Faith in Faith

Ravello Condominium

Sparse and elegant, the over-sized sunken lobby at the Ravello is designed to make visitors feel both welcome by the comforts, and in awe at that minutest of details. Beige marble is polished in such a way that even in the dimmest of lights, it shines. The walls are paneled with the richest of walnuts, each bearing a crystal sconce on either end with a large, gilded mirror in the center.
Across from the doors is a large, tall doorman's desk, made of the same walnut as the walls so as not to be overly intrusive. Fresh flowers always adorn the marble top, and the man behind the desk continually casts a wary eye upon those seeking to gain entry. Off to the side of this are handsomely incised bronze elevator doors, waiting to take visitors and those that live here to whatever floor they wish to go to.
In one corner, a luxurious seating area has been provided for guests to wait in, the couch and both chairs covered with a soft cream colored satin, the arms gilded with gold. In the opposite corner, the doorway to the pool.

Despite not really having been invited, here Wit is. It's not quite dark yet thanks to the lengthening days of almost-summer. He stands in the lobby of the condominium, scratching at his mop of black hair as he looks over the doorman's desk. The doorman is currently in the bathroom — or doing a variety of doormanish activities. Wit is left to his own devices for the time being, which consist of diving over the doorman's desk in order to glance towards whatever book is the closest. One's logic would dictate it'll be a record of who lives there and who has been in and out. Unfortunately for Wit this isn't the 1940s, and he gets a handful of Penthouse. At first he looks disgusted… then decidedly appreciative before closing the magazine and glancing around again. Thankfully Wit's had the common sense to get a bit cleaned up today — white button down shirt, black slacks… and red sneakers. But you can't fault a guy for wanting comfort!

The days have been filled with dressing better, fancier perhaps, but more out of comfort. Sundresses are the name of the game, since they are light and allow most of her bandages to show. This keeps her cool and not itchy. The doorman should be fired, in her opinion, since he also allowed for her to be attacked not all that long ago. It actually is no surprise to Faith as she exits an elevator that he is nowhere to be found. She is currently bandaged on one side of her neck, the opposite shoulder and in various places down her arms and legs. Yet this doesn't seem to keep the young woman from being out and about, or looking for some fast food. Her route to the door is stopped when she notices first the red sneakers and then a very out of place person. Even if she didn't already know him she'd like this style. "Hey." Not the best of greetings but the best she can afford a she makes her way to him.

"Rose!" Wit cries out rather happily, making his way over towards the woman. When he spots her bandages, he frowns deeply. "Jesus. I'd THOUGHT I'd heard something about you in the papers…" Again. He doesn't tack on the last part, nor does he attempt to lean in and hug her. She's healing, he's willing to give her space. "I've missed you. Other than the bandage couture, you're looking well. That Ivan still treating you alright? Saw him dumpin' ice cream on your sister's head on the news a while back." He lets out a little chuckle before reaching up to rake his fingers through his hair. He comes in a little closer, but still makes no moves for any touching. Poor Wit is at a loss for words. Their friendship has been troubled, plagued by vampires and wolf attacks… what can you say to that? Sorry about your life?

At least someone doesn't believe everything that is in the gossip mags. "Yeah, well, rumor has it I made up the whole thing for attention. Totally sounds like me, right?" He may be hesitating but she sure doesn't. Faith moves to give him a nice, solid hug since it has been a while. "Other than the drama that is life, things seem pretty good. I haven't done anything stupid this week so that's a good thing, right?" It is only Monday but Rose usually has one good screw up a day. "And yeah, Hope and Ivan don't really get along. I don't think that they ever will." Such is life. Her life. "But what about you? You have some big news?" He did leave her a voice message, after all. "What's going on?"

"There's no way." Wit says simply, matter-of-factly. No way in a million years would he ever believe that. He hugs her gently, not wanting to aggravate her wounds. "You never do anything stupid. You're truly a victim of circumstance, I'm afraid." He grins at her, reaching up to chuck underneath her chin before he offers her his arm. "Let's take a walk. There's a pool here, right?" He doesn't make any comment about Hope and Ivan. Not his business, and there are better things to discuss. "Right! I got into law school nearby. I'm going to be a lawyer after all!" Wit says, grinning at Rose.

Despite the seriousness of some of the things she's fallen into, or the claims that the media are making about her, all Faith can do is laugh. "I'm pretty sure that people should keep me around to suck up all of their bad luck. I might even be able to market my ability to be a walking target." This is said with only the best of intentions as Rose takes the offered arm. A hand points in the direction of the pool are as her eyes already do well to scout. If a Vivien shows up she's going to show Wit a side of her she never dreamed she would. "A lawyer?" It isn't disbelief in her tone but rather a sense of awe. "That's great! Have you celebrated yet? We really should celebrate. That's the best thing I've heard in a long time!"

Wit reaches up to run his fingers through Rose's hair gently. It's not really terribly lecherous, just a familiar, soothing touch from a good friend. "Walking target? Now. I don't think that Ivan would let that happen. I'd like to say that I wouldn't, but I haven't exactly been around a lot, have I? I'm sorry for that." Wit frowns a bit and squeezes the woman's arm as he lets her lead him on. "I haven't really celebrated yet, no. I've been getting everything ready. I'm actually taking this seriously. Not too serious though. You can still tell me lawyer jokes. I'll probably agree with all of them." He grins and takes in a breath, digging his other hand down into his pocket.

There's nothing lecherous about him at all. He's the first friend she ever made in Dallas. Hope at one time even suggested that the two should date. In the end it merely is comforting so she'll be the last one to complain. "Well, it's true. I've seen and done it all in the last few months. Witches, werewolves, vampires, psychics. I'm beginning to wonder how I'm not back in a crazy bin." Rose's free hand comes to rest on the arm that she's currently holding as she shakes her head. "We all have our lives to live, and you've been busy. That's okay. It just makes it even better when I see you!" The young woman chuckles at his comments about being a lawyer. "I have issues with politicians every day. I'm sure I can work a few good lawyer jokes in, too." A pause. "Though it's good you don't take it too seriously. You have to keep a bit of that free spirit you have."

"Psychics too? Witches? Bloody…" He trails off there and shakes his head. Wit can't even begin to fathom these intricacies right now. It's something he'll consider later, maybe. Some things people just aren't meant to know — and he's generally sorry that Rose knows them. "Hey, if you still want that job with me, I could use it. My vampire friend hasn't come around in a while. I think he's moved on. I make a habit of not inviting strange vampires in now." Despite his quiet chuckle, it seems a serious enough comment. "Life is all about free spirit and free will, Rose. I hate to sound wise beyond my years, but you should always take that into consideration. Sometimes you just gotta say 'screw it' and do what you want to do. Even if you want to become a bloodsucking, bottomfeeding lawyer." He winks before clearing his throat and grinning over at her. "Not literally bloodsucking, of course. There are some things even /I/ won't do."

There she goes, saying too much. These are things she's not really even mentioned to Hope in great detail so she feels the need to talk to someone about them. Sadly she doesn't have an entire arsenal of friends to pick and choose from. So for now she'll allow the topic to drop as if she'd not mentioned it at all. "Well, I had a part time job as a lifeguard for a while, but my injuries kind of stopped that." As it should. "So I'd like it, if it's still there. Besides, it'd be helping you and that would be worth anything." Wit does sound wise beyond his years so Rose just looks at him. "I always liked that about you. Heck, it's because of you I got my tattoo. Hope didn't like it but she doesn't like anything." Fuddy duddy. For a moment she's almost afraid that he is speaking about being a vampire. "It's good that you're not one. I mean, an actual blood sucker. Your friend was nice and all but I just have issues with them anymore. Which I need to get over but baby steps, you know?"

Wit lets out a chuckle. "Theo's a good sort. He means well. Wouldn't hurt a fly. Comes on a little too strong for some people's likings though, I think." He gives Rose's arm a faint squeeze and nods to her as he listens. "Lifeguard, hmm? I bet the young men enjoyed that. …God, listen to me. Young men." He lets out a quiet snort before shaking his head and sighing. "Baby steps are good. Sometimes you have to do them. They're necessary, you know… before you can leap headfirst into something. Sometimes I wish I took baby steps, but by then it's too late to go back. You're smarter than I am. Never let anyone call you crazy either."

"He's a vampire." An immediate response before she catches herself. "So is my old best friend, I found out. So I know that stereotyping is a bad thing and I need to get over it, but it's hard. Like I think about the ones I trusted and I just feel stupid." If it weren't for Tripp she'd not give any of them a chance, really. Rose finds that her cheeks begin to turn red at what he's saying so she decides to look down. "I really don't think so. Being the Queen of Crazy does wonders for your reputation." Yet she's laughing. "And listen to you, like you're all old now. You can't be much older than I am, and I'm not old." Even if the conversation is carrying a serious overtone she's taking it all with a smile. "I am crazy, though. I know it, and I can live with that. But don't say that I'm smarter than you! I'm just a spoiled little girl that's too afraid to face the world. You've seen things and done things that I've never even thought of, I bet. And I'm jealous."

He's not really upset with the 'he's a vampire' answer. He understands it well enough and is willing to let it go. But he IS surprised about her old best friend being a vampire. "It's hard to get past some things, Rose. And I think in your position it's understandable to have trust issues." He laughs quietly at her quip about his age, nodding before he shrugs his shoulders. "Rose, the bottom line is that MOST people are insane. There's no such thing as normal, anyway. Trust me. And I don't count you as a spoiled little girl. I grew up in a mansion for God's sake. I'm the spoiled one. I have a trust fund the size of Laos!" He gives her a faint squeeze and winks at her, turning to look at her. "What is it that you want to do with life, Rose?"

Anyone who knows the story of how the twins came to be in Texas may be surprised to find out that Tripp isn't really dead. He's not alive, but he's not dead. Pesky vampires. "I don't know. It's almost funny that I have trust issues again. I never trusted anyone when I was younger; only Tripp and Hope. Then I went to the funny farm and trusted everyone. Polar extremes much?" She's not speaking nonsense like she was when they first met so that's at least a sign of some improvement. "I really don't let it bother me. I know that there's nothing that I can do about it. Someone went in and did something to my mind that they shouldn't and it can't be fixed. I like who I am. And it doesn't matter if I come from money or don't, I'm still spoiled. Everyone's been taking such good care of me and I haven't done much in return." Faith's family isn't rich but they're far from hurting so she is somewhat spoiled. The question about her life causes the woman to just stare at him, almost confused. "Three years ago I could have spelled out my entire life for you. Right now? I just want to live. I want to see and do before I don't get a chance to. There's always room to be grown up, too, but I'm tired of being sheltered. I can't say that I want to do something with my life like you have by getting into law school. But then again I have two years of my life to make up for."

Wit chuckles very quietly and then stops chuckling abruptly. Is she talking about genuine mind rape? He reaches out and squeezes her shoulder a little bit, biting his own lip as he tries to form a coherent thought about people playing /in her brain/. "God… Rose. I'm just so…" Pissed. Hasn't this girl been through enough? A person's mind should be their own. He tries to put it aside, not to alarm her with how much red he's seeing. "I'm almost positive that the people who are taking care of you wouldn't have it any other way. You have a way about you." When she starts to answer his question, Wit's anger subsides a little bit. He grins briefly. "That's a goal, Rose. You're a survivor, no matter what you or anyone else thinks. If you want to live, you're going to do it. Until you can decide? Just live it to the fullest. Best thing you can do. Having regrets is better than not having any."

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