A Walk in the Park

Kidd Spring Park

The remnants of the dense forestry are located in here, as paths lead from the woods to the more entertaining features of the park. A jungle gym, complete with a small clubhouse and slides make up a play area designated for children, as do a few sandboxes. A community rec center can also be found in the park.

Separating the trees from the busier points of the park is small lake. During the summer months, a life guard can be found on duty so swimming is allowed, and there is also a small dock from which paddle boats and kayaks are available for rent.


"I'm serious, bro," Corey says as he wanders down the path. "You really wanna think about looking at some other photo before the moon. You've seen the news as much as I have. People are going nuts anytime they see a stray or anything else that looks like it could bark. Why take the chance?"

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Corey Coleman is showing open concern for his brother.

But, then, it's not really that great a surprise.


With hands pushed deep into his light jacket's pockets, Brett walks alongside his brother, his gaze flickering back and forth from the path to Corey and back again. "I usually stick around here and in the Village. After dark, no one's around. Though…" his voice trails off for a moment before he comes around again, "…probably is a good idea for all those other times I just -feel- like it." He kicks a stone and shakes his head, "Sorta like the other night. That.. could have gone better." Like Miss Mignonette Savoy -not- having a heart attack…

Brett considers a moment before his voice brightens somewhat, "But I did learn about the whole 'vampires' and 'churches' thing later."

Brett takes a slight step sideways to knock into Corey before adding, "You just want me to find something the cat can go after. Sorry 'bout that, bro. Not gonna."


Corey barks a laugh, now. "I'll lend you a lynx photo, if you don't want the armadillo." He's really serious, though. He really doesn't want his brother parading around as a 'yote, right now. "I'll teach you how to really hunt."

Still, he hears the rest of what his brother says. "Okay," he says, glancing at him sidelong. "What did you do?… Oh. And I met your friend Michael the other night, myself."


"I knew it!" Brett responds with a laugh all his own. "One night, I'm going to break into your place and put a squirrel poster on the ceiling. First thing you see when you get up…"

His attention returns to the path before them, and he wiggles his fingers in his jacket pocket, just to keep them warm.

"You met Michael?" He shakes his head slowly, "Met him in a coffee house.. then the mall getting fitted by a Miss Desiree DeVilliers. Church…" Clearing his throat, he lowers his voice a little, "I asked him about your new ghoul friend. He.. he honestly couldn't give me anything more than what I already knew. Just don't put yourself, ourselves, in any position we can't get out of. We're fast, they're faster."


A high-speed chase on foot earlier through the Kidd Spring Park was extremely exhilarating. The issue with it is that the beat cop that was on duty dropped a few things while trying to keep up with her. Now, recently off-duty, Leigh has wound her way back to the park in search of the man's flashlight, notepad, and cap. Chances are she'll find none of these things, but she'll have a more difficult time finding them if she doesn't bother to look.

Up the path she wanders, her footsteps carrying her in a different direction than the Coleman brothers. Which means that if she doesn't deviate from her path, she'll meet up with them in a matter of moments.

Sure enough, she does. Though she doesn't recognize Corey at first. She simply slips to the side of the path with a nod of the head so that they can continue on by if they wish to.


"You asked him about what…?" Corey stops dead along the path. "Look, bro. She is not anyone I'm interested in. Let's get that straight right now. And I'm well aware of the threat level here. Seems like ever since coming to this crazy city things that go bump in the night have been crawlin' outta the woodwork at me and—"

His voice trails off as he catches movement further along the path. As the figure draws to a stop, he shoves his hands into his pockets and lets out a chuff of air. "Never mind," he says then. "Let's just walk."


"Cor— the things can walk into -churches-. What else don't we know about them?" If Corey was concerned about Brett, turnabout is certainly fair play. "Pretty sure a cross won't turn 'em," is muttered soon after. "At least I also found out that our flavour isn't usually on the menu." Thank heaven for small mercies? "Of course, neither are bunnies…"

Brett moves a little bit away, and shifts his jaw as he considers. "Why don't you come over tomorrow night after I'm done with classes. We'll talk about my.. choices then? Pizza. We'll go through the files." He's at least willing to open the door to negotiation.

The person coming up the walk the other direction is noticed, and thankfully doesn't cause the hair on the back of his neck to rise. If anything, then, Brett nods in her direction, "Evening." Nudging Corey with an arm, he glances at the woman alone. Probably not a good thing to be alone in a park after dark, regardless of where the park might be.


"Evening," Officer Rossum offers as the men get closer. It's only via the conversation that she picks up on who it is that's walking down the path.

"Mr. Coleman," she says, giving a small dip of the head to Corey, causing her hair to bounce gently over her shoulders. "Don't suppose either of you noticed a flashlight laying off to the side of the path up there?" It's a long shot, and she'll still go look for it in a little while, but as the park isn't exactly brimming with folks, she's sure that if the flashlight is still in the park, it won't be going anywhere soon.


Corey recognizes the woman as he and Brett draw closer. His shoulders roll up straight and the faint scowl disappears from his face, in favor of a brighter smile. "Officer Rossum," he says, transformation from scowling brother to friendly face complete. "Flashlight? No. No can't say I did. Did you, bro?"

He gestures between the two of them. "Oh. Where are my manners? Officer Rossum, this is my brother, Brett Coleman. Brett, Officer Leigh Rossum."


Corey obviously knows the woman, and whatever it was the two were talking about up until only moments ago, there is also no trace left on the only slightly older brother's face. Must not have been that serious?

"No, sorry." Thumbing over his shoulder, Brett twists around slightly to add to the gesture, "Would you like some help.." finding it?

At the introduction, Brett turns his attention back around and firmly upon the attractive woman before him. Extending his hand in greeting, "Pleasure is mine, Miss.. Officer Rossum."

Looking around now as if the missing item will magically appear, Brett is slightly puzzled. "A flashlight. As in.. a little maglight, or.." He grins, the expression lopsided, "Is it bigger than a bread box?"


"Pleased to meet you, Mr. Coleman," she says to Brett. His hand is taken, and given a firm, friendly shake. Then she extracts her own slightly larger, police issue maglight from her belt, and holds it out for them. "Like this, only I do believe it was silver." Officer Rossum doesn't sound at all certain on that.

"It's alright, and please, call me Leigh. I'm technically off duty." This addressed to both brothers.

"Chances are someone picked it up already, but I did promise the beat cop I'd swing by and look for it." The flashlight is secured onto her belt once more and she grins.


Corey grins, eyeing his brother to see how he reacts to the woman, and to the fact her hand is a lot warmer than a normal girl's. Kinda like Abbey's. "That's a mag," he says. "Anyone that passes that by without picking it up doesn't know quality when he sees it." Or so says the walking hardware store. "I expect you're S.O.L." Not that he doesn't wish her luck.

"Say, did you give any thought to the idea of the b'ball tourney?"


Grasping her hand in the friendly shake, his hand is retrieved shortly after, and it finds its way back into his lightweight jacket. The slight difference in temperature of her hand is noted, though Brett honestly .. it's not that he doesn't care, per se. It's just his radar is currently on 'vampire, no vampire'. Other shifters and weres, to him, are more a 'live and let live'. Of course, their mother's voice rings in his head every once in awhile, 'meet a nice shifter girl…'

"Brett. 'Mr Coleman' is for the classroom, or my father."

Dipping his head in the nod, Brett headtilts soon after in Corey's direction in agreement. "Mag light? Yeah, probably gone. Sadly. But we'll keep an eye out anyway." Okay.. beat cop in the park. Good to know.

Turning around to face his brother again, Brett's brows raise in askance. Granted, the pair haven't really talked in a little while, so.. what's this? "B-ball tourney?"


"That's what I figured, but it doesn't hurt to look." Since she's feeling somewhat guilty of making the man chase after her when she went after the hoodlum earlier. "I suppose I can just spring for a new one for him in the morning." Giving her head a shake, she exhales a slow sigh.

"Talked to the Captain about it today. Generally we only do bowling and baseball, but he said if I could garner some interest with the others it won't be a problem. He's a man who enjoys getting the department involved in charity."

A laugh is issued, and she smiles at Brett. "Brett then. A pleasure to meet you."


"Hey, we can do baseball, if the b'ball falls through," Corey says, flashing a grin. "I can get the guys to play just about anything."

He glances to Brett, then.

"Miss Leigh and I met the other day at the aquarium. I suggested the police athletics league or a similar program might make for a good charity contest. Or maybe a community shoot-off."

He does have to grin, however, at how his brother just about echoes the very thing he said to the officer upon their introduction.


"Bowling, bro.." Brett pokes his elbow out to nudge his brother.

"Oh?" He looks vaguely surprised, not at the fact that the pair met, no, but the fact that his brother was in the aquarium? "Did you pet the sea urchins while you were there?" Nodding, Brett's head raises slightly to study his brother, eyes narrowing, and the lopsided grin reappearing. "I see…" comes before, "Sounds good, actually." Leigh is given his attention once again, and head-bobs in Corey's direction, "He's really bad at bowling. Sidelines. Beer and nuts."


"Actually, I believe he was charming the porpoise into following him around. Had it legs, I'm sure it would've jumped out of the tank and followed him home." All of this is said with a highly amused, teasing tone.

Other than running into Corey, her day off was a mess. Thanks to a certain telepath.

"I'm game for anything. I've been itching for the baseball team to start back up. I'm sure I can convince enough of the guys down at the precinct to hop on board for a basketball team." If not though, baseball would definitely be killer.

"Not everyone can be good at everything," she replies to Brett. "Besides, if it's for charity, how good you are doesn't matter."


"Granted," Corey says, "but bowling?" He reaches out to fuzzle Brett's hair. "He's the one with the league shirt and loafers. Not me. I'll stick to hoops." And happily so.

He actually ducks his head, however, and offers a groan when she mentions the porpoise. He'd really been hoping to avoid telling that one to his brother. It's not nearly as bad as Super Psycho Killer Bunny Girl, but even so… This conversation is so far from over and he knows it.

Still, if he knew, he'd be glad to hear that he was the highlight of her day off. But, that's something else again.

"Thannnnks," he groans softly. "Brett really needed to hear that." He eyes his brother, just knowing this is going to linger.

"But, hey. Spring's here. Baseball will be up and running any time, now, right? Baseball over bowling, right here, any day you want."


"He likes to think so," Dodging from the fuzzle with a feing, Brett grins broadly as he does a theatric take looking at his brother when the dolphin is mentioned. The gleam in his eye probably confirms everything that Corey might just be 'afraid' of. Next gift, a bucket of water for the next time he shifts?

"What?" All innocence there. "It's a mammal. And, with Cor's track record, at least it's alive." Before vampires were outed, that'd be a scary phrase. Now? Well, okay.. it's still a little odd-sounding, but the meaning can be taken…

"And with that, I'd better go. I'll just let him," again, Brett headtilts in gesture, "toss down the gauntlet."

Ducking his head in a nod, the older of the boys steps aside. "Unfortunately, it's time for me to head home. Classes in the morning, and that alarm goes off way too early. Miss Leigh, it was a pleasure," the smile offered is a genuine one, "and bro.. tomorrow. Pizza." Unless, of course, Corey has plans… "Good night."

Turning around briefly to check to see where he is in the park. Once he has his bearings, Brett begins to make his way across the park, back out towards Oak Cliff proper.


"I don't generally consider bowling a sport, but a lot of the businesses around here seem to take part." Shoulders rise up on a minute shrug, and she bites on her lower lip gently. "Don't tease him too badly," she offers to Brett. "It was very likely just mesmerized because he was staring so intently into the tank." Which she realizes is very likely not helping things.

"It was a pleasure to meet you as well, Mister Brett," she offers in a teasing manner. Much like she did when his brother called her 'Miss Leigh'. "I hope I didn't interrupt your evening."


"Sonuva…" Corey fully picks up on what Brett means when he talks about his girl friends being 'alive'. "One word, bro: Armadillo. Ar-ma-dillo."

Yeah. He'll be at his brother's tomorrow. And they'll pick up whatever debate they were having today again then, to be sure. "See ya tomorrow, bro. We'll talk." Oh, but won't they…

He glances back to Leigh. "Nice to see you again, Leigh…"


"Armadillo?" An eyebrow perks up slightly, and Leigh gives her head a shake. "Second thought, I likely don't want to know."

A sunshiny smile is offered to Corey. "It was. Two chance encounters in less than a week. Though I do suppose I should try to search those items, though I highly doubt that I will find any of them."


Corey grins at that, returning the smile. "Maybe. Maybe not. Probably not. But, why don't I help you look?" Sure, they're not likely to find anything, but he's willing to help look.

"Quite the chase through here then, huh? Did you at least catch the guy?"


Nodding her head in the direction Corey and his brother just came from, Leigh smiles. "I'd appreciate the help." Not that she can't find the items on her own, but she's not going to say no to company.

"Fast, furious, and my kind of day. Caught him, he's sitting in jail now." There's a proud note to her voice as she laughs. "But the poor beat cop couldn't keep up, and he dropped a few things along the way. It'll be a miracle if I can find even one of them."


Corey laughs lightly now, shoving hands into his jacket pockets once more and turning to walk with her down the path. He doesn't have her enhanced senses, but he doesn't mind the hunt, regardless. "Glad you had fun, then," he chuckles.

Actually, he gets it. But, then, his hobbies include parkour and extreme sports. So… yeah.

He scans the grass. "What we lookin' for, besides the mag light?"


"I think it's rare when a police officer can actually enjoy what they do." Leigh follows the path a little ways, stopping every couple of feet to glance around and get her bearings.

"Flashlight, cap, notebook. If he lost anything other than that, I don't have a clue." There is a moment of self-consciousness when she realizes she's still in uniform, but she gets over it quickly.

"Here is where the chase ended. With any luck it'll just be another few hundred feet."


Corey nods, scanning the grass once more. "Pretty much anything that wasn't securely stowed, huh?" he says, flashing that smile. He can just imagine the chase, the lady shifter… werewolf… whatever she is, in the lead while the other poor flatfoot puffs it out behind. He actually has to chuckle softly at the thought.

"Sorry," he says, rolling a hand in the air. "Was just imagining the stuff flying off the poor guy. At least you caught your perp."

He moves a little off the path to look. They might find the cap, if nothing else. "Suppose he keeps everything in his notebook. That's quite the thing to lose."


"Exactly." Which is why Leigh has everything secured tightly on her belt at all times. That way she can take off on a chase without worrying about things flying off all over.

"The notebook is important, though if he follows protocol anything important would already be on file at the station." The hat probably harder to come by. If she can find just one thing, she really hopes it's the hat.

"Look, I'm sorry. About the porpoise thing. I likely shouldn't have brought it up."


Corey chuckles dryly, now, stooping to brush his hands under a bush, in hopes of finding something. "Ye-ah," he says. "Ah, don't worry about it. If Brett's not giving me a hard time about something, he's not happy. Heck. If it'd happened to him, I'd never let him live it down. So, it's all fair." He's a big boy. He can handle it.

He pulls out a handful of leaves. "Darn. Not it."


Sliding the flashlight from her belt, she shines it to the other side of the path to look. Heightened senses are great, but it's not as though she can see in the dark in human form.

Leigh sniffs twice, something that can easily be passed off as hayfever, and then whips the light up the path a ways. "We started not too far from here. This is where he lost me." Where the light is shining. "Maybe we'll have better luck there."

"You two are both so lucky to have that type of relationship."


"Yeah, he's got my back; I got his," Corey agrees. Oh, yeah. He appreciates his relationship with his brother. "I've been real lucky and I know it. If his folks hadn't adopted me, I'd probably be in a very different place now." He chuckles and flashes a grin again. "And I kinda like it here."

He makes a mental note to keep his small mag and multitool on his belt more often. It'd probably be helpful for this sorta thing.

He moves on to another bush, moving slowly, scanning the grass. A couple of park lamps slant light through the leaves, but that doesn't necessarily make it easier.


Adopted! That makes a whole lot more sense now. At least to Leigh. "Then you're doubly lucky, since you were chosen to be part of the family." Her relationship with her own family is still a little strained, but getting better all the time.

The flashlight glints off of something not too far off. She continues toward it while Corey digs in the bush. "I suppose I had a little bit of an extended family, but I don't think it's quite the same."


Corey smiles at that. He moves further along the path, glancing back as she moves after whatever it is that catches her eye. "Yeah. A lot of people say you can't choose your family, and I guess that's true. I can't even really say that chose mine. But, yeah. They did choose me. And I'm glad."

On some level, he wants to tell her more… it's that comfortable thing, no doubt. But, he keeps his mouth shut. "Your family around here, or somewhere else?"


"They're back in Illinois."

The light shines down on a cap that looks as though it's seen better days. Stepped on, battered, and kicked off to the side of the path. Leigh crouches down to scoop it off, dusting it off as best she can.

"You should be glad. To have the closeness you and your brother do? It's a very rare thing, even in the best of families." And in most Packs, for that matter.


"Illinois? Wow. That's a ways." Complete opposite end of the country, to be sure. Corey straightens as he sees her pick up the cap. "But, don't you kid yourself. Brett and I scrap on occasion. Fight like…" A beat. He laughs. "Well, cat and dog, really. But, still. Yeah. Nothing to scoff at."


"I wouldn't know for certain, but I think most siblings are like that." Leigh continues to dust off the cap. "This thing has seen far better days. No clue why he didn't just circle back here right away."

Talking about other people's families she can handle. Talking about her own is a bit more difficult. "I was transferred here a few years back. Still, I go home often enough so that I'm not homesick."


"Well, that's good, then." Not being homesick, that is. "That's the one advantage of having Brett here in Dallas," Corey says, stepping back onto the path, pretty sure they're not going to find the notebook in this light. "I don't have to worry about getting too homesick. And the rest of the folks are only over in Houston, so it's not too bad a trip."

At least, it's not as far as Illinois.

"Found the cap, huh? At least that's something."


"It is, and I should get it back to the station before heading home."

Leigh clicks off the flashlight, and secures it once more to her belt. "Thank you so much for your help, Coleman." No Mister added this time, and the informal use of the surname since she's slipping back into cop-mode. "Appreciate it."

She's about to start off on her way, but there is the briefest of pauses, and she chews on her lower lip. It likely looks amusing, what with her in uniform and all. "If you ever want to go grab a coffee or shoot some hoops, you have my number."


Corey's smile broadens at that. His blue eyes sparkle. "I just may use it, then, Rossum," he says, reponding in kind. "Thanks."

He thumbs over his shoulder, back the way he'd originally come. "I guess if you're heading to the station, I'll head home, myself. Great seeing you again. Have a good one, huh?"

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