get charges to stick."

Were Leigh the type to swoon, she might just at that bright farmboy smile. "Mm. Her type does have a tendency to come off that way." It's all the snooping into the brains of others that does it, she'd reckon. "I should commend you for working out in West Dallas. Most of the folks around here have written it off. It was my old beat though, and I think a revitalization of the area would do wonders."


"Oh, I got no doubt of it," Corey says, then, eyeing the tank for a moment, seeing if that dolphin is indeed following him. He tries moving a pace or two to the right and then back to his original position.

It makes him chuckle.

But, he returns his attention to the conversation quickly enough. "I grew up in Houston. A guy I trained under as an apprentice, he did a lot with inner city volunteer stuff. He retired a couple of years back. They named a basket ball court after him. People in the neighborhood were real grateful for the fact he helped 'em clean up their streets." He grins at the turn of phrase, meaning it differently from how a cop might say it. "I mean refurbishing, of course. Anyway. He taught me a lot… mostly 'bout dealing with people. You give people a place to be proud of, something they can be invested in — in a good way — and they'll protect it, make sure it gets taken care of properly. Just takes time, is all."


The little porpoise following him about is enough to make Leigh laugh again. "So charming, you can even charm a porpoise." There is a minute shake of her head, and poor Leigh is not at all certain if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

"It's still quite commendable, Mr. Coleman. These days, most would rather rush to get another skyscraper up to turn a profit, instead of spending their time on something that will change the lives of a lot of people." Her eyes flick back to the tank briefly. "I know what you're doing is nothing like that Habitat for Humanity program, but if you're ever in need of volunteers, just let me know."


Corey is just that good.

Of course, with his luck, the porpoise will turn out to be a crazy, stalky shifter with an eye for tall blonds… But, on the bright side, he now has a friend (he hopes!) on the police force. So, it's all good.

"I'll do that," he says with a smile. "And, please… Call me Corey. When you say, Mr. Coleman, I think you're talking to my dad… or you're about 10 years younger, talking to my brother." A beat. "Neither of which is preferable."


There is a brief flitter of shock in her eyes, but Leigh is quick to blink it away. "It must be nice to have a sibling. I've got to say, I envy you." The officer isn't one to really use first names all that much. Years of being on a male-majority force. "Corey it is then," she says, without stumbling at all on it.

Reaching into her back pocket, she pulls out a small stack of cards. Some have the DPD logo emblazoned on them, some are a little more plain. Both have the same information, just sometimes it's better not to flash the DPD shield too much. It's one of the plain ones that she extracts from the stack, and offers to him. "I can't claim to have ever successfully built anything, but I'm a fair hand at cleaning things up and I don't mind getting dirty."


Well, y'know, even if she just called him 'Coleman', it'd be fine. It's the 'Mr.' that throws him.

He takes the card with a light smile, pulling out his own wallet and, after noting the info on it with a brief glance, sliding it into a free fold. He flips past a couple of pictures — a lynx, a black cat, and a couple of family clusters — and then pulls out a business card of his own, emblazoned across the top with the words 'Coleman Contracting'. "I'll definitely keep that in mind, then," he promises, handing over his own card. "Feel free to call me, too, if you need anything. Or even if you just get bored and feel a need to tease the dolphins."

He puts his wallet back into his pocket.

"It's been real nice meeting you, Miss Leigh."


The proffered card is taken, and slipped into her own little stack. It may not be as organized as his wallet, but she'll be able to find it quickly once she gets home to change for shift.

Her right eyebrow arches up slightly at the boredom part, but she smiles. "Will do. Never know when the need'll arise to tease the porpoises." Leigh bites her lip again to keep from pointing out the differences between porpoise and dolphin, or to keep from remarking on the odd mixture of images in his wallet.

Holding her hand out to him, for a shake before departure, she adds, "I do believe Mister Corey," this added quite teasingly, "That the pleasure was all mine."


"Porpoises, right." He grins, perhaps a trifle impishly, perfectly happy with her tone. Jerking his head in the direction of the female that eyes him, his grin widens. "You know, mebbe that's why she's followin' me. Trying to get me to say it right."

Regardless, he takes the officer's hand in a warm, polite grasp, releasing it just as politely. He's about to turn away when a thought occurs to him. "Oh, say. Are you at all involved in the police department athletics league? Or something like that? Maybe we can set up a community basket ball game at the community center in support of the rejuvenation project. Good PR for the force; good PR for the project." Raising a hand in farewell, he smiles.

"Think about it."

And he takes his leave.

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