Mind Games

Hotel Carmilla

Entering the lobby and public space at the Hotel Carmilla is much like stumbling into a Bohemian artist's studio. The vivid and operatic display of seemingly haphazard combinations of surreal contemporary and centuries-old furnishings create a style that is akin to stepping into a real life painting.
The walls and floors are metallic grey, with a large piece of metal art marking the center of the lobby. Support pillars of metal and wood give the entire area an arty look. At the very end of the area is a hand-carved 10' Italian fireplace in front of which is a lush, red velvet couch, while a custom Venetian glass chandelier hangs above.
So as not to detract from the extravagant view of the hotel, the front check in desk has been settled into the wall at the left side; enough to be seen but not enough to stand out against the otherwise breathtaking room. The wall behind the desk is a lush deep pink. A unique piece of art hangs behind it, and on either side of the security guards can be seen.

Not quite sundown, just on the border of it. Tonight is a night that Chloe has free of the King of Texas. There will more than likely be some sort of meet up later, but at the moment, she's got free time to spare. Silly vampires, and their silly business.

Wandering into the Hotel Carmilla may not be the best idea she's ever had, but hell. She wanders into Mary's all the time without worrying. Glancing up at the ceiling, and the decor, she just sort of stares at everything. Twirling around to look at the unique art and the weird deep pink wall behind the reception desk.

Andra can be found behind the desk working on the computer as she updates a few things on the website and so forth. Her manner of clothing is that of a blouse, dark slacks and heels, her hair pulled back neatly out of the way while her glasses right upon her face. Hearing the closing of the door she lifts her head to curious look at whom it is before stand up and offers a polite smile and nod from her spot behind the desk. "Evening." Is said with a friendly tone.

"You're too young to be working here," Chloe points out. It may make her sound a little off-kilter, but let's face it. A woman who can hear everyone's thoughts? Well she's pretty much in heaven at the moment, except for the few stray human minds she can pick up here and there. "I apologize, that's rude. I was wondering if there were any messages for Will Grant? I offered to pick them up and deliver them to him, but I'm not at all sure where to go to get them. I think someone said the concierge, but I really don't see him here tonight."

Andra just blinks while she peers at Chloe, a faint eh escapes her. "What?" Is questioned after a moment.. Along with a few thoughts of 'how the hell she know that?' crosses her mind! There's another blink and she chews on her lip a moment before she looks over the desk and then moves over to a pick up a small yellow envelope and carries it back before offering it to Chloe. "Well this has Will Grant on it.. So I'll assume its for him.. Or well you." Sandy never told her about that someone could be picking it up after all.

"For him. I tend not to read messages meant for Mr. Grant." Though she would. Oh, yes. Chloe would read them in a heartbeat. But not yet. Not until she gets permission to do so. She's just not that mean. "Oh, was I not supposed to know that, Andra?" Tilting her head, she smiles. "My mistake. You just don't look like the regulars they have around here. You're what? Maybe eighteen? Why would you want to work in a place like this? You're not a fangbanger are you?"

Andra blinks again while she watches Chloe looking utterly confused to say the least. She wasn't wearing a nametag so this is bothering her to say the least.. 'What if she's reading my mind?.. Does that mean she knows other things about me?..' These rather nervous thoughts go through her mind while her fingers gripping the desk on her side. "Um.. No.. I just needed a job." She offers softly. "I don't let vampires bite me.." She doesn't offer a comment to her age.

"Could be. There's things other than witches and vampires out there, you know." Chloe is being awful. Normally she'd not be prying. Normally she'd just get the messages and be on her way, but the truth is, now that she's not drugging herself with medication, it's fun to hear some people project thoughts. "I suppose a desk job isn't an awful thing. Though what are you doing about school? Education is important." Says the girl that only just barely completed high school.

Andra frowns while she watches Chloe. "I dono what you're doing.. But stop it.." She doesn't like it when someone is freaking her out, and Chloe is getting rather close. "I finshed high school.. Getting money for college by working. Never heard of that?" She questions with a faint tone, starting to get a bit defensive.

"At seventeen? That's a bit early to finish school, isn't it?" Chloe leans against the reception desk, glancing around. No one she knows is here, but then she's no clue who the majority of the vampires are, though they likely all know who she is now. Not a great position to be in. "Stop what? Reading you? Fine. Stop projecting all your thoughts, and I'll stop picking up on them. It's not my fault you think loudly."

Andra glowers slightly, her mind getting cloudy at the moment while she eyes Chloe. "Is there anything else you want?" She questions after a moment while tapping a finger nervously against the desk a few times. She isn't sure how Chloe could read her mind, is she a witch too?.. She pauses her thoughts after this, or at least tries to, its hard to try and guard yourself from someone reading your thoughts after all.

"Crazy," Chloe says, tapping at her temple. "That's all it is. Lucky guesses and craziness, right?" She leans in a little, then says, "It helps if you hum nursery rhymes though. It honestly does. I mean, hum them in your head, not out loud. Tends to block other thoughts if you have to focus on something else."

Andra glowers slightly at this though she goes about doing the internal humming tune. "Fine.." She says with an amused tone. "Anything else?"

"Ahh, see? Working already." Chloe snickers a little bit, tapping the envelope on the desk. "Not really, unless you've got anything else for Mr. Grant. Though honestly, you shouldn't be ashamed of being a witch, Andra. I mean, I know what it's like to be ashamed of what I am. In the end, it's silly to be upset over something you don't have control over."

Andra is quiet while she peers at Chloe watching her a moment. "I'm not ashamed of what I am.." This said with a slight shake of her head. "How did you do that?.." Is questioned while she does her best to keep up the internal humming in her mind.

"Your brain sounds similar to a friend of mine, so it was a logical conclusion to make." Duh. It's obvious. Chloe laughs again with the internal humming. "Honestly if you're going to keep that up can you hum Mary Had a Little Lamb? I really prefer it over Itsy Bitsy Spider."

Andra blinks and smirks at this while pointing a finger at Chloe. "You should learn to not read someone mind.." She points out with a shake of her head. Though she does start humming Mary had a little lamb..

"Much better." Chloe even goes so far to hum a few bars of the rhyme herself. "It's not something one can just turn off, and you, my little witch-friend, are what I like to call a projector. You think too loudly for me to simply just block it. Which means, if you've been around someone else that can do this that's not as nice? They know all your secrets and whatever you're thinking."

Andra chews on her lip a moment, as if she knows how to stop it, or who could be listening to her so to speak. "What are you then?" Is questioned while she just peers at Chloe.

"Psychic." Chloe could go into more specifics, but that's all Andra really needs to know. "We're few and far between, but I know of at least two in the city." Granted, there are likely more. She only just knows of two of them. "So you do computer work, hmm? How much would you charge to take a look at an old clunker?"

Andra watches Chloe, pondering that, a faint oh escapes her and she nods a moment. "Well.. Yes I work on there website and upgrade all there computers." She offers softly. "Its possible.. What is wrong with it?"

"I'm guessing it's ancient." Chloe frowns. "I'm not great with it beyond punching things in and looking up card numbers. If you're interested, we have a budget for it down at the library, and since Doris is still out thanks to the wolf attack, I can approve it."

Andra peers at Chloe curiously as she brings up wolf attack. "Well.. I don't mind looking at the computer. Though if its because its ancient might be time for an upgrade."

"It's a whole Catch-22. Can't upgrade if the machine is still working, can't use the machine because it's so ancient it keeps faulting out, or crashing, or whatever the term is." See, now Chloe's not bothering to pry into Andra's mind. She's done messing with the poor girl.

Andra smirks at that, she could always make the system crash and burn but she won't suggest that one. "How's this.. I'll come take a look at it. See if I can upgrade it?"

"That would be great, actually. If you can't, let me know." Chloe doesn't mind one way or another, but the current system is so laggy that it's hard to pull up files promptly. "You know where it is, right? Dallas Public Library. Though I'd highly suggest coming by during the day. We seem to have a wolf problem at night."

Andra nods and smiles slightly, seems she doesn't stay mad long at anyone, just how she is. "Sure.. I could come back tomorrow if your there?" She questions curiously. A faint ah escapes her. "An, ya during the day indeed.."

"Should be." Chloe pretty much lives at the library again. At least during the day. "Come in the afternoon. It's generally quieter then, so it won't matter if we have to take the system offline for a little while."

Andra nods and tilts her head. "Sure." There's a slight pause while she peers at Chole curiously. "So.. Do I get to know your name?"


Chloe is about to just wander off. She's got herself turned to go. Then she looks back over her shoulder. "It's Chloe. Just ask for me if I'm not at the circulation desk."

Andra blinks and smirks slightly while peering at her a moment. She tilts her head and then smirks once more and nods. "Alright.." She offers. "See you then.."

Clutching the envelope, Chloe starts to head for the door. Once more stop to make before heading to the estate.

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