Phone calls last night, and now tonight, have left Hope at her sister's boyfriend's apartment building. Ivan's taken off already, but Hope has been sitting in the lobby, trying to put through a few more calls to people her sister may have run off with. It's not really been a good night for the Tyler twin, and as she comes out of the Ravello Condominium, it takes her a good five minutes to realize it's dark.

"Oh, crap. Crap… what time is it?" A glance down at her watch reveals how late it is, and she starts making another call as she walks along the sidewalk to her pink Suzuki Sidekick.

"Bobby? I'm sorry. So sorry. I didn't mean to be out so late. I'm leaving Fontane's apartment now, and I'm headed back to the car. I should be back at your place in…" There's a pause as she calculates. "Twenty minutes tops. Just let Serenity out in the back yard for now, and I'll take her for two walks tomorrow…"

It would appear that today Tripp has gotten rediculously lucky- After all, while he ended up deciding that he was going to go through with his crazy scheme he actually had no idea how he'd be able to get in contact with Hope at a convenient time- He doesnt' do sunsets well after all.

But if the current situation isn't a sign that he's 'fated' to do this, he doesn't know what is. Tripp just happeend to by heading toward the Ravello Condominium when he caught sight of Hope- though he isn't familiar with which car is hers. Stepping into the shadows and standing still he takes in the atmosphere. The area is pretty clear of pedestrians, though the street is fairly well lit. He's dressed as he usually is with shirt and jeans and a comfortable jacket. 'I wonder why she's leaving from there?' he thinks to himself, 'Twenty minutes. That's inconvenient, but it'll have to do.'

Twenty minutes is all it really takes to get across the city. Give or take a minute here or there. Hope stops beside her car, quickly glancing around to see if anyone is there. Maybe someone who took Faith is bringing her back? But she's not got that much luck. So it's with a heavy sigh that she disconnects her phone call, and opens up the passenger door to slip her bag into the vehicle before walking in front of it, and heading for the driver's side so that she can get in and get going home.



The moment Hope starts heading toward the front of the vehicle is when Tripp makes his move, rushing forward at the blink of an eye; within his gloved hand is a rag wetted in chloroform. It's unfortunate that his only knowledge of how to knock people out is what he's seen on tv but hey, maybe it'll work? The next thing Hope may feel is the rag over her mouth- He believes she would gasp in surprise, making breathing in the knock-out chemical a cinch. Let's see what happen!

Worry has her distracted, though even if she weren't so, she'd likely never see the blur that is her now-dead friend. When she's grabbed, she doesn't open her mouth to gasp at all. She opens it to shriek.

"Aaaeeeeeeee —"

It takes a bit of a struggle, but the rag to her mouth stifles the shriek, and after another moment or two, the Tyler twin is passing right out. Slipping down toward the pavement.

Yessss. With Hope out like a light, Tripp goes through the rest of the motions, of course he doesn't allow her to fall anywhere but into his arms, and for a very brief moment panics when there's the sound of police sirens from further down the street. He places her into the passenger's seat and, after taking the keys, drives the car back to the hotel- For now.


A hotel room that has all the lamps on, it's a nice suite with a living room, bedroom and living room. Hope would come to to the sight of this, finding duct tape over her mouth as well as wrapped around her wrists and ankles. She's laying atop a rather lumpy mattress of a sofabed and it's really.. Really quiet. The only thing that really looks out of place in the open area is a cello case lying on the floor and it's seriously lacking a cello.

Thirty minutes later means that Hope is late. It means that Serenity is going to have a little puppy fit. Not that Hope is aware of this at all.

When she comes to, her eyes are wide with panic. This is not outside by her car. This is a room somewhere, and she can see the ceiling. And she's on something uncomfortable. And she's trying to yell again, but there's tape on her mouth. Panicking, she begins to twist, which is when she sees the ropes. Which only cause her to struggle and panic more.

There's the sound of an electronic lock being activated by a keycard about twenty seconds later. Following this, naturally, the door opens and in steps Tripp with his sunglasses atop his head and a couple of bags on hand- There's the heavy aroma of french fries filling the room in no time, and he comes to a stop when he sees that Hope is awake.

"O- Oh. Um.. I wasn't expecting you to be awake.." … "This is kind of awkward." as the door slams shut behind him.


It's about the only thing that can come out from under the duct tape. Hope struggles again, yanking hard on the ropes, trying to work them loose. This is making her wrists a little raw, but she's continually doing it anyhow. If she gets out of these ropes, she's probably going to punch Tripp on the nose and tell him off but good.

Tripp continues to stare at Hope for a moment, as if honestly making an effort to understand what she's trying to say. However even his improved hearing doesn't help him on this one, and he shakes his head, "I wouldn't do that, I know how to tie ropes." he says with a frown, and sets the bags onto the table near the sink and coffee maker, "So.. Yeah. As you can guess I decided to take matters into my own hands. I would have preferred sooner than later but our schedules don't really mesh." … "Your car's fine."

Not that Hope can really answer. HELLO. Tape still on her mouth. So she just keeps struggling, and yelling through the tape. Likely sounding like a buffoon, but not even really caring at this point.


"Hope, I can't hear you with the tape over your mouth," Tripp says, thumbs in his pockets as he walks over, "Though I heard that profanity, isn't that a sin or something? Well, whatever."

Once close enough he plops down on the sofabed, right next to the girl and props his arms onto his thighs, "All right, here's the deal. I know you're probably really upset right now, and I don't blame you but if you want to talk you have to promise me that you aren't going to scream, all right?" he asks, seeming to have trouble looking into her eyes. Yeah, he's feeling a little guilty already. But just a little.


A glare is given to her ex-best-friend. A very mean, nasty glare. One that would normally have sent chills down his spine were he not the walking dead now. Hope doesn't promise not to scream though, because she will scream. She's been kidnapped, and Bobby is going to be just like Ivan, and it's going to be miserable and horrible, and she starts to have a panic attack. Taking in as deep of breaths as she can and nearly causing herself to hyperventilate.

".. Geez louise," Tripp replies with a sigh. Though you'd think he'd have -expected- something like this, but no. It's not like he kidnaps people on a daily basis, only having thought of the short term- And of course he has no clue that Faith is missing, he is wondering why she hadn't called him in a while, though.

He doesn't know how to deal with hyperventilation, so that. Could be bad, ".. Uh Hope. Hope, are you all right?" Man he is so going to regret his next words, but he has to say it, "I thought you'd like something like this."


She's still having difficulties breathing, but now atop that? Hope is struggling again. Struggling so much against the ropes on her wrists now that she's started to cause the right wrist to bleed a little from the rope burn.


"That was just a joke, it was getting kind of awkward. It didn't really work." Tripp replies with an awkward smirk. He takes notice of his struggling and decided that he doesn't have any choice- He'd better untie her before she ends up breaking her wrists or something, "All right, all right just hold on a moment," he leaning behind the girl and in just a few seconds the ropes come undone. "I guess this'll be fine since I'm here, will you calm down noW?"

As soon as the ropes are off, Hope is bolting up in the bed. She's still caught by the ankles, but that tape? It's being YANKED off her lips. Which results in a loud, shriekish, "YEOOOOOOOOWCH!"

After whimpering for a few moments, and rubbing her lips and wrists, she just shoots him a pained look.

"You have no… NO idea what you've done, Tripp." Now that she can breathe properly again, she takes a few gulping breaths and just tries to stare him down.

Tripp winces, leaning back a little once the tape is just.. Ripped off. Ow. -ooOow-. But he doesn't move to touch her or anything, he's pretty sure he wouldn't appreciate that so just sits there like a goof as she sits there in pain.

He totally did not do that. That was -her- fault.

The glare she gave him earlier didn't really seem to effect him, but now that she's in a free-er position.. Not to mention that he does feel kind of guilty, but he puts up a stern face, "That's where you're wrong, I have a -perfect- idea of what I'm doing."

The expression wavers from the staredown, "W- Well, for the most part. Look I didn't -want- to do this but it's the only way I could think of, all right?"

"Great. Peachy. You kidnapped me and tied me to a bed. For what? So you could have your way with me?" Glower. GLOWER.

Hope isn't just upset. She's fuming mad.

"This is going to look wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. Especially considering Faith just took off the other night, and no one has a clue where she is. Why on earth did you nab me anyhow? What are you talking about? Bobby's going to get really upset when I don't reappear…"

As she mentions Bobby, she glances down at her hand. Her pretty ring is still on her ring finger, and she breathes a sigh of relief at that.

"… Dude."

Tripp doesn't often make comments like that but he totally did not expect Hope to suggest he'd do something like that. He almost looks horrified by the prospect, "Well I'll let that one slide since I guess it is a shocker I actually kidnapped you but.. Uh, no, that wasn't my intention at all. But you really have no idea?"

He glances to the ring when she looks at it, and then back to her, "I'm obviously saving you from yourself. This can go one of two ways, you co-operate and you can go tonight, or you don't cooperate and you're stuck here until Saturday."

".. Wait Faith is missing? What? But we were supposed to meet up this week!" he says, jumping to his feet. He runs a hand though his hair nervously, other hand on his hip, "Dammit, I told her not to go out at night, I -told- her."

"You told her, I told her, Ivan told her… she doesn't listen." Hope shrugs a bit at that. "It's not like this is the first time she's done it either, and as much as I love her, she's breaking that poor man's hear." Beat. "Why am I bothering to tell you this stuff."

"Hey! What's so wrong with me that you wouldn't?" Beat. "Not that I want anything undead touching me." A prayer is started under her breath, each word muttered out until she's able to calm herself again a little.

Tripp starts pacing back and forth, just like that things have gotten out of control- Sort of. He should have known better though, of -course- she wouldn't listen to him, why would his word be better than anyone elses?

He pauses to the mention of.. Well, it's probably Ivan she's referring to, but he doesn't really know. Or wait maybe it was the question about the more 'personal' interest; if he could blush he wuold, but he looks embarrassed, "W- What? I think you just answered your own question," he replies, though he's more just beating around the bush there.. But whatever, "A- Anyway listen, I'll let you go if you promise to call Bobby and tell him 'Yes'. That's all you have to do."

"Tell him yes what?" Hope leans forward while her captor is pacing, and unties the ropes on her ankles. "No, you think there's something wrong with me. You must have always thought that, or you wouldn't have gone after Faith. I'm flawed." It irks her that he thinks that, but she'll get over it. It's not as though she wants him anymore, but it's the principle of the mater.

"You didn't take Faith, did you? I mean, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't do that. But I should warn you, if Ivan thinks that you did? He'll come here looking for you, and he was not in a good mood when he took off earlier."

".. Are you kidding me?" Tripp asks, though there's a pause as he takes another look at the ring, ".. Wait, you already said that you're going to marry him?"

That was unexpected. He ends up scratching his head again, and.. Well he more or less ignores the prayer; he doesn't mean to be rude but it isn't relevant to him right now. When he stops he notices the ropes untied, "Hey! I didn't say you could until your ank- Ugh forget it, listen what are -you- talking about, so when did I ever claim that I'm perfect? No one's perfect, everyone has flaws, even me."

And then about Faith, "No, I didn't. She seems to talk to Ivan whenever she decides to visit me, at least that's what I was told. I haven't seen her for days. Why would Ivan suspect -me-, I'd never kidnap-" … "…. Hooboy."

"Exactly." Hooboy indeed. Except, Hope is betting that only Bobby knows she's not back on time yet. Which is a bad, bad horrible thing. Will he look for her? Will he know where to look for her? Probably not.

"I'm talking about the fact that I'm obviously so flawed you wouldn't even think of me like that!" Pause. "Not that I want you thinking of me like that! I… no what are you talking about? I told you before, if I don't turn into a grotesque beast, I'm marrying him! I love him. Even though he apparently slept with one of the Fontane girls."

Oh poor Tripp. From 'best friend' to 'wanted felon' in record time. Well, not Wanted just yet but you get the idea. He starts to fidget, tapping his thumbs togeather, rubbing his arm, whatever. "Look just be quiet a second, I'm the kidnapper here, so you have to do what I say! Just.. I need to think a minute."

He finally turns away from Hope, "It has nothing to do with your flaws, Hope, you're dating, you're getting married, I might kidnap you but I'm not a homewrecker for crying out loud." He doesn't really realize he's dancing around the 'real' point here, but whatever will get her off his case about.. About such an awkward subject. But then after that, "Heh. Yes, I know what you told me and that's why you're here, Hope. You remember that line from marriage right? 'For better of for worse'? What you turn into has little to do with it. If he's aware of the situation, he knows the consequences and he still wants to marry you, that's good enough for me. He deserves a 'yes'."

'Even though he slept with another girl'. A pause. "…" God what is he, Dr Phil?

"You think I'm going to listen to you because you kidnapped me? HAH!" Hope is belligerent by this point. She's not going to be at all cooperative. That'll teach him to untie her wrists, which enabled her to pull the tape off. "And do you honestly think you can keep me stuck here, wherever here is, until Saturday? You sleep during the day. What's going to stop me from putting a stake through your heart while you do? Huh? Ever think about that!?"

Oh yes, it's awkward. It's likely more awkward for her, but because he's being so uncomfortable about it? She's not going to stop it. "That's right, I moved on. I moved on because you died, and because I caught you making out with my sister." Granted, it was a kiss. One kiss. Hope's just angry and taking it all out of proportion.

"So you know what, Tripp? You know what? You don't get to tell me if he deserves a yes or not. I'm pretty sure that he knows my intentions, and I'm pretty sure he knows that I'm planning on killing myself, because I told him so. He just doesn't think I'll go through with it."


"But I will!"

This is feeling less like a kidnapping and more like babysitting at this rate! And Tripp isn't good at babysitting either. He almost feels like pulling his hair out at some point, instead rubbing his temples as he keeps his back to Hope. She makes a good point though, "Yeah w- well. I could just tie you back up when I go to sleep.. I guess. Though I guess you'd need to eat so maybe I won't sleep, I've been getting a little better at staying up." that's when he glances to the food on the table. AHA!

She's cranky because she's -hungry-! Waaha!

"Besides, you wouldn't put a stake through my heart," he mutters, grabbing the bags, "I bought cold cuts and french fries. Here." he tosses one to the bed, then pulls up a chair to sit down, "We've already had this discussion I'm -happy- that you moved on, and I wasn't making out with your sister, stop talking about that.."

Obviously it's the final comment that bothers him the most, of course his insistance of his death is kind of annoying but he's slowly catching on she's kind of trying to push his buttons. "You won't because I'm not going to let you," he then replies calmly. Surprisingly calm. Now he just has to ponder what may happen if he decides to call Bobby and tell him what happened- He was hoping he could call -Faith- but now that that option is out of the window he's in a real fix. "… He didn't really sleep with another girl, did he?"

"Do it then. Tie me back up. Whatever." Hope is silently going over plans in her mind. Silently surveying the room. The walls. The door. Trying to figure out the best course of action. Then it clicks in her head. "YOU BROUGHT ME TO A VAMPIRE HOTEL!?!?!!?"

She'll be dead before she can possibly get out. There's no doubt about it, thanks to being the quite literal poster girl for the Fellowship of the Sun. But that's what she wants anyway, isn't it?

"You're likely trying to poison me. Or drug me again. No thanks." She's not going to be his Persephone or anything of the sort. So the food is just given a glance, and her arms cross over her chest. "And I would too put a stake through your heart. You kidnapped me. If I don't do it, someone else will. I'll have to explain my absence you know." HMPH!


"What are you going to do, Tripp? Kill yourself staying awake to make sure I don't kill myself? What? I don't know. I'm not another girl, am I? I'm just me. How in the world would I know what he did or didn't do? I haven't had a chance to talk to him about it, since you kidnapped me!"

Tripp shuffles around in the bag and draws out a sandwich wrapped in that fresh, quality plastic wrap that one would come to expect from a high class. Uh. 24 hour store that sells sandwiches. He glances to Hope briefly, "Does it really matter, Hope? I can't give you clues to where I brought you anyway. I covered at least that much." he takes a bite into the sandwich (it looks like chicken), "Yeah that makes sense, I want to poison you Hope. And you're asking me why I wouldn't want to try to sleep with you. right?"

He shakes his head, grimacing slightly to the taste, and then more news. God, how much can happen in just one day, did he really just pick the worst possible day to take Hope captive? The vampire groans, rubbing his forehead, "Y- Yes i know, I'm.. I'm working on that, ok? And will you cut it out, you would -not- put a stake through my heart!" hand slaps down onto his knee, his brows furrowed and looking a bit more serious. "You've changed, Hope, but I know. I -know- you would not do that. And you're being rediculous, a vampire's never died from lack of sleep, and i did it all the time in college during finals."

"It does, because if this is a VAMPIRE HOTEL, I'm as good as dead as soon as I try to leave." Hope seems put out by that, but whatever. It's what she wants anyhow, and hey! If vampires rip her to shreds, at least it will prove to the church what awful creatures they are.

"Ugh. You don't get it. Besides, I can't trust you. You're a vampire, and you used a dirty rag to knock me out."

Taking a deep breath she shrugs. "Hey, I only know what I've read. I don't spend all my time dissecting a living vampire. So maybe you can die from staying up. It'll certainly make you weaker anyhow. Then I could just stake you and leave." Beat. "I would too stake you! I was going to stake Faith when I thought she was a vampire. What makes you think you're so special that I wouldn't stake you, knowing for sure you're a vampire?!?"

Another shake of the young man's head, "Well then I guess that means you can't leave, right? Works for me," Tripp replies with a smirk, "And yeah, I've figured out that you 'can't'" with finger quotes, "Trust me, otherwise I wouldn't have to take such drastic measures. But there's a difference between being distrusting and being insane."

Munch. "You have to eventually so may as well do it now. And it wasn't dirty, it was a hotel rag, give me a -some- credit!" he seems to faulter a little at Hope's mention of staking her own sister- Was she serious? Like.. Seriously? "W- Well.. I just. I just know you won't look I'll prove it." he stands up and picks up a #2 pencil, and tosses it to Hope. "If you're so confident you'll do it, then use this pencil."

There is a pencil landing on her lap. Hope sets it aside. "That's not a stake, it's a pencil. This isn't Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you know." A stake needs to be… well a stake. "But hey, if you think it'll work on you…" What she wouldn't give for her purse. Her purse would be so nice right now. Silver chains, silver mace, a little silver dagger, but no. Her only weapon is apparently a #2 pencil.

Gripping said pencil tightly in her right hand, she starts to move toward him. He can easily skirt behind her with vampiric speed and snap her neck. She's not stupid. But she makes a lunge for him anyhow.

"And I'm NOT insane! I've always been a Christian." The entire Tyler family has.

Tripp would chuckle at the comment but he doesn't. Buffy was a good show though. "Well lead poisoning is pretty bad," Tripp offers with a shrug setting the sandwich on the table and stands still. "And I'm not talking about your religion, Hope, I'm saying you're going to have to eat eventually if you're going to make it through this."

And with that Hope lunges forward. He waits.. Waits.. And then when she gets a little -too- close he panics and just like that is near the doorway back to the wall, eyes wide. "………" Holy moly, she was actually going to do it! "Sorry, I tripped."

He's an undead creature of darkness, who told her to do it… why wouldn't she do it? Hope just glares at him, and throws the pencil at the wall. "Don't tempt me to do it if you don't want me to do it. I wouldn't take pleasure in killing someone who used to be a friend, but damnit! I'd rather see you at peace, than being a demon."

Sulkily, Hope goes back to the bed. She doesn't bother touching the food yet either. "I can live for days without eating anything."

Oh, so that's it. Tripp, understanding Hope's frame of mind a little better, gets it. Sort of. He tilts a little to the side when the pencil bounces off the wall, and twists his lips, "All right, fine, I guess you would when you put it that way. But I feel the opposite way," he says. "Maybe I'm being foolishly optomistic, but even if you end up looking different, I'll still see you as hope, I understand what it's like after all,"

"So there's at least one person who's absolutly certain they'd be with you to the end. I have my doubts that people like Bobby or Faith feel differently from me but if for some reason they do.. Well, anyway even if you're not my friend anymore, I still view you as one. Even if you would kill me." .. "You know that's really awkward."

"No more awkward than you showing up after making me think you were dead for two years!" Hope looks as though she's about to cry, but she glares at him again. "And stop that! It's not fair! You're a blood sucking fiend! You're not allowed to say you'll stick by me." It really isn't fair. He's screwing with her heart right now.

More than anything, she wants to go home. To see her puppy. To be with Bobby. To cry on his shoulder and tell him what happened. But she's too stubborn to ask for that.

A groan, "It always comes back to that, doesn't it? Yes, I was gone, that was out of my control, I'd still be gone if I didn't see you two on te- No, we're not having this conversation," he raises his hands in surrendur with a shake of his head, though grimaces a little at her glare.

"And I'm tired of your 'it's not fair' argument, Hope, you've said you've gotten over many things, so why is it so hard for you to get over -this-? You know what, I'm -glad- that I disprove whatever it is your religion practices, because it's wrong, it's always been wrong to judge someone by how they look or their background, -always-!"

"You are the most dense vampire in the entire world!" Hope picks up the bag of food and throws it at him. "You idiot! It has nothing to do with you being a vampire that it's not fair! It has everything to do with me loving you for so long… and now you tell me that no matter what, you're still going to be there… like I actually meant something to you beyond friendship!"

Immediately after the food comes one of the pillows from the sofabed.

"God grant me the strength to survive this with both heart and mind intact."

"Uh," suddenly fries -everywhere-. Sandwiches. Pillows! Tripp isn't quite as obnoxious with his dodging, though he doesn't get hit too bad, save for the pillow that gets him in the gut. Knelt down with a hand over his head he looks to be in utter disbelief, "W- Wait.. You mean I've been eating sandwiches and drinking juice and staying up late for nothing?" he asks, almost as if he didn't hear the real reason.

Oh but he did and he almost looks a little guilty.. Almost, "I- I don't know what to say, I thought.. I thought that was something I'd say even before I.. Um. Became like this." he confesses, "I don't understand why I can't be there for you even if I'm not your husband.. Isn't that what we used to do?"

Hope is running out of things to throw. So instead she just tosses her hands up into the air and screams. She'd launch at him again, but she already threw the pencil at him. "What's the matter, Tripp? You died and became an imbecile? Who said anything about getting married? Besides, it's not even legal for vampires to marry, and if I have my way it will never be legal for them to do so!"

Taking a deep breath, she grabs the last pillow and aims it for his head. "Yeah, it's what we used to do, before you snogged my sister and then got killed. You. Are. Dead. You're not alive. You're unnatural!" Okay, yeah. Hope's thoughts are all over the damned place right now, but she doesn't really handle stressful situations all that well.

Grr, "I'm not an -idiot-, Hope, I don't -understand- you! God, I've been gone and it's like you've become a completely different person, I'm trying, I'm -honestly- trying to understand!" Tripp yells back, and blocks the pillow crossing his arms in front of him. Talk about your temper tantrums! And whos' going to clean all this up??

"It was just an example anyway, stop reading into what I'm saying so deeply, that's not making it any easier!" Then she talks about Faith again and he'd blush if he could, instead he scritches his cheek as he stands up, "…" Ok she's stumped him for a minute, and he doesn't want to give her the advantage of seeing him looking hurt so he brushes it off with a cough. ".. You've never gotten over me, have you." Uh oh. He shouldn't have said that, should he? But it just slipped out.

Way to set off the already upset person! Hope's glare becomes almost murderous. The only silver thing she has on her is the cross necklace that she's worn since she was fifteen. Quietly removing it from her neck, she begins to wrap it around her hand. It's not likely to do much more than sting him, but she's going to hurt him as best she can.

So it should be no surprise when she goes flying off the sofabed again, fist first, trying to slam her tiny little hand against his cheek.

"YOU ARE THE ENTIRE REASON MY LIFE IS THE WAY IT IS NOW! YOU DIED. YOU ARE THE REASON I HATE VAMPIRES. YOUR DEATH IS THE REASON I'M IN DALLAS! YOU COMING BACK IS THE REASON I WRECKED MY CAR!" She throws another small silver-wrapped punch, and growls, "But I am in love with someone else. So is Faith." Only, she's really not at all sure about that last part, all things considered.

Summing up the situation in three words is 'Oh snap, son!'. His eyes widen at the sight of the silver but, well, he decides he's going to have to take it like a man because if blowing off steam will calm her down (and him not pressing -her- buttons), that'll prooobably make things easier. He closes one eye and then pow! "Ow."

read: GEEZ OW.

Then the second blow follows and immedietly after it lands he steps to the side, holding the side of his mouth, "Nngh ow ow." Well at least the point gets across. He doesn't say anything after that, just rubbing his mouth. Really, what -can- he say? An apology will just piss her off even more. And trying to reason with her isn't going to work. At all. Was this whole fiasco just a waste of his time?

Well. No. So long as in the end that she lives is most important.

"You know what, Tripp? If I become a werewolf? I'm going to chew you to death. Yeah, that's what I'm going to do. I'll tear you limb from limb, and then throw the pieces out in the sun." Hope is beyond angry at this point. That he went there? That he said what he did? That there's very likely some truth in it, because he was the first person she ever really loved? That just made her angrier than angry.

She's poised, waiting to throw another strike at him. Just waiting for him to get up. Unless he moves far enough away from the door. Then she'll just lunge for that and attempt to make a break for it.

Either way, she says, "If you intend on keeping me here until Saturday, you're going to have to figure out a way to keep me from getting out of here."

Tripp doesn't even know what he had to gain from saying what he did, maybe he expected her to be stunned into silence; you know, like in the soap operas. Stupid soaps not working in real life. Now Hope's just even more dangerous now, and he conteplates binding her up again. For -his- safety now, rather than hers.

He knows she's waiting for him to stand straight though so he stays leaned over on purpose, mind racing. ".. That's a little harsh, isn't it?" he asks with a weak chuckle, though pauses. Crap he forgot he should be looking around for Faith, shouldn't he? And he still isn't sure what to do about Bobby either! He won't be able to think with Hope beating the heck out of him..

"Probably less harsh than what'll happen once I'm out of here." If she survives. It's not like she saw a telephone on her glance around the room earlier. Or much of anything really. Bed, sofabed, door. Maybe a few lamps. She could bean him on the head with a lamp! That won't do much damage though.

"So what are you waiting for, Tripp. You've got two options now. Tie me back up and leave me here until Saturday… or kill me, which goes against your kidnapping plans, right?"

"Augh enough with the killing already, will you?" Tripp asks, pretending he's a little more hurt than he actually is. Hmn, he knows what he'll do now! He anticipates Hope trying to make her escape, "And the punches while we're at it, put that away." he steps a little further away from the door, and toward the cello case- But he's kind of subtle about that. "But you're right, just go to the bed and get the ropes, please?"

"How about…."

Hope takes a nice long pause. A glance to the door once he inches away from it.


Why on earth would she get the ropes to tie herself back up with? That sounds like the stupidest idea ever. So while he's going toward the cello case, she's bolting for the door. Again, he's got the superspeed and all, but she's got to try. Otherwise she just feels useless and like she's going to cry.

Tripp , of course, kept more rope and the tape roll in the cello case. He's smart like that; and his question, of course, was just meant to distract her from thinking too far ahead. Long story short, by the time Hope even reaches the door, she finds her wrist grabbed and pulled behind her back.

Trip doesn't use a lot of force here, actually just pushing at some pressure points to make Hope bend her knees of loosen her arms withuot even realizing it. So if all goes well Hope finds herself on her stomach with her arms behind her back, but this time her forearms are tied togeather as if she were crossing her arms behind her, with him sitting over her. He bites at the tape, "That's cool, I got it."

"Gah! What're you…" Hope struggles against him, but hello! Pitiful human strength versus SUPER VAMPIRE STRENGTH. It's really not endearing her to vamp-kind. "Are you… HOG-TYING me?!?" He's likely going to tape her mouth shut again from the sounds of it. "You'd better hope I die at the full moon. You'd really better hope that."

Hog-tying??? "… Maybe." Tripp replies, drawing up her ankles afterward. Oh man yeah, he totally is. And don't even ask how he knows such a technique; maybe he had a really weird keeper. "Ok yeah, but only for a little while."

Surely enough the tape goes over her mouth again, "Yeah, I'm seeing I'm not winning any points here, but right now I'm thinking I probably prefer you hunting me down than not having you around at all. I think. I'll need to think on that." Finally he carefully picks her up and sets her on the bed again. "Now then, you behave while I go out a bit to look for Faith." It'll be weird if he does though, bringing her back to find her sister hogtied would be. Uh.. Yeaaah.


Hope squirms, and struggles against the ropes again, rolling back and forth on the bed — rather rolling side to side and stopping with frustration in the middle. This is so not going to do her circulation well at all. She'll just have to try to find something sharp to cut the ropes with once he's gone.

Still, she can't really get out of it other than that. Her only weapon she had left, the silver cross that she's worn since she was fifteen, lays sad and alone on the floor at the bottom of the sofabed.

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