Enchanted Evening

ARtistik Talisman Studios

It's an art studio. A cluttered, bohemian, art studio. One wall is a mess of various artwork and trinkets, mirrors, clocks, a small shelf filled with art books and records, old lamps, fans; pretty much everything the resident artist has ever worked on or treasured. To the right of the studio is a wall filled with neatly organized drawers filled with paints and brushes, several easels with unfinished paintings, a small pottery wheel and kiln, a sculpture stand, and a table filled with implements to create jewelry.

Evening is upon the city of Dallas, which generally means that the ARtistik Talisman Studios is closing up shop. Tonight appears to be different, as the shop remains open. Loud classical music can be heard through the open door, and Scarlett Fontane, proprietress extraordinaire is seated at her jewelry table. On the agenda for tonight is a new piece — one that she really wishes she didn't need to even try to create.
A small black choker rests upon her lap, the small charm meant to dangle from it is cupped within both hands, and the utmost focus is being put into it. Her eyes are closed, and though she can hear the world around her she's quite oblivious to it as she finishes weaving the anti-vampiric magic charm.

Knock knock! Somewhere along the way Carter has realized that going to a lady's house without some sort of gift is probably rude in some cultures. He's managed to pick some lilacs (out of someone else's yard, no less) and wrap them up in a paper towel he found fluttering in the breeze. Yeah, that looks totally professional. He pokes his head into the studio and smiles at Scarlett, moving over to the table. "Sorry I'm a little late." Quick, think of an excuse! "There was a… I stopped to pick these for you. They're a little smooshed…" Because he was whiteknuckling them.

Luckily the spell is ending. It's still another minute or so before Scarlett opens her eyes and turns to smile at her guest. With the charm still in hand, she gets up to shut the music off. "Is it that late already?" A quick glance at the clock tells her so. With the choker sticking to her jeans, she whips it up and then attaches the little unicorn shaped charm. Tying it around her neck, she smiles. "Lilacs! They're lovely, Carter, thank you."
Looking to her rather messy wall of odds and ends, she grabs an antique vase and heads to the small sink. Filling it, she returns to him so that she can unwrap the lilacs and set them into the vase, one little branch at a time. "They'll unsmoosh."

He quirks a brow at the mojo that Scarlett is weaving, although makes no immediate comment. He's polite enough not to pry despite his utter inclination to do so. "Pretty necklace. And you're welcome. I wish I could have found something… red. It would have complimented you better. And I'm not even being a smart aleck." He winks before he moves to sit down, reaching up to wipe his forehead a bit.

"Thanks. Taking it out for a test run before I give it to my sister." She brushes her fingers over the unicorn, and then grins. "Anti-vampire magic. Apparently there's some vampire in the city that has more issues with Ivan than I do, and he's been bugging my baby sister." Giving Carter a strange look at the red comment, she sets the flowers on a table by the window. "I love lilacs, actually." The color of them is one of her favorites. As an afterthought she adds, "The vampire is apparently, or was apparently a witch. Nice to know that they can be all powerful, and hurt people I care for."

"A vampire bugging your sister?" Carter frowns deeply. He can sympathize — baby sisters are a tricky thing. He reaches up and crosses his arms over his chest before shaking his head. "That's awful. I'm sorry. Is there anything I might be able to do to help? If I'd been thinking about it, we might have been able to work a bit of magic together. I'm a bit rusty, but it might have made a little difference…" He trails off there and frowns. "A vampire witch. I've heard about that happening. They say it's rare. Really rare. But I guess not damned rare enough."

"Dietrich Eberle." Once she got home last night, the name was remembered properly. Scarlett offers him a sweet little smile, and shakes her head. "No, I think it may be being handled." Though it appears that this whole ordeal has her a bit scatterbrained. "Were we going out? If so, you mind if I run up to change? Otherwise, you're more than welcome to come into the back and actually, I don't know, sit down and be comfortable." At the offer of help, she touches the unicorn again. "We can work on something if this one doesn't work. I'd actually really appreciate the help, Park Boy."

Carter nods a little bit. "I hope it does work out. Not that I don't want to work with you, but you know." Carter shakes his head, motioning towards the stairs. "Go ahead, I don't mind. We can stay in if you want. I'd understand if you're not really comfortable going out right now." Dietrich Eberle. He files away that name for later. Despite his job as errand jockey at the mayor's office, he does have SOME connections. He's sure Ivan's probably already looked into it, but another set of hands can't help.

It's not a matter of not wanting to go out. Scarlett has just honestly forgotten what their plans were. "Just do me a favor? Flip the sign to closed, and lock the door? I was staying open a bit later tonight since I was out this morning." She'll get into that a little after she changes into something a bit fresher. "Then come on back, and make yourself at home. It's not much, but it's cozy." Starting for the backroom, she gets several steps before turning around to collect her lilacs. They'll look nice on the little table.

Carter is fairly good at doing what he's told. And thus he does in fact flip the sign and lock the door. He makes his way back towards the apartment and grins at Scarlett as he looks around as they enter the apartment. "Hey, not bad. Don't sell it short. Home is home. I like it. So, how is your sister? She isn't hurt or anything, is she?" Carter asks with some worry. He's not trying to ruin their happy funtime plans, but.

He's not going to get a response, poor guy. At least not for a little bit. He'll likely hear movement above him, and shuffling feet. Scarlett ran up there, after grabbing a pile of laundry that was left on the futon, and rushing it upstairs. Not her clothing, but Trey's. When she comes back down, her hair is slightly messy, but at least she's managed to change. Wearing a sleeveless red dress that stops just above her knees that's decorated along the edging and at the waist with a dark brown lace pattern. The choker is still around her neck, giving her a slightly whimsical look.
Just in case they're supposed to be going out.
"She's fine. She wasn't hurt, just more curious than anything, I think. I mean about why the vampire has such a hard-on for Ivan."

Carter is none the wiser to anyone's misplaced clothing. "Wow… that's… that dress is amazing," Carter says when Scarlett reappears. Like he's going to take her out NOW and let all kinds of other guys see her. PFFT. "I…please never use your brother's name and that word in the same sentence again." He can't barely keep from laughing, despite the fact that it IS a serious situation. "Sorry. I don't blame her. But curiosity isn't a good thing, really. It… you know, the cat." He lets out a sigh and crosses over to Scarlett, smiling at her.

"Thanks," Scarlett says, twirling twice as she reaches the bottom of the stairs. "Yeah, sorry for the imagery there, but it's true. The vampire has something for Ivan, and just won't let it go. I have nothing against vampires, but I do have something against one that's meaning to harass my family." Waiting for Carter to approach her since she's not sure why he's advancing, she grins. "Well curiosity is a good thing in some cases, but there's better ways to satiate it." She whisks a hand through her hair to give it some semblance of tidiness, and sighs. "It's why I've been considering starting a back-to-the-roots Coven here in Dallas."

"A coven?" Carter asks, tilting his head at Scarlett. He stops just short of her, giving her a bit of space. He's not actually sure what's appropriate these days… not that he's ever been sure about it. "Wow. I don't actually think I've heard of a functioning one. My mom was in one with her sisters, until they had a big falling out. Family magic, you know." He pauses, frowning a little bit. "Just let me know if there's anything I can do to help. I'm sorry that… this guy is harrassing your family. Even if it IS Ivan and all." What he's probably trying to say is that she and her sister don't deserve this.

Things are awkward for a moment, since Scarlett isn't at all sure where they're at. This is entirely different to her, since she's usually so touchy-feely. After a few seconds, she reaches out for his hand and starts to lead him to the futon. It's not as comfortable as a couch, but it's far more comfortable than standing out in the shop. "Our family has one, but the problem is I disagree with what it stands for." A small frown causes her brow to crease as she seats herself, but then she wafts it away. "Like I said, back to the basics. A general gathering once a month to help each other with our own magic and to teach what we know, coupled with the Sabbat celebrations." She waits until he's seated. "I'd like you to be a part of it, Carter."

Carter is happy enough to be led towards the futon by Scarlett. He sits down beside her and watches her carefully. "That sounds… really kind of awesome actually." But then he's pretty surprised when she says she wants him to be a part of it. His eyes widen, and he tilts his head a bit. "Wow. Really? That'd be… well, I don't like being redundant, but it would be awesome. Really. I'd be honored if you'd have me. I'm not sure what good I would do… but I'd definitely try."

She's not yet released his hand, so she just sort of holds it while sitting. It's a bit cutesy, but it's fitting too. Scarlett smiles at him and nods. "Yes, I would like it very much. A true Coven needs at least three members before it can take hold in the community, and you have skill in… trinkets and the like as well." Her fingers grace the unicorn again, and she smiles. "We can work to teach others the value of protection magic, and show them some basic spells. Offer our services to them when they need it, and in return those with say illusion magics can help us. A full community thing. No priests or priestesses. No seats of power."

The handholding… not entirely minded either. "That actually does sound really nice. And it would be a support system. In case anything big ever goes wrong… there's something to fall back on. Are Ivan and your sister going to join up?" Carter asks, giving Scarlett's hand a faint squeeze as he leans back against the futon. His eyes roam the room curiously. There's a bit of a wince when he remembers just how dirty his own apartment is. Frosty homelife or not, there was some advantages to living with his parents. "It'll be nice to get to know more people in the community too. I have to admit that I don't know anyone around here, except for people I work with. And yeah…" That obviously goes really well for him.

Outside of the shop, Scarlett is a neat freak. There are reasons for this, very good reasons. The fact that she fears clutter is one of them — the shop is honestly organized clutter so it's not as bad. "That's exactly why I'm doing it. Right now, I've run into quite a few witches in the area. We're all individuals, with not a lot of way of contacting one another if something goes wrong, or there's something major going on in the city." It warms her a bit that they're thinking along the same lines. "Helen will join. I'm not too sure about Trey. I think he's trying to exercise his independence. Ivan…" A headshake. "He'll help out with things, but he wants to remain part of the Umbra Coven for now."

"Wait, what? Ivan's in another coven?" Carter asks. He's surprised, definitely. But it's not his business… and yet. "That's… well, I just didn't know. Not that I'd expect to, but." He clears his throat a little bit and brushes aside that thought for the time being. "Ah, you'd mentioned another brother. Is he in the city then? I'd love to meet him. Even if just your sister joins, it'll be nice to have her there. I wish my own little sister were here. She'd love this." There's a brief pause before Carter laughs, squeezing Scarlett's hand. "But don't ever tell her I admitted that."

"Mmm. It's grandfather's coven." Scarlett lifts her shoulders in the very tiniest of shrugs. "Just arrived, and sure. He's staying here for a little while, so I'm sure you'll get to meet him sooner or later." Indeed, the very small apartment is now housing two of her younger siblings. Turning so that her knees are facing his body, she smiles. "Your sister isn't a practitioner is she?" This doesn't seem to bother her at all though. "If she ever comes, even for a brief visit, and it's something she'd be interested in, I don't mind teaching her. Apparently I have a knack for it." If she could teach a mundane like Robert how to tap into the magic all around them, then she's sure she could teach someone from a witch-centric family.

Carter shakes his head. "No. She wasn't 'blessed' like we were, but she still loves the mysticism of it all. I guess that probably makes her a Wiccan or something, without the benefits. She's very into the elements, in both ways." He laughs a bit before pulling his hand away from hers and slipping it around her shoulders. "She'd also really like that. You two would hit it off. …I hate to imagine what she and Helen would be like together." This makes Carter stifle a quiet laugh. "I'm pretty sure that the earth would open up. Ugh, trouble with a capital T. But I'm excited. About all of this."

Oh god. The thought of Helen with someone else's younger sibling is enough to send Scarlett into a mental tizzy. After a moment, she just sort of leans against him. "I've spoken to another witch that I'm acquainted with, and she's going to help me find a location for the meetings and the Sabbats. I would have them at the shop, but if we wound up with any more than five people I think we would be a little too crowded." Her shop, while large enough for her jewelry and artwork is just not large enough to host an entire magic workshop. "I'm pretty excited about all of this too. It's a big undertaking, and I'm not at all sure how to handle it, but I'm going to do my best and I guess that's all I can really do."

"That's really nice of her. If there's anything I can do to help, just let me know, though my resources are limited. Your brother is the 'go-to guy' at the mayor's office, short of McNaab himself." Carter lets out a quiet laugh before reaching up with his free hand to rake his fingers through his hair. He subtly leans in closer towards Scarlett, smiling at her a little bit. "Hey, you're going to do great. Don't worry so much about it. Just go with the flow. You'll knock 'em dead. Figuratively."

Whether it's truly nice of Quinn or not, Scarlett has yet to decide. As it is, there is a very tentative friendship forming. "Something low-key, and low-rent would be great. As we only really need the place once or twice a month." It could be used as a safehouse in between circles though. The subtle lean doesn't go unnoticed, though she does remember recent history and what came of that. A slow intake of breath, then she moves in just a tiny bit more. Not quite within kissing range, but then not exactly drawing back in horror either. "I'd like to hope I won't knock them dead literally. That would be a messy situation to explain to the cops." Wink.

Kissing range goes right out the window when after Scarlett says 'cops' and winks, Carter is pressing his lips against hers. Thankfully it's not a very hard pressing, though it's forceful enough to let her know he means… some sort of business. He slowly wraps his arms around her and starts to pull her in before he retreats. The whole thing is a bit awkward, but sort of cute. "I… god, sorry. I… cops make me hot I guess." He clears his throat and then coughs into his hand a bit.

The not-unexpected kiss isn't unwelcome, and is in fact returned somewhat hotly. When all is said on done, and the poor man is feeling all awkward about it, Scarlett laughs. A gentle sort of laugh. After which she adds, "About time." Winking at him again, she leans back against the futon. "I suppose that means I'll need to buy one of those little outfits? Skirt or slacks?" Yes, she's teasing him, but it really is just who she is. If things get awkward she either makes them more so, or she tries to lighten the situation. "Next you'll be telling me you like fuzzy cuffs too."

Oh. God. Brain overload. No doubt if this were an anime or a manga, Carter would have an ecchi nosebleed. He would also be dead. Yay hemophilia. He just kind of stares off into space for a few moments before he turns to look at Scarlett — fleetingly. "I'm not sure if I should answer that truthfully or not. What won't get me slapped?" He asks, turning back to look at Scarlett with a sheepish grin.

"Don't worry, Park Boy. The truth is safe enough." Scarlett can handle the truth. It's denying the truth that she's got problems with, hence a previously messy situation. "Besides, I bet you dollars to donuts that you're wondering if I've got a pair." Waggling her eyebrows up and down, she laughs and then winks at him again. "But you don't have to answer anyhow. I won't hold it against you if you don't."

"What are you going to hold against me if I do answer?" Carter asks, before he reaches out to wrap his arms tightly around her waist. "I don't think we've reached the 'fetish costumes' stage yet, but when we do, I'll let you know." He's probably being gentlemanly. After all, what red blooded male isn't into a woman in uniform? Except those who aren't. "Actually, it's kind of important that you don't slap me. If we're going to be exclusive, you should probably know I'm a hemophiliac. Not a huge turn-on, I've been assured… but probably something that'll be addressed sometime down the road. Better sooner than later."

"What do you want me to hold against you?" Scarlett, back to being an outrageous flirt — and why not? Her home. It's not like she's out at a bar picking up guys and completely drunk. "That's good to know, since I don't actually own anything of that sort." Hey, they're on an honesty kick. She can tease about it, but she is a good girl underneath it all. "Ah… you don't have to worry about that, Park Boy. I think I'm through with my whole hitting people phase. Really don't like having a broken wrist. Makes it hard to paint." She blinks at him. "Exclusive, huh?"

With the blushing that Carter is doing tonight, it's debatable that his nickname should be Red instead of hers. "That was probably a little presumptuous. Just saying though. Anyway, you'd have found out sooner or later. If we're going to be hanging out more… I just wanted you to know to keep the sharp objects away unless you wanted to spend a while at the ER one night. But I wouldn't worry about it too much. I hardly ever make careless mistakes." Knock on wood. Carter winces as he realises what he's just said, smiling at Scarlett. "I'm going to fall down outside now, you know. I'm also saddened by the lack of naughty policewoman costume, but I like this dress. A lot. As for you holding things against me, I could think of a few things."

There's actually no blushing for Scarlett tonight, and that's entirely because she's at home and therefore in a comfort zone. Relaxed. "Could happen, Park Boy. Though with all the mess that's recently gone on, it might be best if we take things a liiiittle slower." A smile is given to him, and she reaches out to gently brush his hair from his face. "I like you, and I don't want to mess things up." Which apparently she's prone to doing. Hell, she broke up an engagement (sort of) so moving slower is probably a good thing for her to be doing. "So, keeping you out of the kitchen would be one of the best ideas in the world. It's a good thing I can cook then, or at least dial for takeout. Your choice tonight!"

"Takeout it is. Let's just take it easy. Slow, like you said." Carter blushes a little bit and leans in, kissing her cheek gently. "I like you too. How receptive do you think your brother is going to be?" He asks with a quiet laugh before shaking his head. "I guess it's not really his business though. Anyway, what sort of takeout do you want?"

"Iiiiii…" Scarlett isn't sure what to say. The "I" is very long and drawn out though. "Don't know." Though chances are Ivan will be a lot more receptive to her seeing Carter than he would be about oh, say, the Slugger. "I'm easy." She clears her throat and laughs, moving away from Carter only to reach for a very neat, very tidy looking binder of takeout menus. "I mean, I haven't got any food allergies like Ivan, and I'm not really that fussy so long as it's not liver."

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