Tripping Over Faith

The sun has been down for a little while, long enough for those creatures of the night to be out and about. She's been out as well, returning not too long before. The powder blue sundress worn is brand new, worn for the very first time. Even if the night is almost too cold still for such things she doesn't take the time to put on a sweater or a jacket. The sandals worn offer little in the way of additional sources of warmth but Faith Tyler doesn't seem to care. She's on a mission this evening, even if some people aren't exactly certain where she is.
The woman who steps out of the Ravello and hits the streets may not be the sight that people are used to. She has bandages on one side of her neck and the opposite shoulder. Both arms and legs contain bandages as well. Yet the way Rose walks is almost as if she doesn't even realize that she's injured. The insane Tyler goes to seek out this man, Tripp, her former best friend. They need to talk and she just needs him.

Gosh things have been so complex for Tripp, and for the past week or so he's been trying very hard to keep himself occupied when he's awake. But being the person he is, he honestly can't help but stop by Faith's or Hope's place just because.

Usually intending to just be a minute stop, sometimes minutes become an hour or so, it's kinda weird yeah but come on! That's my argument, 'come ooooon'!

But he's been more disgruntled than usual since his last visit with Hope ended up being 'I need time' and of course he hadn't forgotten Ivan's warning being the same case with Faith. Extremely disgruntling because he'd been worried about the werewolf attack and now Faith's been attacked too according to the papers?

Well ok maybe tabloids aren't the most legit source of info but how's he going to keep up on 'Bat Boy' sightings otherwise? It is indeed a bit chilly, but he's strolling about in his usual attire of leather jacket and bluejeans, with a dark-blue t-shirt.

He just happens to be stepping out of the grocery store biting down on a sandwich half- It really isn't as good as he remembers it, but after talks in the past, he's been clinging a bit harder to what was left of his 'humanity' per se, other hand in his pocket and sort of staring at the ground. But when he glances upward and sees Faith walking in his direction, he nearly chokes on the bite he took and quickly turns around to lean against a nearby lampost, turning his back to the woman. Uh, maybe she didn't notice him. 'God please don't freak out, please don't freak out' he groans to himself. On the other hand, what the hell was she doing out this late at night? Maybe.. Maybe he should kidnap her and drag her home or something.

Actually that sounded like a pretty bad idea. … Though it wasn't -that- bad was it? He could just sneak up from behind..

The wonderful thing about people speaking for her is that they are the ones doing the speaking. She had a very emotional meeting with Tripp before, yes, but this is because he is supposed to be dead. Her life was turned upside down, again, and she's been doubting the world around her. One reality can really not be reality, or there can be multiple and her world can be coming to an end. It is a very complex thought process for someone who is insane and thus has taken some time to work out.
In the end she has worked it all out, and she knows that she's not crazy. Well, no. Faith realizes that she is crazy but that other things are going on as well. Tripp really is a vampire. She really is in Dallas, was out of her mind and now no longer is strung out in an institution somewhere.
For as much as Faith has learned that she needs to be more attentive to her environments, she really isn't. So far as she can tell there aren't any big bad and nasty wolves around and that's all that she's worried about. If she can take on a wolf, she can take on a vampire if one is becoming aggressive. Maybe. In her mind. Well, not even there but she'd like to think as much.
His quick thinking has actually caused the Tyler twin not to realize that he's around. She's completely clueless as to what is going on. The young woman isn't even shivering as she makes her way down the sidewalk. Then she pauses, suddenly wondering if she's even heading in the right direction. It's not the first time she's been lost so she wants to make sure that she really isn't.

Tripp has no idea what's going on in Faith's mind right now, but on the other hand it doesn't really matter does it? Last he remembered Faith wasn't in her right mind and somehow she must have gotten out of the house.. But who was supposed to be watching her he wondered. Once she passes by him he looks in the young woman's direction and observes her physical state. Ok, she didn't look at one hundred percent but.. Despite that, she really did look gorgeous from his point of view. But before he can let himself be drawn in too deeply into starting He shakes his head, and proceeds to follow along, looking from side to side waiting for just the right moment- There doesn't seem to be many people around, but she's drawing so much attention that he really can't go through with his plan after all, he'd be spotted for sure or rather there'd be an issue if she just suddenly vanished.

So eventually he's by the woman's side, as he murmurs, "Faith, what are you doing out here? Aren't you supposed to be home?"

If she opts to scream, he'd raise his hand to her mouth. Quickly.

In all that she's been through, it's rare that she's screamed. In fact, she only has screamed when locked up and kidnapped, and only some of the time. Yet the fact that there's someone suddenly beside her, saying the name that she only allows a few people to use does startle her. To the point she jumps slightly, eyes immediately going into the direction of this new person.
What she finds is not a reporter, not some evil person out to use her for some evil anti-vampire plot, but rather is Tripp. The man she's actually out looking for. He will see just how mentally unsound she is by the way she reacts to him this time.
Without hesitation, the injured Tyler twin flings herself at him with a large smile, trying her best to hug him as tightly as possible. He used to be her world and she's not going to shy away from that.
"I was just looking for you!" Yes, she's actually exclaiming this. "I know, it's late and I probably shouldn't be out. But it isn't like I can find you during the day." Faith seems normal, for the most part, if not happier than she used to be around those who weren't Hope and Tripp.


Complete and utter confusion.

Maybe even a bit of bliss? This was the reaction Tripp had been actually looking forward to/expecting the first time they had met so for a brief moment he actually does freeze up, wondering if he actually was still asleep!

But no, that wasn't possible, he rarely has dreams about the night. An arm slips about her waist though, more to keep her balance than anything and his eyes blink. A lot. He hadn't done that in a while either now that he thought about it.

"Y- You were? For me?" he asks. Though after a moment he opts to ease her back just a little- As much as he'd love to hug the hell out of her, he does remember she has a boyfriend, no sense tempting himself. … …. … Today.

"Y- Yeah that is true, you.. Must have been headed near the warehouse.. I don't go there much anymore." he replies, rubbing the back of his head with his non-sandwich hand. "Um.. Are you.. Taking your meds?" Because that's the most awesome/appropriate topic-opener.

This isn't exactly the response she's looking for but then again, she's crazy. He might not even want her around after she broke down in front of him the last time. Still, he does put an arm around her! That's some sort of victory, and it's comforting no matter what anyone says. Oh, sure. Someone on the street might see the Queen of Crazy hugging someone, but she doesn't care. She could sit in her apartment for the rest of her life and still make the tabloids somehow.
"Yeah, for you. It's not like I can just call you if I want to talk." She has a valid point on that one. There's a slight whimper when he forces her to ease up slightly but Faith has never been one to complain overly much. She's always been the stronger and colder of the twins, which is why she refuses to believe anyone who says that Tripp ever has had feelings for her. No one has feelings for her.
Feeling slightly out of place, as if she's perhaps done something wrong, Faith decides to look down at the ground. "I'm not on medication. Well, I'm supposed to be, but only pain medication." For the wolf attack injuries. "I actually can't take medication for the crazy. It makes it worse since whatever is wrong up here is because a vampire used some mind trick on me." Yes, she's been glamoured.
"I just wanted to be with you again. I can go back if you'd like."

Tripp swallows lightly, now that he's getting a better look at her, he's finding himself becoming happier to be able to talk to her- Though he's convinced that something is wrong, he just can't pinpoint it. But guilt follows when she offers to go home, "No!" he blurts.

Then relaxes a bit, taking off his jacket, "I mean no, you don't have to go home right away, I'd feel a lot better being by your side actually. Here, it's cold out." as he offers the coat, "Oh I see.. Sorry, I was just a little confused; the last time we'd met didn't really go all that well, you know?" So she wanted to be with him? Like… Like -be- be with him? It'd be best for him not to jump to conclusions. Be best not to let his hopes get to high even if at this point he'd really really like to be alone with her.

He closes his eyes briefly and seems to shake off the thought, and clears his throat, "Wanna sit down and talk then? I've got a while."

This is confusing. Then again, life is confusing. The crazy watches him for a moment before the smile returns. "I, uh, it is?" She's been trapped outside during the winter without much clothing before and has lost her ability to really tell if she's cold. All the same, the jacket is put on and she actually clings it close to her body. It smells like Tripp, a familiar scent and one she's glad to have around again.
"I know. It's hard, sometimes. With me. You know that thing you can do with your mind?" By you she means vampires, of course. "It kind of makes the crazy come back. I was kind of confused, like I couldn't tell what was really happening. I, well…"
A deep sigh is made as Faith abandons where she's standing in order to find a nice, comfy seat. Even if that is on the curb of the sidewalk. "I'm sorry. I won't blame you if you don't want to be near me anymore. I know I'm really messed up anymore. I think drama finds me when it's bored."
Even if Tripp doesn't join her, she has his jacket and isn't about to give it back so easily. For a moment it's almost as if this is years in the past, but Faith isn't going to fool herself into thinking that way. "I'd like that. I really miss you. It sucks that you're, well, not alive but at least you're alive. I'm glad that you're not dead."

Faith's resistance to cold was really something Tripp didn't need to learn. The young man finds himself silent for a moment, and then replies, ".. Yeah, it is.." about the cold.

He nods his head in affirmation about the old 'mind control' dealie. Hadn't found much use for it himself, but, "Hey don't blame yourself, things have been pretty wild for the both of us you kno- Oh no you don't." Geez louise.

Tripp tries to slip his arm about Rose's to keep her from sitting down and instead would try to lead her toward a bus stop bench to sit instead.

"I'm just glad to be on good terms with you. Hope told me about her religion last I spoke to her- Now that.. That was really awkward," he then says with a light chuckle, and then tries to add as casually as possible, "I really missed you too. Like, a lot." pause, "B- Both of you, I mean." … "Um hey, how're things with Ivan?"

"I know a lot but nothing relevant. And I know a lot I shouldn't. But no, I don't know." She can tell him about vampire royalty but has no idea how his life has been, and that bothers her. Then again, up until two months ago she thought he really was her brother and was very much alive. And that her mother was an alien and her father a terrorist. Faith's been in her own little world for two years.
There's no pulling away from him as he leads her to a bench. It's actually a good idea, considering the fact that she's wearing a brand new dress. If he doesn't resist, she'll lean into him, as if there has never been any time or distance between them.
"Hope is just odd. Her religion is even worse. I think she's just as crazy as I am just not forced to be locked up at all. And that church? The people there are frustrating. They have no reason to hate like they do. I have reason and you see how much it stops me."
She doesn't see any harm in what he's saying. They've been close for a long time, after all. "I think Hope's scared that she'll turn into a werewolf by the next full moon. Maybe she'll come to after that. It'd be great to get things back to the way they were, or as close as we can." Poor Faith never realized, even now, just how he's felt about her. "What? Oh, Ivan? He's alright. Busy. I'm trying to give him some space while I can since I'm kind of emotionally draining. I can't be easy to deal with."

"It's hard to say.. About the religion I mean, I really didn't expect her to be part of something like that but I guess.. You know, considering the 'incident' it isn't so far fetched," Tripp replies, though he still doesn't seem very happy about it. So he's obviously really glad that Faith isn't a part of it.

When she leans against him after they sit, he offers no resistance; he does tense up briefly, but it's split-second. And then he gives a drawn out sigh. Oh what he'd give for a lakeside right now. Haha, oh Tripp.

"That's.. Interesting, can you become a werewolf by being bitten or whatever?" Tripp then asks with a raised brow, "Regardless, it's probably not a good idea to wish something like that upon your own sister.. Can you imagine all the fur you'd have to clean up off the sofa everytime there's a full moon?" and the young man chuckles. "Speaking of, I read about you getting attacked in the tabloids. The same as Hope's?"

He doesn't comment in response to Ivan. Though he does add, "Well.. I think you're a breath of fresh air rather than draining." Coooooooooooooooooooooor-ny.

He does have a valid point. "I know. Everything's been different since then. She blames herself for everything. I hate that." It happened and the only person to blame is now dead. So now Faith will never really be fixed. "It's just not like her. It's like maybe she's been brainwashed or something. But maybe now that you're here and I'm okay she can go back to being the Hope we both know."
There is, conveniently, a lake not too far away. It's a location that Faith happens to frequent since she loves swimming so much. So since he seems not to resist her desire to be close, she remains that way.
"I guess so. I got to speak with the leader of the pac…." There she goes, saying too much again. Rose stops mid sentence and just shakes her head. "Anyway, I talked to this guy who says that when a person gets bitten by one of them, they could die. And if they don't die? They could turn into one of them. I don't know what's going to happen to Hope but she hasn't died yet so that's a good thing. She can't die. I won't let her."
Even if she tries to kill herself.
"I got attacked by the same thing, yes. But I wasn't bitten. Just scratched up really badly." She can explain why she's so lucky but that falls under the talking too much category. "So I don't… really? You think so?"

"I see.." Tripp replies, trying not to let his guard down too much, but it's difficult as really right now is the most ideal situation for him- Being able to talk to one of his closest friends without having to deal with insanity at the same time; a moment to really be able to catch up and put things together..

Though 'catch up' still isn't as high on his priority list as he'd like. Tripp for a moment remembers that there is a lake nearby, but ends up deciding against it, maybe he should be more focused on making sure she gets home soon.

But how can he do that when he knows that she wants to be with him right now? Damn these mixed feelings!

"For now I've been kind of accepting things as they are , at least until I can think of how to deal with them. But believe me, I'd love for things to be as they were; but I think sometimes maybe changing to something new isn't so bad. As long as it's the three of us together, you know?" Tripp then says with a small smile. The taps his thumbs togeather, and then after a moment of thought shifts his arm that's closer to Faith so that it's up and around her shoulder- He tries to be smooth about it, but his arm can't help but hesitate a couple of times.

"You know, at one point I thought I'd be able to use these powers of mine to protect you two. Even if Hope believes what she believes, I won't allow her to die either. I guess I don't have any choice but to see what happens now, that's kind of frustrating.."

So Faith wasn't bitten, that's good. For the time being he decides not to ask about 'what pack'. Though it probably would be more important for him to know if he could do anything about it. Hmn. But that aside, he smiles a bit, "You worry me, a lot. It's frustrating for me to depend on Ivan to be with you when I can't be near you. So when I do get to be with you, like this, it keeps me from getting gray hair." Not that he can get gray at this point, but still!

If he suggests that she leaves now, she'll be cross with him. She still will listen, though, if only because it is Tripp speaking. Through all of her time as an insane person, he's the one that she never forgot. She may have forgotten some things about him, but never him. In fact, Faith uses his not so smooth move as a chance to just get closer, to feel the protection and safety of his presence.
"I think you're right. I don't like what's happened, and I don't know if I like who I am now, but I think I'm a better person for it. I've seen insanity, I've seen calm. Joy and sorrow. And I've learned from all of it. The only thing missing was you." Hope came all this way to be with her, after all. "I think that's probably why I named my pet hamster after you, back when I was locked up. It's like I had to have you around somehow."
That's something to think about. "Well, as long as I'm kind of crazy I think that Sheriff and King might have some sort of protection for us." That's the last she heard, anyway. "Short of being claimed, anyway. I've been involved with all of that stuff. It's just nice to have you around, and to not worry about all of the politics. No matter what, you're you. I think that in the end she'll come around. It's just been a rough few months for her."
Leave it to Faith to worry about what Hope's gone through when she's most likely been through far worse. The mentally challenged Tyler turns up to look at him then. "I'd say that you could come over or something, but there's a strict no vampire rule on the apartment due to Ivan's work. But I'll always come out when you want me to." The tiniest bit of a blush reaches her cheeks but she tries to play it off. "I think I'm safe now, or as safe as I can be. In the end I'm never really safe."

"Definitely sounds like you've been through a lot these past couple of years.. A lot worse than me that's for sure but if you ask me, I think you're still you for the most part. I could see how you'd be unhappy too though. I kind of feel the same way about myself but I figure that's what comes with being survivors.. Or something."

Ah right the hamsters. He'd have to check to see if had the money for that, "I have a job now, so I think I can buy one of those hamsters soon enough. Though I still think it's weird that I'm a mother; geez." he adds with a chuckle, cut short by the word 'claimed'. In fact he goes quiet for a moment, briefly nibbling his lower lip.

And then looks back to her, "A.. 'No vampire' rule.." he repeats. 'Please don't tempt me', he thinks to himself, another shake of his head following, "It's no problem, um listen you do bring up a great idea though. Maybe I should talk to my boss about getting a company phone or something, so you can reach me. Until then, try not to do reckless stuff like walking out at night all bandaged up ok? There are crazy people out here."

And then her comment about safety. The blush to her cheeks. He finds himself staring at her silently for a moment, and swallows audibly, giving her shoulder a light squeeze, "I- Um.. Would like to say anytime, but I really can't wake up well when the sun's out.. Though uh.. I.. I seem to have lost track of the point I was trying to make."

"No." That's a word that she uses so rarely, but when she uses it she means it. Faith turns clear around on the bench, to the point she sits on her lower legs. It doesn't matter to her if she's bandaged or not. "You died, Tripp. Maybe not all the way, but mostly. I know." She wore his blood. "They had a funeral for you that I couldn't go to. I think we've both lost something, but I wouldn't say that I've had it worse."
Faith has been looking at him intensely after her speech but eventually looks away. "About that. I found homes for them all. They're all happy. I even got rid of the one I named after you. It kind of hurt to have her around." There's a nervous laugh. "I know it's silly I did that. I don't even think I knew what the hamster really was at the time."
It's during the time that he's quiet that she looks back at him, wondering what she's said to cause the silence. So she holds his jacket around her as she just watches him. "It just keeps him safe from the others." Wait a second! Faith digs around in her purse until she finds her cell phone. It is then offered to Tripp. "I go through them all the time, like when I fall in lakes and stuff. Take it. I can get another one tomorrow. I can use some of the money from the institution."
"It'll be better during the winter, when the sun is down longer. But I'll stay up to hang out with you." There's another nervous laugh. "I'm not afraid of the dark anymore. I'm usually okay."

Tripp looks a little taken aback by Rose's reaction, but doesn't many any immediete effort to catch up with her, despite his obvious concern. After a moment he realizes his error and rubs the back of his neck, "I.. Um, sorry I didn't word that well. I guess I meant like, being around.. In the end, or something." and then mumbles a bit more low, "Sorry."

"Maybe going the 'whos had it worse' thing isn't a good direction to head in. But I don't have a great idea of all that's been happening to you, which sounds like a lot. Me, really, I haven't done much, you know? .. Please sit back on the bench, you're making me feel guilty." he then says, though says this after accepting the phone and looks it over curiously.

That does bring a smile to his face, "Oh hey, that's handy. And seriously, I'm just messing around about the hamster naming, I'm flattered, really. Glad that worked out." Falling into lakes? Does he -really- want to ask? He decides not to question about the institution's money for the time being.

"Winter.. Well, I'll deal with it until then. I'm sorry for making you uncomfortable."

Perhaps she should be more cautious around him but she just can't bring herself to. Instead the young woman places a finger on Tripp's lips, if he'll allow it. "No apologies. We both have things to apologize for and no reason to really apologize. It's been years since we've actually gotten to even speak with each other. I just want to enjoy having you around."
It's only after he asks her to sit proper that Faith even considers it. Her movements are slow, cautious, as she prefers not to rip her bandages off. This is only done once she's certain that he is taking the phone. "I'll send you a text message with my number on it tomorrow. Obviously you won't get it for a while. But I just want to be around for you."
There are so many bad and yet funny stories she can tell him yet all Faith really focuses on is leaning against the man once more. "No apologizing. Sometimes I upset easily. In the end I just need a moment." Winter is so far away, though, considering that it's just ending. "Ivan says that when you and I hang out, we should probably go somewhere not so public." For his image, after all. "Maybe soon we can just actually hang out. Like we used to."

Tripp blinks a couple of times, his words just cut right off when her finger touches his lip- It sends a very relaxing sensation through him, that simple touch, and he closes his eyes for a brief moment, takes in a small breath and lets it out with a nod of his head.

So when she's against him once more, he slips his arm over her shoulders again. Hey, where did his sandwich go anyway? He must have finished it at some point.

"I'll remember that. I'll need the charger too, so it might be a good idea to meet up again a little sooner than late- Uh what." Ivan said that? Well obviously he didn't mean it the way Tripp originally interpreted it but he's not going to complain. Like, at all. After a moment he then suggests, "Well, it's been a long time since we played a board or a card game. How about that for a blast to the past?"

If only she did know what was going on in that mind of his, maybe she would act differently. She might not. The poor young woman's never really thought about any of it at all. He shouldn't be trying to eat a sandwich anyway. He shouldn't try so hard to be what he isn't. In the end, this is Tripp, and this is the way she'll have him.
"Oh, right. You will need that." Immediately Faith response by looking embarrassed. It's a good thing that the cell is already fully charged. "I'll get it to you as soon as I can. What good's a cell phone without a charger?" Stupid Faith, she should have thought of that.
Yet he's distracting her with the blast from the past. "A board game? I can't remember the last time someone's sat down with me like that." Most times people just treat her like she's fragile. "I'd like that, a lot. I mean, if you would."

Tripp takes a glance to the cell, full battery, "It's perfectly fine for about three days," he comments, "And besides, who carries around their charger with their phone? I'd leave mine plugged in at the house." he says with a smirk.

"But yeah, are you kidding me, I'd -love- it. I.. Actually was a little nervous you'd think that was corny, so I'm doubly fired up now." he admits a little sheepishly. "Well, it sounds like we have ourselves a plan, and I actually have some things to do tonight.." brief pause, "Mind if I walk you home?"

Still she feels stupid. It seemed like such a good idea at the time. "That's where it is, actually. But I'll put it in my purse when I get back, just so I don't forget. I've been known to forget things at times." Like her entire life, depending on the situation.
The mention of going home actually brings the woman to a reluctant yet sudden stand. She holds her hands out for Tripp, to welcome him and invite him along. "Someone has to protect me, right?" Faith grins, showing to him that no, she's not going to turn him away. "We can make plans on the way. I'm looking forward to beating you at whatever it is you want to play."

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